Carnitas Nachos

I’m back home to Colorado today, bundled up in my own bed and quite happy about it. I love checking out new places and sleeping in new hotels, but MAN, I love my own bed. Especially since my husband worked out early this morning so I got to starfish out for…2 minutes. Then Jackson woke me up to snuggle. Understandable. It’s been 6 days. Poor lonely guy! I missed that doggy so damn much!

San Diego and La Jolla were awesome and so much fun to visit but I’m ready to have my routine back. After eating all things delicious while traveling, I’m ready some tough gym workouts, some homemade meals, and some major snuggle on the couch time…for the next 2 weeks, then I’m back on the road again. This time, Texas bound!

PaleOMG Carnitas Nachos

Speaking of couches, when we moved in our house 2 years ago, we thought we found the perfect couch for our living room. It felt SO comfortable in store and our friends even had the same couch and said it was awesome. Well, they are liars. And I hate them. It’s so not comfortable. The feathers inside the cushions aren’t wrapped in anything so they start sticking out like little needles in your back. And the two cushion couch just isn’t big enough now that Jackson is almost 40 pounds. So he’s always passed out, happy as a clam, and I’m going to bed early because I’m sick of being stabbed 743829190 times in 2 hours. We are so over it and ready to get a new one. And after having an L-shaped couch in our hotel room in San Diego, we are definitely ready for that kind of couch at home. BUT, we are afraid we are going to make the same mistake again and get a couch that we actually hate longterm, but spent so much money on. Ahhhhhhh being an adult is the woooooorst.

Where did you get your couch? Our friends recommended Room & Board and absolutely love theirs, but my husband is having a hard time with that price point. My husband also recommended we get a leather couch and I then went on to say we get a red leather couch and make it a full bachelor pad household! But then figured I was being a bit too passive aggressive. Leather ain’t going down. As much as I would love to just wipe the fur off our couch, I’m just not down for the leather look.

Ok no but seriously – where did you get your couch that you love more than your own bed?

PaleOMG Carnitas Nachos


Carnitas Nachos

  • Yield: 6-8 1x



For the marinated tomatoes

  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
  • juice of 1/2 lime
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, roughly chopped
  • pinch of salt

For the nachos


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Make instant pot carnitas and shred.
  2. Mix together the ingredients for the marinated tomatoes and set in the fridge.
  3. Layer tortillas on a baking sheet and sprinkle the shredded carnitas. Place in oven to bake for 8-10 minutes, until chips have browned slightly and meat has begun to crisp up.
  4. Then add the rest of the ingredients: heat up the nacho cheese and pour it on top, however much you prefer. Sprinkle on the marinated cherry tomatoes, then top the rest with the avocado slices, fresno peppers, pickled jalapeños, cilantro and lime wedges for extra pop of freshness on top! (I like to squeeze fresh lime juice on before serving!) then eat up!

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PaleOMG Carnitas Nachos

PaleOMG Carnitas Nachos


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49 thoughts on “Carnitas Nachos”

  1. Interesting! I assumed the nacho cheese was made from cashews predominantly but the main ingredient is actually potatoes. The label has pretty good macros for those that macro count. I may have to try it out! Love me some cheese sauce…

  2. Juli we have the Room and Board Orson Sofa with chaise lounge and it is amazing! We’ve had it for almost 2 years and no feathers from the cushions. Their furniture is definitely not cheap but so well made.

  3. Omg. My BF and I went on a couch hunt for like 2 months this year before we moved into our place. We looked at a ton of places and when we saw this couch we sat on it and didn’t want to move, its so comfy! The chaise piece is like a bed, 2 people can fit on it. Great for snuggling. It’s my fav piece of furniture in our apartment!

    Not sure if they have a Jordon’s out near you but hopefully they do!

    1. love this couch!! i definitely need to see if i can find one to sit on near me. thanks for the recommendation – i’ve never heard of this company!

    1. i’m always so hesitant with AFW! we have a couch from them in our basement from our old apartment and it’s a bit sunken in. you just never know with their stuff! have you had the sinking issue at all?

      1. Yeah, it has sunk a little bit (right where my butt always is). I’ve had it for around 2 years now, and I always lay in the EXACT same spot. It would probably be better if I rotated the cushions, but I’m lazy.

  4. Girl, go to Concepts in Boulder or Longmont! I’ve had my L-shaped couch for 12 years now and still love it since the day I bought it. Cushions and everything are still in top notch shape, minus some dog hair here and there. They are an awesome company and have millions of selections to choose from at a great price point and you can customize most to your liking!

  5. sactionals! they have two stores in the Denver area…. 🙂

    we hemmed and hawed for over 9 months about getting this for our house, and we finally pulled the trigger, and I kind of regret not doing it earlier (minus the fact that we got our covers for free due to a sale they were having… not upset about saving $2k). they’re so soft already (with the base level cushions), customizable, and you can throw them in the washing machine. can’t beat that.

    1. I have to add… we got the brown herringbone covers. they’re BEAUTIFUL and not super brown like they look in the photo. going to the store is a must.

    2. I’m with you on this! I have a chaise sectional and I absolutely love it! When I moved for work right out of college 4 years ago I bought a lot of stuff from IKEA and I decided that I wasn’t going to skimp on the couch. I wanted something that I really love and that was going to last a long time. I’m so happy I spent the money on this.

  6. We bought an Italian leather L-shaped couch (with chaise on the other end) from AFW. It’s incredibly luxurious and comfortable. I fall asleep on it all the time. You should really rethink the leather. It will be the best in terms of quality long-term, and you won’t regret the comfort level. This one also looks very classy!

  7. We’ve just bought a sectional with chaise lounge from Scandinavian Design and love it. Our first sectional from there lasted over 14 years. Both were leather but they do have fabric ones to choose from too plus they’re reasonably priced.

  8. I bought the Axis from Crate and Barrel after sleeping on my brother and sister in law’s one weekend. I got the 2-piece version and my roommate and I fight over who gets to sit on the chaise portion (it’s so well broken in now….) I will say my mom is shorter than I am and complains the cushions are too deep, but since I don’t sit on a sofa with my feet flat on the floor anyway, it has never been an issue!

  9. Surprisingly – American Furniture Warehouse! I bought my sectional from there about 4 years ago, and still love it! Everyone compliments it as well, definitely a great couch especially for the price point.

    1. I second this!! We recently got a new couch from Article and we absolutely love it. So comfy and reasonably priced.

  10. We got our couch from Nebraska Furniture mart. It’s got the chaise option, but you can also convert it to a regular couch if you want (it comes with a spare cushion). And you can rotate the chaise depending on which end you want it on.

    I don’t know how far you are from a NFM, but I know they will deliver a lot further than you think. We also got our bedroom furniture there and they delivered it three hours away when we moved. Their prices are always competitive and they have SO MANY options!

    Also agree on the leather–I have seen very few cute leather couches but my husband always loves them. Gag.

  11. Juli – to save a little bit, wherever you buy your couch- first see if they have a registry. If so, set it up and make the wedding date like a week later. Usually most placed provide a coupon/discount code for items not purchased on your registry. I just moved to a place and bought all new furniture and this definitely helped.

  12. We ended up buying our couches from AFW because we have two dogs who, as hard as we try to keep them off, LOVE being on the couch. I guess I can’t blame them. We just didn’t want to shell out a ton of money for a nice couch that was likely going to not look so nice in a few years anyway. I feel like AFW has some really good options.

    This recipe looks AH-MAZING! Mexican food has my heart. Speaking of, what places here in Denver do you really like? We’re new-ish to the area (lived here for a year) and we have only found one place (Adelitas) that is really good. Everywhere else has been meh.

    1. i don’t go to a ton of mexican places. we love pinche tacos because their tacos are amazing! but la loma is great and d’corazon is awesome!

  13. Restoration Hardware Lancaster L sectional!! It IS leather (and I don’t buy leather anymore because I’m trying to be animal friendly blah blah blah. . .) but it’s comfortable AF. My husband and I would rather sleep on the couch sometimes and he states that he’d give up his car before he gave up the couch (saying a lot).
    We bought this 7 years ago and will never get rid of it. Not sure if the style has changed since then, but we LOVE it!!

  14. I know all the comments are about couches, but can we please talk about the Siete lime chips…. and how I want to cry tears of joy every time I take a bite?! They are just to die for. I love them so much more than regular tortilla chips because of that cassava flavor. I’m so paranoid since you said your Whole Foods was sold out one time that I have to have at least 2 bags in the house at all times and pick up a bag every time I am there. It’s a problem.

  15. I went through 9 months of couch shopping HELL for all the same reasons you are saying (even the husband/leather issues!)…we settled on a giant sectional from Lazy Boy (all of places!) and really happy with it. Our pug and dachsund also love it and haven’t destroyed it….feels sturdy and comfy!
    Good luck!

  16. We bought our sectional at Macy’s. It’s pretty big and all the seats are extra wide and three of them have power recliners that lay almost flat with very little clearance between the wall and couch. My husband passes out on the couch about 6 days a week, so it’s pretty comfortable.

  17. Do you have any other suggestions for a similar cheese sauce? This stuff looks amazing (by the label.. potato cheese?! yes!) but I live in Chicago and don’t want to purchase it in a 4 pack until I have confirmed the amazing-ness. Thanks!

  18. I’m in the same boat as you. I loved my couch in the store, I loved it for maybe a year, but now I hate it. It’s an L-shape with a chaise lounge feel, but I hate it. The bottom cushions don’t stay put so I find myself falling in a crack, the back cushions are pillows, which I do like but again… cracks. It is microfiber so its pretty easy to vacuum pet hair off of it, and its easy to take all of the covers off and toss in the wash, but the pillows aren’t in any kind of plastic or bag and so its just stuffing floating around so I constantly have to beat them to make them fluffy again. I got the Couch at American Furniture Warehouse in Colorado Springs when we lived there.
    Adulting is so hard.

    1. it’s so hard! and so many people have loved AFW then so many people have hated it. you never know what you’re gonna get with that place!

  19. We got ours from Restoration Hardware- the cloud and it is l shaped and we love it. Expensive but we love it.

  20. We have the lounge sofa from Crate & Barrel and looove it. It’s wide enough for my husband and I to watch movies on laying down side by side and looks and feels great. We’ve had it for 3 years now and it still looks and feels like new.

    The price point is a little higher, but you can often find people selling their 10-20% off coupons on eBay. Well worth the $8 coupon to save $$$ on the couch.

  21. I feel your pain! We have an L-shaped sectional, and I loved it at first, but now after working at a desk all day, I’ve found it hurts my back to sit or even lay on it. So now I sit on the floor, lol.

  22. We bought our couches from AFW. They’re oversized brown microfiber couches with leatherette arms/base. They are super comfortable and we love them. We bought two identical couches so I could sprawl out on one and my husband on his.

    We also had the world’s most comfortable couch that we bought from someone on Craigslist somewhere in Thornton or Westy… way back in 2008 or 2009. Authentic Italian white leather (yes, it did get a little dirty from our cats, but we just wiped it clean). That one was the best couch.

    Alas, we are selling all of our furniture and most belongings to spend a few years living abroad and traveling. Closing on our house on Thursday and spend 6 weeks between Indiana and Colorado before heading to Paris onboard the Queen Mary 2.

    You can find a lot of fabulous furniture for a fraction of the price if you buy from someone on a Facebook garage sale site, Offer Up, etc. don’t go spending $1000 on a couch when you could buy a super nice one for $100-$200!

  23. Love Sac couch! We’re obsessed. You can move the prieces around make the couch bigger or smaller if you want , I have a French bulldog myself and a yellow lab who sheds like crazy and with the Love Sac couch you can take the fabric off and wash them. You can also change the colors of the fabric as much as you want and if you move to a bigger home and you just buy a few more pieces to make it bigger. It’s honestly the most comfortable couch I’ve ever laid on

  24. When my husband and I moved in together, I had to convince him to get rid of his leather Ikea bachelor pad couch.. After months of searching we found a really comfortable sectional from Macy’s for under $2,000.

  25. Brittany Curtis—Denver-View.jsp?c3apiks=429_983708&rmatt=tsid:1012616|cid:161130230|agid:7273749230|tid:pla-73746163309|crid:38184767750|nw:g|rnd:14532793490866736167|dvc:c|adp:1o6&gclid=CjwKEAjw8OLGBRCklJalqKHzjQ0SJACP4BHrk5Xf8my6bOfLRtFe80OUVjO7OU0DGYmkZibCzho4VRoCmyHw_wcB

    Best Couch! Depending on what you want. It’s microfiber which is supposedly the best for pet hair and it looks like leather. It looks so good and the reclining chairs are the best. I could live on my couch…. It’s $1900 from RC willey and if you get the RC willey card then you can get 18 months no interest which is awesome!

    Thanks for all your amazing motivational podcasts! I love listening to them and your motto of listening to your body is working for me!!

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