Coconut Lime Fizz Cooler

The weather yesterday in Colorado was absolutely insane. We started our workout and it began to hail and lightning like the world was about to end. Then the hail turned to crazy crain and wind. I totally thought my car was doomed for hail damage. She’s good. But, we had 400m runs in our workout so our coach said we could do either 550m row or 400m run. I did the run. I have seriously never been so soaked in my life while doing a workout. I’ve run in all kinds of snow and rain, but this was like sitting in a bath tub with all your clothes on. My shoes felt like I had just swam through a river. The mall near me had to be evacuated because water was pouring through the lights, my neighbors tree was struck by lighting, and cars were swept away in streets and parking lots. How bad would it suck to watch your car just get swept away? It would suck really bad. Really freaking bad.

But other than that, it’s been crazy hot outside. Every summer, I don’t know how I’m going to last with leather seats in my car. I ALWAYS have a towel on top of my seat in hopes of not melting off my hamstrings. I wish I had cooled seats, that’s the best invention ever. And since I’ve finally gotten to the point where jeans are no longer an option, all I’ve been buying is dresses lately. Yesterday, I stopped by Inspyre Boutique to try a couple things on before I bought them online! Did you see on last weeks Fashion Fridays that I’m running a discount with them?! Don’t forget because they have about a million dresses and when you order something online or in store right now, you’ll get 15% off your order using the discount code paleOMG at checkout!

One more thing you absolutely can’t forget about is The Best of Paleo Ecookbook because IT’S ALMOST GONE! I was part of this ebook last year, sharing some of my favorite PaleOMG recipes along with a never before seen pumpkin pancakes recipe! But the ebook is filled with all kinds of bloggers and authors sharing their favorite recipes! You can see the whole list here! I’m reminding you about it now because it goes away forever on June 30th! That’s just like 5 days away or something. Holy balls, it’s almost July. So grab it now for only $19.99 for over 150 recipes from all kinds of cool people!

I’m getting the second dog itch. Jackson seems to get so bored and lonely during the day now that it’s too hot to hang out outside constantly. And since I work from home, it makes me feel even more guilty that I’m not constantly entertaining him. He gives me the sad eye when I don’t play with him. And doggy day cares kind of freak me out now because of kennel cough. My friend’s dog just got it. Frightening. But 2 dogs sounds like a huge responsibility. Should we do it? What to do.

Have you seen the straightening iron that curls your hair. Say whaaaaaa? Does anybody have that? I’m really tempted to get one but I want to hear from my internet friends first. Tell me your thoughts!

I have so many questions for you today.



Coconut Lime Fizz Cooler

  • Yield: 4 1x


  • 1/2 cup fresh squeeze lime juice
  • 1/2 cup thick coconut milk (I used only the cream the rose to the top)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon raw honey (adjust to sweetness you prefer)
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 cup Topo Chico (or other sparkling water)

For the rim of the glass

For garnishes

  • extra sliced limes
  • fresh mint


  1. In a blender, blend together lime juice, coconut milk, honey and ice until completely smooth.
  2. Pour in sparkling water into the blender and stir with a spoon.
  3. Dip the rims of 4 small glasses or champagne flutes into lime juice then into maple sugar.
  4. Pour coconut lime fizz into flutes and garnish with limes and mint.
  5. Serve immediately!


If you want to put alcohol in this, that would be awesome. Try some Hendrick’s gin or some rum, if you prefer! Or vodka. Or tequila. Ok, really any alcohol.

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PaleOMG Coconut Lime Fizz Cooler


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43 thoughts on “Coconut Lime Fizz Cooler”

  1. This looks amaze balls. I’m going to add a pinch of ginger to mine (bc I like it spicy). And yes, get a second dog! We’re so happy we did. They play together and snuggle up together and defend each other at the dog park. Plus there’s one to cuddle on me at night while we watch tv and one to cuddle on Jason!

  2. Yes! Absolutely get another pup. I wish i would have for my little English (she’s 81/2 now and not doing too well. :() would you get another Frenchie?
    Drink looks amazing!

    1. i would totally want another frenchie!! but they are so expensive. I would honestly be happy with any dog if it wasn’t too big!

  3. Which straightening iron are you talking about? I’ve always just curled my hair with a regular hair straightener set to around 380-400 degrees (GVP brand that I buy at Sally’s. i think one inch). I love that the curls stay in all day – I can’t even get my thick hair to curl with a curling iron. It never leaves any crimps and its so easy and quick! The only downside is that the curls are pretty tight and even after I brush them out, they curl back up super tight again. This means your hair usually has to be super long for it to look good. My hair comes down to the bottom of my shoulders and it still isn’t long enough to start curling it again. I think your hair is a great length for it but if the straightener is anything like mine, you will get a much different look than you usually wear. Hope that helps!

    1. Samantha Orosco

      Yes!!! The GVP pro tools are amazing and they always have great deals on top of their super great prices!

  4. Samantha Orosco

    This sounds amazing!!! A few years ago when I moved out of my sisters I got a cat for my dog! They were the best of friends, so if you aren’t sure about another dog you can always explore other animals! Also, I am a fan of curling my hair with any ol’ hair straightener it doesn’t have to be specific. However curling wands are my favorite tool to cool my hair and they are generally the same price if not cheaper! (:

  5. i always use my straightener to curl my hair! super easy loose waves. and i hope jackson has his bordatella vaccine even if hes not in doggy day care! i had a dog pass away from kennel cough when i was younger, before my family knew vaccinations for dogs are a must! 🙁

  6. I got caught in the storm on I-25 at University. It came in out of nowhere. So crazy. I got drenched running about 100 yards from my car into my dr. appt.

    This recipe looks amazing! I’m super into lime and sparkling water so far this summer.

    As for the second dog… I’m in the same boat (wish I’d had a boat yesterday). I want another one so bad but at the same time, one is enough responsibility. I’m not adult enough for more responsibility.

  7. YES to a second dog! We got a second one since our first, a border collie/shepherd mix, was nearly impossible to wear out (2-3 mile runs besides the bike, twice a day wasn’t enough!) and was always bored. It was probably the best decision my husband and I have made (besides getting married, of course). They keep each other company and its really not much more work at all. Just double the food 🙂

    1. ok good to know!! i just can’t decide if we should wait until we get married because I wonder if it will be hard to find someone to watch 2 while we are on our destination wedding…

      1. I use my regular straightener to curl my hair and it works great! It’s basically a knockoff CHI but I’ve had it for years…I think it’s Plugged In brand from Sally’s.

        Also, I’m dying for a puppy but I get married in less than 2 months so I feel like I should wait before I have 3 weeks of insanity between the wedding and honeymoon lol.

  8. The weather here was insane! I am in the Belmar area and holy rain and hail. This summers storms have been something else.

    Are you talking about the tyme iron?! That straightens and curls your hair? If so DO IT! I am about to get one and have a few friends who got one and it is stinking awesome, also I’m just sucky at doing cool things to my hair and I hate having multiple different tools so cutting back to one amazeballs hair tool will be awesome!

    Also, I love anything coconut lime so I’m definitely going to make these for a brunch this weekend. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. yes!! everyone thinks i’m talking about a regular curling iron but that’s the one i’m talking about!! i totally want to get it!!

  9. YES to another dog! I have two and I love that they have each other when I’m away at work. Plus more cute, furry pups for you to snuggle with and love up on 🙂 I have a Havanese and a Shichon (bichon frise / shitzu mix) and I’d highly recommend either breed!

  10. Those look amazing for a hot day! (and I live in LA, so that is every day)

    YES to the tyme iron. I have one and it works great! Takes a few tries to get it right though, so practice a few times (don’t try for the first time right before an event)

    I wish I could have a second dog, my apartment is just to small. But as soon as I move!

  11. Definitely go for the second dog! My husband and I added a second dog to our family about a year ago and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made. I felt the same way about our first dog being bored all the time, but I think he has barely had time to rest since she came home. There will absolutely be times where you look at each other and think “what did we do?!” because it can get a bit chaotic (but I think that may be due to the type of dogs we have, a boston/pitbull mix and a boston terrier) but it is so worth it when they are running around together or sleeping next to each other in the sun. Just go for it, if you think about it too much you will find a million reasons to not do it 🙂

  12. Terese Drummond

    The best thing we ever did was get a second dog. Mind you the first 10 days the golden retriever was like what the hell is this and do you think I’m going to look after this bloody thing!
    That past very quickly and now they would never part.
    Katie is right get a rescue this time.
    Good Luck!
    By the way it’s easier with 2. 🙂

  13. This looks delicious! It’s been so hot in s. Florida lately! We’re actually making paleo peach ice cream this afternoon for a sweet frozen treat! We got a labradoodle puppy a few months ago! We love him to death but I wish we would have also gotten his sister. I’ve heard it’s actually easier to have to dogs, exactly for the reason that they occupy each other!

  14. This recipe looks amazing! I am trying it TONIGHT. Pre happy-hour, I will have to sweep off the gazillion leaves from my patio as a result of that storm on Wednesday that I got stuck in as well (fellow Denver-ite). The good news is if the crazy weather keeps up, maybe people will stop moving here in droves?! Maybe? I have that weird territorial native thing going on. Regarding the Tyme iron … I have been eyeballing that D@mn expensive thing for months and finally caved and ordered it today. I will report back …

    1. yes please let me know how it is!! a couple people said it takes a little time to get used to it! and agreed about everyone moving here, it’s pretty insane how many people are moving here per day!

  15. On vacation from Denver – not sad to have missed another crazy storm!
    I asked out bartender in Costa Rica to make me this drink (with gin- I’m on vacation!!) and it is DELICIOSO!!
    Gracias for the recipe, Juli!

  16. . I used to think that 1 was enough responsibility, but honestly, after the house breaking phase, there really isn’t much more to do. You aren’t going to walk them separately, right? Do you really consider belly scratching work? Hell no! Jackson may not like the interloper at first, but his pack animal instincts will, with the right dog, kick in and overcome any feelings of jealousy he might have. It took mine a month or two to figure things out and now they are the best of friends. You will feel less guilty on those days you’re too busy to do the long walks.

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