How to Make Your Own Coconut Butter

This is a super complicated recipe. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. If you are slow and don’t know how to turn on a food processor, you are doomed and you disappoint me. Wow, that was mean. Everything I just said was a lie too. This is the least complicated “recipe” that will ever be on my blog. It’s really not even a recipe.

I always wondered how coconut butter was made. I mean, the label on the delicious Artisana Coconut Butter says raw, organic coconut…so HOW DO THEY DO IT? Well, my favorite blogger of all time, Jen from Jen’s Gone Paleo posted on her fbook a few months ago of how she made her own coconut butter. Hold the phone, HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE. I was in coconut heaven as soon as I read her post…and what did I do then and there…I made the most delicious thing to touch these little lips of mine. And I packaged it in a super fancy mason jar with an elaborate label, as you can see. I could sell this shit for millions, MILLIONS I tell you! That is untrue.

But seriously, if you haven’t started looking into coconut and it’s amazing powers, you need to update yourself and start consuming it regularly. Coconut flakes are my new favorite snack, it kind of tastes like nothing but is still somehow extremely delicious. Make sense? Yeah…it doesn’t make sense to me either. Either way, make coconut butter. Be happy. Smile a lot. And then make more of it.


How to Make Your Own Coconut Butter




  1. Open bag–I seem to always need scissors. Guess I need to add in more wods. Damnit.
  2. Pour coconut flakes into food processor.
  3. Put the lid on your food processor–very important step!
  4. Turn food processor on.
  5. Make some kind of meal while your food processor runs for 8-10 minutes. If it sounds like the blade is just spinning and not mixing anything, open the lid back up and scrape the sides of the coconut. Help your food processor out here, it can’t do ALL the work! Lazy.


**Ok so I love this brand of coconut flakes (especially when on sale) BUT you can find the flakes for cheaper in most bulk sections at Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage or Sunflower Market. Same deal, smaller price tag. And I highly recommend using flakes, not the finely shredded coconut. For some reason, the flakes give a better consistency like “butter” while the shredded product makes it a bit more gritty and less liquid-y.
More liquid-y = yummy-er coconut butter. And yes, I know those aren’t words, ok?

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


110 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Coconut Butter”

  1. Thanks so much Heather! Not many people understand my humor. You must be incredibly intelligent. I'll definitely be checking out your blog!!

  2. I actually made coconut/walnut/pecan butter last night. Same idea, just put it all in the food processor and let it do the work. The coconut makes the walnut/pecan have more "oil". It tastes awesome. Different than just nut better, mch sweeter. I'm allergic to almonds so making my own nut butters is almost a must.

  3. Artisana makes a cacao bliss that is AWESOME!! They add agave to it. This sounds just super easy and de-lish!! I love coconut butter anyway. Definitely trying this one too!! Maybe I'll play with it and add some cocoa powder as well since that's a great idea and chocolate is good for you, right?!

  4. Ohhhhh I've definitely ate my fair share of that stuff. They have packets of it by a store near me. One of the best things I've ever inhaled. Like wow

  5. ok, so im gonna go out on a limb here & be a total dumbass….what would u use this for/in/on etc?

    I’m sure ur lightening quick paleo wit will have a blast with my question Julie, but Im the guy whos still trying to find the ‘on’ switch to his food processor.

    Ur a crack up btw & kinda cute in an insane food maniac way

    1. Coconut butter can be used for all different kinds of things! I really mostly just eat it by itself. Because it’s delicious. But it’s really good in curry dishes as well. This is one I’m going to have you do Alistair…find the on switch, let the food processor run, then eat a huge spoonful of it. Then comment back about how happy you are.

  6. I just made this in my dorm room and probably annoyed everyone in my hall with the sound of my processor going for 10 minutes. I added some ground cinnamon as well and it was delicious. I’ll definitely need to stock up on coconut flakes from now on. Thanks for posting this!

  7. Oh geez – nevermind… I just saw the other comment – you can ignore mine :). Thanks for all these AMAZING recipes!

  8. Thank you Juli! I had no idea I could make it myself and I even have a package of the flakes at home. They rock.

  9. Hey Juli,

    I could only find sweetened coconut flakes here in South Dakota. So I let my processor run for about nine minutes but no butter. Do you think it was that it is sweetened flakes? I have been looking on other sites and some just use dried, unsweetened coconut…do tell me yo’ thoughts!

  10. You should have put a warning like, do not attempt to make this while hungry, or if you have no self control. I almost can’t stop myself from eating the entire amount in one sitting.

  11. I had a 1/2 bag of coconut flakes and mine didn’t turn out creamy like yours looks in the picture. Maybe I’ve had my bag of coconut flakes for too long? LIke 3-4 months? They are the same brand/bag, everything. Was I supposed to refrigerate it after I opened it?

    Anyway, I ran my food processor for about 10 min, helping it along, but it still seemed a bit crumbly. I’m going to get a fresher bag at the store (hopefully) and see if it’ll turn out creamy like yours.

    1. They actually might be a little too old. I’ve also made it before when it’s turned crumbly so i think it just depends on the flakes

  12. Oh, I forgot to tell you, or maybe I already did in the past, I LOVE your blog, the simplicity of your recipes and that the ingredients are easy to obtain, at least with where I shop. As a single mommy and very busy, it’s hard to do paleo if the recipes were complicated, so glad your’s aren’t. I’ve made quite a few things of yours and they are ALL deliciouso!

    Your humor is pretty much like my humor, except yours is more adult than mine (I have 2 kids, so I do have to be a good role model). Anyway, it never fails when I come to your blog, I always chuckle.

    You probably would’ve laughed at me making chicken satay with “peanut” sauce and what it took for me to make it. My gosh, I almost had to go to the hospital, but thankfully, a friend of mine who is about to graduate from nursing school, was on hand, just in case I completely skewered my face with one of those bamboo skewers. Don’t ask! Everyone that was there was in total shock that I could maime myself eating chicken satay . . . needless to say, this will be a dish I prepare in body armor the next time.

  13. LOVE your blog! Just made the fam go paleo (3 kids 4y, 2y and 4 1/2 months old) and NEEDED to find your recipes! Super excited to start trying them. Also, you make me laugh…alot. Need that too (read above statement about 3 kids :). Thanks!

  14. Love your blog Juli… It never fails to put a smile on my face and every single recipe of yours that I’ve tried has been FAN TAS TIC. You have definitely found a true calling in life! 🙂
    I am SURE that you’ve answered this before but I can’t find it… what kind/brand of food processor do you have? I am looking into getting one, and although I am usually the buy-the-cheapest-one-and-hope-for-the-best kinda girl, I want one that actually does the job. Insight?

  15. I used a fresh coconut….no butter after 10 mins…..added coconut oil… was a bit better but still not creamy….light and fluffy but not buttery

  16. Does the size of the processor matter do you think? Mine is 11 cup and it just doesn’t seem to come out right – even with me helping by scraping the sides 🙂

    So glad i found your blog (PS your southwest meatloaf ROCKS!!!)

  17. Do you use unsweetened coconut flakes to make this?? I am assuming “yes”, but I don’t want to make it wrong. 🙂

  18. Lots of (possibly dumb) questions, sorry!
    Can you just use a blender instead of a full food processor?
    Can you make coconut oil using a similar process? The butter and oil are about $10 per tiny jar here and the flakes are $3.70… huge price difference!
    I’ve got a couple of good recipes that might be worth sharing, am I able to e-mail or send you the recipes?

    1. 1. it probably won’t work the same
      2. i’m not sure how to make oil, im sorry!
      3. you are more than welcome to send me an email!

      1. I killed my blender! Never mind, it was old and died a glorious death. Bought a new big 8-cup processor and mixed 2 packets of flakes together, but I think one of them was the wrong type. Given how simple the recipe is, I’m a bit disturbed about how I’ve stuffed it up twice!

  19. So I made (tried to make) this yesterday but didn’t read you note about using flakes instead of the shedded coconut. My coconut butter is very flakey still and I blended for 12-15 minutes. Would you suggest adding coconut milk or coconut oil to it and trying to puree it again? Thanks!

  20. ohhhh myyyy goodnessss. I think I’m in love… with you, and this! I was just at Vitamin Cottage looking for coconut butter for the chocolate avocado heaven cake on C.Caveman’s blog, and they were sold out at $10 dollars a jar. eff that noise. You’re awesome!

  21. Hey Juli – great website!
    So I just attempted the coconut butter using the same exact flakes you use. I processed them for pretty close to 10 minutes and got coconut liquid and not butter. Should I have gone longer, or did I maybe over process it and it was butter at some point when I wasn’t paying attention and missed the moment! Thanks.

  22. OK then! Well I put the jar in the fridge and it stiffened up quite a bit, then set it out on the counter and I think it’s OK. Not quite as smooth as what’s in the Artisana jar, but either way, it’s de-lish! Thank you! It’s the answer to my sweet tooth as I make my way through a Whole30. And I’m making your pork shoulder apple ginger crock pot recipe. Smells great! Rock on!

  23. Just have to say, I read your posts aloud because they are so freaking funny. And I don’t think I could be paleo without your recipes. (cept I cant have sweet popo, isn’t that sad?) Anyway, THANKS!!

      1. OMG – you HAVE to save up for one – you can buy them refurbished for around 350.

        I cannot tell you how much BETTER smoothies and soups are in this thing!!!

        IT’s SO FRIGGIN WORTH IT!!! Even if you have to go in with it with a couple of other people and share!

  24. Ok…here’s what I did:
    – using the “wet” blender carafe I started on variable level 1 for quite a while – about 2-3 minutes, stopping scraping down occasionally
    – this wasn’t getting anywhere past the initial chop so I melted about a tsp of coconut oil in the micro, and began to drizzle it into the blender .. As I did that I was able to bring up the speed to around 9 ish without the blade just spinning
    – after a minute or so of this, I was able to flip to max power mode – and that took about 2 minutes to get to super creamy state.

    Note: it WILL be hot when you pour it out – but super creamy…. And yea, I couldn’t stop licking everything … Lol

  25. DIVINE! Too bad it was SO hard to make! 😉 ha ha! THis is seriously so good and totally saving me. I needed a sweet fix and it did it for me! Thanks Juli!

  26. So i tried to make this in my ninja. Fail 🙁 its prompted me to sell my ninja on Craigslist and buy a vitamix.

    But that’s not why I’m commenting. I’m leaving you a note because I know exactly what you mean about the flakes tasting like nothing but something and good. I’m
    Not a huge coconut fan. I’m still working up to eating the oil straight but I tried a flake after reading what you said about it and will now grab a handful and munch away. I know you probably hear it a lot but I love reading your blog and your totally hilarious. Your writing is how I think. It’s just too much. Anyways, thanks for making me a coconut convert <3

  27. sorry that comment was not well thought out. I want to make the magic brownies. How much flakes do I need to have the right amount for that?

  28. This is awesome and I was able to find the flakes in the bulk organic section at Wegmans (The bestest supermarket in the East). PS Yummier is in fact a word.

  29. Juli love your sass girl. Totally got your humor. Eeks you said something I would say. Sounds yummy going to have to sent his to a vegan friend.

  30. Haha was so busy reading this just flambéd an empty poy on the stove!

    Seriously though, just found your blog and love it! You rock – love your sense of humour. Must be what Crossfit does to our brains he he he

  31. I made this a couple months ago, its been patiently sitting in my fridge, just waiting to be used! How long would you say it lasts before needing to make a new batch?

  32. I looked for this after looking at your recipe for peppermint bark. I alredy make an *awesome* peppermint bark for my family at Xmas, but it is SO not Paleo.

    Now I have a paleo version too…and looking at this “recipe”, I am already thinking I can make an Almond Joy bark too…mmmmmm.

    I read your blog almost daily and literally lol each and every time. We would so get in trouble if we hung out together. Too bad I live in Cali….
    Road Trip!

  33. Made some of this the other day, but I used shredded coconut instead of flakes. You’re right, it does tend to be a little more gritty, but then some of us are more gritty than others anyway.

  34. Well, I guess I can put slice it up and dehydrate it, then try it 🙂
    Thanks! I eat raw coconut all the time, but would love to try this!

  35. I tried making this in my food processor and it burned up the motor. So I’m gonna try my vitamix………….:(

  36. How exciting! Much cheaper than buying it in the store!
    Love your recipes! And LOVE your new book! Come to
    FL soon on the book tour! 🙂

  37. What did I do wrong…. Would it have stuffed up cause I didn’t open the bag?
    I use real coconut… My daughter thought she would like to drink straight from the shell, but alas no milk…. Then the three of my jiblets tried the coconut….oh well that didn’t go down well…. SOOOOO I thought maybe it would work making butter!?!!? An hour later and still it wasn’t smooth or even blendy (yes that’s a word in my dictionary) I threw in some coconut oil and kept going. It’s in Tupperware and in the fridge but still not what I’d consider butter. Thoughts??

    1. Let me start by saying I’m in Australia (products could be different) I’m finding mine are staying ‘bits’ – even after adding a little coconut oil. I’ve been processing now 40min & it’s the same as it was 20min ago…my processer cost me $200 au, (that to me seems like a good 1) & no where on the coconut flakes does it say sweetened, (however, there’s sugar in the ingredients)….gotta say – I’m almost over it…suggestions?

  38. So my daughter shared the recipe for your Blueberry Honey Coconut Cups! They look so good!!! She is doing more the modified paleo diet plan and I am doing Trim Healthy Mama’s. She tells me they are very similar.

    Anyway, I was stoked when I saw it it. Then i read the bit for coconut cream concentrate… I thought, what the heck is that??, then I saw your recipe for the coconut butter and I was stoked again! However, I was so disappointed and bummed when I went to the grocery store and all there was “sweetened coconut” What the heck right?? Surely there is plain coconut out there that has not been sweetened.

    PS… Love your sense of humor. Very dry and a bit sarcastic!

  39. This is AMAZING. I never bought this stuff because it seemed way overpriced. I bought 3 pounds of coconut flakes, thinking I’d use the leftover coconut for other stuff, but ended up just making a ton of this butter. My kids just cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed so that I’d share it with them. Follows the recipe exactly as written in my KitchenAid Little Classic food processor, fitting as much as possible inside each time. Going to make my husband your baked apples with this now!!

  40. Charlotte Hensley

    Alright, I’m absofreakinlutely (that’s MY word!!) LOVING this site, and your humor (I think we were separated at birth…sniff, sniff). I’m on a “CooCoo for Coconuts” rampage right now..just slathered coconut oil on my face and décolleté (yep, the girls got it too…I figure they hang there like coconuts, so it’s gotta be good for them too, right?!). Then, I had a few spoonfuls of coconut cream to eat too…now I’m ready for bed 😉

    I’ve looked and looked in the comments for this, but do you ever add flavoring a like stevia, cinnamon…anything?

    Also, have read in a couple other places that coconut is good for thyroid…

  41. I just made this and it turned out beautifully! After two failures with shredded coconut, I was thinking my food processor was to blame, or the coconut I was buying had been too dehydrated, or something. But I read this and bought flakes and tried it again today, and voila! Creamy perfection.


  42. I turned my food processor on, and helped it some. Mine never liquefied. I even added a bit of coconut oil. What the check am I doing wrong, with something so simple?!

  43. Hello Jully! We know that coconut butter is used for all different kind of things. I always eat it, when I take the breakfast. It is really good for curry dishes as well. Thank you so much for sharing the great info about coconut butter.

  44. Using a food processor and at this for over a hour ans still no even near a butter texture ???????? I’m using desiccated coconut ? Is this the problem?

    1. oh no, that totally stinks! next time around, definitely follow the recipe exactly (using coconut flakes) because that really does make a difference. with the desiccated coconut, it can’t blend together like the coconut flakes can.

  45. Hi Julie! Thanks for all the awesome recipes. Creeping on old posts for a party (the Klondike bites in the summer are a favorite). How much butter does this make? And does it need refrigerating? Thanks!!!

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