Monday Motivation – Drink More Water!

Happy Monday out there!! I hope your day is off to a great start! I’ve decided mine is going to be. I’ve had a few rough days in a row and I haven’t been able to pull myself from these anxiety-ridden thoughts. So today I’m going to start off with some CBD, then I’m going to do some deep breathing, and I’m going to finish it all off with some positive self-talk. We are all products of our imagination and since mine is acting up lately, it’s time for some self-care and positive affirmations. Looking at the world through a different lens can always change the outcome of the week. So let’s do this!!

But before I jump into a barrel of CBD, let’s talk about water. What a deeply boring subject. But here’s the thing – most people aren’t drinking enough of it. And you know what? That lack of water could be causing bloating and leading you to see less of those muscles you are working so hard for!

We all know that water is a necessity. But with all the drinks that are on the market nowadays, it’s often forgotten about. People feel like they need something sweet, or something bubbly, or something that will give them energy. But then what happens? Many of those drinks just dehydrate the body, leading to more bloating and weird issues. Most studies out there say to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. That equates out to about a half gallon or so, which is great! But if you can drink even more, even better, especially since you are working out regularly and sweating. I try to drink a gallon or more of water per day!

Water does all kinds of important things:

  1. Water gets rid of waste through urination, sweating and bowel movements. If you’ve ever felt constipated, it could be from a number of different factors, but it often relates back to hydration. I’ll give it to you straight – when you’re drinking an adequate amount of water, it’s easier to poop. Your colon is properly lubricated as well as your bowel movement, which means you’re getting rid of that excess waste more easily and frequently.
  2. Water lubricates and cushions your joints, which is very important for many reasons, especially when you’re working out on a regular basis.
  3.  And water will help debloat! This is always helpful when you’re hoping to see results. If you don’t drink an adequate amount of water, the body holds onto it so you don’t get dehydrated. But when you are drinking a good amount of water on a daily basis, your body knows it is consistently hydrated and it will flush out the unneeded stores. This leads to less bloating and those muscles showing! Want to see more results? Drink water!

Tips for drinking more water:

  1. Get a water bottle that you like drinking from. I find that I drink WAY more when I have a water bottle that has a straw on it. Nothing is worse than drinking from a Nalgene and the water comes gushing down, waterboarding you instantly. I’m linking some my favorites below, not including that dumb water bottle!
  2. Set a daily goal. If you know you want to drink a gallon per day, figure out how many times you’ll need to fill up your water bottle and how often you’ll need to finish a bottle to reach that goal.
  3. Set reminders. I sucked ass at drinking water for a while so I finally started setting reminders every hour to make sure I finished my bottle of water.
  4. If you’re peeing too often, add a pinch of himalayan sea salt or an electrolyte pack to your water. This will help you absorb more and pee less.

Something you won’t see me doing or recommending is adding fruit to my water. I think spa water is gross. Nothing looks less appealing to me than moldy looking fruit floating around in my water. But if this really butters your biscuits and gets you drinking more water, then do it! I support you! But for me, water loaded with a ton of ice is all I need! Hopefully some of these simple tips help you drink more water and hold yourself accountable throughout the day!

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10 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Drink More Water!”

  1. I hope your CBD helped and you’re feeling better! I 100% agree on finding a water bottle you like. I hated my nalgene for the same reason. I couldn’t stand a twist off top stainless steel one either because I didn’t like putting my mouth on the rim (ew that’s what she said). I drink a ton more water now that I have the tumbler version of a hydroflask with the (sold separately) silicone & straw lid. It can be cleaned so easily too!

  2. Marcia Menuez Commerford

    You are so right about hydration. After suffering from excruciating pain in my calf the other night, I guzzled 32 oz. of water and the pain vanished.

    Try EFT/Tapping for that stress. Combines affirmations with meridian pressure points. Surprisingly effective..tons of videos out there. Quick and easy! You look stupid doing it though…def do in private.

  3. Recs for CBD oil? I’ve got major sleep issues (either hormonal or anxiety related or both) and looking for some natural solutions. Traditional sleeping pills make me feel hungover, and melatonin doesn’t do shit for me. Trying to approach this from a wellness perspective now. Thanks!

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