Saying that 2020 was a hard year is the greatest understatement of all time. That statement is worthless, honestly. 2020 sucked. You know it, I know it, everyone everywhere knows it. Even if you weren’t directly affected by Covid, you most likely know someone who was and the pain that it caused them. No matter if that person lost a family member or lost their job or got stuck in a foreign country or went through a divorce…we all know someone who went through something. And knowing that they went through pain in turn causes all of us pain in some way. At the end of the day, we all want to be part of a community, and when that community is hurting, we all hurt.

But great things are coming. The tide is turning, the clouds are parting, and a change is in the air. I don’t know what recently happened in my own life, but a weight has lifted and I know that’s just the start. 2021 is going to bring a breath of fresh air and the sunshine we’ve all been needing. But to ensure we take that deep breath in, we all have to work on ourselves then work together to let the positivity shine through. For me, that means every day I start my morning off with music that puts me in a positive mindset. Then I let any of the negativity that comes my way just simply roll off my back. Every day I’m CHOOSING to be in a good mood. Bad moods and bad vibes come and go, but we are the only people who can choose how we respond to those vibes. We can dwell in the frustration, the sadness, the upset…or we can simply choose to see the light ahead. It’s not always easy and it may not always come natural, but the more you begin to work from within, the easier the outside world will feel.

And now that I’m feeling positive again and that weight has lifted, I’m even more excited for what’s to come in 2021. First thing on the list for PaleOMG is Power Program 2.0! I launched my first Power Program back in February 2020 which gave you 3 months of beginner workouts and 3 months of advanced workouts. Now with Power Program 2.0, I’m stepping it up a notch with intermediate workouts and pro workouts. Power Program 2.0 can be performed after you finish the first Power Program or you can jump right into 2.0 if you are confident in your fitness routine and skills! You could even perform these programs back to back, which could give you a year worth of workouts, all through 2 programs! Power Program 2.0 is set to launch Friday January 1st and is going to be an amazing program that really challenges you in new ways!

Then at the end of January, I’ll be launching Power Sculpt Beyond. My 6-month Power Sculpt Program launched in July 2020, but I wanted to make sure any Power Sculpt members were able to continue my programming after the 6 months ended. So I’m currently programming the next 6 months so Power Sculpt members don’t have to figure out what’s next!

And come February, I plan to launch a really cool meal guide that will help you build your own meals quicker than ever without much thought. It’s all about picking and choosing from different types of ingredients to build different flavor profiles with each meal!

I also asked you guys on social media last week what you’ve been struggling with the most to see if there are different ideas I can come up with in 2021 to help ease some of those stressors. Obviously I try my best to help with your fitness routine and diet, but I’m sure there is more! And thanks to your responses, I’m dabbling with some different ideas for the new year! Good things are coming, I just know it! And I hope you do, too! I know we all felt like we were bitch slapped by 2020, but those dark clouds are finally parting. Are you ready to let the light in?

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  1. Hillary Gras says:

    YES for a fresh 2021!!! Love the positivity. I need that! Fitness classes were just shut down in Baltimore, and as an instructor that teaches 4-5x per week, it’s a big blow. Need to write down a schedule for work-outs and thinking I need to revisit your power body program that I bought 🙂

    Also – I loved the songs that you shared on Instagram this moring. Always looking for fresh music and both reminded me songs like “fight song” and “i will love again”. Which may not be THAT quality and are SUPER cheesy, but hey , they work. And I’m not afraid to admit it! Thanks!!

  2. Kari Wasmund says:

    Yes! 2021 is going to be great! My husband and I made a list of the debt we will have paid off in 2020 and in 2021. Then we added up how much more money we will have every month and that made us really look forward to it. I’d love to say we have some really big plans for the extra money but we’ll probably just enjoy going out to restaurants more!

    1. Kim says:

      Awesome job!!

  3. Molly says:

    Please, please, please do a TRX focused workout program! Pretty please. There aren’t really any good ones out there.

    1. juli says:

      maybe someday!

  4. Robin says:

    I can’t wait for 2021!! We are in the process of house hunting and one of my must haves is a work out space. It can be in an unfinished basement but I want the space to be mine! I didn’t have that in my old house. Once we move I want to purchase all your programs! I can’t wait.

  5. KariVery says:

    I LOVE your workout outfit!

  6. Cathy says:

    I just love YOU girl… everything – your positivity, your wit and sense of humor, your cursing (lol), your style (both fashion and home design)… you put me in a positive mood every time I see your instagram stories or posts, listen to your podcasts, read your blog… I have your cookbooks, your power sculpt program and workout gear from your four athletics line… serious fan girl over here lol….keep doing you coz you ROCK!!!