Oldie but a Goodie: Giant Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chunk Cookies (nut-free)

This recipe is a oldie because it’s one I posted in my notes section of my Facebook when my website was being a b*tch. But if you don’t have Facebook, which I think is dumb, or don’t check Facebook like me because Facebook is annoying, then you didn’t see this gem of a recipe. Cookies that are nut free, with gigantic chocolate chunks, mixed with vanilla beans is always a good choice. Try this recipe. It can be your Xmas cookie recipe to share with your friends that bad mouth paleo. Show them what’s up.

The holidays are weird when it comes to commercials. Mostly because the perfume and cologne commercials get even more ridiculous than they already are. What in the hell is up with those commercials? They make absolutely no sense, they have no purpose and no theme, and just incredibly good looking people. Just because the person is good looking doesn’t mean they smell good. Believe me, I coach people for a living…I know this.

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Oldie but a Goodie: Giant Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chunk Cookies (nut-free)

  • Yield: 7 1x




  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well.
  3. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  4. Use an ice cream scoop to scoop out a dollop of cookie mix and pour onto baking sheet. Space out so cookies do not form together when they bake (like mine did).
  5. Bake for 18-20 minutes, be careful not to overcook these.
  6. Let cool. Then eat up!
  7. My mix made 7 large cookies, but you could make them smaller!

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PaleOMG Oldie but a Goodie Giant Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Nut Free)



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159 thoughts on “Oldie but a Goodie: Giant Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chunk Cookies (nut-free)”

  1. thank god. my house is being inundated with scads of Christmas confection sugar-bombs that are hard to resist despite how icky they make me feel later. now i’ll be able to sneak in a plate of these at family functions and have peace of mind (and everything else below it) haha 🙂

  2. I am so eager to try this recipe; it looks like a good one! I like the chunks. By the way, a vanilla bean is a ‘pod’ and the tiny bits inside are the ‘seeds,’ just so you know.

  3. I am such a cookie whore. For serious. I made a dozen almond flour cookies a week ago and they were gone in 16 hours. I even snuck out of bed in the morning to eat them before my husband woke up. Cookie. Whore.

    1. Oh, me too! I can only make cookies as gifts for other people and I have to immediately pack them up in such a way that it will be horribly obvious if I were to try to steal “just one little one!”

    2. Can we be friends? My name is Katie, and I am a cookie whore too. There. I said it. I am also a sunflower butter whore. Can I buy it in bulk?

      1. I, too, am a self-proclaimed cookie whore… pre-paleo I could polish off a bag of chips ahoy no problem. Why can’t they be a whole macronutrient in themselves??

        1. I too am a confessed Cookie Whore. I too could eat a whole bag of Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Keebler, GAH! Haven’t had a cookie in sooo long, I am gluten intolerant. Will try this since I also a buy jars and jars of sunflower butter and happen to have two in my pantry, one in my fridge at home and one here at work. Also have some Enjoy Life Mini Choc Chips in my freezer screaming at me.

    3. Shelbi Schonlaw

      Omg…… I did the same thing. Seriously. I make almond flour cookies like every week. I could eat them for every meal.

    1. you take it, use a sharp knife to slit it open lengthwise and then use the edge of your knife to scrap out the beans! not a stupid question at all!

      1. Okay so you use the seeds in the recipie. Sorry, I have never used an actual vanilla bean before. I will have to try this

          1. Ah, I thought you were using the actual pod. I was wondering what happens to that thing. 🙂

  4. Juli – No “flour” needed… ie almond flour? They look awesome and so simple to make. Will def be making these this weekend!

  5. the ingredient list is so small. i dont know how you got 7 cookies out of this! i want to go buy nut butter just to see if this is even possible!! Pahaha

  6. I think this will be one of my Saturday projects along with the maple bacon meatballs of yours. (Already have George’s banana bread and Health-bent’s brownie bites on the agenda for tomorrow’s snow day and I’ll have an extra set of hands Saturday.)

    It appears the dough may spread a bit, maybe I’ll throw it in the fridge or freezer prior to baking to minimize spread, that always seemed to work with traditional cookies. Wish that worked for the spread that results from consumption of treats 😉

  7. I know it’s not as good, but can I use vanilla extract (the real stuff) instead of vanilla bean seeds? They cost and arm & a leg to buy here in Hawaii.

    1. I recently ran across a site with lunches and I thought “anyone can make salad with meat on it” but I was totally wrong. I decided to buy the book and it’s FABULOUS. It’s called Paleo Power Lunch ebook by Stormy Sweitzer and it’s packed with combinations and ideas and solutions that are both easy and delicious and they fight that “salad with meat boredom” that we paleos struggle with. I was really glad I bought it. I hope this helps!

  8. These are soooo good. Just made them. I used almond butter.

    Your’s must of been GIANT if you only made 7. I made 13 regular to big cookies. Need to give some away before I eat all of them! Thanks for the recipe.

  9. Juli,
    I made the cookies tonight and I believe I let them bake too long 19min 20 seconds. They are smaller but I guess I didn’t mix he ingredients well enough. Somethings tastes off but I get the chocolate and sunbutter taste.

    What did I do wrong. It was a pretty oily looking batter.


  10. Hi there…I’m a relatively new reader of your blog. I do not follow the Paleo diet but I do have insulin resistance so it’s something I should probably be doing. I struggle with my weight and over the years I’ve learned that when I stay away from white foods (refined or enrighed flour, sugar, potatoes, pasta & rice) I lose weight quickly. For that reason alone I have done ‘my’ version of the Atkins diet sporadically thru the years. I eat meat and veggies, with some dairy…like cheese and sour cream. No fruit, but lots of nuts. So in reading your blog, I have learned that I have been ALMOST eating a Paleo diet.

    I love your spunkiness. You’re entertaining to read, curse words and all.

    One thing I wanted to say to you personally though, is this. ‘Sexy’ is in the eye of the boholder. Having a sense of humor is sexy. ‘Trying’ to be sexy is not sexy…just be yourself. I have a feeling you’re way sexier than you realize.

    Your recipes are incredible. I will be finding the time to make one or ten very soon! Have a blessed holiday season and a Merry Christmas!


  11. So, I didn’t have any vanilla beans, but had to make this recipe anyway, and it is so good!!! Juli, you rock! By the way, I used a Tablespoon measure and was able to get 21 cookies, approximately 2 3/4 inches in diameter.

  12. Just tried these! Amaaaaaaazing. I used almond butter instead. I also didn’t have vanilla beans but used a tablespoon of vanilla extract. Really good!!, I am always trying paleo “treat” recipes and the texture is always wrong. these are perfect! Oh, one last thing – only cooked mine for about 15 min’s before they started to burn – got them out of the oven just in time.

    Yum, thanks! 🙂 Will take these to my Crossfit pals!

  13. OH.MY.F-ING.GOSH!! WOW! These are ahhhhmazing!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Santa will be very happy with us tonight 😉

  14. Wait…whaaattt? These are PALEO!? I’m exploring this diet option to help control my PCOS and all it’s flippin’ ridiculous symptoms. Yours is the first blog I’ve seen that actually shows good-looking, VARIED food!

    So, I can eat cookies, eh? I’m one step closer to “in”!

    1. Lauren,

      I also have PCOS and have found by cutting out refined sugar and flour help. But it is difficult to do with all the convenience foods out there filled with these two ingredients. I think I might give the Paleo diet a chance. Blogs like this make it easier!

      1. Lauren and Tammy, I also have PCOS. I went Paleo a few days before Christmas and it has changed my life. I feel like my quality of life has improved so dramatically. I hope you do try the Paleo diet. It’s really amazing how good it will make you feel.

  15. Santa ate all of these cookies last night, left us crumbs. In his defense, they are totally awesome, and I hid another batch in my cookie jar.

      1. I made them both ways for the kids (and me) in the last two weeks. Gotta say, I far preferred them with an over ripe banana than with an egg.

        1. Wow. That just blew my mind. I don’t cook or bake, so I have started trying some of these yummy recipes – starting with the Treats section and only the really easy things! Ha! Swapping an egg for a banana is CRAZY. I’m gonna do that right now. Yum. Thanks!!

  16. I just made these without the vanilla bean and with freshly food-processed almond butter and they are to die for! Thanks Juli!

  17. I made these recipes last night as a quick refuel for my bf when he came in from a day of being knocked on his ass (aka a judo workshop) and they were gone by the time he left this morning for day two of being knocked on his ass! I just made another batch, this one adding in 2 teaspoons of cocoa and swapping the vanilla bean for a teaspoon of mint extract. Oh, and I make my own butters, so for this one I used half and half almonds and pecans, with 1/3 cup of agave syrup. Predicting they’ll be gone by tomorrow morning again, and it’s just me eating them this time. 😀

  18. Thank you SO much for this recipe!!! Having a tough time with a new diet and these cookies totally made my day. That and the creamy avocado and spinach chicken make for a stress free cooking day.

  19. These were so wonderful!! I didn’t have sunflower seed butter on hand, but I did have 1/4c ish of almond butter and a bunch of walnuts. So I processed the crap out of the walnuts to make up for the difference (walnut butter?), and I also added walnut pieces to the batter…Worked beautifully and happiness ensued. Thank you, Juli!!

  20. AMAZING. They taste like real cookies no joke. I used almond butter and I made these for my sick crossfit trainer. I didn’t keep a close eye on them so some burned on the bottom but they were still soooo soft and chewy!

  21. Yep, dumb question, but what is the difference between almond butter and almond meal?
    Is it just that the almond meal hasn’t been ground as long? Or has it actually had some of the oils removed so that it doesn’t go to butter form?
    I tried to make almond butter tonight, but my food processor started overheating before it got to a butter stage. Not sure if it even would have if I had kept going (had been going for maybe 10mins all up).
    We don’t have all the same ingredients here in australia so I am trying to play around and substitute.

    1. yes, almond meal hasn’t been ground as long so the oils haven’t leaked out and made it become a butter! try using almond oil next time to speed up the almond butter process and not burn out your food processor

  22. Every other day I find myself baking cookies from this site. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but these were absolutely DELICIOUS and so simple to make. Well worth the $6 spent on ONE vanilla steam/pod/stick. Just had 5 out of the 15 that I made. So hard not to eat more 🙁

  23. Just wanted to let you know that I am going through a tough time health wise and you have helped so much. I enjoy reading your posts and find your recipes amazing! Whenever I get down, I look at your sight and I can immediately refocus. Keep doing what you are doing!

  24. I just tried these. They tasted really awesome except mine didn’t spread out very well. Were your ingredients (i.e. the sun butter) at room temperature? Mine was in the fridge so it was kind of stiff when I got done mixing the batter. They stayed in a lump on the pan 🙁

  25. Any alternative to honey…? I am suddenly ALLERGIC to it and I break out in a rash around my nose and mouth (?!?!). Ugh! 🙂

  26. I used maple syrup and no chocolate chips (I’m lactose and didn’t have any on hand) and these were still amazing! Best paleo cookie I’ve ever tried. Hands down.

  27. These were friggin fabulous even my fat and sugar lovin husband said they were good. I am making these for my kids, they will love them. Thank you so much!

  28. Juli, I want to be like you when I grow up! Awesome BLOG!! I went Paleo about 2 months ago. And you know, it just makes sense. But I’m pretty much like you, I alter my paleo food recipes and I’m in the kitchen daily. I have to say, this cookie recipe tops any other paleo cookie recipe on the plant! I did add 1 tablespoon of coconut flour and 1 tablespoon of hazel nut flour and 1/2 c carob chips. I used tahini for the nut butter too and everything was perfect. Juli, you’re my best friend!!!! Thanks for the recipe! I will buy your book. Keep up the good work! I will be reading your blog every night. Many thanks!!!!!

  29. These were amazing. So skeptical when I saw the ingredients list, but just absolutely delicious. Moist and chewy and just awesome. I used maple syrup because of a honey allergy and I think honey would have tasted better, but still just awesome. Thanks!!

  30. These were amazing!!! I used almond butter, and extra real vanilla extract. Made them big, cooked for 18 minutes, not a minute more!! They were golden brown. A minute longer and they would have burned. I love your site and your amazing recipes!! Thank you, Juli!!!!

  31. We just started Paleo a few weeks ago and I happened upon your blog from Pinterest which is cool because we live in Denver. We are starting this lifestyle change for weight loss and just getting healthier which means is recipe isn’t what I should be cooking just yet but if I don’t have something that makes me feel “bad” I will jump ship all together. With that being said, they were GREAT! I did overcook slightly but thank god caught in time for it not to be a total disaster. I will be remaking tomorrow just to take a better result in to work for others to try but feel the need to say thanks for the yummy recipes thus far ( 3 total).

  32. These were fabulous. And beautiful looking cookies, just like yours. I didn’t have any real vanilla, which as everyone says here, costs a fortune. But some day I do want to try that. These were best eaten the same day of baking. The next morning they will be more chewy. Still yum.

  33. These are AMAZING! I have been searching for the perfect Paleo chocolate chip cookie, and these are possibly better than non paleo cookies. Great recipe! I added a little extra salt, nixed the Vanilla bean and used almond butter. SO GOOD!

  34. I’m trying to not consume any sugar refined or unrefined. Can I use stevia drops? Would I need to adjust the amount of nut butter to proportion the wet ingredients?

  35. Whenever I ave baked with sun butter in the past the baking soda turns the sunflower butter bright green making he baked good look very unappetizing…I wonder why ths recipe doesn’t. Will def try – my daughter and ar allergc to nuts and peanuts.

  36. Made these last night. I burned the first batch at 18 mins – which everyone ate anyway – and the 2nd batch is DELICIOUS at 15 mins. The raw honey I have is very dense and was difficult to mix in. Any suggestions for softening it a bit? warm it perhaps?

  37. hi! I used a cup of almond butter…it came out nice and firm but they got soggy the next day. I kept them in an air tight container. Did I underbake it? it was getting very brown at 15 minutes.

  38. I am obsessed with this recipe. I don’t use vanilla bean and use almond butter instead, but am seriously in love and think they maybe better than non paleo chocolate chip cookies!

  39. Just made these and they were AMAZING. Instead of using a vanilla bean, I just put in a little bit extra vanilla extract. I also didn’t have chocolate chips on hand, so I melted a tablespoon of coconut oil and mixed that with 3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder. I also added just a bit more honey to replace the sweetness from chips. I mixed in the chocolate concoction into the batter so they actually turned into chocolate cookies. I’m not a fan of chocolate cookies, but I loved these! They tasted so real! Definitely making them again soon!

  40. 5 stars all the way. I’ve made these twice since going paleo 3 weeks ago. First time I used cashew butter, second time sun butter. I must admit that I much preferred cashew butter but of curse it’s a matter of personal preference.

  41. The first time I made these I forgot to add the eggs hahaha, but they still weren’t bad even though I messed it up…just a little grainy because I used Almond Butter. I just made them again tonight and they are waaaaaaay better. The only thing I found was that you said to pour the mix onto the cookie sheet and my mix was thicker like a regular cookie dough so when I put the mix on the sheet I flattened them out a bit and they turned out great! I should also mention this is the first time I’ve baked anything Paleo.

  42. I used Tahini butter, dark farmer honey and Ghirardelli bittersweet choc. chips. Finally, I used chopped raw pecans to thicken the dough. Tablespoon size drops, cooked 15 minutes. Now craved even by non health conscious work cohorts!

  43. I didn’t have chocolate chips so instead I put some cocoa powder. Turned out absolutely delicious. Great recipe!! (:

  44. Making these with my nephew this weekend! A treat that I can enjoy with the little man, thank YOU so much. You are amazing!

  45. Juli, I wish I had your culinary talent. These are hands down the best paleo cookies, EVER. Instead of sunflower seed butter, I used crunchy almond butter. Insanely delicious. Thank you for your paleo awesomeness yet again!

  46. A “I need cookies quick!” suggestion -bake like a brownie! Just spread out in whatever oven-ready brownie pan dish you have on hand. I use a big pyrex casserole pan and they turned out fine!

  47. These are absolutely AH-MAZING!!! Will not need to make “normal” choc chip cookies anymore!!! Delish!!

  48. Omg is right!! I admit I was a bit skeptical as I added all the liquid ingredients and then…magic! Cookie dough! Then I was worried about the sunflower oil smell. Well, I have learned to never doubt you again!! I put all my paleo faith in baking in you!! Genius!! So delicious!!!!

  49. I’m dying…these are sick …absolutely sick….can’t possibly be paleo…I’m in heaven..that is all…rant ended. Kudos for yet ANOTHER spot on recipe 😉

  50. So this looks yummy but…could you include the measure of various things in grams? Or do you have a good link for converting x cups of things to metric? Thanks for the great site!

  51. Oldie but a Goodie: Giant Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chunk Cookies (nut-free)

    I tried to make these cookies however they did not turn out. The cookies were like a soup. I followed the direction the only thing I changed was I did not have the Vanilla bean plant and put 2tsp of vanilla extract. I felt like maybe they needed flour or I did something wrong please help.

    1. i’m not sure what went wrong, but depending on the sunflower seed butter you used, that could have changed the consistency. if you have very runny sunflower seed butter, try using less sunflower seed butter to keep it a bit thicker

  52. Hi! I made these tonight to bring in a picnic tomorrow (along with your spinach and artichoke dip…jeeze obsessed with this blog much?) I tried one and oh em gee, it is SO good! But the consistency seemed more like cake. They fall apart easily. I’m wondering if that’s how they are or if I did something wrong? I’d love to know just for future reference because I will DEF be making again. Thank you!

  53. My husband and I have been paleo for about 2 months and are loving it! I am a big fan of your recipes and made these cookies last night cause we were craving a paleo dessert! They were so delicious that we devoured the whole batch with the help of my daughter! Not exactly ideal, but a great recipe to have on hand! Thanks for all the great ones! The Thai mango chicken and rice was a huge hit with the kids!

  54. HOLY COOKIE!!!! The first paleo chocolate chip cookie that – wait for it- actually tastes and looks like a cookie!!. I used Justin’s Maple almond butter (as a boulder native i am obligated to- plus it’s damn delicious), and did not have a vanilla bean stem laying around anywhere, so i just added a touch more vanilla extract. These cookies could part the red sea…or hopefully stop this flood! Thank you for your continuously delicious recipes.

  55. I’ve made these before with almond butter and turned out AWESOME but I just tried cashew butter and changed up the parchment paper for a silpat liner and they came out like delicious cake cookies. So if you’re looking to go that way with these maybe it’s the silpat that did it! Watch cooking time as mine only took 10 minutes.

    Can’t wait to try with sunflower butter finally, just have to get around to ordering.

    Thanks so much for all the great recipes! They’ve all been delish!

  56. I’ve made these before with almond butter and the turned out AAAAAWESOME. Today I just tried cashew butter and changed up the parchment paper for a silpat liner and they came out like delicious cake cookies. So if you’re looking to cake instead of crunchy with these maybe it’s the silpat that did it! Watch cooking time as mine only took 10 minutes.

    Also went crazy and made some coconut whip cream, chilled and slapped between two cookies for an awesome quasi ice cream sandwich!

    Can’t wait to try with sunflower butter finally, just have to get around to ordering.

    Thanks so much for all the great recipes! They’ve all been delish!

  57. I baked these tonight and they were great! I used almond butter and they came out with an almost cake like consistency. So good! I didn’t have chocolate chips so used an 85% dark chocolate bar. I don’t really recommend that. 😛 I went looking for a chocolate chip recipe because I want all sugar out of my diet. I found several that call for cocoa butter, cocoa or cacao powder (or even carob powder for those who don’t want the caffeine) stevia or honey, and vanilla extract. I can’t wait to try this recipe again with a sweeter chocolate chip! By the way, really watch your baking time with these. I almost burned mine at only 14 minutes.

  58. Okay SO
    I made these, exactly as they are listed.. but I added banana too. FREAKING DELISH!!!! Love this recipe and I totally would even substitute extra banana for the honey! YUMMMYYYY woooohooo

  59. I am excited to make these cookies. However my daughter has a peanut/ tree but allergy. I will probably need to ask if she can consume sunflower seed butter. So almond butter is out but can you use regular butter or some other non nut substitute?

  60. Maybe I missed the part of the instructions that tells me what to “do” with the vanilla bean pod and seeds….? Cut them up? Please help an old lady…

  61. When I saw this recipe I did an air squat for joy! I have a sensitivity to almonds so this nut free goodie was just what I’ve been dreaming of. I immediately hit Trader Joes and made these cookies the minute I got home. (On a side note: Kroger brand stores and affiliates have a Simple Truth Organic line which has a paleo friendly chocolate chip, so I used those for instant gratification rather than waiting 2 days for an amazon order to show up because I have no.self.control.) I then proceeded to eating 7. I was surprised at how incredibly filling these are because it was not for lack of gluttony that I stopped! I’m STILL full hours later. Lots of protein and iron in these goodies also so I can do guilt free goodies for the kids this holiday! THANK YOU! *end hero worship*

  62. Despite the 100 degree plus on this Australian summer day I cranked up the oven to bake. I’m so glad I did! These are great. I used almond butter and everything at room temperature and they spread out beautifully in the oven. They have a delightful crisp/chewy texture which I love in a cookie. Thanks Juli for all your recipes, truly appreciate your talent and sharing.

  63. These are great! Making them now. I made them traditional cookie size so they have to cook in a few batch. The first batch is all gone already! I’d say these taste more like a “peanutbutter” cookie than a traditional chocolate chip cookie, like my brain was thinking, but by far an awesome cookie! Thanks a bunch!

  64. These cookies are better then any flour cookie I have eaten.
    I took them to a group function of12 people and only 3 with gluten or grain restrictions and they were amazed.
    I cannot eat almonds or cashews or dairy or….the list goes on.
    Thank you so much for this recipe, my only problem is I can’t stop wanting to make them.

  65. I made these last night and although I love everything you make, I was actually really surprised by how amazingly awesome THESE were! They feel and taste like a real chocolate chip cookies. It is seriously magic. I did a mix of almond and sunflower butter and you would hardly know these were made with nut butters! I cut the honey to 1/4 cup and they were perfectly sweet for me. Thank you so much for posting another great recipe!

  66. 5 Stars for these…. I made them today awesome. very easy to make just follow the directions. I cooked them for 16 minutes turned out perfect….

  67. So I’ve made these a few times and I love them. They’re quick to whip up and taste delicious!!!! My only complaint is that it makes so few that it’s really really noticeable when I sneak these!!! LOL Thanks for a great recipe!! I just found a recipe for homemade peanut butter chips that I’m going to make primal and these cookies will probably be the first thing I try them in.

  68. I have been grain free for 1.5 years…I have been craving a crunchy cookie. Oh I can’t thank you enough. You are really contributing to the world. Thank you again

  69. These were fabulous! I’ve been pale/primal for about 7 months, and have lost my cravings for chocolate and sugar….well, except for once in a blue moon. This is the 3rd dessert I’ve made, and it is a keeper! YUMMY!!! Just hope they freeze well…

  70. Made these last night with almond butter and 90% dark chocolate chunks, since that’s what I had on hand and I was having a severe cookie craving. They are THE BOMB!
    I cut the recipe in half and made 7 smaller cookies (still big for cookies, but not huge like the original recipe). It was really hard to walk away from them and not eat them all. I’m not saying how many I ate. 🙂 I briefly thought about eating one for breakfast this morning.

  71. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but mine keep coming out burnt every.single.time 🙁 I have to take them out by 15 min or they are completely charred. Don’t get me wrong, they are still soooooo good – I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong??

  72. Hi I was looking for a cookie recipe with the ingredients I had on hand because I’m too lazy to go to the store to buy some right now. I made this with my own homemade almond butter (toot toot my own horn!) and skipped over the real vanilla bean, but OMG! the batter is so awesome I can’t wait for them to come out of the oven. Thanks so much for your recipes!

  73. These are amazing!! They come together so quickly too! I made 12 normal sized cookies and cooking for 18 minutes was a bit too long and they burned a bit on the bottom. The next batch I cooked for only 14 minutes and they turned out beautifully! I also used vanilla powder instead of the bean. Thanks for such a simple, delicious recipe!

  74. I made these exactly per the recipe and they turned out GREAT!! My son is so happy. We are taking them to a church ice cream social so he can have homemade cookies like all the other kids. Thank you so much for these. (I did make mine tablespoon size and cooked them for 12 minutes. Making 15 cookies.)

  75. I cannot express to you how much I love these cookies. Over the past year they have become a staple when I am in a baking mood. I keep coming back to your website for other recipes too because they are all so good 🙂

  76. I’m not sure what happened with mine. I followed your recipe, only substituting peanut butter and maple syrup in (and leaving out the chocolate…I know, I know, but I didn’t have any!), and they came out super dry and a lot higher than your cookie. Any ideas what happened?

  77. I love these cookies!
    I made them with almond butter and a little bit of pumpkin spice seasoning instead of chocolate chips. So yummy! Ooh and I snuck in a scoop of vitalproteins collagen too, just to try and get a bit more collagen into my diet. Turned out great.
    Thanks for the recipe! This will definitely be a “go to”.

  78. I just made a batch of these using sesame tahini in place of the sunbutter. The texture of the batter was good – could form balls like with “regular” cookie dough – BUT it was very oily and sticky, and messy to work with. Seven large cookies did well on an industrial aluminum pan for 16 min, but the second batch I did on a standard non-stick cookie sheet (both lined with parchment paper) and the batch on that pan had charred bottoms at 16 min. Other than that, they came out really well! Anyone who likes sesame halva should enjoy the tahini substitution!

  79. Update: I tried this recipe using 1.) Sesame tahini; 2.) Sunflower seed butter; 3.) Almond butter (“Barney Butter” – the super-smooth kind with the skins removed). Making with tahini yields a soft, chewy cookie that holds together well & isn’t crumbly (see my previous review above). Sunflower seed butter gives a crunchier texture, kind of like a Chips Ahoy, & still holds together well. The almond butter batch taste and act very much like peanut butter cookies, but more crumbly than the other two. So, that’s the score. They’re all three pretty damn delicious, I gotta say. Oh, and I skipped the vanilla beans and substituted coconut nectar for honey and carob chips for chocolate chips with no problems. Thanks Juli for your amazing recipes!!

  80. After following your blog and Instagram account initially because of your frenchie (I have one too, they’re the best dogs!), I have now completed a few rounds of Whole 30 and have decided to try a mostly paleo diet. I purchased your new cookbook last month, and just started making your recipes. This was the first one I tried and it was delicious! Somehow my cookies look more like muffin tops and are more cakey than a cookie should be, but they are still amazing and I will continue to make them! The only thing I changed from the original recipe was using maple syrup in place of the honey. My first attempt at a paleo treat was not a complete disaster! Thanks for sharing the recipe, your humor, workouts, outfits, and pictures of your pup!

  81. LOVE LOVE LOVE these cookies! The first time I made them they turned out more like a muffin top than a cookie (I clearly screwed something up!), but the flavor was amazing! And the second time I made them (with cashew butter), they were perfect!
    And I’ll likely make them again this week!

    I thought freezing them would help me with portion control, but no…in my defense, I deserved an extra serving after a crazy workout. At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself!

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