Today on the podcast, I’m talking about our world that is riddled with insecurities, big and small! And the hardships we go through with the close people in our lives during major changes. And why TopGun Maverick was soooooooo damn good.

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  1. Amy Rockwood says:

    Loved the podcast today. Felt like old times when you just talked about random nonsense and made me laugh. My favorite type of podcast.

  2. Laura says:

    Really liked hearing you complain about going up and down those stairs in your house hahaha.. we use to live in a ranch and that was easier after having twins… Don’t get me wrong- the other topics in this podcasts, specifically about lost relationships was always wonderful to listen to since I can relate. But those stairs.. i’m 25 weeks pregnant with girl #4 and consider my cardiovascular levels to be pretty good, on a normal non pregnant basis. But being pregnant with stairs in our house..holy crap why is it so terrible?! thank you for sharing your thoughts!