Designing Our Bedroom

When we moved into our new home in November, I knew I wanted to create a cohesive space that demanded attention. I think white and grey spaces look beautiful, but they bore TF out of me. I want to walk into a room and be stunned by what the person put together. But here’s the thing – I have husband who does not feel the same. Brian doesn’t know what he wants when it comes to a space, but he knows what he doesn’t like. And he makes sure to make that clear. It was quite frustrating at times…like I HATED him somedays. But with all that said, he still let me add a good amount of color and texture to our rooms and home. If Brian wasn’t in the picture, this room would be so much louder and even more colorful, but I still love how it came out and I’m happy every single time I walk into this room.

When we moved into this space, I immediately signed up for Havenly. I had heard great things about this company and I was really happy to hear that the creator was from Denver! If you’ve never used an online interior design company, I’m going to give you the quick rundown with it! You log in, upload info about your space such as dimensions, photos, furniture you already have and would like to use, etc., then you choose designs that you like and styles of furniture that you like. This on-boarding process is all about getting to know you and your vibe. Then after you plug in all this info, they match you up with a ton of designers, you look through their portfolios, and you pick one! I found this process incredibly easy because I was IMMEDIATELY attached to The Velvet Jungle. This amazing designer who lives in Paris isn’t afraid to add every single color of the rainbow to her designs. She loves leopard print, gold, faux fur, and mixing all of them together. Check out all of her Havenly client designs here! I could look at her designs all day long, I love them so much.

After you’re matched with a designer, you’ll start the design process with them. The designer will first create an ‘ideas workspace’ and come up with 3 different styles for your room based off the spaces you chose or shared during the on-boarding process. You’ll rate each style then you’ll also be able to rate specific products that your designer links and comment why you like or hate them. The more feedback you can give them, the better! Here were the three spaces my designer came up with for the ideas workspace (you can see the image the room is based off of in the top left of each space):

Space 1 – Modern Green

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

Space 2 – Classic Red

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

Space 3 – Bold Purple

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

Brian HATED the idea of green (what a debbie downer), wasn’t super into red, and thankfully got behind the idea of purple. His favorite color is purple, how adorable is that? So we rated the Bold Purple our favorite and also rated all the items from each space to give her a better idea of which items to include in the new design of the Bold Purple.

Then our designer created the first concept of our room by taking all of our feedback from the ideas workspace. Then she also linked all the furniture so I could add those pieces to my cart immediately. All while this is going on, you can chat through a messaging service on the Havenly website to tell your designer changes you may want to see or exact items you found that you want them to add to the portal. Here was the concept she created based off all of our feedback.

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

Then after a few minor adjustments, here was the final design! Can you even with her Jackson addition? I lover her so much!

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

Then it was finally all up to me to start purchasing those items through Havenly! Through the Havenly site, you can purchase all of your items, you’ll receive status updates through Havenly instead of multiple sites, and you can also deal with any returns through them, as well. It makes the whole process very seamless and easy!

After I purchased everything, I contacted someone about wallpaper and that’s where things got a little sticky. The contractor said he wouldn’t install peel and stick wallpaper because he didn’t like the quality and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. So I went to a space that sold wallpaper and tried to find something I liked. Well once I did, the contractor told me everything I needed to do prior to him coming in to wallpaper this one wall. At the end of the day, it was going to be a huge pain in the ass so we decided to look at a different concept – stencils. Brian did some digging and he found Cutting Edge Stencils and found this stunning Medina Moroccan Wall Stencil. I immediately fell in love and we chose to use the same Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black Paint we had used in our dining room and living room. The stencil is extremely easy to use, but it took probably 12 hours to create this whole wall just because the windows made it a bit challenging at the end. But I am now obsessed Cutting Edge Stencils and have already used them in another room and plan to do the same in other spaces. It’s such an affordable way to create a beautiful space instead of using wallpaper or tile!

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

Now let’s get into the final room and what it looks like now! When we started creating this space, the only thing I really cared about keeping was our blue bed frame that we had from our old house and a couple table lamps. I wanted everything else to be new, bright, and exactly the look I was hoping for! We got these Ivory Nightstands from CB2 that I absolutely love. They are such great quality and super sturdy! Then I found this Modern Geo Duvet Cover to give the bed some fun texture instead of just a plain white duvet. Our designer found such bright and colorful pillows that all we really needed for a duvet cover was plain white!

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

Our designer had put a real plant in our final room design, but since that specific spot doesn’t get much sun (and I don’t want to keep anything alive since Jackson seems to be tough enough in our day-to-day), I found this really great quality faux fiddle leaf plant in basket to add to the space!

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

Now when it came to the other half of our room, we changed things up. I first LOVED the dresser that our designer had found, but once I got it in real life, I HATED IT with all my soul. The dresser was from West Elm and it was the biggest piece of expensive trash I’ve ever purchased. The drawers weren’t on tracks and had some sort of wax buildup so you could barely pull out or shut the drawers. So I returned that shit ASAP and found a new one through All Modern. Sadly this one is sold out so I can’t link it, but I love our new one.

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

The second thing we changed up was the decor above the dresser. At first we were planning to put a TV up, but then decided we didn’t want to have a TV in the space we needed to be sleeping. TV is terrible for sleep anyways, so we decided to go with some artwork instead. My designer found these two side-by-side paintings from CB2 as nod to the wallpaper we were going to go with in the first place. And I love that to blue matched our bedframe, as well! Sad to tell you, these paintings are sold out, too! So sad because they are stunning!

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

Since there was supposed to be a TV before, our designer didn’t do a ton of decor on the dresser, so I did it myself later on. I simply walked into West Elm because there was a parking space out front, began mix and matching pieces from the store, then walked out with all the items I needed for the top of our dresser. Botta bing, botta boom. You’ll notice one little piece on our dresser that is not available at West Elm. This tiny figurine was given to me on book tour of me in a book tour outfit with Jackson by my side. People are sometimes the fucking coolest.

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

When we were finalizing the space, Brian wasn’t super into the yellow plush chair or the black ottomans that our designer had chose so instead of making her go back to the drawing board, I did a little digging myself and found this black leather chair and these brown leather ottomans to give the room a bit more of a masculine vibe for the hubs.

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

My process with Havenly was seamless, insanely easy, and it really made our room exactly what I had hoped for and envisioned when we moved in. Havenly can design any type of space and will absolutely help you elevate your home. Havenly didn’t sponsor this post, but I did receive some shopping credit through them (just wanted to disclose that!). The contact I had through Havenly left so I haven’t chatted with them since I created this room BUT I do believe my discount code of PALEOMG will still get you $50 off your design fee! I hope my experience gives you some insight into what the process looks like and gives you some inspiration for you own room! We also had Havenly design around dining room, living room, and office, so I’ll be sharing that experience later on! Be bold with your home – life is too short to be basic.

Before (with some of the pieces we purchased)

PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom


PaleOMG Decorating Our Bedroom

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19 thoughts on “Designing Our Bedroom”

  1. Such an awesome post! I love all these deets about the process of doing your room! When my husband and I finish paying off my student loan next year I’ll be looking forward to not having our house look like a poor college student decorated it and I’m definitely going to use Havenly

  2. Thank you for sharing!! My husband and I are prepping to purchase our first house, and I’m already worried about designing it because I have ZERO abilities when it comes to design. I love what you came up with and appreciate hearing about the process. We may use Havenly as well!

  3. That stencil is BRILLIANT!!!!! I love the bold design, but when you finally decide you want something else, you will feeling smart AF when you don’t need to remove wallpaper before repainting. Removing wallpaper is the absolute worst.

  4. So beautiful!! What sheen did you chose for the tricorn black? I’m totally obsessed with black walls right now and did tricorn black on my bedroom accent wall too, but I think I went a little too shiney 😬. Def will be checking out Havenly tho!

  5. I used Havenly based off your IG stories & I LOVED my finished results! What a wonderful service. Thank you for informing your followers 💗

  6. Could you please direct me to the artist who did your dining room art? I think it was on Etsy. I have been trying to find that post for awhile and I can’t. Just looking for inspiration after staring at my walls for so many months, and I really loved that art. Thanks ahead of time!

  7. I love all of the colors! I totally get what you mean about Brian. My boyfriend wants plain and traditional like his parents’ house. Everything is gray and poop brown. It makes me cry. I just bought all new bedroom furniture from West Elm for a ridiculous price and now you have me worried. It is called “the modernist” set on their website. It looked good in the store so I am hoping it’s not total shit when it gets here this week.

  8. I love the remodel! So stunning. Do you have the link for the bedside lamps? the ones you linked to aren’t quite exact.

    1. they are probably 4 years old, so they aren’t available anymore which is why i linked different ones. but those mine are from target so they may come back in stock someday, if you want to keep an eye out there!

  9. Hi Juli. I remember you had a post about your sofa, but can’t remember where you bought it from. I am looking for a very comfortable sectional, help please! 🤗

    1. this isn’t our exact couch because we built our own in store to fit our exact room space needs, but this is the sectional! i LOVE IT SO DAMN MUCH! by far the best couch we’ve ever purchased.

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