Instant Pot Remake – Smoky Bacon Chili


Well, I’m officially obsessed with my Instant Pot. I got mine about 2 months ago but have been putting off trying it out. New appliances intimidate me, especially ones with long manuals. But I put my big girl pants on and finally tried it out and I GET IT! I get why people are so obsessed with it! This chili recipe I’m sharing with you guys today is actually a recipe from back in the day! But after making it in the pressure cooker, I will never make it any other way. This tasted SO.MUCH.BETTER! And now I’m not AS scared of using my Instant Pot. Still slightly scared. But it’s so worth the fright because holy moly, it makes delicious food. I can’t wait to make more in my IP!

PaleOMG Instant Pot Smoky Bacon Chili

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PaleOMG Instant Pot Smoky Bacon Chili


Instant Pot Remake – Smoky Bacon Chili

  • Yield: 4 1x


  • 6 slices of bacon, cubed
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 yellow onion, diced
  • 1 red bell pepper, diced
  • 1 green bell pepper, diced
  • 1 pound grass-fed ground beef
  • 1 tablespoon smoked paprika
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 2 teaspoons cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 (14 ounce) can of fire roasted tomatoes
  • 1 (8 ounce) can of tomato sauce
  • salt and pepper, to taste

For garnish


  1. Place bacon in the basin of your instant pot then press the saute button and cooking until bacon is crispy. Remove bacon and leave behind bacon fat (I left it all but you don’t have to, you could just leave behind 2 tablespoons in you prefer). Then add garlic cloves, onion, and peppers and saute for 5 minutes.
  2. Lastly, add all the rest of the ingredients and mix to combine. Cook for another 5 minutes then add the bacon back to the instant pot and mix to combine.
  3. Press the keep warm/cancel button then secure the lid, close off the pressure valve then press the Bean/Chili button. This will cook for 30 minutes. Once the chili is done cooking, you can let it naturally release or do a quick release then stir together.
  4. Mix together coconut cream and ranch dressing then plop a scoop on the chili and garnish with fresh cilantro!

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PaleOMG Instant Pot Smoky Bacon Chili


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89 thoughts on “Instant Pot Remake – Smoky Bacon Chili”

  1. Juli – I love that you are starting to use the Instant Pot. I too am still kind of afraid of mine, but I am looking forward to trying this recipe. I agree that Kaitlyn and Shawn should have their own show. They’re my favorite, especially on Snapchat! I’m going to CityStrong with them this Sunday in CT. I’m looking forward to getting a great workout and meeting them in real life.

  2. Hi Juli!! I don’t have an instant pot, could I make this in the slow cooker or should I just cook it on the stove top? Thank you! Love everything about you! Your cookbooks (have two of them), your blog and you pr snaps ????????

  3. Nothing to do with this recipe- started a new podcast called Missing & Murdered: Who killed Alberta Williams. Right up your ally.

  4. hey girl haay. love your shit.

    One tiny suggestion (maybe im just ocd) — on your podcast post can you switch your title around? Ex.: EPISODE 15: MY FAVORITE THINGS RIGHT NOW – PALEOMG UNCENSORED PODCAST.

    When I go listen on itunes, I like to see the episode topic and itunes cuts all your titles off at “PALEOMG UNCENSORED PODCAST Epsiode…” for some reason?

    Ok! Loves.
    I’ll be tuning in.

    xo – Katie

  5. I’ve only used my instant pot for chicken broth (you will never do it any other way) and kaula pork. Looking forward to more recipes!

  6. Thank you! I just recently purchased an IP and have made a whole chicken, chicken stock, chicken soup and a Mexican Paleo Meatloaf – all turned out fantastic. So far I am very impressed. I am looking for ward to trying this recipe now as I have tried your slow cooker Chili and it was fantastic so I am sure this one will be great too.

  7. OMG I am so excited to see this recipe revived! I wanna see more instapot recipes and more recipes from the past! And more cooking videos (which I know are comping and I just LOVE it!) ! I’m super pumped!!!!!! Exclamation points!!!!!!!

    P.S. I always do the quick release method with my instapot and it makes me jump a mile every time. Just sayin.

  8. I just made hard boiled eggs in the IP for the first time and it was life-changing. EVERY egg peeled perfectly, and it took less than 15 minutes from start to finish. I’m still in shock.

    1. Hello I want to try this recipe! Everything looks fantastic except for there are no beans? So How do I add beans to this? And which kind?

  9. I wish he kept Lauren “Hussy” on the show. Am I the only one that thought her comment about their last names was funny?! Together they are a disgusting hussy…love it.

    1. agreed, i liked it! i just listened to a podcast talking about the first episode and they had a source that said he really didn’t like that joke and corrected her on how to pronounce his last name. talk about a debbie downer!

  10. Can someone please articulate just how an instant pot makes food better? I’d def buy one if I could figure out just why it’s better than a swanky crock pot. Thanks!!!

    1. I just got on the instant pot bandwagon, so I understand your question! I wondered the same thing myself and put off purchasing one for a while. But black friday, a friend of mine and I took the plunge and each bought one. We love them! There are a couple of benefits. The pressure cooker yields the same results on say, a tough cut of meat, cooking it into a tender delicious meat, but in a fraction of the time. Sometimes I just don’t plan ahead, but I can still cook meat even from frozen, and it comes out great. I can start it cooking, and then kind of “set it and forget it” while I tend to side dishes. I don’t have to keep an eye on it, or stir it.

      Also, I found with some crock pot recipes, with ingredients like fruits or some of the chinese food recipes, they tended to kind of melt together and lose flavor if I started them before work and then came home for dinner. That doesn’t happen with the instant pot. Less cooking time, so flavor stays fresher. Chicken breast can dry out in a slow cooker, it doesn’t happen with an instant pot.

      It really does replace numerous appliances, it can be used as a rice cooker also, and can still function as a slow cooker. It really does live up to the hype!

      Also – the saute function is the bomb! With a crockpot, if you want to brown the meat first, or cook bacon like in this recipe, it requires another pan. With the instant pot, you get to literally do it all in one pot. Plus you have the browning from the sauteing that adds another level of flavor.

      Another thing is, I really think that with the pressure, the foods absorb more of the seasonings. I have found foods just come out tasting better. I made a Ropa Vieja that was just delicious, even though it was the same recipe I’ve used before.
      I’ve used it to “bake” sweet potatoes, which took a lot less time than the oven, so dinner took a lot less time to prepare, and I didn’t heat up the whole kitchen, another big plus. While it is really “steaming” them (the skins are wet, not dry and crispy like they are in the oven), it really seemed to have more flavor! My daughter was scraping the last of the sweet potato off the skins, when she usually just eats the middle and leaves a lot of sweet potato still attached to the skins.

      I’ve only had mine for a couple of weeks, but I’m already a huge fan. The IP has all the benefits of slow cooking, but so many more options!! I’m really looking forward to more of Juli’s IP recipes, and I can’t wait to try this chili!!

  11. Yay! I am over the top excited that you’ve embraced the IP!!! I love mine and cannot wait to try your new (old) recipe!!!

  12. i love my instant pot !!!! I pretty much now only cook in my cast iron skillet and instant pot. It still scares me though, so I put up a gate going into the kitchen so the kids and dog can’t go in while the IP is cooking. Just incase it explodes.

  13. Sooooo glad you now have an instant pot to teach us all how to make delicious things in it. That manual is not very explanatory! So far, I have been successful at wings and beans and using it as a traditional slow cooker.

    Also, Bachelor isn’t all that attractive… and who has a one night stand, doesn’t provide a number, goes back on a show the one night stand stars on and says she’s there for the “right” reasons?

  14. I’m struggling to get chicken to come out right in the instant pot. Last night mine was chewy :-O
    Are you taking on any chicken recipes? Hoping you can lead the way!

  15. This looks amazing. Dumb question, though, did you brown the ground beef first or put it in uncooked? I have a similar chili recipe that uses a can of pumpkin and it is so tasty!

      1. Thanks! my husband wondered the same thing. The directions didn’t state it specifically and my man needs those details ????.

  16. Got my Instapot in November and slowly getting braver with it. Try nom nom paleo’s kalua pork, it is hands down the best shredded pork I’ve ever had, made in 75 minutes!! I also steamed spaghetti squash in 8 minutes last night. I’m trying this recipe tonight but I wanna throw in a sweet potato. I’m assuming it will cook completely in the timeline but I’ll let you know.

    Also! So happy Bachelor is back. Its the highlight of January, well that and reading your rants about it. Love love Love it!!

  17. Making this now in my instant pot but having a hard time getting it to come up to pressure. Perhaps there’s not enough liquid? ???? Smells amazing though!

  18. I made this chili on the stove (no IP), and it’s incredible! This will be in the regular meal rotation I think, thanks for another great recipe!

  19. Please continue to post pressure cooker recipes! I have one and have been intimidated to use it. Maybe if i try some of your delicious recipes I will learn to love it! Can’t wait to try this one out!

  20. Damn, this is so tasty. I doubled the recipe for my family of 4 and we killed it in a day and a half. My 14 year old daughter said she wants this option everyday as an after school snack.

    Thanks for all your deliciousness!

  21. Holly cow! I don’t have an instant pot, but I have a pressure cooker. I made this in my pressure cooker and it turned out sooooo good! The flavors and texture are amazing! Really, the BEST paleo chili recipe I’ve EVER made! Thank you so much for this!

  22. Hi Juli! Made this and loved it! I have made the lechon asada (and pico and tostones!) and it is a favorite in our house. Do you think it would be possible to do in the IP? 50 minutes on high, natural release? Would you still marinate the night before?


  23. for doubling up this recipe, what would you recommend? a straight double of all ingredient amounts or something a little different?

  24. My husband is definitely hard to please and isn’t a fan of most of the paleo meals I cook. I made this chili for us tonight and he said it was one of the best he’s ever had!
    Between us and the kids (age 4 and 6), the pot of chili is gone now.
    Great recipe, Juli, and I’m enjoying making so many things in my instant pot!

  25. UnREAL. So, so good and couldn’t be more simple. Topped it with avocado instead of ranch or coco cream. Just superb, Juli. Thank you!

  26. My meat turned out kinda mushy 🙁 not sure why, so I am going to stick with the original recipe which last time turned out Amaz-balls.

  27. Just made this tonight and love love love it!!! I have been cookinh your recipes for a couple months now and I have loved everything! Thanks so much for your recipes and everything else, you are an inspiration!

  28. So good! I made a double batch of your old school version of this last night and will Be making it in my instant pot once I get it for Christmas this year. My husband topped his with cheese and sour cream, and I served mine over some spaghetti squash with a few dashes of hot sauce.

  29. Another bomb recipe! Yet again, you’re making me look like a legit cook. My husband was like, “Make this again. Don’t change anything about it. It’s perfect. And don’t forget where you found it.” The Instant Pot is the best thing ever (or, is that just something older people say?!). I have a love affair with certain kitchen appliances.

  30. Sorry for the possibly obvious question. Making this tonight, do you pre-cook the ground beef or put it in the IP raw and it cooks with the rest of the ingredients?

  31. Juli- I made this last night and it was a huge hit with my husband! Will definitely be revisiting this recipe in the near future.

  32. Hi Juli,

    Can’t wait to try this! One thing though – my instant pot doesn’t have a Bean/Chili button. Should I just do it on manual for 30 minutes? I’ve got a Meat/Stew button…

    Thank you,

  33. 5-stars! This recipe is super simple and packed with flavor. My husband and I LOVED it and will definitely be adding this to the regular rotation. Definitely don’t skip the garnishes – they totally make the dish!

  34. This is so yummy! I brought my lil instant pot over to my parents house to make this meal and am happy to say this recipe was a crowd pleaser for all of us paleo and not! They started asking questions about Paleo and if it was hard etc etc HOW FREAKING CUTE! Thanks so much for another banger Juli! <3

  35. LOVE this chili!! I’ve had this recipe printed for quite a while on my list to make so yesterday was the day. I haven’t used smoked paprika much but after using it in this chili, I love the flavor! This is another of my go-to recipes for my family… like so many of your recipes! I need to name my kitchen ‘Juli’s kitchen’ since most of what I cook each week are your recipes lol. Thanks for sharing this one!!

  36. Hi! I’m so excited to try this! It will be my FIRST instapot meal ever! Just one question. The recipe 8 oz can of tomato sauce but the link leads to a 15oz can, and I can’t find a 8 oz can. Just want to know if that was a mistake or if I should just use half the can. Thanks so much!

  37. The recipe was quick and easy to make. Smells delicious and so tasty. Didn’t know if I would like this without beans and cheese but honestly didn’t miss those at all. Will definitely be making this regularly!!

  38. I can’t see the recipe for any of these! What’s wrong?? Was looking for the Buffalo chicken chili recipe and couldn’t see it so came to check this out & same thing 🙁 I can see instructions but not ingredients!

    1. sadly there is a glitch in my system that i’m trying to troubleshoot, but here are the ingredients in the meantime! i’m so sorry for the inconvenience!
      6 slices of bacon, cubed
      2 garlic cloves, minced
      1 yellow onion, diced
      1 red bell pepper, diced
      1 green bell pepper, diced
      1 pound grass-fed ground beef
      1 tablespoon smoked paprika
      1 tablespoon garlic powder
      1 tablespoon chili powder
      2 teaspoons cumin
      1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
      1 (14 ounce) can of fire roasted tomatoes
      1 (8 ounce) can of tomato sauce
      salt and pepper, to taste
      For garnish
      1/4 cup of coconut cream
      2 tablespoons Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing
      fresh cilantro

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