Honey Ginger Apple Shredded Pork

You know when you’re in your car, driving away, listening to tunes, dancing (if you’re cool) and you start picking your nose, thinking for some reason no one can see you? No? I’m alone. Cool. I’m good at being the lone ranger. I do wonder how many people have seen me pick my nose though. Probably an alarming amount. But I’m really good with humiliation…obviously. I do it daily. Might as well do it in front of the public eye rather than just via blog posts. I won’t pick my nose in my cooking videos though, hopefully. My mother would literally stab me. Kidding.

My white bath mat has turned blue. I’m not sure what situation he got himself into to make himself change colors, but I’m angered with him because of it. Ok, it was actually my fault. I washed him with my darks. Why am I acting like my bath mat is a human being? God I’m weird.

Guess what Steph, Laura and I just got? Meaning guess what Steph just bought? A mini disco ball. For our living room. YEP. THAT’S RIGHT. We are going to have a legit dance part in our house. Sh*t is going to get wild. Meaning I’m going to be the DD and dance like a fool first in our living then on the dance floor at some random bar. You know when you’re at a bar and you see a girl dancing like a fool and you say “Wow, that girl is hammered”…yeah, I’m totally the girl you are talking about. But I’m not hammered. I just left my dignity at home with the disco ball.

Has pork ever made you feel drunk? This pork kind of made me feel a bit drunk. Maybe it was the two Americanos I had before I ate that made me talk a million words a second (exhibit A: the three paragraphs above) or the fact I just made love to some Coconut Creme Concentrate, either way, this pork was delicious. I freaking love ginger. I seriously only want to go to sushi get the ginger on the side of the plate. I hate sushi. I always tried to like it because it made me feel cool and mature, but when I eat it I feel like I’m going to crumble over and die. At least I can still eat ginger at sushi restaurants and have a really fresh palate. Fresh palates are cool.


Honey Ginger Apple Shredded Pork

  • Yield: 6-8 1x


  • 2lb pork shoulder roast (or any other roast you prefer)
  • 1 yellow onion, sliced
  • 2 apples, cored and sliced
  • 2/3 cup beef or chicken bone broth
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey
  • 2 tablespoons freshly grated ginger (use ground ginger if you don’t have fresh on hand)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed
  • 1 bay leaf


  1. Pull out your crockpot.
  2. Add your broth or water, then onions, then pork, then apples then all your honey/spices/garlic clove/and bay leaf.
  3. Cover.
  4. Cook for 8-10 hours on low or 6-8 hours on high.
  5. Use tongs or a fork to shred your pork.
  6. Consume. Warning: food may be hot.

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PaleOMG Honey Ginger Apple Shredded Pork


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


195 thoughts on “Honey Ginger Apple Shredded Pork”

  1. you would post this after I give up fruit for Lent…………………………………………………………………………………………………

  2. Have you tried the ginger in a tube by Gourmet Garden? I’m a lazy cook, there I admitted it. I love the ginger and garlic in the tubes from Gourmet Garden. I use the garlic almost everynight in my sauteed spinach. They also have Lemongrass, Cilantro, Chives, Basil, etc…. I purchase mine at Wal-Mart in the produce section. Little pricey but worth it in my opinion. PS: Recipe sounds yummmmmmy! I swear I’m not picking my nose as I type this. lol

  3. I’m planning to make this next week when my husband’s out of town. He’ll think it’s “too many flavors.” Boring. I’m going to make a double batch and see how fast I can make it disappear. My prediction – less than 24 hours.

  4. Alright JB, the wife picked this one! Next week its the Coffee Fajitas, as soon as my Cold Brew arrives! So far your stuff has been a 110% SMASH! Thanks for the GREAT stuff & laughs!

    PS Told the wife she must white girl dance while I place the stuff in crock pot!

  5. God DAMN this was delicious. Boyfriend said it was the best pork he’s ever eaten. Dinner guest who usually eats like an anorexic bird asked for seconds. Thanks for the freaking AMAZING recipe, Juli! You never fail me!

  6. Thank god you gave the warning in step 6. This sh*t smelled so delicious that I did not want to wait for it to cool. Luckily, I waited just long enough to prevent burning my taste buds off because it tasted even better than it smelled. Hooray for awesome crockpot recipes. Keep ’em coming.

  7. Made this last night for my lunch/dinner for the next few days. It tastes amazing and made my house smell delicious all day!

  8. Seriously, every one of your recipes that I have tried knocks it out of the park (sorry, I live in baseball country Boston)! I made this to chow down on during the Oscars and the food was the highlight of the entire night!

  9. Juli, this is the BOMB!!! I made this last week for my parents for Sunday lunch. Served it with roasted sweet potato, onion & fennel….WOW!! Empty plates all round!! This will be a regular in our household. Thanks

  10. This is in the crockpot as we speak… I’m excited!!! I subbed mashed parsnip for the onions, love onions but am intolerant to them πŸ™ Hoping the parsnips are a good addition…..!
    It smells soooo good already – Only 3 hours or so til dinner time!!
    Just recently came across this site and am loving it! Great recipes, and your stories and rants have me in stitches laughing!
    Thanks Juli – You rock!!! πŸ™‚

      1. It was SO yum!!! And have some left over for other meals this week yaaaay πŸ™‚
        I ate with a baked sweet potato – The flavours worked so well together. Can’t wait to try out some of your other recipes!

          1. Me too! It’s probably my favourite thing to eat in the world… Ever! With Kerrygold butter…. *drools*
            This evening I’m going sweet potato again, cut in chunks and tossed in melted butter, salt, pepper and cinnamon. Wrapped in bacon…. Pop in the oven for 40 minutes or so. These are actually chunks of heaven! πŸ™‚

  11. Made this night and holy YUMM! And pretty cheap too, with a 2.5lb roast from Whole Foods costing 10 bucks and the apples and onion are such a minimal cost! I’m fairly certain this will feed me for a few days πŸ™‚

  12. This was awesome! I had a friend come into town for the Open WOD this weekend and made this for saturday night. Loved it and it was perfect for that huge protein craving I had. And super easy!

    PS You are freaking hilarious πŸ™‚

  13. I just saw this post via ChowStalker and I have to tell you: Today, you are my hero.


    1. You talked about picking your nose in the car. That takes balls to admit. And yes, I do it, and yes, I’ve seen other people do it.

    2. I, too, am that crazy not-drunk girl who dances like a maniac at the bar. I’ve never enjoyed being hammered, but I sure as hell love dancing like I am!

    3. This recipe is exactly what I needed today. OK, yes, I realize I can’t make it when I get home from work and eat it for dinner–it does take 6-8 hours to cook. But I took a pork roast out of the freezer last night without any clue as to what I should do with it, but knowing I wanted to have it for dinner either tonight or tomorrow. Tomorrow it is! Thank you!

  14. Had the french toast for breakfast, and now this is in my crockpot. You have officially made my life better.
    Thanks for you amazing recipes!!

  15. Tried this a few days ago. It was my first time making anything remotely akin to pulled pork.
    I didn’t have a crockpot, so I made it in the oven following a mix of various instructions I found online, so there probably were a few useless steps, but here is how I went;
    – 10 mins at 450F
    – 4 hours at 200F
    – 2 hours at 250F
    Must have taken all of 40 seconds to shred the pork. The pork itself has subtle flavouring, but once mixed with the juices, apples and onions, YUM!

  16. I am new to the meat eating world and the crockpot world. I am having a blast with your recipes, thank you so much! Not quite sure what I am doing wrong when it comes to the crockpot though. This was my second crockpot recipe (first of yours) and the meat came out dry again. I used 2 1/2 pound boneless pork roast and covered half of it with chicken stock on low for 8 1/2 hrs. Should I be turning the meat? Flavors were yummy though!! Any advice to this newbie would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

    1. I use a dutch oven in the oven instead. My crockpot ALWAYS cooks too hot. Your slow cooker may be cooking at too high a heat. Maybe try shorter cooking time?

  17. I made this last night, but omitted the honey. The recipe is delicious and still quite sweet. I definitely prefer to use stock instead of water.

    On a side note I had to make this recipe on the stove-top. My crock pot broke and I have yet to replace it. The entire bottom of the pot broke off. How does that even happen.

    I digress. Thank you for the recipe and the blog!

  18. Bart Wachsteter

    This recipe was amazing! Even my kids liked it. I love this blog, especially the crockpot recipes, very handy for a single dad …

    1. That’s awesome Bart, tell more of your guy friends about it! I’m pretty much like a dude so I think my recipes are pretty guy friendly πŸ˜‰

  19. Made this recipe a couple days ago. Kept me fed for a couple days after (leftovers). Even got my GF to try more Paleo meals because of it. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring! Soooo goood!

  20. Christine Janek

    Hey Juli, love the site , thanks so much for doing what you’re doing. I’m recently paleo and u r my go-to for everything.

    I will be entertaining 11 other ladies. Do u have any ideas on what I can serve with this appleginger pork dish?

  21. Made this today – so easy, threw it all in over lunch, and came home from CrossFit to its heavenly smell! Plus, with all of that protein, I can almost feel my muscles gettin HEEEOOOOUGE. And, I get to have it again tomorrow with jalapeno mashed cauliflower – WHOOT!

  22. Hi Juli!

    Love your blog! Has anyone tried using pork loin in the recipe? They didn’t have pork shoulder so I got pork loin instead. Of course I am now reading things online saying that pork loin sucks as a substitute. πŸ™

    Any wisdom would be appreciated!

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face everyday!!!!


  23. I just recently found your site, and I really like it. This is the first recipe I tried, and it was aweome. Thanks!

  24. Made this today for dinner as it was day 1 of my Paleo challenge at gym – it was so good – thank you for sharing!!

  25. Made this on Sunday. A-mazing. I don’t usually eat pork, besides bacon and spiral cut ham at Christmas, but there is something divine about the combo of ingredients in this!

  26. I’m assembling this recipe right now. πŸ™‚ I got up early (4am) just so I could get the roast and start it, to give it at least 10 hours to cook. I’m weird like that .:D

  27. I just wanted to let you know that you do not even need to start with a thawed out pork loin or chicken breasts when using your slow cooker. As long as the chicken is individually portioned and the roast will fit in said crock pot, just place them on top of the onions and veg, pour the liquids around/over (does not have to cover) and set on low for 8 hours or even high for 4. I have gone as big as a 4.5 lb pork loin roast, frozen, in a 6 qt slow cooker…

    Works like a charm especially when I was too damn tired to remember to pull anything out for dinner the night before!

  28. Thank you for this awesome blog! I’m looking around for meal ideas and this sounds great. Does it matter what kind of apples you use? What did you use for yours?

  29. This was incredible. It was a perfect blend of savory and sweet. Thank you for your consistently stellar recipes!

  30. We made this yesterday and it was awesome! It was so good that we have very little left for today’s lunch πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great crockpot recipes!

  31. This sounds totally awesome! I’m not a big fan of ginger and typically use ground ginger, since I use it so infrequently. How much ground ginger would you suggest for this recipe in lieu of fresh ginger?

    thanks and love the blog =)

  32. Holy moly – this is some good stuff! And so easy! I think I might have to make every one of your recipes now. Thanks!

  33. So easy and SO GOOD!! Thanks for another great receipe – more crockpot ones please!! πŸ˜‰

  34. I cooked this recipe overnight and the delicious smell kept me up all night! So I am sure you can imagine that I couldn’t wait till lunch, so I ate it for breakfast!!! lol. Perfect dish and it doubles as a spectacular air freshner!

    1. So good! Adults loved it. Kids not so much. Oh well more for me! Thanks for all the great recipes. Couldn’t have lost 70 lbs without you.

  35. I didn’t have lunch for today and this was an easy, overnight solution. Went light on the honey and had to sub ground ginger for fresh (wasn’t sure how much so used about 1/2 T.). Interesting flavors and a snap to make. Thanks for the great recipes!

  36. Made this yesterday with my roommate and it was AMAZING! We live on the 3rd floor and could smell it from the lobby… pretty sure we will be making a lot of new friends! Thanks πŸ™‚

  37. I finally made this! I stalked this blog while I was deployed in Afghanistan and I finally made this, I sorta un-paleo’d this by adding one Leinenkugels Summer Shady beer to it, I also added Cayenne pepper to it (maybe a little too much it was spicy). I love it and now have something for lunch this week, I think the beer cooked off so I feel like it is really paleo. Thanks for the blog and the humor, it really made my time fly by over there.

  38. This ended up being DELICIOUS, but if I hadn’t had someone else at home while it was cooking (and I was at work), it would have burned! I had to use at least twice as much liquid as the recipe suggested. It still ended up working out pretty well, but use caution. Maybe I just have a crock pot with super powers. It also burned the jicama I was trying to soak overnight once.

  39. This is so incredibly good! At least 6 people around me at work have asked what I’m eating because it smells so good. Little do they know, it tastes even better!

  40. Just put it in crockpot now. Hope everyone likes it :). Hope I’ll be able to sleep with all the awesome smells it might keep me up!

  41. Made this for dinner tonight, and it was unbelieably good!!! Far exceeded what I expected! Such a great combination of flavors and so perfect for fall! I served this with baked sweet potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts. Please tell me that this recipe will be in your new cookbook!?

  42. So I started my Paleo journey just over a week ago, and THIS BLOG has kept me going. Your recipes are awesome, and this dish made the house smell amazing. Served it over cauliflower “rice.” Thank you!!

  43. SO DELICIOUS! I ate it with sweet potato, by itself, cold, hot, topped with an egg…..can’t wait to make it again! maybe i’ll go do that now….

  44. I made this last night. I think I cut up the apples too small as it turned into mush, but it tasted delicious. Ate it for lunch today too. I’m new to this whole paleo cuisine but am buying a kitchaid food processor this weekend and am going to try soem more of your recipes.

    Thanks heaps Juli

  45. 5 stars, Juli! I am a brand new (as in 1 week) paleo eater. I found your website and have already tried several recipes. This tops the list so far! So juicy and tender. Thank you for this website! You are so hilarious and your food is top notch! God bless and thanks again!

  46. This was really good! My 12 year old who is a very very picky eater LOVED it, as did her friend, and my husband! We prepare several crock pot meals a week and use them for Paleo lunches throughout the week. My husband told me after tasting this tonight, to make sure this made it into the rotation. You’re making life better one crock pot at a time. God bless you and your tasty Paleo cooking abilities.

  47. Soooo effing good! But I think my roommates are sick of the apartment smelling like pork… Oh well. I’m sick of them trying to feed me Funfetti every day. Not that I wouldn’t love me some Funfetti.

  48. In the crcokpot as we speak!!!!!!!!! I added a little bit of apple butter with the broth! I can’t wait to eat this tonight. Smoked Paprika is one of my favorite seasonings! Thanks for sharing…love your blog!!!

  49. Girlfriend… I made this on Saturday, and OMG- My boyfriend said it was the best thing I have EVER cooked! The 2 of us ate AT LEAST half of the 3.5lb sucker in one sitting! New favorite way to do pulled pork! Thanks so much! I added 2 large sweet potatoes, a half a bag of baby carrots, plus doubled the liquid due to extra veggies to make it a full crock pot meal! then took the drippings and broth and reduced into an a sauce to serve!
    Lovin’ all your recipes! Keep it up girl!

    1. I was contimplating what to have for sides with this dish. Love your idea!! I will be trying this tomorrow night πŸ™‚

  50. I don’t know what’s more amazing about this recipe – how it tastes or that my husband put it all together before he left for three days (he’s a firefighter). It made a working mama and picky 3-year-old very happy!

  51. I took the leftover shredded pork and crisped it up in a pan with a tablespoon of coconut oil the used it to top a salad, the meat has fabulous flavor and when Carmelized and crispy, it’s addictive!

  52. This is seriously the best recipe I’ve ever had ever. I’ve been following you and other paleo blogs for awhile now, and I’ll try things here and there. I kid you not, I have made this recipe like 10 times. I work 2 jobs, and have to take my lunch (and sometimes dinner) with me, and this is the best recipe the first time, and reheated as well. It’s so easy! Can’t wait for your book!

  53. This is the first recipe my fiancΓ© and I have tried from your website. You are 1-1, Juli πŸ™‚ Our CrossFit schedule on Mondays and Wednesdays require a quick and easy dinner, so we are very much looking forward to trying some more of your crockpot recipes. After this recipe, I’m SO excited for the recipe book πŸ™‚

  54. This sounds delicious! I’m going to make it this week πŸ™‚ Any suggestions on what to serve with it (a side dish, etc.)?

  55. Made this in the oven b/c I didn’t have time for the crockpot. Had my in-laws over and everyone said how fantastic it was! I can’t wait to make this again in the crock pot! Delicious!

  56. OMG! This is my favorite crock pot meal ever!!!! I don’t even tend to ever cook pork but this recipe is amazing!!! Thank you! I give this one 10 stars even though five is the highest rating on the scale πŸ˜‰ made this for guests and everyone LOVED it!

  57. Found this recipe and decided to try it (x4) for my bday bash tomorrow! My crock pot is too small so I’m making half tonight…excited to try it out in the morning!

  58. Yum yum yum!! Also made craclking from the fat after the roast had cooked in the crock pot. Double yum! We love you in New Zealand too. My fav paleo web site

  59. I just found your website and I’m very excited to try these yummy looking recipes. I try not to eat to much pork, would this recipe taste just as good with chicken as well?

  60. I just wanted to let you know that I made this last night for the first time and it is seriously the most delicious pork I’ve EVER tasted.
    I don’t have a slow cooker so I just used a cast iron pot with a lid, and set it in the oven for 3 hours at 325 and it came out beautifully.
    So many NOMZ..LOVE IT!! Thank you for being so awesome πŸ™‚

  61. I followed this recipe 100%…unfortunately it wasnt any good once done. I had to smother it in bbq sauce to even be able to choke it down.

  62. Oh my gahhhh. I made this for dinner and it smells amazing. I haven’t eaten it yet because there’s about 20 min left but I can already tell this is a new staple in our house. Thanks so much.

    PS I love this whole website

  63. must be on the same wavelength–made apple ginger pork today too! used it to top a baked acorn squash and topped it with a few blackberries…YUM

  64. Just made this the other night, and it is probably my most favorite paleo recipe ever!! So glad I found it. Thanks for coming up with something so yummy!

  65. My husband and I made this yesterday for dinner and it was delicious! We have leftovers for lunch today. I love crockpot Paleo recipes!

  66. Thank you for the warning….never know when you want to take a big slurp right out the pot only to be scalded. You really do look out for your readers…and for that, I love you

  67. I love reading your posts! Your style is very unique and fun! I’ve only tried your chili so far and it was very good.

  68. I made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! My roast was over 3 pounds and I with 3 of us eating, I only had enough left for lunch tomorrow! I need a bigger crock pot! Thanks for the great recipe!

  69. Well, I have to say, this was TERRIFIC. It made a savory/(almost) sweet combo that we were craving. It helped that our apples were of the Crispin variety!

  70. Juli, first of all I want to say that 4 out of the 5 weekdays I rely on your recipes for dinner, i simply dont thin I could live without them at this point.
    However this recipe threw me for a loop. I was so excited for some sweet pork and mine came out a little bland! Is it possible it cooked for too long or that my meat didn’t have enough fat? Do you have any suggestions?

  71. I made this on Thursday night and finally tasted it today (monday) for lunch. It is AWESOME! I i had a 1.5 lb pork sirloin in the freezer and used the same amount of ingredients for everything else. I put my onions and apples thru the food processor which makes life so much easier!

    this recipe is so delicious! i love it!

  72. Holy moly, LOVED this. So delish.

    Thoughts on subbing apple cider for chicken broth? I have some in my fridge.

  73. This was so good! After extracting the pork and all the apple pieces that were still intact, I got in there with my stick blender and have a whole heap of delicious gravy which I kind of want to just heat up in a mug and drink by itself.

  74. Made this for my wife tonight. Not only was it awesome, but it made the house smell amazing. Super easy recipe as well. Thanks!

  75. made this today in the oven i was short on time it came wonderful blended up the sauce now i have a very taste soup for the week the seasoning is perfect

  76. This turned out great. I it definitely has a lot of great flavors mixed in. Next time I might uncover it toward the end to let some of the broth boil off and condense, but besides that. Still amazeballs!

  77. I’m making this tonight and my house smells amazing!!! I’m not sure what to serve with it. Suggestions???

  78. This was excellent and then even better as leftovers!. Had it with sweet potato first night and mashed cauliflower the next. Good stuff and I agree — the house smelled so good. Thanks

  79. I made this a couple of days ago — yummy yummy. I used cinnamon infused honey for that extra cinnamon taste and added more fresh ginger. My only disappointment, my apples seem to off “melted” in the mix. I used Gala apples — should I of used something more hardy like Granny Smith instead?

  80. Pretty sure I just became that bored creepy person who read like 15 of your blog post stories, just for fun….so now that Im all caught up on current random thoughts and events…yum! haha i am making this tomorrow.

  81. I’ve made this several times. By far my favorite pulled pork. My friends love it too. I also halve 2 – 3 sweet potatoes, throw them on top and let them cook in there. So yummy!

  82. I made this today and just sat down to enjoy my first bowl over some cauliflower “rice.” It’s good. But I sort of regret not using real ginger, and I only had regular paprika and think it would be better with the smoked paprika. The powdered ginger is just that, powdery. I can feel it in my mouth. Weird. And it’s very sweet; I wish there was a better balance of sweet & savory (hence missing the smoked paprika). I’d like to make this again sometime w/ the real ginger and actual smoked paprika. Maybe a tad more salt too. I do love the pairing with the “rice.”

  83. When do you add the honey? With the spices at the end on top? Do you mix them all together or sprinkle/glob them in one at a time? Thanks!

      1. Thanks! I am trying it again today. Last time I used too small a roast for my crock pot and had brined the meat which was probably unnecessary and it was too salty but it smelled SO good cooking I had to try again. Plus it’s so easy and he meat did just fall apart. I got a bigger roast and it fills the crock pot more, more apples landed on top instead of falling to the sides, anyway, just looks better in there, ha. Perfect easy throw in day before thanksgiving kids home from school meal.

  84. Made this today an served it with your garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes! Next time I need something crunchy to serve it with as well, but super yummy! My in-laws loved it too!

  85. This is the first saucy meat I’ve had since going AIP 6 months ago and it was delicious!!! My entire family ate it up!

  86. This is pretty amazing with peaches, and half the amount of honey (if that). Awhhhh yahhhhhhh!

  87. We have eaten this pulled pork probably 5 times and we’re gonna make it again for tonight. It’s seriously the ONLY way we eat pulled pork now! We take this, and stuff sweet potatoes with it. AMAZINGGGGG

  88. This recipe is delish! One little thing I did was took the meat out of the crock pot and blended all the ingredients with an emulsion blender to make a “sauce” YUM!!!!!

  89. I am going to make this on Wednesday for dinner. It looks and sounds amazing! Probably stupid question but what kind of apples did you use? Does it matter and what size (small, medium, large)?

  90. I know this is an old recipe for you but it’s a new one for me. I had a 4 lb. pork butt in the freezer that needed to be used. I made this pork dish yesterday and the house smelled wonderful. I couldn’t wait for the time to end to taste it. I was definitely not disappointed. This is one dish I would totally recommend and serve up to company. Thank you!

  91. trying to learn how to use a slow cooker for the first time. didn’t expect to be reading about picking my nose. LOL

  92. This was delicious!!! I served it over my seasoned rice and the juices paired perfectly. This will be a staple in recipe collection!

  93. This sounds sooooo good… any tips on what to sub for the paprika for those of us unfortunate enough to be nightshade intolerant? Smoked paprika used to be my one true love in the spice cabinet and now I can’t have it anymore 😭

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