Beef and Broccoli Cashew Stir Fry

So we settled on a couch. It’s not the exact look we wanted in a couch, but when we sat on it, we pretty much drowned in it. In a good way. Did you ever see that show on PBS, The Big Comfy Couch? I only had 4 channels growing up, so I watched A LOT of that show. Probably until I was 17. Ok, 18. Along with Arthur. That show was the best. You know what I’m talking about. Anyways, the couch on that show is what it reminded me of when I sat down. Kind of. Minus the weird clown girl. I wonder what she’s doing with her life nowadays.

So I took some of your advice and I started watching House of Cards. And as soon as I started watching it, I noticed that a ton of the bloggers I follow on instagram are obsessed with it. So it got me excited. I’ve watched probably 7-8 episodes by now, fallen asleep in a couple, but I’m still not quite sure if I’m into it. I think it’s because politics confuse me. Mostly because I don’t give an eff about politics. But I’m trying to keep up and stick with it. I’m hoping it gets more suspenseful. I like suspense.

Anyone watch the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? Wonderful. Love it.

Anywho. I’ve started to settle in pretty well to this new apartment. It’s slowly but surely getting decorated and feeling more like a home. I just love it. But it’s just missing one thing: a French bulldog. I’ve wanted one for a while now, but had to wait for the right time. And I think you should sit on big decisions for a while. Like one of my tattoos. Should have sat on that thought for longer. Back to the point, we are looking for a little frenchie in Colorado to welcome into our home. Problem is, people tend to charge over $3,000 for French bulldogs here. And well, that’s ridiculous. I’m totally down to spend some money, but I’m not looking for a $6,000 show dog. Nope. Just a frenchie I can love, hang out at home with, talk to while I’m cooking, walk in my new neighborhood with, and make paleo dog treats for. I will love him, and kiss him, and hold him. But I first need to find a breeder in Colorado who charges less than $3,000. Oh the frustration.


Beef and Broccoli Cashew Stir Fry

  • Yield: 3-4 1x


  • 1 cup coconut aminos (do not use liquid aminos, it will make it incredibly salty)
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 1 teaspoon fish sauce
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 teaspoons fresh ginger, grated
  • 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 3 tablespoons arrowroot powder
  • 1 pound flank steak, thinly sliced against the grain
  • 3 crowns of broccoli, cut into florets
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • couple tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup toasted cashews


  1. Whisk together coconut amines, orange juice, honey, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes, arrowroot powder, and a bit of salt and pepper.
  2. Place sliced flank steak in a shallow bowl and pour whisked mixture on top of the meat to cover. Place in fridge and let refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  3. After meat has refrigerated, place a large pan or dutch oven over medium heat. Add about a tablespoon of coconut oil to the pan when hot, then add broccoli florets. Sprinkle with a little salt and mix around in the pan to help crisp up. To make sure my broccoli gets soft, I use a teaspoon of water, add it to the pan and then cover to help steam the broccoli for just 1 minute.
  4. Once broccoli is cooked through to preference, remove from pan and set aside.
  5. Place pan back over high heat, add a little more coconut oil then add the meat and sauce directly to the hot pan, trying not to overcrowd the bottom of the pan. Cook meat until barely any pink remains, then add broccoli back to the pan, along with toasted cashews.
  6. Mix together and cook for 1 more minute. Serve!

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PaleOMG Beef & Broccoli Cashew Stir Fry


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192 thoughts on “Beef and Broccoli Cashew Stir Fry”

  1. Check out small animal rescues! You can find some sweet, loving rescues who are already trained and often given up by families who could no longer take care of dogs AND children. Look at this little guy I found on PetFinder: Adopt, adopt, adopt. Plus, I think when you adopt from a rescue, part of the money you pay is considered a charitable donation and tax deductible. 🙂

      1. Understandable!! I have a Boston Bulldog, and I love him to pieces, but he’s technically my parents. Haha. When I move out, I think I would adopt because I can’t be home enough to train a puppy, but it seems like your schedule allows for that and he can be a CrossFit puppy! Frenchies are similar to Bostons. Love em, wanna squeeze em.

    1. /Users/tfahrun/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Previews/2014/01/24/20140124-131302/sowpGdy3TaKo2R5BjTRRzQ/IMG_1945.jpg

      These are my Frenchies-Smooch and Chico. Hope the link opened. They are the best dogs. Mine have no health issues-fingers crossed! Good luck deciding

  2. Hi Juli! This recipe looks so good; can’t wait to try it!

    I’m sure you’re going to hear this a lot today, but would you ever consider getting a rescue dog instead of going to a breeder? There are so many wonderful shelter dogs that need homes. Frenchies are super adorable so I completely understand the appeal, but sometimes they have respiratory health issues. Just a thought!

    Thanks for all your wonderful recipes! Reading your blog is definitely a highlight in my day. 🙂

      1. Actually, it’s a myth that all shelter or rescue dogs are sick and, of course, they can still be trained. There are plenty of healthy dogs at the shelter and breed specific rescues that will help you find the perfect dog for your family. Also, pure breds often end up at shelters across America. You also save a life when you rescue!


  3. Travis (Winnipeg Paleo)

    looks similar to what ive made in the past, never thought of using orange juice though ill have to give it a whirl.
    One show I discovered I really am liking now is Bates Motel but it wont replace DEXTER that show is great!

  4. I love French Bulldogs, but you should think about getting a rescue (there’s a French Bulldog rescue group who could probably help you out). Not only because there are so many dogs that need homes, but also because breeding Frenchies for their cute shmooshed faces results in difficulty breathing and intolerance of heat/cold

  5. Have you tried Once Upon a Time on Netflix? I’m obsessed with it! It has loads of suspense and a good dose of reality to balance the fairy tale stuff.

    And omg I love frenchies! Good luck with your search 🙂

  6. House of cards is pretty legit, didn’t think i’d like it bc of the whole politics thing. But I’m hooked on it now, on episode 9 believe now. Just finished Orange is the new Black. CRAZYYYYYYYYYYY

    and I’m going to make this this weekend. I have pan now -_- lol

          1. Yeah the wait is retard long for the show to come back on. At least Hulu is keeping me entertained. The Following and. Justified! The Following is creepy, but totally worth it.

  7. I am no help in suggesting where to find a Frenchie… just so dang excited for you! I have a English Bulldog and know how awesome the family of Bulldogs are. I am from Canada and the price point is the same. We ended up paying 1200 for ours as he did not come with papers- thus the cheaper price.

    Yah! Good luck and my bulldog and I are sending good dog finding vibes your way! 🙂 PS- the recipe looks amazing

  8. Just like Emily said, there are healthy dogs that are given up just because the owners can’t manage the pup on top of kids. I acquired a 6 year old pug this way (for free). She is the absolute most adorable, loving, snuggle bug. While she does carry some habits that she must have gained from her previous owner, TRUST ME, even an old dog can learn new tricks. The upside is not having to go through potty training (not fun if you like your place clean).

  9. I don’t know a ton about bulldogs and their personalities, but if you are planning on a puppy I wouldn’t go crazy getting new furniture and rugs and things because puppies tend to chew ! Of course I have a Lab and they are notorious for that, so maybe a bulldog is more mellow.

    This recipe looks good, and I have everything but fish sauce so we’ll be trying it soon!

  10. This looks delicious? Do you know if you can find fish sauce in regular grocery stores, or just Asian markets?

    I’m so excited for you to get a dog! I got my lab mix at a lab rescue mission in Evergreen – we got really lucky though and he was born in foster care, so we got to pick him up at 8 weeks old. Rescues are wonderful, and it is possible to get lucky and find a puppy that way – but if you can’t find a rescue don’t let people get you down about it. I wouldn’t have given up the puppy stage with my little guy for anything. Have fun!

    1. Be SUPER careful on hoobly. I was emailing listings on there for a friend who wanted a frenchy. The person I contacted went insane after I said their ad was a scam (totally was), and they threatened me, sent pictures of dead people and just straight up went Hannibal Lecter on me. So, if the price is too good to be true, they’re crazy!

  11. So I know it’s been stated already, but please consider adopting. Breeding dogs is a horrible thing- there are so many that need homes (look at the statistics on pure bred dogs that end up in shelters). Its not the ethical or responsible thing to do to buy a dog from a breeder. Literally, a dog will die because you decide to buy from a breeder.

    1. Get over this! There is nothing wrong with wanting a dog from a puppy stage from a reputable breeder. There are a LOT more responsible breeders out there than you may think. I’ve had shelter dogs before and they are just as loving and wonderful as my other dogs. That is a true. But then I wanted a certain breed and rather than get something from the shelter that is mixed or a dog that’s got unknown issues I have GASP obtained from a wonderful breeder who has more ethics than most people out there popping kids out for welfare. Stop belittling this blog by saying shelter dogs are the way to go. it doesn’t always work out. Juli, look up the AFC and go from there for reputable breeders. Do your research and don’t let dollar signs make your decisions. Cheaper isn’t always better….good luck!

  12. I’m definitely not a House of Cards fan. I am addicted to the Housewives Series though on Bravo. I don’t eat beef, but this recipe still looks really yummy! I’m sure I could substitute the beef with shrimp or chicken though.

  13. I LOVE that you’ve gotten so much feedback about dog choice, far more than about the food! I’m about to do the same…
    I found my Boston Terrier, a Frenchie cousin, on Yeah, yeah, it’s not really the best place to get your dog, I should’ve rescued, blah blah, but I, like you, wanted a puppy to raise with my own weird quirks, not someone else’s. Prices ranged from $50 (big red flag!) to several thousand. I ended up getting my guy for $900. You can also justify buying a dog from a not so perfect breeder as rescuing 😉

  14. I second the idea of trying out Once Upon a Time – Hubs and I are halfway through the 2nd season and LOVING it!

    On this recipe…could I sub some Stevia for the honey? Trying to limit my added sugars as much as possible at the moment.

  15. 3 of my friends have french bulldogs. Their instagram pictures make me melt but also depress the crap out of me. I was informed that they are a more expensive breed because they can only give birth by having a C section. Which in turn makes the cost of giving birth a lot more. When you do get one, it’s a requirement to post photos of it every day.

  16. Folks, back off on insisting that she adopt a dog. I have an English Bulldog (my second) and bulldogs are amazing. Their personality can’t be beat in my opinion. They do have their health issues and willl run up some nice vet bills but I wouldn’t trade mine for anything. I understand the importance of adopting but it isn’t what everyone is looking for. To the person who said you are essentially killing another dog by buying from a breeder – that’s just low. Good luck finding what you are looking for. You will love it.

      1. oooo man, as soon as i read that line in your post I though “yikes, she shouldn’t have opened that door”. people are a liiitle cray on the doggie love, you’ll find your perfect pup. mine happens to be THE most obnoxious pittbull/rottweiler puppy that I got for free when I as looking for an american bulldog. and he is perfect! 🙂 love stirfy!

    1. I agree Ben, and I’ve been judged quite a bit for not
      rescuing myself (lay off peeps, the dogs are out there – someone needs to give them a good home!). I bought my frenchie from a not-so-great breeder. Her house was absolutely filthy and gross. I couldn’t leave without him (wanted all of the pups!) and I am considering reporting her. My pup has had worms that WILL NOT go away since we got him. The vet said we should report her to animal control, so I consider my pup rescued from that terrible lady. Juli you need to do what’s best for you since you will spend the majority of your time with your dog! Bulldogs are the best:)

  17. OITNB is coming out June 6th.

    I have a t-stamp I realllllllly wish I would have thought more on.

    Great recipe, love the crunch of nuts in my food. (inappropriate).

  18. This looks delicious, I just made your artichoke lemon chicken pasta last week and it was so yummy that one of my coworkers made it this weekend as well! My fiance and I just got a french bulldog puppy named Louie and we are absolutely obsessed with him! They are such good dogs just like you read about and he is scary-smart…sometimes he freaks me out with how smart he is for only 4 months old. Plus that face, how can you say no/be angry at a frenchie? I don’t think it’s possible.

  19. Love the cloth you used in your photo – there’s much to be said for props. As for the puppy, even if you have to spend oodles of money for a little Frenchie, trust me, the payoff far outweighs the cost! My little Sally is a FRUG (Frenchie Pug mix). Honestly, she is my life…yes, I am that person! As for NetFlix…I still recommend United States of Tara…no politics there.

  20. OMG Arthur!! I actually just watched it today, it was that episode where he gets accused of stealing fundraiser money but then turns out the cafeteria lady actually baked it into the brownies. Best show ever!

  21. Juli! I used to work with Steph… I saw your post about a Frenchie puppy… My husband and I are getting one from a CO breeder this weekend and she’s less than 3k! I’ll pass along info to Steph if you want 🙂

    PS: LOVED Arthur.

  22. You can search petfinder. There are a lot of puppies that need to be adopted and you could use the money you planned on spending to transport the pup to you. Good luck!

  23. its so funny. i was with my friend a few weeks ago at the furniture store and we were trying out couches. he sat on this big one and sank into it. i said “oh its just like the big comfy couch!” and he had no clue what i was talking about! i showed him the song/beginning of the show music and we both agreed that would be my perfect job.

  24. Do you think it would be ok to leave out the honey? We’re doing Whole30, so no sweeteners…this looks so yummy, I really want to try it!!

  25. Well, obviously I am a teensy bit older than many of your readers, but Big Comfy Couch and Arthur were two of my now 17 & 21 year old kids’ favorites!! We loved the rug stretch too! And I also wonder what became of that girl…. The Arthur theme song is now stuck in my head, so thanks for the sweet memories! This recipe looks delish and I will be trying it asap.

  26. Frenchies are inherently expensive because they can’t breed on their own – they have to be artificially inseminated (learned that on Animal Planet!). I think you’ll have to go through a breeder to find one, but they ARE super cute! Also, take a look at a miniature schnauzer! They’re hypoallergenic, super smart, really active, and soooo lovey. I’ve had 2 and I just adore them!

  27. So exciting that you are looking for a frenchie! I have a brindle puppy that I got from a breeder in Tennessee last summer. I admit that he was a little expensive but the breeder was fantastic. he’s been healthy and is the best thing ever. We tried to adopt through french bulldog rescue network but never got selected for any we applied for. Check them out if you haven’t already. Frenchies are awesome. Good luck finding the perfect one and can’t wait to see pics.

  28. TBH I always try to talk my kids into watching Arthur because I still kinda like it. They don’t give a crap though because of all the other cool stuff on tv now. I was hoping this recipe was this when I saw it on instagram and I was hoping you’d use arrowroot powder. It just makes it way more yummier. Can’t wait to try this one.

  29. I would go with a VERY reputable frenchie breeder, they can have so many issues, far more then most dogs. My Labrador doesn’t even have that many issues. There are plenty of dogs with no health issues, and Frenchies aren’t one.

    Good luck, I found out when I got my Labrador that I hate puppies. Since then I’ve rescued two herding dogs, love them.

  30. As a fellow paleo enthusiast, avid PaleOMG reader and dog breeder, trainer, and sow enthusiast for more than 15 years, both breeders and rescues have their advantages depending on the situation and potential owners. I show and breed, but am also involved in rescue and have been for a decade. Frenchies are particularly costly because they are very difficult to breed naturally. Most are conceived through AI, and after health testing, vet costs, etc. they aren’t cheap. Poorly bred ones are often riddled with health problems and looking for a cheaper dog many times results in a dog from poorly-bred parents who have not been checked for health issues including hip and elbow dysplasia, cardiovascular problems and eye issues. There are Frenchies in rescues if you look hard enough, but never be discouraged from getting a pup from a breeder if that’s what you really want. I’ll gladly forward you some good breeder suggestions that are either local or willing to place puppies in Colorado if you’re interested 🙂

      1. Glad you’re getting some direction in this obviously heated discussion. Frenchies are adorable and I can’t wait to see pics when you get him/her! I have 3 purebred chihuahuas that all cost pretty good money. They all came from the best breeder I know…all healthy, all well-tempered, by far the best chihuahuas my vet has been around. My one “free” chihuahua has already had patella surgery (which is a common ailment for this breed), her teeth are deformed, she is subpar health-wise. The quest is for better breeds not cheap breeds. That’s where the research into the breeders comes into play.

  31. Hi Juli,
    Go for the shelter dog instead. Oh so worth it and you never know a French Bulldog could be there too 🙂
    Can I just say that I read your blog not so much for the recipes although wonderful(I usually eat the same things and new recipes do not work for me) but I love how you write and the randomness of your posts. I never know what I will read about when I open your emails. Love it!!

    Have a wonderful, beautiful day!

  32. I just recently discovered a recipe that uses noodles made of sweet potato starch, or “Japachae” Have you used/heard of this before?? I got really excited when I saw them!

  33. Please RESCUE…there are so many unwanted dogs out there…My boyfriend and I have two rescue Great Danes, and I would never again buy a puppy…we love them both so much. xx

  34. Adopt please! There are so many young, cute, sweet little pups out there who need a home. I rescued my dog when he was about 6 months old, and he is the best. (And he only cost $35…BAM)

  35. Gahhh I feel you on the limited channels growing up. I watched Arthur for way longer than what would be considered normal. When they had those telethons where they would ask for money, you would just sit there yelling at the screen, “PUT ARTHUR BACK ON DAMMIT!”

  36. Elizabeth Larizza

    There are a ton of French bulldog rescues which will save you a $3000 breeder fee. Hope you find a frenchie that is just right for you :).

  37. Unfortunately rescuing wouldn’t even save you money. I just rescued a shepherd a couple of months ago. The adoption fee was 350, I quickly spent 1,200 on training, and another 500 in daycare while I worked through separation anxiety in my thin-walled apartment. If you shell out a big fee for a quality breeder, it’ll save you money in having to fix training mistakes later on (if you know what you’re doing) and hopefully get you the healthiest dog possible.

    Also, buying from quality breeders isn’t hurting the shelter dog population. If someone is willing to do a lot of research and pay a lot of money to find the right dog for them, chances are they won’t end up in a shelter. Putting down breeders isn’t going to reduce the number of dogs in shelters – education, responsibility, voting with your dollars for quality, and altering (not necessarily spaying/neutering) will make the biggest difference in the end.

  38. I was looking into getting a Frenchie puppy right out of college (ha! ya right), and the price tag was about the same in CA – $3000 to 3500+. A client of mine paid $5000 for a NON-show quality puppy, but they are SOOOOOOO effing cute.

    Getting a puppy is so exciting! Good luck!!

  39. This looks delicious! It could be made even healthier by using beef high in omega 3’s!

    Omega 3 Beef is leading the evolution of the beef industry – keeping the same great taste of traditional beef, but making it healthy for our hearts. Find out how you can be one of the first to try our omega 3-rich beef at .

  40. Yay for getting a doggie! While I agree with the “don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die” argument, I also get that you want what you want. I’ve always been attracted to them Frenchies too! I’m sure you will find a Frenchie rescue or something if you are patient. But regardless of how you get the dog, what I think is most important is that you realize this pet is for LIFE… not temporary or until it has problems or if you don’t like dog hair on everything you own 😉 Sounds like you’ve already thought this through and gotten enough lectures so all I have left to say is that dogs are the BEST and your pup will become your family and the love of your life! My two pitbull-mix doggies light up my life every day, make me laugh, piss me off, snuggle with me and make me feel so loved when I get home! I can’t imagine my life without them. Good luck in your search and I can’t wait to see pics!

  41. First…I thought you found a house!?! And second…def go with animal rescue! For less money you’ll get a dog already vetted and one who will love and appreciate you even more!

  42. Omg hahahahah the big comfy couch. I also had four channels and I appreciate this shout out to the creepy clown girl. All I remember is on sick days I’d watch price is right then big comfy couch hahaha. Love this.

  43. Hey Juli, I am a Frenchie mom and I have to tell you, they are the sweetest, most loveable and hilarious animals I’ve ever come across. We live in NJ and also couldn’t find a local breeder with reasonable prices. I would have loved to adopt, but (like you) was committed to finding a French Bulldog and, since they’re so expensive, are rare to find at a shelter (without a massive waiting list!). I came across a fabulous breeder in Missouri and, although we were worried about not meeting our bulldog in person first as well as having him fly to us, Ali was incredibly kind and helpful throughout the entire process. She sent weekly pics until he was ready to come home, a huge list of referrals which all checked out (including her vet), posted YouTube videos of our pup so we could see his personality and playfulness, and even mailed us a hardcover book about French Bulldogs. Totally amazing! We’ve kept in touch (5 years later) through Facebook and I always felt comfortable calling her with any questions we had early on. Back then, we paid $2,000 including airfare (which we negotiated for) and he’s been worth every penny. Her website is Good luck with whatever you choose to do!

    P.S. I don’t know if you have a color preference, but all of her dogs are cream.

  44. Love this recipe. Love everything about this blog. Keep doing what your doing. You inspire me to cook paleo for my little family! Hearting PaleoOMG!

  45. Recipe question – I’ll be making it for my 2 and 3 year old sons. Does the red pepper make the finished product spicy, or just add a nice flavor. Wondering if I should skip that ingredient… Thanks! And LOVE your site and recipes!

  46. Ok, this is an absurdly elementary question, following up on the Cashews. Is “Toasting” just pan frying them for a second in a saute pan?

    Thanks! Big fan of this site for sure.

  47. Made this for dinner last night. Everybody loved it (and with six kids, that’s saying something!) Super easy and quick (except for the marinate for half an hour part). I am a dumb person, though, that had no idea whether to add the marinade with the meat. The recipe only says to add the meat. But I added a little marinade. Guess I was supposed to add all of it. Maybe clarify the recipe for people like me who aren’t intuitive.

    P.S. Don’t feel bad about all the breeder haters. There are always vocal people who will disagree with anything you do. If you want lots of mean comments, try having a big family. Or not breastfeeding your babies. There will be plenty of people to tell you what a terrible person you are for making choices that don’t agree with their opinions.

  48. This was beyond AMAZING!!!!!!!!
    My daughter, who hates broccoli, couldn’t get enough of it. The whole family gave it 2 thumbs up. I can’t stop thinking about how good it was. I’m planning on making it a few more times this next week. AMAZING!!!

  49. I really, really want to make this, b/c it sounds amazing, but I don’t eat red meat. Will the flavors meld with chicken? LOVE every recipe I’ve ever tried from your blog!!

  50. I have ever made. Thank you for this amazing recipe. Truthfully…this is better than any beef and brocoli I have had at any restaurant.

  51. Great recipe!
    FYI, frenchies cost so much because of all that is involved with breeding them. They have to be artificially inseminated, they require c sections, and US bred frenchies typically have 3 puppies per litter. Majority of owners have to actually track their ovulation! It’s nuts. They’re super cute but yea, mucho dinero.

  52. I made this Friday night for dinner. SOOOO YUMMY!!! We are adding it to the rotation. Even my boyfriends kids liked it!

  53. OMG! I am so glad I clicked on this post! Firstly, big comfy couch and Arthur both rocked and I watched both wellll into adulthood…..

    2) My husband and I just picked up a Frenchie in Ohio 2 weeks ago! We were looking at adopting but felt the same as you – we wanted a puppy that we could mold, especially since we are planning on kids. He is adorable! We paid $2500, he was 6 months when we got him. That was on the low end of the price range! But his parents were both health checked and he is doing great. We are from Montreal so we drove about 10 hours to pick him up! Talk about dedication to a breed… (My husband would not settle for anything less than a Frenchie!)

    Good luck on your search!

  54. I loved this recipe. Thankyou just made this for lunches this week and added extra veg. No matter how hard I try I always go off on a tangent when it comes to recipes. I can never stick to the set ingredients list. 🙂

  55. “I don’t want a show dog, I just want a pet.”

    Please, do your research on your breed, get in contact with your chosen breed club in your area, ask questions, find a reputable breeder, and realize that quality shouldn’t be found only in “show dogs”, and there is a reason reputable breeders ask the amount they do for pups out of their litters, and I guarantee you, it’s not to turn a profit. Buying a pet because “the price is right” is never a good policy, and in the end, you could go to the shelter and pick out an equally good pet for much less.

    If you are willing to give a little bit older dog a chance, check in to breed rescues. The great thing about older dogs is you know exactly what you are getting because their temperaments are set and usually they have already been taught basic manners since breed rescues typically foster dogs in a home with a family. Their age won’t change their capacity to love you.

    And when you get your new family member, jump in to a pet manners class! A class can help you and your dog understand each other better, and will build a great life long partnership!

  56. Ooooh, Juli! I finally got to make this last night and ohmygoodness, why didn’t I make it sooner!? Loved it! Hubby and 9 year old daughter liked it too!

    I allowed myself some GF white rice to go along with it because…yesterday… I RX’d Fran for the second time and I shaved 4:05 off of my time from August! Yep, darn proud of that right there!! Too bad we didn’t have any Angry Orchard’s in the fridge!

  57. Oh my paleo! This is delicious! Thank you for posting this quick and delicious meal! I made a few changes- adding red peppers, omitting fish sauce(didn’t have any) and subbing in tapioca starch for arrowroot. I also used flatiron cut due to price. I will definitely make this again!

  58. I made this for Sunday dinner. It was awesome. My husband who wants nothing to do with Paleo loved it… I’ll convert one recipe at a time.

  59. You should get a dog from wherever you want. Regardless of where they come from all dogs need a good home.

    To ask the actual question: do you add the sauce with the meat or is the sauce just used to marinate the meat?

  60. I want to try this recipe but the amount of soy sauce (1 CUP??) seems a little overwhelming. I don’t have Coconut Aminos and would be using soy sauce. Do you really need a whole cup???


  61. I want to try this recipe but the amount of soy sauce (1 CUP??) seems a little overwhelming. I don’t have Coconut Aminos and would be using soy sauce. Do you really need a whole cup???


  62. This is no joke a simple and flavor packed meal! Made this for dinner last night, had leftovers for lunch, HOLY CRAP – it’s good!

  63. I love beef and broccoli, but I have yet to find a good paleo friendly recipe… Until now! This was delicious!! Thanks for the great recipes and the always hilarious stories.
    Good luck with the puppy search and don’t let the haters get you down!

  64. Making this for dinner! Thanks for the delicious looking recipe!

    Good luck finding a pup 🙂 We have 2 Frenchies (a little girl who is red with a black mask and a boy who is a tiger brindle). We tried to adopt through the French bulldog rescue network & were turned away. We are even a foster family for a local rescue, but, whatever. We ended up buying ours and adore them (we also have a rescue English/American bully mix). The health issues are real with frenchies- our girl has severe allergies, luxating patella, boy has had eye problems but they are the best dogs. I die a little inside when I think about how much we spent on them- but they were worth every penny. It’s the only breed of dog my husband ever wants to own again. They’re like big dogs in little bodies!

  65. Made this for lunch – loved it. It’s a keeper.

    Good luck with your search for a Frenchie. They are terrific dogs. And don’t let anyone make you feel bad if you decide to find yourself a reputable breeder. Adoption is admirable, I’ve done it myself. But I’ve also gone the breeder route after finding someone who truly has the best interests of the breed at heart. With me it was a Beagle. One comment I have is this, if you find a good breeder who is willing to work with you, you can end up with a terrific dog for not so much money. Just please stay away from pet stores. Many of the breed’s health problems have come about via puppy mills and inexperienced backyard breeders who don’t do health checks. A reputable breeder will health check all their dogs.

  66. Absolutely loved this. I would pull back on the ginger just a little, but I am not a huge fan of ginger to begin with. I try to eat it for health benefit, so consider that too if you don’t like ginger. But this was great, the flank steak was around $18 at Whole Foods Market, but absolutely worth it.

  67. I made this tonight- soooo good, thanks! It was a tad on the salty side and I think it’s because I used soy sauce instead of the aminos. Is that right?

    Thank you for such a quick and easy recipe that is also delicious!

  68. Sherri Bjorndahl

    Is liquid aminos the same thing as coconut aminos? I used Bragg liquid aminos in the recipe and it was super salty!

  69. Juli, this was the best recipe of yours I have had yet, and I have made quite a few! Thanks for the EASY and delicious dinner! I just shred it to my Facebook page so my friends can enjoy too!

  70. Love this recipe!

    I managed to make loads more marinade than was needed (as I was converting it from cups) – do you think it would be OK to freeze?

  71. Do you think I can sub Cubed Steak for the flank steak? I got a 1/4 cow and have a lot of cubed steak in the freezer that I am not sure what to do with and hate to go out and buy flank steak if I have something at home I can use?

    Thank you.

  72. I couldnt read all of these with all the dog postings (do whats right for you! I have 3 rescues but its not for everyone)….sorry if this is a repeat question…

    Mine came out really salty. I didnt add salt except a pinch to the broccoli. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions Juli? Its really delicious otherwise 🙂 I put mine over quinoa since im only gluten/dairy free not strict paleo anymore.

  73. Danielle Newcomer

    I just made this tonight. Could have been awesome…except for the LIQUID aminos, not coconut.
    Everyone at the table had to drink like a gallon of water afterwards. But the cashews were awesome. I have to double your recipes often because there are 5 Newcomers 🙂
    You rock, thanks for all the kick ass paleo recipes.

  74. I came for the recipe, but stayed to comment:
    We rescued our frenchie mix at 4 yrs old- he was a hot hot mess but with patience and love (and LOTS of treats 🙂 ) he is now the BEST trained dog I’ve ever had. Part of me feels like he knows we saved him, and he works extra hard just because of it (to be honest, he could still be a hot mess and I wouldn’t care- “broken” dogs are my soft spot. The ones no one wants to love because they are too old, too mix, too neurotic, too whatever). If you have the time to work on training and behavior- rescue dogs are very VERY rewarding. And economical. 😛

  75. Just made this for dinner. It’s by far the best beef and broccoli recipe I’ve ever had. Better than restaurant and WAY healthier. Thank you for posting!

  76. That was amazing… had to sub apple juice since I had no oj around, and it was out of this world!! Hubby is a good sport, and reluctantly ok’d it even tho he isn’t a beef & broc fan. He loved it!!! Thanks for making wicked food, and having a funny as hell way of getting it out to us

  77. Made this for dinner tonight and it was ridiculous! My husband and I both couldn’t get enough. Super easy and pretty quick too!

  78. I just made this for dinner tonight and it’s so salty I can’t even bear to eat more than one bite. Did anybody else have this problem? I followed the recipe to the T.

  79. I love the recipe super easy but I think it was more on the sweet side for me. Next time I will use tablespoons of honey. I had it with cauliflower rice. Thank you for all your amazing recipes.

  80. With all due respect , I love your recipes but I must admit I don’t understand your commentaries before recipes. Usually, I just skip over them and get to the recipe but this one about going out and buying a dog was not only annoying but very oft putting. It is no surprise you were bombarded with rescue stories and requests. Maybe you should have a separate blog for your musings?

  81. Holy MOLY. This was SO good Juli. I make your recipes a lot and they are always fabulous, but this is one of my favorite recipes I have ever tried. I love the flavors, the beef is so tender…yum! Thanks again for sharing your recipes (and life) with us.

  82. This was so yummy! I nearly didn’t use freshly grated ginger because I had never used ginger root before but it made all the difference! I ended up leaving out the cashews and marinating the meat overnight and added bell peppers to the dish. Sooo good and super easy to make!

  83. Can’t wait to try the recipe! Unfortunately, I have tried and tried to get into house of cards too but just couldn’t. Have you watched Breaking Bad? Seriously the absolute best show I have ever watched. The writing and characters are truly amazeball. Thanks for the great recipes!!!

  84. I made this last week and want to try it again – mine was so watery and I followed the recipe exactly. Is the sauce supposed to be watery or reduced down enough to it’s not?

  85. I made this recipe last night with the gluten free soy sauce since I didn’t have coconut aminos on hand. With the soy sauce it was WAY too salty. I ended up removing about half the sauce and then adding a lot of water and re-thickening it. However, once I did that, it was DELISH. A hit at my family dinner 🙂 I’ll make it again, with maybe half as much soy.

  86. I made this with tamari (non gluten soy sauce) using 1 C as directed and it was way too salty to eat. I will try it again using coconut amino instead.

      1. Hi Juli,

        I tried this again using the coconut aminos and it was great! I also included thinly sliced carrots for color.
        Thank you so much!

  87. I made this dish tonight and it was about the SALTIEST dish ever. WIth one cup of soy sauce or braggs aminos it tastes as if I am drinking it straight from the bottle. What did I do wrong ?

  88. This recipe… I was craving something deliciously Asian, and this delivered. I only had 1 broccoli crown, so I tossed in a couple carrots and a pepper and wasn’t sorry. Thanks again for another amazing recipe, Juli. Sooo good!

  89. Hi! I can’t find coconut Aminos in Dubai, can I use Tamari sauce instead? And is the quantity the same? I am not 100% paleo so Tamari is ok for me. Thanks a lot, love all your recipes x

  90. I just made this for supper and it was divine! Satisfied my Chinese food craving 🙂 for some reason though it turned out on the salty side. I think next time I won’t salt the broccoli when I cook it. Thank you for the great recipes, so far every one of your recipes that I have tried have been right up my alley.

  91. This is so good! I think next time I will lay off the ginger a bit, I may or may not have put a tad too much! But still very good!

  92. Amazing! My kiddos who have sworn they can’t stand broccoli cheer when I tell them we are having beef and broccoli for dinner. One of our top favorite family meals. Thank you!

  93. Made this tonight, my 7th day of my first Whole30. It was wonderful, Juli! I even left out the honey because I’m trying to be squeaky clean and it was still fantastic. Served over cauliflower rice. My toddler ate tons of it… that makes it a total keeper. Love browsing your recipes… thought doing a Whole30 was going to be tough but I’m totally hooked. Down almost 5lbs already and not looking back!

  94. Just tried this for the first time. I am not sure coconut aminos are available in Ireland and I substituted arrowroot powder for cornflour as I couldn’t get that either. This was a gorgeous meal and one I will do regularly. Thanks for the recipe.

  95. Made this last night. OMG i cant get enough of this dish!!!! This is truly flavourful. I marinated the beef overnight.
    Thank you!

  96. This was incredibly delicious. Will definitely make this again!! Thank you for all of your recipes, I’ve not had a bad one yet and don’t expect to!!!!

  97. Made this for dinner. It was a tad salty cause as noted above I made the mistake of using liquid brags not coconut aminos BUT even with that my husband said it was “the best stir fry you’ve made in 5 years!” Will definitely by making this again. Thank you Juli for being such a great resource and tool in trying to eat healthy!

  98. I make this for dinner at least 2 nights as week and the leftovers are great for lunch! I’m no cook…in fact I’m a terrible cook but I was able to make this and my husband LOVES it! We are always pretty up and down with our eating but always try to get back to Paleo and when I’m looking for meal ideas your website is always the first place I go. You have been my go-to for quick meal ideas for years! Thank you for sharing your recipes! You make eating healthy a lot easier!!

  99. I made this recipe last night and it was really yummy! I was honestly surprised by how sweet it was though. I ended up mixing a spoonful of almond butter into my bowl and loved it that way. I think next time I will use some sesame oil for salty and savoriness. I also used steak tips because I didnt have flank and it was really good. I loved the way the broccoli was cooked and might do that again just as a side dish. Thanks for the yummy recipes.

  100. Hi Juli,
    Thank you for the recipes! We love them. I’m a little confused on the Liquid vs coconut aminos. The Coconut Aminos I have are liquid. Is that okay? Sorry, I’m still learning that everything we used to eat as kids is bad for us in real life! I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing!

  101. Ha. I’m an idiot. I’ve been making this recipe for a few years and I love it but I always thought it was so salty. Missed that minor detail about not using liquid aminos. I love salt, so I never minded it–but never made it for other people because I REALLY love salt…so much that most people would not have enjoyed that salty taste.

    Now that I know of my mistake–I remade it and shared. Either way, the recipe rocks.

  102. This was absolutely the best dish. It was my first meal after doing a whole60 that I added honey. I only had one orange so I had to improvise and I added grapefruit. I was a little worried that the sauce would be off and alter the recipe. I feed my son and his fiance weekly and they loved this meal. I will definitely add this to my monthly meal planning.
    I know you are going through a rough time with Jackson, I hope he is doing better.

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