Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!! Ok ok, before you yell at me since people LOVE yelling at me on the internet, these little treats are not strict paleo. Please stop thinking the world is ending. They are made with gluten free yogurt covered pretzels to make little ghosts. But here’s the thing – it’s f*cking Halloween. And Halloween is usually means a sh*t ton of sweets around, all made with ingredients that you’ve never heard of, and no one thinks twice about putting those things in their mouths. But when I saw ghosts made from pretzels on TV one day, I just had to try it myself! And guess what? It’s delicious. And the world isn’t coming to an end because I ate one. I would still much prefer to eat a treat like this than a treat that has PGPR in it or TBHQ or yellow 6, yellow 5, and red 3. But if you’re a little stickler, feel free to add a plastic ghost figurine on top and make sure your children or their guests don’t choke on it. You do you, baby boo.

PaleOMG Coconut Boo Cups

But if you’re not a stickler, you’re going to LOVE these!! They are made with only 3 ingredients:

  1. Dark Chocolate Chips
  2. Coconut Butter
  3. Yogurt Covered Pretzels

If you haven’t tried coconut butter cups yet, they are THE BEST!! Since coconut butter is high in fat, these are super satiating. Especially if you use a dark chocolate that isn’t super high in sugar. You’ll be able to eat one of these and feel satisfied, instead of addicted like most Halloween candy makes you feel.

PaleOMG Coconut Boo Cups

But enough about sugar addiction on Halloween, let’s talk about moving instead! Because yesterday we did a walk through of our new home to talk through some of the ins and outs of the house! I’m getting SO FREAKING EXCITED…yet depressed at the same time. I’m really going to miss our first home. I love it here. We have so many memories here, we have the best neighbors ever, and it’s in walking distance from a park. It’s the best! And even though I know our next house will be amazing and will be filled with even more memories, it’s still hard to leave the first one.

PaleOMG Coconut Boo Cups

We have just done so damn much to our first house! I seriously cannot wait to share my before and after photos of our first home. We painted our brick house, we put a new garage door on it, we did the landscaping, we put in a new face, we laid new concrete, we redid the bathroom, we redid the f*cking sewer liner (nightmare), we got new appliances…we did a lot. And it’s so weird to leave something that was once so personal to you. Ever since I got the images back of the house before we did renovations to it and the images of it now, I’m constantly looking at before and after house photos on instagram. Seeing people’s creativity is so fun! I can’t wait to share how we got creative in our first space! But for now, since we still have about a month until we move in, I’m going to enjoy every last minute in this house that has been so good to us…and go eat a coconut boo cup for breakfast. Ya know, live my best life!

PaleOMG Coconut Boo Cups

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Coconut Boo Cups

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  • Author: juli
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 35 minutes
  • Yield: 12 cups 1x


  • 2 cups dark chocolate chips
  • 1 cup coconut butter
  • 12 gluten free yogurt covered pretzels


  1. Line a muffin tin with 12 silicone liners. Remove 24 dark chocolate chips and set aside.
  2. Melt 1 cup chocolate chips in a double boiler or microwave. Pour melted chocolate evenly throughout each silicone liner, spreading chocolate flat in each silicone liner. Place in the fridge to harden for 5 minutes.
  3. Melt coconut butter in doubler boiler or microwave. Once chocolate has hardened, pour coconut butter evenly on top of the chocolate and onto the sides of the liner. Place in the freezer to harden for 10 minutes.
  4. While the coconut butter hardens, melt the second cup of chocolate chips. Place the yogurt covered pretzels on a plate then use a toothpick to dip into the chocolate then place a small amount of chocolate onto the back of the chocolate chip the press that side into the oval opening of the pretzel, then repeat on the other side to create two eyes. Repeat with all pretzels.
  5. When the coconut butter has hardened, pour the last of the melted chocolate evenly on top of the coconut butter in each silicone liner then press the yogurt pretzel into the middle of the melted chocolate. Place in the fridge for 10 more minutes to harden the chocolate.
  6. Bring the coconut boo cups to room temperature before serving to ensure they are soft to bite into!

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PaleOMG Coconut Boo Cups

PaleOMG Coconut Boo Cups


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  1. Ali says:

    Juli! These are adorable and look SO easy. I can’t wait to make them. On a different note, I miss your voice! Will you be doing an Instagram live or podcast soon?

    1. juli says:

      yes!! i plan to do both once we are moved into our new home!