Dill Smoked Salmon and Red Pepper Scramble

I love scrambles. Seriously, love them. I go back and forth with eggs. I will cut myself off from eating them for a while because I feel like they make me bloated, then I want them oh so badly so I stop caring and take the bloat. It gives more curves, right? Totes. Anywho, I’m obsessed with dill at the moment. And dill is a weird herb that doesn’t go in a ton of food. But with eggs, sweet potatoes and salmon…I’m about to scream. It’s so good. Just a fact.

When I hear a package dropped off at my doorstep, I get so excited. Yesterday, I had a silicone muffin pan arrive at my doorstep. Guess I need to make cupcakes. Or muffins. Or anything in a muffin shape. I’m pumped!

So I’m 25, if you didn’t know that fun fact, and even though I don’t have many wrinkles, I’m noticing them coming into view more and more. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I have some girlfriends who’ve told me that they wish they would have started using wrinkle cream at my age. And well, I’m not ready for botox. I’m completely supportive of plastic surgery and anybody who wants to shoot some botox into their body, but I’m not there yet. But I do want to try to keep the wrinkles from crevacing (yes, I know it’s not a word) into my skin. So the other day, I went to the beauty store to try to find some day and night cream. Once I got into the store, I was already lost. Usually when I walk into that store, I’m bombarded with people trying to sell me sh*t. But the one day that I actually need help, no one is there. I even said excuse me to a woman three times and she ignored me. She could have just not heard me, but I was standing 1 foot away, staring at her, so I think it was a ‘I have better things to do right now’ kind of ignore.

I then proceeded to the anti wrinkle cream area and started trying to read the product names. Like that wasn’t hard enough, I had to sort through terminology I absolutely do not understand. Once I found something that said DAY CREAM and NIGHT CREAM (terminology I do understand) I looked at the price. $120 for each cream. Are you high? I don’t know if this stuff is even going to work. You want to sell me something that promises to make me look less old in 10 years. WHAT IF IT DOESN’T WORK?? Then I’ve wasted hundreds, probably even thousands of dollars just hoping to have a smoother face? Wrinkles are exhausting.


Dill Smoked Salmon and Red Pepper Scramble

  • Yield: 1 1x


  • 2 whole eggs + 1 egg yolk, whisked
  • 2 pieces of smoked salmon, torn apart
  • 1 tablespoon fresh dill, finely chopped
  • 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 12 tablespoons of fat (coconut oil, olive oil, bacon fat, etc.)


  1. Whisk eggs in a bowl. Add salmon, dill, garlic, red pepper flakes, and salt and pepper and mix together.
  2. Heat a small sauté pan over low heat and add fat to grease the pan.
  3. Once pan is warm, add egg mixture. Use a wooden spoon to continuously whisk the mixture around until eggs completely cook through.
  4. I topped my eggs on top of dill sweet potato wedges and some roasted veggies.

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PaleOMG Dill Smoked Salmon and Red Pepper Scramble


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57 thoughts on “Dill Smoked Salmon and Red Pepper Scramble”

  1. Looking at your photo, you don’t have anything to worry about yet! But, I can completely understand. I’m 28 and I think I started shopping for anti-wrinkle stuff around age 20. If that place you went is Sephora (and I can’t tell if it was) then you can always ask for samples of the various creams and potions and they will give it to you for free. Some of my favorite high end brands so far are Mary Kay, Lancome, and Ren.

  2. Ha– I totally noticed you’ve been digging dill lately. You should make pickles!

    I’m 25 too and while I don’t have wrinkles, I’ve been thinking that maybe I want to start using creams. But those price tags– woof.

  3. Try Olay day/night anti-wrinkle. There are even private brand versions that companies like walgreens makes that is exact same thing for cheaper. At 25 you don’t need to be using $100 cream. I use the walgreens stuff and it’s like $10-20 a bottle and works great.

  4. I love smoked salmon and eggs! I’ve never tried it over sweet potatoes but it sounds awesome. My very favorite inexpensive night cream is a Loreal one in a tall-ish blue cylinder (sorry I don’t have the exact name!) It makes my problem skin feel really, really smooth. Like, amazingly so.

    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes. Every one I make becomes my new favorite!

  5. I’m treading down the anti aging path as well. There has to be something out there that works and doesn’t require the selling of my kidney.

  6. Juli,

    I started making my own all natural paleo skincare just for that reason! I would be happy to send you some. Just email me if you want some freebies. You can check it out first if you want and see all the ingredients I put in it. Dragonflytraditions.com

  7. You really really really need to try NeriumAD! Some might think it is a little expensive, but anyone can get their product FREE and their daycream is FREE for life right now. I have had amazing results with it and I am 34. I would love to get anyone more info or show you pics of the results! I have a website I can send you to!

    Thanks for all your amazing recipes! I’m hoping to make some this weekend when I have some time!

  8. 1. I also have been on the hunt for Sorel boots with no luck . . . and all the cute ones are sold out on the clymb . . . shoot!
    2. I’m 29 and have realised that just using moisterizer is important . . . doesnt have to be some fancy cream. Though I might invest in some when i hit the big 3-0!

  9. I’m 34 and have a 5 month old kiddo. I noticed a LOT of aging on my face after the little guy got here (doesn’t help that I also live in an arid climate). I have sensitive skin, so I went to Clinique at Macy’s and they did a free consult for me. I left with a cleanser, lotion and eye cream that actually work, and don’t cause me to break out. Totally worth the money. I look younger than I did before I had the kiddo! That might be a place for you to start too?

  10. Don’t worry about wrinkles! You are beautiful, your diet is awesome, you challenge your physical body, you’re aware of your emotions…you’re all good. Call them laugh lines and enjoy smiling knowing that when you are old, like really really old, those lines will look super cute. You’ll smile and light up the room just like every other time you smiled, millions of times before in your life. There’s no way to tell if a cream will work because those creams aren’t made to decrease wrinkles they’re made to put money in the pockets of the men who run those companies! Advice from a 40-something yr old (who looks pretty young and fresh)…coconut oil is the best moisturizer because its healing and protective for your skin.

    This recipe looks awesome! Those omega 3’s are great for the skin too. Thanks Juli!

  11. Wrinkle creams are a $cam! I’ve been using coconut oil on my face since I was 16 (I’m now 26) and I’m constantly asked what my ‘secret’ is.

    Even if your skin type is ‘oily,’ it’s great to use as it’s antibacterial and can help prevent acne. I rub a little all over my face nightly and let it dry for 5-10 minutes before laying on my pillow.

    2x a week or so I’ll also do a face mask with bentonite clay (it’s great for pulling the toxins out of your face and tightening pores). I use this brand:


    Thought I’d share 🙂

  12. Juli, I agree with Alison. Diet & exercise is a huge part of being & looking healthy. I do, however use Burts Bees products & love them – natural ingredients & affordable. Also, i made your spaghetti pizza pie last night for my family of 8 & we all loved it. i plan on making these sweet potatoes tonight with dinner. i LOVE sweet potatoes & i LOVE dill so this is a win win recipe. thanks

  13. Hi Juli – I agree with Alison. I would avoid most if not all “beauty products” from drug and department stores as they will probably age your skin more than using nothing at all in the long run. Much like your diet – keep it simple and avoid chemicals. if I can’t eat it I’m not putting it on my face. The skin absorbs all of the chemicals and toxins that are in almost all conventional hair, body, oral, and skincare products. I use essential oil blends made by a woman in Canada, in fact, I even wash my face with oil. I’m in my 30’s and wish I would have started this in my 20’s. You are beautiful – just keep things simple and natural and you’ll age gracefully. 🙂

  14. You are absolutely stunning but I get it. I’m turning 40 in a month and I am freaked about those little lines. While I still get carded pretty regularly it’s something to think about! BUT from what I have learned (and I do not spend $100+ on creams) is that a good night cream should contain retinol. I’ve always used moisturizer but since I started using Garnier retinol night cream and an a.m. cream, my skin looks amazing. Still have some of those little lines but I will forget to put it on at night. I think it you are diligent, it should work. Also Garnier has a roll on eye thing that works great. Good luck, gorgeous!

  15. I’ve had good luck with Origins anti wrinkle products. I still have some wrinkles due to having what I call a severe face lol, but I do notice more of a difference than with other products. Its expensive up front, but a little goes a long way w/their products, the moisturizers consistently last 7+ months for me. They’ll make testers for you.

    I’m stoked to make this & the snack attack! Have some fresh Dill I’ve been wanting to use – its like you just knew. I think you’re a paleo wizard.

  16. I’m 22 and have seriously been considering wrinkle cream. I had bad acne throughout my life and ended up drying the crap out of my skin with every harsh chemical imaginable trying to get rid of it, which I think caused some premature forehead lines haha booooo.

    Also this recipe – like every recipe you make – looks super fantastic and I can’t wait to try it!

  17. Yay for being 25. Scrambles are the shiznit, just throw whatever good stuff you got going on in the fridge into it, throw some salsa or hot sauce on that bad boy. Oooohweeee!

  18. hi Juli,

    I really recommend http://www.reddit.com/r/skincareaddiction for tips on taking care of your skin. It is science based and these ladies really know their stuff. If you really want to prevent the wrinkles, talk to your dermatologist about topical retinol gel – anything you can buy in a store doesn’t have enough retinol to be effective and is pretty much just a waste of money

  19. Hey Juli – I have been reading your blog for about a year now and just wanted to say thanks for all the amazing and creative recipes and just being hilarious. your blog is always a bright spot in my day! my health has improved so much since following the paleo diet over the past year. so I also live in lovely Colorado which is amazing but pretty much hell on your skin. I too have sensitive and sometimes problematic skin and have been very pleased with a skin care line the makeup gal at beauty brands recommended. it’s Murad anti aging and acne – it is a little on the expensive side, but they have a starter kit for around $40 (that includes a ceanser, moisturizer, eye cream, etc) so you could try it and see how you like it for a small investment. the cleanser is very mild and has a time release acne formula with a toner. it cleans and doesn’t dry out your skin (I live at 9200 feet and my skin dries out very easily especially this time of year). comes with a moisturizer w/spf and a separate eye cream. I love this skin care line and just thought this could be a good fit for you as well. hope that’s helpful. you are so funny and a true inspiration. thanks for all you do!

  20. I am 40 but always get mistaken for someone in their mid-late 20’s. I don’t have any wrinkles and have never spent a lot of money on moisturizers/ creams. I don’t wear heavy foundation, I use ivory soap to cleanse my face and coconut cream to moisturize. I bet this company would even send you some for free to try. I like the Baby Silk and use it all over…face, hands, body.


    That is all.


  21. I’m 30 and have noticed the greatest difference in my eye area with just coconut oil. It keeps the skin from “crevacing” overnight 🙂 I also just got the clarisonic sonic skin cleanser for Xmas and that is amazing!! My pores look much smaller and overall skin tightening. And…I have lived in Florida all my life, so I cannot escape the sun!

  22. 100% Pure has some good anti-aging products. I say “good” based on the ingredients. I’m 27 so I couldn’t tell you if they work or not. The biggest thing I’m trying to do to keep wrinkles away is to drink lots of water and eat lots of hydrating veggies, eat good fats like coconut oil and animal fat, and sweat. I’m hoping these lifestyle changes will allow me to forgo extra products…but I also love making my own products too with different butters (like kokum butter) and essential oils. Myrrh essential oil was used by the Egyptian women (I think it was Egyptian???) to keep wrinkles away.

  23. I started laughing when you said you’re noticing wrinkles. I’m 27 and was totally the same way! I feel like I woke up one day and started seeing the crinkles by my eyes and on my forehead. Also, I swear that the crinkle on my forehead is from making weird squinty faces from working out. I notice it in the mirror… it’s not a pretty picture. Anywho, I started using Michael Todd’s anti-aging cream. It’s $150– hello?! Who has that kind of money. BUT, I buy it off of Groupon and Living Social for $25. I’ve seen it on there at least 5 times. I stock up when I see it. It’s organic and all natural. I can totally see a difference in the appearance of my lines and my face feels smoother overall. I also use their acne regimes and it has helped a lot! I HATE ACNE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate your blogs where you share your hate of acne. Good luck!

  24. i’m going to buy smoked salmon just so i can make this!! i’ve had thick pieces before from the whole foods fish counter but not the paper thin kind. is there a good brand you like??

  25. WRINKLE CREAMS DON’T WORK…it’s molecularly impossible. Read the Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf, it’s an oldie but a goodie, and explains why the whole industry is a ripoff. Wear a ton of sunscreen, do face yoga, and FOR REALS, topical urine therapy, and moisturize with coconut oil. Peeps always say I look late 20s and I’m late 30s. Word.

  26. yeah….I just go to Ross. Or TJMaxx or Marshalls. I get my stuff for super cheap there. Someone may have already suggested that but I didn’t want to read through your bazillion comments. Love the blog!

  27. So this may sound crazy-pants, but I have been using Burts Bees Baby Bee lotion on my face for like a decade. I wash my face with a milk & honey bar soap that has like 5 ingredients that I get at the grocery store. I’m 37 and have to scrinch my face up hard to get any wrinkles! And no, it’s not genetics, trust me. I am also outside a lot, working with horses, and I never use sunscreen (unless it’s the dead of summer and I’ll be in direct sunlight for over 30 mins, then I use a zinc based natural sunscreen) but have been using mineral based pressed powder foundation as my sunscreen also for a decade (first Bare Essentuals, now Jane Iredale).

    I drink a lot of water, eat well (first healthy vegetarian, now pretty strict paleo).

  28. delightedmomma.com has a lot of all natural DIY skin care posts — they are all pretty awesome – i know there is an eye cream to make with avocado oil (?) and coconut oil. her masks are pretty freeking sweet – i like the lactic acid peel which is powdered milk and apple cider vinegar – your skin is AMAZING afterwards.

  29. Hi Juli– I highly recommend Nerium AD. It’s a plant based product, preventive and corrective and addresses multiple concerns of aging at once, including wrinkles, discoloration, and texture. (and it doesn’t break the bank) . Email me if you have an interest, I can send you a sample to try. Also, can’t say enough about wearing a hat and sunglasses! Sun is good for you , but not too much.
    I like dill too, will be trying this this weekend! Thanks!!

  30. Try Arbone skin care :). My favorite!! Love their products!! 45 day money back guarantee. The ingredients are wonderful!

  31. Man! Look at all of us with the wrinkle cream recommendations! I’m going to add a few more. First of all: EMU OIL. Wtf is that, you say? Yes, it is made from an animal called an emu. It is amazing for your skin. Non-comedogenic and all that. I find coconut oil greasy, but emu oil smooths lines and makes my face feel like my little baby’s bottom. It’s the best. SECOND: Go google some French actresses and notice that they wear their wrinkles with beauty and style. THIRD: I’m a big fan of (safe, non-toxic) sunscreens. I think it does make a difference. Thanks for a another great post, Juli!

  32. one of the best things i have found for my skin – especially after having used the same acne medication as you was organic rosehip oil around my eyes of a night time. works wonders and isn’t loaded full of the bad stuff. swear by it. i also swear by adding dill to things. good times. xx

  33. This looks good!! I’m 45 and have been using anti wrinkle creams for about 10 yrs. I like them!! I use Mary Kay and love it. Reasonable prices and a great product.

  34. Sunscreen, lots of water, no high priced creams….been there and believe me, ageing happens. I now use Argan oil on my face and neck. Does not irritate and absorbs quickly. I think I look ok for 57.
    Genetics are a huge factor……
    Sorry, hate smoked salmon and I have had the very best from a local First Nations group. Just way too strong a flavour for me.

  35. For a good review on different skin care brands and what cheap ones work just as well as the expensive, go to paulaschoice.com and click on the beautypedia section. Great information.

  36. Juli… gotta chime in on this, forget the crazy creams, rock what you’ve got and be happy, thats what matters, even to guys. honestly if I met a girl my age that didn’t have a couple wrinkles I would worry about where she’s been hiding her whole life.. recipe wise, this rocks! just made it for dinner, finally a use for dill 😉

  37. I would totally recommend Philosophy’s Help Me SPF day cream with retinol. It increases cell turnover and evens skin tone…I only recently (read = this month) started using a wrinkle cream and am really pleased that my few fine lines do, in fact, seem to be reduced and skin color is more even. I’ve been able to use less foundation because of it! Completely worth it 🙂

  38. Thanks for sharing the fantastic recipes. I started using rendered bacon fat to moisturize my face, it’s awesome. Works better than the $100+ cream that I used to use. I also use the double oil method to cleanse. Check out NW edible, she gave me the idea. Fasting really helps too.

  39. this was so delicious!! it was my first time trying the really thin slices of smoked salmon and i loved it. i felt like i was eating something i would order from a room service menu in a fancy hotel!!

    i am definitely making it again tomorrow!! if only smoked salmon wasn’t $10 a package- i’d eat this for all my breakfasts.

  40. Wrinkles?! Who cares. I’ve earned every single one. Can’t wait to try this recipes and the sweet potato fries. Thanks!

  41. I tried this recipe along with the dill sweet potatoes & asparagus on the side, and my picky husband LOVED it!!!!!! I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and as a result have had to completely change my diet. My husband hasn’t really been enthusiastic about the dietary changes I’ve been slowly making for our family, but this recipe is changing his mind! Thanks for making healthy eating tasty!!!

  42. Christina Currie

    Going to make this delicious meal, Thanks for sharing…and ladies you really need to do some homework on what you are putting on your skin. Skin is the largest organ of our bodies and absorbs everything…most on the counter creams, deodorants, shampoos, hair products, makeup are FULL of parabens (now being found in breast tumors) harsh chemicals, animal by-products (fat used as fillers) are not PH balanced, mineral oil (causes wrinkles). There is a slim variety of healthy choices out there so get informed not only about what your putting in your body but what you are putting on your body….Arbonne products for health and beauty are chemically safe, botanically based and they work! Pure, Safe and Beneficial 🙂

  43. I’m a bit late to discovering your site but love the cookbook! Just some unsolicited 2 cents on the skin care thing. As women, we all love to spend our money on all the fun little creams and lotions but they often contain a bunch of ridiculous ingredients that aren’t really doing anything. The best thing I’ve done for my skin is stop using soap and do only oil-cleansing. I even use oil cleansing with my clarisonic. I am religious about sunscreen…I always have it on my face and neck at least SPF 50. And if my skin feels dry, I use a little oil. There are a lot of sites out there for diy beauty products from wholesome, natural ingredients.

    Recipe is awesome, btw!

  44. The best Anti-Aging Skincare… Nerium!! It is the best anti-aging day and night cream on the market!! It is not only anti-aging, but it reverses the signs of aging. I was on Arbonne products for 5 yrs and it never reversed the signs of aging. Nerium does!! I now use Nerium Day Cream and Night Cream and the Arbonne RE9 Cleanser.
    I use Nerium Day and Night Cream. 30 day money back guarantee!
    I love having the option of “try before you buy” and being able to offer it.

    I will try this recipe this week!

  45. Hello,

    Your recipes are delicious, I will definitely be buying your cookbook! I just wanted to weigh in on skincare quick. I LOVE skin, I am a makeup artist and I have the most sensitive skin. The very best skincare combo for me is Linacare for face and Neostrata fruit stem cells extract for eye. Both can be returned if you aren’t satisfied. They are also both fairly inexpensive.

    Best of luck

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