Double Layer Fudge

OMG. Did you miss me? I thought about not posting and just sleeping for days instead, but what the hell would you eat for dessert this week?? And what would I eat for dessert?!?! That’s the real question. I hope you’re pumped for this recipe because it made me extremely happy. I kind of want to just post desserts all week after strict eating before Regionals. Strict eating made me slightly forget how much I love sweets, but don’t worry, I re-grew that part of my brain back on Sunday at Five Guys Burgers and Sweet Action Ice Cream. BOOM.

Ok, here’s my issue. Most posts I talk about what I did over the weekend. But most weekends aren’t Regionals…THE BEST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR. And I obviously have to have a post dedicated to this specific weekend. So I’ll kind of just recap.

Here’s how the weekend played out.

  • I couldn’t eat anything the first day because I was so nervous.
  • I couldn’t smile because I thought I was going to crap myself pretty much every second of the day.
  • I got a personal record in my Diane time. Not crazy fast like the ladies in my heat, but I was pumped about it!
  • I ate a ton more food the second day. Thank the lord for John at the Paleo Wagon and of Simply Pure Nutrients or I would have had absolutely no energy.
  • I got the god damn 70lb dumbbell over my head. 40 times!!
  • I got a personal record in my snatch. Did a happy dance. Then cried tears of pure joy. Not even joking.
  • I drank more coconut water than I knew possible.
  • I found out the heating area is a place you’re suppose to be serious in….I suck at that rule.
  • I finished all my muscle ups.
  • I met a bunch of people who read my blog!!
  • I ached.
  • I cheered.
  • I laughed.
  • I smiled.
  • I drank a lot of Americanos.
  • After the competition, I consumed gluten. In the form of a bun. It.was.epic. But I was ridiculously sick the rest of the night. Sergio regrets hanging around.
  • And no, no CrossFit man asked me out. The bastards.

This weekend was absolutely the best weekend of my life. Hands down. Best people, best moments, best crowd. Everything was perfect. And I truly couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to share all about it on Friday!

I missed a lot on Pinterest this weekend.

But I got Instagram!! Follow me @paleomg!

Now for food. Holy balls I love dessert.


Double Layer Fudge




  1. Add your coconut oil to a food processor. It doesn’t have to be melted so don’t you worry your little heart about melting it down!
  2. Then add your almond butter, unsweetened shredded coconut, vanilla extract, and honey and just a small pinch of salt.
  3. Mix all ingredients until fully combined.
  4. Pour half the ingredients into a bread pan and use a spoon to spread out evenly. It doesn’t matter what size bread pan you use. The smaller it is, the taller your fudge will be and vise versa.
  5. Place in freezer to harden.
  6. Then place food processor bowl back on the motor and add your cocoa powder. Add 1-2 tablespoons at a time, mixing as you go to make sure you don’t use too much.
  7. Once cocoa powder is incorporated in, add a pinch of salt, mix thoroughly, then pour your chocolate fudge on top of your now hardened light fudge.
  8. Sprinkle with chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and a bit of salt and place is freezer for 10-15 minutes.
  9. Cut into chunks.
  10. Eat the chunks.
  11. Store the leftover chunks in the fridge.


This serves either one person or a lot of people. You be the judge.

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PaleOMG Double Layer Fudge



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I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


118 thoughts on “Double Layer Fudge”

  1. Congrats on Regionals!!! Sure wish they were all televised.

    I totally LOL’ed about the gluten comment. I was suffering all day Saturday because of pizza that was consumed Friday night. Poor hubby.

    We made your banana bread last week. Hubby loved it! Thanks for all the recipes.

  2. Can’t wait to try this!! You ROCKED at regionals. I can soooo relate to the being serious in your heat rule!! LOL I suck at that too! Hope you had an amazing weekend. You sure did some amazing things! Hope to see you at the CO open!!!

  3. Congrats on Regionals!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog…cooking your amazing recipes!! Reading your blogs and your candidness (big word) makes me smile and laugh!!! love it!

  4. Juli, A couple of things 1. You did amazing this weekend, I really enjoyed the whole weekend, and I absolutly loved your dancing mid wod 2. You did smile all 3 days, I saw it! and 3. I can’t believe no crossfit man asked you out, dummies. I totally would have, but I love my wife and daughters. Again, you did totally awesome this weekend, so proud of you, and you should be totally proud of yourself also!

  5. YES! I’ve checked only about 50 times for some kind of recap. Congrats on your PR and your amazing weekend. Way to go!

    my to do list of desserts is getting super long.

  6. Serious CONGRATS to you on your accomplishments at Regionals!!! Sooo much to be proud of! You serious rocked it! I expected nothing less! 🙂 I, too, was checking all day yesterday for a Regional Recap Post… Glad you took the day off… you def earned a ‘rest’ day from everything! Again, congratulations!

  7. Congrats on regionals!!!!! PR on Diane, all those 1-arm snatches, and muscle ups… so awesome! And I will probably cry next time I PR on my snatch too… I totally understand.

    Also this fudge looks amazing.

  8. Can you please stop making such delicious looking treats? But not seriously. I want to make all of them and I’m the only one around to eat them. It’s a problem. A good problem though.

  9. Congratulations Juli!! So excited for your accomplishments. This dessert looks like the kind that I would hide from everyone so I could eat it all by myself. Yummm!

  10. You did great. I hated that you were a time zone away and that it took an extra hour to get score updates. Between checking to see how you were doing and whether Spealler would pull it out (you knew he would), it was a suspensful weekend. Now that I see your personal PRs and highlights, I’m even more stoked.


  11. I can’t wait to try this! I might make it for my Momma on Mother’s Day, that’s only a little selfish 🙂 I knew that snatch was a new PR when you got it you were so excited! You were inspirational to watch, your muscle ups were so consistant and your attitude was amazing, who busts out dance moves between muscle ups? Juli Bauer that’s who, seriously you make me want to push myself and get better but not forget that CrossFit is fun, thank you!! I’d like to request in your Regionals post a little background on your set up for snatch the jump and the yell, I love it and I’m curious how it works I’ve been stuck at this weight for months and I want to breakthough and go heavier. Okay this post is creepy long… congratulations on Regionals you are an inspiration!!

    1. SJ- Haha dancing tends to come naturally for me when I’m stuck not being able to do another muscle up because I’m nervous to fail on the dip. As for the snatch, I had never stomped my feet or yelped like that before. Literally have no idea where that came from lol. But it worked I guess. I hear yelling increasing your heartrate and adrenaline which in turn helps your lifts. worth a try!

  12. I didn’t realize how addicted I was to your blog until I had to go a few days without reading it. Congrats on Regionals, I know it must feel good! I don’t do Crossfit, but I play volleyball and I am getting really pumped about the Adult National Tournament at the end of this month in Salt Lake City…I can’t wait.

    Thanks for all the great dessert recipes. I have been wanting to make the chocolate coconut stacks, but have been putting it off because I still have some coconut flour brownies to get through. Now you just gave me more desserts to look forward to! Why do you have to be so awesome? 😉

  13. Amazing job on Regionals!!!! You are such an inspiration. Your posts give me something to laugh and smile (and drool) about everyday. Again, way to go at Regionals. You rock, girl!

  14. It sounds like you had a great time this weekend! I love reading your blog. You have so much enthusiasm…it’s addicting. Kind of like this fudge is going to be. 😉 I was wondering though, when do I add the vanilla? I didn’t really notice I missed it until the first layer was in the freezer…so I added it to the chocolate mix. Oops.

  15. Congrats on your regionals performance! Meanwhile, I am just happy I didn’t keel over and die after completing “Jack” last night.

  16. We watched you with total admiration at the Regionals this weekend, Juli. Thank you for your inspiration, your sweet smile, and for taking time to let us take a group picture with you ~

    Oh, and I’m going to definitely try this recipe!

  17. Omg. Seriously? Killing me with this recipe it looks outstanding and I can’t wait to eat a pan.
    And seriously kick ASS job at Regionals. You were one of my favorite athletes to watch. And after reading your profile on the games website I was totally shocked to learn you don’t have sports experience prior to CrossFit. Damn! That’s crazy. Well done, girl!
    Also, where do you get your headbands? I’m in love.

  18. Seeing video of you getting your snatch PR was awesome and inspiring! I hit the gym pumped on Monday morning. Great job this weekend.

  19. I’ve been making the almond butter freezer fudge for a bit. Way to take it next level! I’m going to have to hurry and eat my current stock (thanks for the excuse) so I can make this 🙂

  20. I was anxiously waiting on an update from you!!! The games site didn’t give you enough coverage… at all! Way to go Juli you rocked it. Personal PRs up the wazoo – you should be so so proud. Also at that stage of competition it’s really hard to lose focus of what’s important you reminded everyone that crossfit is FUN and that’s why we do it. You’re the best, you rock. And this recipe looks BOMB i’ll tell u how it goes 🙂

  21. You did awesome! Is it weird that I’m proud to “know” people just cause I read their blogs?

  22. I am a crossfit novice (do the WODs on my own at a LA fitness) and seeing what you are capable of is inspirational. My fiancé is a crossfit man (but obvs is already taken) and loves your blog. For some reason I don’t think it’s for the recipes since he barely cooks lol! We were very excited to follow you all weekend on the games website!

  23. made this tonight, needed something sweet. SO FREAKING delicious! so excited to take it to work tomorrow and the box tomorrow night to share!

    great job at regionals!

  24. Great job on Regionals, Juli! I felt the same way (for the 1 day I could compete in Asia). I also showed my mom your recipes and instructed her on getting coconut oil! After eating really strictly for the past months, I now feel like a whale after consuming HANDFULS of almonds and applesauce~

  25. I’m pretty sure you’ve sworn off chocolate several times now, Juli. I’m glad to see you’ve relapsed! Thanks for the recipe. I can’t wait to try it out. I LOVE the “note” about it serving one, or many, leaving the cook to judge that. (I’ll be kind and share mine with a cross-fit gal I’m trying to woo…!)

  26. Ok.. in the process of making this now.. I know the ingredient list says vanilla.. the instructions do not mention the vanilla… am I just blind? lol

    ps I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.. every recipe I make is absolutely delicious!! Thank you!:)

  27. I just made this! It is AMAZINGGG!!! Luckily I have lots of people to share it with this weekend!
    Great job last weekend Juli!! You are an inspiration for more people than you know!

  28. Hi, I made the fudge tonight and it’s soooooo delicious! Mine didn’t come out of the bread pan so easy. I even greased it with coconut oil. What’s your secret to getting the fudge out nice and clean?

  29. GREAT job last weekend JB! so glad i got to see you compete! and seriously, happy dances are mandatory! and yours was so fun to watch… seriously it brought tears to my eyes to see how excited you were after each lift… so inspiring! 🙂

  30. Made this last night loved by all (husband and 2 kids). Super Super good. My 4 y/o could hardly wait to eat it! I made mine in a mini muffin pan with liners like a peanut butter cup for little fingers to easily eat. Thanks for a keeper treat recipe.

  31. Julie I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching you this past weekend! Congratulations, you did amazing and you were my favorite to watch because you were always smiling. I’m so glad I got to meet you and now connect your fun personality with your amazing blog. Thank you for all the recipes….I am addicted now!

  32. I made this faux fudge last night and it beats the pants off the real thing. The sweetness is more subdued so the complex flavor and nuttiness and creaminess comes to the forefront. Thanks!!

  33. GREAT job at Regionals! I support your silliness in the heating area and this recipe. This little gem is perfect for Paleophiles and grain eaters!

  34. THIS IS THE MOST DELICIOUS RECIPE I HAVE EVER MADE!!!!! I made it for a group of us that are in a co-op. We cook for each other once every 2 weeks. I almost didn’t share it! WOW- so good!
    Your blog cracks me up! You are an inspiration and a bad ass! Thank you!

  35. Hi Juli! I just had a quick question with regards to coconut oil. I have read all about the health benefits of using coconut oil as opposed to other oils, but since you use it regularly, I was wondering if you noticed any differences health wise, weight wise, performance wise, etc. Thanks!

  36. OMG Juli, These were AMAZING. I was having a killer sweet craving last night. Haven’t had anything really sweet since I went Paleo in January. Holy crap, absolutely AWESOME!

  37. i’ve been following you for the past month or so as i was guided here by a friend when i told her i was looking for paleo recipes.

    just completing TODAY my first Whole30, and i feel great! don’t miss sugar most days, but i want to have fun food tomorrow on mother’s day. can you share how you balance sugar in your life for this paleo-newbie? i’m SCARED i’ll indulge and be right back at square one, even though i’m not going to reintroduce refined sugar.

    thanks for all you share. i was floored by all you accomplished at Regionals, and by the CF workout in general.

    1. It’s tough sometimes. I usually make sweets and try to give most of them away before I eat them all. It’s just teaching yourself some self restraint but it’s definitely hard.

  38. Congrats on your performance at regionals!!!

    I just made this fudge and words can hardly describe my delight.

    I used all natural peanut butter and apple butter instead of almond butter (peanut butter is on my “I don’t care if it’s paleo I’m eating it anyway” list). It turned out way better than I could have ever dreamed.

    I made it with the intention of sharing the fudge at my lab meeting tomorrow… I highly doubt it will last that long.

  39. Congrats on you Regional performance! Recipe looks great, can’t wait to try it. As for the guys not asking you out, they are bastards and if you are ever in the Asheville, NC area hit me up on FB and I’ll show you the sights. Keep up the great work.

  40. I could kiss you for making creating this. It is one of the most wonderful desserts I have ever had. So easy, the texture is amazing, nom nom nom.

  41. These are AMAZING!!! There are only two negatives about this recipe: they are eaten too quickly (I can’t seem to save the for another day), and the lighter layer melts very quickly when holding it. I might try adding some some almond meal to just that portion that forms the bottom layer. The top that has the cocoa powder added is fine.

  42. The recipe sounds delish!! I’m new to your blog and so far I love it. However, I notice that you use coconut milk in a lot of your recipes. I don’t work out as regularly as I should (understatement!) and I worry if the amount of calories in the coconut milk would give me negative results. Am I just making something out of nothing?

  43. Wow!!! These are so delicious! I bookmarked these to make for my dad when he visits, as I have always made chocolate peanut butter fudge for him. I just finished making them, and wow is all I can say! Thanks for a paleo version of a family favorite! I made a double batch to put in a 9×9 🙂

  44. I took this fudge to a party yesterday and it was a hit. The only minus is that they can’t sit out at room temperature for very long or it turns into fudge sauce, but as someone pointed out “ice cream!” So still not so bad.

  45. I made this for my wife last night and she loved it. She couldn’t believe that it was legal and Paleo.

    Very good and very easy. The ingredients were really expensive though. I paid $11 for a jar of coconut oil and $8 for almond butter. I have to find cheaper suppliers in Toronto.

  46. This fudge is amazing. It’s so much better than the real stuff. (And if you knew me, you’d know that this is pretty high praise). I love this! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  47. I have a 5 month old ginger baby that likes to eat and a new practice so finding time to consume enough quality calories isn’t always easy. I wasn’t eating enough so your recipes that call for a fair amount of coconut oil and nut butters (as I’d rather not just eat plain spoonfuls if I don’t have to) are a lifesaver. I made this twice last week and ate half of it in a sitting. Ginger Baby appreciates you 🙂 I forgot to mention, they are divine. Thanks! And can’t wait to try the crepe stack!

  48. Your recipes are amazing. By far my favorite paleo site. I have started my own paleo website and I do add a few of your recipes after I cook them with any of my personal additions. I always give your website credit and call you a paleo genius but I hope you don’t mind that I have shared the same recipes you create. The deserts are delicious and I do as you do, eat a few, share the rest! Otherwise I will gain all I have lost doing crossfit! So thanks for all the recipes, they are making my crossfit/paleo lifestyle fun each week!

  49. These were fantastic, I looooove fudge but have never made any myself. The batch lasted all of 2 days, and that was with severe self-restraint!

  50. OMG…looks so GOOD! I have to run out and get all the ingredients…hence I haven’t completely converted to Paleo….and CONGRATS!!!…even though I found your blog a couple months later….

  51. Juli, you are a terrible person for posting this recipe. I made it tonight, and I seriously considered taking it to bed with me so I could make sweet love to it. You’re a jerk. Thanks a lot.

  52. Lordy, lordy, this is dangerous, just lethal shit. I love, love, love it. Had pretty much nothing in my cupboards except these ingredients, came across your blog, found this recipe, thought….hmmmm…I didn’t think it was going to be as amazing as it turned out. It is seriously addicting, and I’m pissed at you because of it. 😉

  53. I just thought you should know that this is my go-to treat the day my special little friend makes her monthly appearance. It is oh-so-good in soooo many ways. you should try this w/sunbutter now that you’re off nuts. it’s the bee’s knees. 🙂

  54. I love you, but at the same time i despise you! I feel sooooooo sick because I might of ate too much, maybe…yes I did.
    But seriously, I love you.

  55. OMG!!! Ha ha…amazing! Cured my…I NEED CHOCOLATE! I WANT A BROWNIE OR HOT FUDGE SUNDAE craving!

    Thanks for being my paleo savior in disguise 🙂

  56. HOLY SHITBALLS! These are awesome. I can’t even stand it how good they are! I’m going to keep a tub of these little bastards in the fridge for emergencies. I won’t eat them all at once, but every now and then when I get a craving, I can hit one. BTW…I. Love. You. But not in a creepy stalker kinda way, only in a thank you baby buddha she invented this recipe kinda way. hahahaha.

  57. PaleOMG!!! This is freaking AMAZING!!! I am making this for a friend who just had a baby and I almost thought about keeping it all for myself. I am also making 2 other of your recipes for them today, 4th of July spinach dip and easy shredded beef but with pork loin cause that’s what I had in the freezer. I love your recipes so much and they are going to love me for making them! Thank you so much for the delicious food. Keep it coming. I can’t wait for the cookbook!!!

  58. Oh. My. This was AMAZE-BALLS good. Second time around I made it using organic maple syrup instead of the honey (slightly lower in sugars) and raw organic cacao instead of the cocoa (again, some would say lower in sugars and higher in antioxidants, blah blah). Just as good! Loving your blog, keep up the awesome work! <3

  59. You’re a magical creature, JB – this fudge turned out incredibly well and was super easy…small piece of advice for the uninitiated though: if you leave your chocolate bit processing for much longer after all your ingredients are incorporated, you’ll end up with cake. I had to go buy more coconut oil and almond butter, lol. Still, great recipe, great site. Thanks!

  60. Holy YUM. Just started Paleo last week to help with my PCOS, not a CrossFitter…but was referred to your site for the recipes. Just tried this fudge to help with my first week sugar cravings…..amazeballs!! Thanks for sharing!!

  61. Holy sweet tooth, these were good! I don’t even think they need the extra coconut or chocolate chips on top– they’re good enough all on their own. Damn, i hope i can restrain myself from eating all of these before Thanksgiving.

    I just have to tell you that every single recipe for my Paleo Thanksgiving dinner is from your site, Juli. I guess that’s bordering on obsession, but I don’t care– your recipes always turn out amazing! Thank you!

  62. This is so good and easy enough for even me to make only didnt leave in freezer long enough 1st time but still amazing!!! Thanks!!!

  63. My Paleo cooking class made this a couple of weeks ago (of course right after I started the Sugar Free Detox). So I took my piece home and stuck it in the fridge until the detox was over. It was definitely worth the wait!

  64. I’m voting for Serves One. Thanks for FBing this tonight. My hot ass house does not need an over on but I do NEED dessert.

  65. Hi Juli! Congrats 🙂 Do you think you could sub a different sweetener in place of the honey? I don’t use honey I use erythritol based sweeteners such as Swerve. Any tips? Thanks for what looks like an awesome recipe!!

  66. I must be missing something here! I do not understand starting with step #6. You say to add the cocoa powder to the food processor bowl and incorporate, but with WHAT? Everyone else seems to have understood, but I don’t have a clue! Please explain that part to me because this really sounds delicious!

    1. Hey Victoria! In step #4, it explains to pour half of the mixture into a bread pan. Then in step #6, you incorporate the rest of the coconut mixture with cocoa powder. does that make sense?

  67. First of all…your site is one of the BEST out there!!! I share your stuff all the time…as well as cook and eat it:) Question on the coconut oil…does it have to be virgin…is extra virgin ok?

  68. I made 4 of your deserts for a friend’s dinner party last week and this one was probably the favorite (I also made the chocolate almond butter cups, the salted chocolate coconut pistachio clusters, and the chocolate coconut bark). It seemed to have more of a cookie texture than fudge, but that could be because I stored it all in the freezer. It was amazing!

  69. Hi! I am on Day four of starting Paleo. Would you happen to know about how many calories/fat grams are in this. I am trying to log all my foods down. 🙂 Your website is awesome!

  70. If your coconut oil is melted (hot summers here) naturally in the jar, should I let it stiffen in the fridge or something first?

    Mine was all separated (pile of sweetened almond butter and liquid) and I couldn’t figure out else it could have been! It just didn’t combine no matter what.

    I made this recipe a year ago and had no issue and loved the heck out of it 🙂

  71. Late finding recipe but well worth it. I make treat baskets for Holiday gifts, So i poured the mic in 1/4 cup size (King Arthur flower sells them) paper holders put the plastic seal on than made self stick labels tied with a ribbon and plastic knife. The label sid Home Made with Love frome Laurie withe typ efudge on the Top. They freeze well 2-3 months

  72. So I just tried this recipe, (prerun for Christmas treats!!!) but it separated on me??? i followed the recipe except i don’t have a processor so i used my ninja blender and the almond butter and honey clumped together and the oil would not mix in no matter what i tried!!! Any suggestions on why this would happen? I can’t figure it out!! HALP

  73. Hey Julie! I only have Gold Label Organic Coconut Oil (as opposed to Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil). Does it make a difference? Wanted to know if I need to go out to the store and get the Virgin or if it doesn’t really matter. It’s rare you specify the type of coconut oil to use, so thought I’d ask! Thanks! 🙂

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