Beauty Vlog: How I Do My Makeup

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I’ve had some people ask me how I put on eyelashes or how I draw on my eyeliner or just what makeup I use so I thought I would do an entire video of exactly what it looks like! Please bear with me as I’m still figuring out this whole video stuff. Learning to take video of myself, editing the video, figuring out the lighting and pretty much everything I have no idea how to do…all while explaining how I put makeup on…it’s a bit overwhelming. But I’m having fun with it so I hope you guys are too! I have so much respect for the people on youtube or instagram that do this everyday because I felt like a mess. They are so badass.

Anywhoooooo, let’s talk about my favorite makeup! This is what I do for makeup whenever I’m taking photos or if I’m going out at night. When I’m not going out, I don’t put on eyeshadow but I still like doing the false lashes because it makes my eyes look so much bigger! This Jane Iredale Loose Powder from Nordstrom has truly changed my skin and have fallen in love with it ever since I started using it around 2 years ago! I’m not sharing what I use to cleanse my face  but you can see it all here! Definitely check out that post because it has what I do daily as well as what I get done regularly with my esthetician! And if you want to read more about my microblading experience (permanent makeup) read this post! I’ve been absolutely loving it ever since I got it done and totally recommend it!

Makeup For Skin:

Makeup For Eyebrows:

Makeup For Lids & Lashes:

Makeup For Lips:

Products I Use But Did Not Feature:

PaleOMG Beauty Vlog: How I Do My Makeup

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


40 thoughts on “Beauty Vlog: How I Do My Makeup”

  1. Hey Juli,

    Quick question, how long do the lashes that you use last? Like is it a one day and done sort of thing? As you can see I obviously know a ton about makeup!


    1. i’ve used them up to 5 times but there are others that last longer than that! i just pick off the excess dried glue before putting new glue on it!

  2. The only thing better than watching this vlog is waiting for the “bloopers” at the end. You’re so great Julie – I love how relatable and genuine you are. Keep the vlogs coming!

  3. Obsessed with your podcast and loving these vlogs! I’m totally inspired to wear more falsies now. Also the bloopers were the BEST!

  4. I watched this this morning and I have to say, you’ve changed the way I do my makeup. I am not usually a makeup video person beacuse I don’t like to wear 97 lbs of makeup, so I almost skipped it, but I’m really glad a didn’t! I actually paid attention when I put makeup on this morning and used some of the tips from your video and I felt so much better about myself. I’ve been following you since the beginning (even had a PaleOMG tank) and I’m totes into what you’e doing lately- especially the podcast, especially the cussing 🙂 Thanks Juli!

    1. omg this comment is EVERYTHING!! this is exactly what i hoped someone would get out of it! thank you so much for the support from the beginning and thank you for leaving THE BEST comment of the day. i’m so pumped right now!

  5. Have you thought about eyelash extensions? They can be a little pricey, but they are SO worth it! They are my one splurge and the one thing I can’t live without! I had my eyebrows microbladed too, and the combo of extensions and eyebrows is awesome, most days I wear no makeup, but it looks like I actually tried to get ready. It’s fantastic!
    I love your blog and your recipes! Thanks for the laughs and the yummy food!

    1. i thought about it a while back but it’s just not something i want to keep up with. i get my hair done every 3 weeks and go to the esthetician every 4 weeks so it would just be another thing i had to get done and i really don’t mind putting on fake lashes so it’s not a big deal to me! but so many people love lash extensions (the only thing i’ve heard about them in a negative light is that they beat up your real lashes so it suck once you get them off while they heal)

  6. I love this. Short and sweet. Not too mention the “outtakes” at the end. “Do you hear that bird?!” lol too great. Keep up the good work, girl (:

  7. Oh my goodness. Your makeup is gorgeous. But I’m completely overwhelmed lol. I do my makeup everyday, but I apparently could use some updates and help! 😉 I just want to say that I have been following your blog for a few months now and absolutely LOVE it. I love your recipes, fashion tips, etc. I also started listening to your podcasts and just love you. You do a great job. You talk about the meanies, and I just want to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing because you are the best!

  8. I just went on Nordstroms site and ordered almost everything you suggested. Thanks! This could get a little expensive for me. I love your blog and I love swearing! HA

  9. Ok so you totally didn’t give yourself enough credit at the beginning, I’ve watched a ton of makeup tutorials on youtube & this one was quick ,easy, & way more fun than others. You did a really good job!

  10. I tend to get my eyeshadow kind of smeared when I use the brush, not on the eyelid. It sort of drips under my eye and on the check. I try tapping it but it just seems to knock off the shadow and I have to keep loading the brush and turns into a vicious cycle. Does that make sense? Any suggestions on how not to look like Tammy Faye Baker when using an eyeshadow brush?

    1. yes i know what you’re talking about! i just use a brush to brush it out while i’m doing my makeup! and you could also do you eyes first then your skin after to help with that issue!

  11. That was a great video on make-up! I love watching your videos they are so funny. Love, Love, Love Jackson. He is so cute! The bloopers at the end are great. Keep the videos coming girl and have a great weekend.

  12. First off, your blogs/vlogs/podcasts are terrific and I always look forward to them! I got llI’ve been looking for a powder that gives me complete coverage for what seems like forever and decided to give the Jane Iredale loose powder a try. OMG life changing! I never knew I could love a makeup product so much!

  13. Hey! Loved this video 🙂 I’ve been looking to update my makeup routine, and have been looking for a quality product that not only prioritizes skincare, but is also cruelty free (AND looks good, obviously). Thank you thank you for recommending jane iredale – I’m definitely going to try out their products!

  14. Loved this! Just wondering how long your makeup routine takes on an average day? Honestly, I do the basics and still feel like it takes me way too long… I just wanna get it over and done with and get on with my day. BTW I know you said you’ve struggled a lot with acne in the past but your skin looks amazing…and you’re eye shadow technique is BOMB!????

  15. Hey quick question, how often do you fully do your makeup this way? Actually I really just want to know how often you wear the falsies? I used to wear them daily but after having kids and such I just find it too time consuming. But you have me reconsidering. They make your eyes look amazing! Do you wear them daily? Running errands? Or only for special occasions like a date with the husband?

    1. i probably wear them twice a week usually. most days i only wear a little mascara and some bronzer just because i work from home and at the gym so i would rather let my skin breathe

  16. Hi Juli —

    What shade of the Jane Iredale Highlighter do you use? Thanks for the great video!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hi Juli! I just love your Blog, with your entertaining personality and the amazing recipes you provide! Have you seen Young Living’s new Savvy Minerals Makeup! I think you’d like it! I’m loving how pure and natural it looks on my face! Thank you again!

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