Big things are happening in the PaleOMG world today! I have officially moved all my fitness programs over to Teachable!! Let me give you a little run down in case you’re wondering WTF Teachable actually is. So before I created my latest fitness program, Power Sculpt, I had launched 3 previous fitness programs that all came in a PDF format. It worked just fine, but we wanted something that felt more streamlined and even easier to use, aka we wanted an app and a community that could be built within. That’s when we found Teachable, which gave me the ability to host my Power Sculpt Program, in one spot, members could access the program from the Teachable app, and it had a built-in discussion forum for other members to chat with each other (and ME) to talk through the program, cheer each other on, and get motivated. Well, we loved it so much that we decided to move the Power Program, Power30 Program, and Power Body Programs all to Teachable, as well!

If you’ve purchased one of these programs in the past, you’ll receive an email from Teachable letting you know that you have been added to the community then you’ll also receive an invite from Circle to join our online discussion forum! But if you haven’t joined any of these programs, right now is the best time because we are celebrating this re-launch with a HUGE SALE Right now you can get all 4 programs ON SALE for 15% off! And now that all the programs are on Teachable, you can purchase the program upfront OR use a payment plan, instead! It’s totally up to you and what works for your lifestyle and budget!

When you purchase the Power Program, Power30 Program, and Power Body Programs, you’ll now receive complimentary perks –

  • Ability to access the program through the Teachable app, so it’s easier than ever to work out on the go! 
  • Individual videos and pdfs of each workout!
  • Reliable login process, so it’s easy to access the program whenever you’d like!
  • FREE one-year access to Circle, a private membership community, where you can post your wins/questions to me and other program member!

Now if you have never heard about my program or you just really don’t know the difference, here is a breakdown of each one!

PaleOMG Power Program

The Power Program is a 3-month program with uses minimal equipment – dumbbells, kettlebells (optional), bench, and loop bands. This is my signature program that gives you structure and it will get you results! Each week includes 5 workouts and 2 rest days, and it includes a mixture of strength, HIIT, and core work! It also includes both Advanced and Beginner options in one, so this program can actually be 6 months if you want to complete them back-to-back! Right now you can get the program marked down to $118.99 (reg. $139.99) or 3 payments of $46.99/mo (reg. $54.99/mo)!

PaleOMG Power Body Program

PaleOMG Power Body Program

If you don’t have access to a gym or weights, or maybe you just have some travel coming up and want to stay in shape throughout; then my Power Body Programs are for you! Right now the Power Body Programs (both beginner and advanced) are on sale for $84.99 (reg. $99.99) or 3 payments of $33.99/mo (reg. $39.99/mo)!

PaleOMG Power30 Program

And for someone who is limited on time, the Power30 Program is where it’s at! The Power30 Program has just been re-formatted to give you 6 weeks of workouts that are all 30 minutes or less! The program splits days up into upper body, lower body, EMOM, strength, AMRAP, tabata, core, and burner days. That means you’re constantly mixing things up, constantly trying new movements, and always getting your workout done in 30 minutes or less! For this program, you need minimal equipment – dumbbells, kettlebells, bench, and loop bands! Right now the Power30 Program is marked down to $59.99 (re. $69.99) or 3 payments of $23.99/mo (reg. $27.99/mo)!

PaleOMG Power Sculpt Program

And last but not least, my favorite program of all – the Power Sculpt Program! This is the program I created for myself and it’s what I follow every month! If you have access to a gym or home gym, you’ll love this 6-month program! This program uses an array of weights and a few pieces of equipment – barbell, bumper plates, dumbbells, loop bands, and a bench! This program is all about long term RESULTS. If you want to transform your body, this program is for you! The Power Sculpt gives you 5 workouts per week for 6 months, weekly meal guides to keep you on track, 1 zoom call per month with me to chat through different topics and questions, and an online discussion forum to chat with others in the program and help keep you motivated and accountable! This program is on sale for $424.99 (reg. $499): 6 payments of $84.99/mo (reg. $99/mo)!

2020 may suck, but your workouts don’t have to suffer because of it! These programs will keep you motivated, sweating, and seeing results week after week! This sale won’t last long so be sure to snag this deal before it ends! Click here to join one of my programs today!!

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  1. Jackie Williams says:

    Juli! I’m trying to sign up for the power program but it won’t complete my purchase and I don’t see a place for technical help-HELP!