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Acne & Aging with Clearstem Skincare

Today on the podcast, I’m talking to Danielle and Kayleigh, the founders of Clearstem Skincare. They are sharing how they have been able to clear people’s acne in just a couple months, why their products are different than others, and


Daisy Jones & The Wagyu Steak

In this episode, I talk about my love for Daisy Jones & The Six, and how I wish it would never end. And my recent trip to San Diego that included 2 of my favorite meals of all time. 10/10


My Favorite BIL

In honor of my brother-in-law celebrating a birthday this week, I wanted to share a podcast episode that I recorded with him a few weeks ago! When I married into Brian’s family, not only did I get a best friend


Spirit Guide Mantras

Today on the podcast, I’m talking through my experience at my first ever spiritual retreat. This retreat included an amazing medium who helped us tap into our spirit guides and a wonderful healer who taught us the power of breathwork.


Manifestation Journal

Today on the podcast, I’m talking about the recent membership I recently purchased to help me move through blocks, childhood wounds, and the meditations + journaling that has drastically helped already. Plus I’m talking about our recent trip to Cabo,


The Journey of Surrogacy with Sam

Today on the podcast, I’m talking with Samantha Matthews who was pregnant at the same time as me…with someone else’s baby. She’s sharing her experience with surrogacy, why she decided to be a surrogate, what the experience looks like, and


Emotional Breathwork

In this episode, it’s me, myself, and I talking about my continued spiritual journey, cutting chords, experiencing a somatic breathwork class, and how we need to figure out ways to supports moms (more so families) so they can continue to


Your New BFF

Today on the podcast I’m talking about being best friends with yourself, being kind to others even when you think they suck, all things (or lack thereof) VPR, my new identity with Below Deck, and what it’s felt like to


Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

Food is my love language.  It’s my everything. I used to be strict paleo, but I have found a much better balance with food ever since healing my gut AND my relationship with it. These days you’ll find paleo recipes along with anything else I’m dreaming up and enjoying! Just like me, my food is ever-evolving!



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