Gearing Up For The Power Sculpt Program

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Are you ready to get stronger, sculpt your muscles and physique, and create a more confident YOU? If so, then the Power Sculpt Program is for you! Over the past 6 months, I have been creating fitness programs that challenge you whether you’re working out from home or in a gym. My Power Program, Power30 Program, and Power Body Program are all amazing programs that get you results, keep you active, and don’t waste much of your time. But if you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, the Power Sculpt Program is for you!

The Power Sculpt Program is all about LIFTING. And that’s because after years and years and YEARS of doing lots of HIIT workouts and cardio-based fitness routines, I found myself still looking for the same results I had hoped for 10 years ago. I wanted to see a muscular change in my legs, I wanted a more round butt, and I wanted to be able to see my biceps…but what I was doing wasn’t truly getting me there. But when I cut out the cardio almost all together, my physique completely changed. I was able to see those results that I had always hoped for in MONTHS! And I want to help you do the same!

The Program

Now let’s chat about the Power Sculpt Program. This is a 6-month program. Yes, I’m asking you to work hard for 6 whole months. You know why? Because you’re a badass who will put in the work, that’s why. Also because you can’t expect extreme results in a short amount of time. Building muscle takes time and sticking with a program for the long term will get you more results. Cool? Cool. Here is how each week will be set up –

  • Day 1 – Lower Body
  • Day 2 – Upper Body
  • Day 3 – Wild Card
  • Day 4 – Rest Day
  • Day 5 – Lower Body
  • Day 6 – Upper Body
  • Day 7 – Rest Day

Each week will look exactly the same. That means you will do the same day 1 workout on week 1, week 2, week 3, and week 4. This is to help you with three things:

  1. To help you nail down your form. If you don’t have proper form, you won’t get the most from the movement and you won’t build the muscle you want.
  2. To create progressive overload over the next 6 months. Progressive overload is just a fancy way of saying that you will build muscle by continually stimulating that muscle group over a long period of time.

But the Wild Card workout will be different every single week. This workout was thrown in there to spice things up while challenging your balance, coordination, and even your mind!

The Equipment

Here’s what you will need for the program:

  • A barbell – this barbell can be 15lbs, 35lbs, or 45lbs – whatever you are most comfortable with.
  • Bumper plates – The reason you’ll need bumper plates is because all the weights are the same height so no matter if you’re using 10lb plates or 45lb plates, they will be same distance off the floor, which is INCREDIBLY helpful when it comes to hip thrusts and glute bridges. If your goal is to get stronger and see more muscle, you need an array of weights. From 10lbs up to even 300lbs or more (everyone’s strength ability will vary). You just need a good enough weight that you can continue to add as you need throughout the 6 months as you get stronger.
  • Dumbbells – Just like the bumper plates, you’ll need an array of weights when it comes to dumbbells. You’ll be using dumbbells for both upper body and lower body. And since you lower body is much stronger than your upper body, you’ll need weights that work for both areas.
  • Loop bands and long resistance bands – You’ll need long and short resistance bands. The short resistance bands are great for lower body movements such as glute work. The longer resistance bands (loop or with handles) will be helpful for upper body workouts.

What To Expect

This program will be different than the 3 previous programs I have created in the past. Not only because it uses much heavier weights, but because it will be on a completely different platform. With my previous programs, you would download the PDF then click links to each workout. This new platform will be TOTALLY different:

  • It will be a “course” format through a company called Teachable. That means you will log on (through computer OR app – you guys always wanted an app!!), then follow each “course” – intro, what equipment you’ll need, how to set goals, how to figure out your starting weights, etc. Once you finish the intro portion, you click to each day and it will walk you through each workout.
  • It will have much more elaborate and thorough videos for EACH movement. In my previous program videos, I would simply show you how to properly perform all the movement of each workout in one video. Now you will have a video for each movement, walking you through how to perform the movement safely and properly, then I will show you how to do the movement and how to NOT do the movement. It will be like having your own coach right there with you!
  • There will be a community feature so you can talk with other people in the program who are going through exactly what you are! That way you can ask questions, get support, and feel like you are part of a community!!
  • And you will also be able to add on coaching calls with ME! Say you are struggling with how to find the right weight or wondering why your knee hurts in a certain movement or you just simply need to know you’re on the right path – you will be able to book a call with me to chat through all those questions!

The Price

With all the added bonuses of this program and everything it will have to offer, it will cost $99/month. There will also an upfront discount for purchasing all 6 months, but you’ll have to wait to see what that discount is! I gotta leave a little mystery and excitement in there!

This Power Sculpt Program is going to be AWESOME and I truly cannot wait for it to release. I’m currently recording and finishing up all the videos for month 1 so I’m hoping to launch this program mid-July! I’ll be talking all about it here on the blog, on social media, and I’ll be sending out an email to let you know it’s finally available! If you have any questions at this point, please leave them below in the comments section and I’ll be sure to answer them right away!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


37 thoughts on “Gearing Up For The Power Sculpt Program”

  1. Hi Juli,

    This sounds amazing! Just one question, can the program be bought and used at anytime like your other programs? The coaching calls sound amazing and the community part is really an extra special bonus. Looking forward to making the second half of 2020 better than the first!


      1. that’s because it’s not live yet! i am planning to have the program go live on July 25th and I will be sharing it everywhere, here on the blog, social media, emails, etc!

  2. Hi Juli,
    If I haven’t done any of your other Power Programs, would it be okay for me to start with the Power Sculpt Program since I am familiar with lifting weights? Or should I start with another power program instead?

    Love your Podcasts- keep them coming!

    1. yes, if you are familiar and comfortable with lifting weights, the Power Sculpt Program will be fine to start with!! when someone hasn’t ever lifted before, I think starting with my Power Programs are a better starting point!

      1. How will the meal plans work? Are they individualized with macros? I’m used to counting macros. Also, when will the program start. My squat rack is coming in about a week, but bumper plates not until late August. I do have a smaller barbell and 10and 5lb weights that can go on that for the interim.

        1. it will be more of a meal guide! every week you’ll receive 4 breakfast recipes, 4 lunch recipes, and 4 dinner recipes to keep you on track! i don’t track macros or calories but i’m sure you could put the recipe you’re using into a macro calculator to find out that info! and you can start the program whenever you want! it releases on the 25th, but you can start it whenever you want!

  3. Ok just to make sure I’m following, workouts stay the same for 4 week blocks? Then we get a new 4 week block? Thanks!

    1. correct!! every 4 weeks is brand new programming. the only workout that will be different every single week is the wild card workout.

  4. Hi Juli – I haven’t participated in any of your other Power Programs but If I want to start with the Power Sculpt Program would you suggest it’s good for beginners or should I start with another Power Program first? I have experience with lifting but have been out of practice for awhile. Thank you!

    1. i think doing the Power Program first is a GREAT starting point because it will get you more comfortable with some of the basic movements as well as build some strength over the 3 months. then you’ll be hella ready for the Power Sculpt Program and lifting heavier weights!!

  5. Would you consider the “Wild Card” days to be a upper/lower body hybrid or would it be specifically another upper or lower body session?

    1. most of the wild card workouts are full body. one of the wild card workout is more core intensive, but it still have a piece that is full body!

  6. So is the new program only a muscle building program, or is it a program for leaning out as well? I have lifted for years… but need to get rid of some “fluff”… so my muscles can show!

    1. BOTH. the fluff is all about two things – 1. DIET, that’s obviously a huge piece 2. how the lifting portion looks. this lifting program isn’t a program that will put you into adrenal fatigue and cause excess puff/inflammation. my workouts give adequate amount of rest between muscle groups so you can build muscle, increase your metabolism, and see the physical changes.

    1. Hillary Burberry

      I just got one off of Rogue! They’re restocked on most of their barbells and I found a lot of my bumper plates on EBay (filter for free shipping)

  7. kaitlin.kester

    Trying to purchase one of your programs and it won’t let me check out. Just this weird little spinny olive looking thing. HELP! ….. because I’m really looking forward to trying your workouts <3

  8. Hillary Burberry

    I have dumbbells ranging up to 15lbs. How heavy would you recommend I add to my collection for this? (At least for the first few months)

    1. that’s hard to say since I don’t know you personally and your athletic level, but have a higher range of dumbbells would be great! for upper body, weights up to 20 or 25lbs is a great starting place and for lower body, you’ll want probably 30-50lb range (again, i don’t know your fitness level, but it’s just important to have heavier weights for lower body). let me know if that all makes sense!

  9. Hey Juli, I don’t have bumper plates but I do have a squat rack with different weights I can add/take off. Would that be an ok substitute for the power program? Also, do you have an approximate date that this will launch?

    1. yes, that will still work great! the only thing that might be a tad challenging (depending on the weight you use) is hip thrusts since you can’t roll it over your body with smaller weights, but everything else will be fine! and i’m hoping to launch july 25th!

  10. Hi Jill
    I desperately want to get my body into shape, esp as I’m fast approaching my 40th.
    Unfortunately I’ve had a bad run of health and have some lasting issues as a result. They have meant doing cardio classes is a no go but I need to get my strength back as well as shift weight. Do you have any recommendations as to what to start with?

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