Reader Questions – Episode 5: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

Huge shout out to my friend Joy from Girls Gone Wod because after a completely miserable day that I kept drowning in, especially when I couldn’t get this podcast uploaded, she took over and fixed everything! Because of her, I am smiling today and this podcast lives on for a 5th episode! This week I asked you awesome people to write in with random questions so I answered some from the blog and from instagram. So huge thank you to everyone who wrote in! And if I missed anything you’d really like me to answer, feel free to leave your questions below in the comments section! You just may not hear back until Sunday or Monday….BECAUSE I’M GOING TO VEGAS!! After a really tough week, it’s time for a one night vacation – I’m going to danceuntil4inthemorning town. See you on Monday!!

And PS – I had a ton of people ask about macros, supplements, vitamins, and also how I became a blogger full time so I’m definitely going to do an entire podcast about two topics so stay tuned in the next couple weeks!

Favorite Podcasts Right Now:

  • My Favorite Murder
  • Serial
  • Undisclosed
  • In the Dark
  • Accused
  • Girls Gone Wod
  • Anna Faris is Unqualified
  • My friend Joy recommended Up and Vanished AND Real Crime Profile, I haven’t had time to listen to them yet since I’ve been working through My Fav Murder so definitely check those out, too!

Favorite Workout Clothes:

Links about dealing with changes at the gym & with myself:

Favorite Restaurants in Denver (and other cities I’ve traveled to):

Favorite Food Blogs (paleo and non-paleo):

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: Dessert Essence Whitening Paste

Favorite People On Snapchat:

  • Kaitlyn Bristowe (a bachelorette a couple seasons ago) – snapbackbean
  • Shawn Booth (the guy Kaitlyn chose and is now engaged to) – Shawn_Booth


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Episode 5 Transcription:

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Hey there! It’s Juli, from PaleOMG. I hope you got that from the introduction going on there. There’s just a lot going on here at the PaleOMG household. I wonder if my husband finds it annoying when I say PaleOMG household. He doesn’t really read my blog, or listen to my podcast, or watch any of my videos, so he doesn’t even know.

Ok guys. Today we’re going to be talking about random questions. I was thinking every 5th episode, I did a random questions episode. But we’ll see how the first one goes. I started asking questions like a week ago, and the questions keep building up, so I’m hoping I’m covering everything, and they’re all over the place, today, guys. I asked on Instagram earlier today for random questions, and there were some interesting ones. Some ones I just cannot cover. I won’t say why, because then I’m going to be rude, I’m going to be a bitch, and I don’t want to be a bitch.

Wait; let’s go over some crazy stuff going on right now. So, I’ve been trying to film videos but we have construction going on at our house. We’re getting like a pathway lay from the front to the back of the house. And I don’t know if you’ve followed me for very long, but if you have, you saw that like 2 weeks before our wedding our sewer line collapsed, so we had to dig into our patio. So we’ve had this hole in our patio that’s just a mound of dirt, because the; I don’t know, whatever, the plumber, was like, don’t use us, we’ll charge you way too much. Um, you already charged me f*cking a lot of money, so might as well. Whatever.

We didn’t get it filled, so we’ve had it sitting there for like 7, 8 months or something. And it’s finally filled, and then we had our driveway filled as well. So there’s just been a ton of construction going on, and filming is very difficult, and then I have a whiney dog on top of it. So you might hear this noise in the background, and that’s Jackson with a bone. Because I gave him a bone, so he wouldn’t whine through this. But he’s going to annoy you; so I’m really f*cking myself over here, but whatever.

But you know, we also got new internet, and when I downloaded video with our old internet, it took me 20 plus hours to download a video to YouTube. And then the other day, I downloaded a video and it took less than 20 minutes. What the f*ck? So we got fast new internet. So everything; a lot of sh*t has been going down here. So I’m lucky to be getting this podcast done before I leave for Vegas this weekend! I’m going for a 20-hour trip because that’s all you really need in Vegas, let’s be real.

Ok, but one question I got; and I’m just going to start off with a bunch of random questions and just go at it. Because we just have so many things to get through, but one of the main questions I have was what podcast are you listening to right now? And my favorite one, and because they started a while ago so I have a ton to listen to, is My Favorite Murder. What I didn’t know is one of those, the comedians on it, is in the show Unique Sweets if you’ve ever seen that show on the cooking channel or Food Network or whatever; f*ck that show is awesome, and makes you want to eat the worst food in the world. What a cool job. And it’s so funny because the show is all light and bubbly; and, “Oh, desserts!” and then you have the person on My Favorite Murder talking about murder. It’s awesome.

So I love that podcast; I love the other ones, Serial, and then I did Undisclosed. I just kind of fell off of Undisclosed because I got a little bit bored, because obviously there are a million details in that, but that one’s really good. In the Dark is awesome; Accused is awesome, did those already. Girls Gone WOD; my ladies over there, Claire and Joy are awesome. They are friends here in town, and I go on their show every 6 months or so, and then I also started listening to Anna Farris in Unqualified, or Anna Farris is Unqualified, and she just has all her famous friends on there. She’s like; “Oh, hey I’m famous; famous friends come on here”. Katie Couric. I listen to the one with Olivia Munn; it’s just funny because I had to stop listening to murder podcasts, because one day was about cannibalism. It was f*cked up. That sh*t is so f*cked up. So I had to turn it off; I had to put it on Anna Farris; with Olivia Munn, she started talking about pregnancy, and she’s like; I froze my eggs, whatever, and I’m not sure if I want to;

Ugh there’s a construction worker in my backyard. He’s going to ring my doorbell. UGGH! Ok. They’re talking about how she froze her eggs because she doesn’t know if she’s going to have kids, but what she was really scared about was giving birth because her friend said down under never looked the same. So that’s something to ponder over, and that’s something I had nightmares about all night. I keep having these nightmares about giving birth. And I’m not pregnant, no, don’t f*cking write me on Instagram; not pulling the goalie. The only thing I’m good at taking every single day is my birth control, that’s for f*cking sure.

So those are the podcasts I’m listening to right now! That’s what I’m getting after! Another huge question I’ve been having, but I have to talk about this right away, put it out there, is macros, supplements, and protein powder, because f*cking people love that sh*t; they eat it up. So know that I’m not going to answer any of those questions today, because I’m going to do an entire post about it; or an entire podcast about it next week. So you’ll have that next week; keep that in mind. Macros, supplements, protein powder.

And then another question that I got a ton of is how I made blogging my full-time gig, and just asking kind of details about that, and I’m also going to do a podcast about that, because there are so many details. It’s not like a quick-answer podcast question and answer sesh. So don’t worry, I’m going to talk about those two things, because I think they’re super fun topics and interesting, and have all kinds of details. So yeah, how’s that? Ok, let’s talk about those.

So a couple of questions I got were related to trolls. You know those people on the internet who leave really nasty comments? Who the f*ck are those people? Like, if you have ever looked at Kim Kardashian’s profile, and just read the comments; like, who the f*ck are these people saying these awful disgusting things? Who the f*ck taught them that was ok? I mean, it’s just out of control. So the question I got was how I deal with trolls.

So when I first started my blog it was about 6 years ago, and I remember getting my first couple of mean comments, and they were just like, how I was ugly, or I was fat, or whatever f*cking else. Anything people can pull out, but I would get emails, I would get comments on my blog. So a lot of times, you don’t actually see these things because I don’t post them to my blog. I don’t let these people put their mean angriness into the world, I just erase them. But I would write back at first, because I was like; no, I have to prove myself. But if someone is trolling you on the internet, you have nothing to prove to them. No matter what you say; it’s like f*cking Hillary and Trump talking to each other. What is the point of those f*cking debates? You’re just going back and forth. No one is going to be like, “Oh.” Trump’s not going to be like, “I completely agree with you Hillary.” That’s the same thing with f*cking trolls. Is that a terrible comparison? Whatever.

But, that’s what it’s like. You’re talking to someone who hates you, hates what you’re doing, so when you’re trying to talk back to them it’s completely pointless. It’s so stupid. So I’ve tried to stop doing that over the year. A lot of people I just block and I erase their comments right away, because I just don’t want to look at that. And to question who I am and to question what I’m doing when I love who I am and I love what I’m doing; I don’t want to question those things so I just get rid of those comments and that hatred pretty quickly. But you’ll see me on Snapchat, because I keep my Snapchat private so nobody can comment back to me other than my friends who I follow on there, so I’ll let go of some of these frustrations on this forum that feels private. But I’m like, “F*ck you man,” and I let it go on there, and then I’ll get people on there, like, “Why do you even comment back on Snapchat? Why don’t you just keep it to yourself and not give them what they want, really?”

But until you are blasted every single f*cking day for who you are, no matter what; it’s some sort of social media, some sort of comment, some sort of email; something, I am blasted for every day. And I’m not famous; I can’t imagine what it’s like to be famous, and what people say about you. It really does eat you up, even if you’re a really confident person. It still hurts you that somebody could be so mean to another person. And I can’t imagine what it’s like to grow up, to be a teenager, to be a pre-teen in this world of internet, and internet trolls, and mean f*cking teenagers. I was picked on so much, and people were so mean to me growing up, and I think it really did help me get a thick skin, but if there would have been social media, and what I see people saying; young teens to other young teens; if there would have been social media when I was a teenager I honestly don’t think I would have made it. And I truly mean that. There were many, many times where I did not want to be on this earth anymore, and I honestly don’t think I would have made it if social media was around when I was young.

People don’t understand what they say; they’re saying it to real people. Because you’re just typing it through the computer. So if you are one of those people who says something; anything rude. Even just, “I like your hair the other way.” Why would you say that? You would never come up to me on the street and say, “I don’t really like those shoes.” Never! You would not say that. And you can say I put my life out there so I deserve whatever I get; that’s f*cking bullsh*t. {laughs} You would never say something to a person in person that you would say over the internet. You’re an adult, you can agree with that. So keep that in mind.

If you’re a person who talks sh*t on the internet, I think you’re going to hell and I’m not even a religious person. {laughs} But, you’re going somewhere bad because you’re a bad person. And those words that you’re saying really do make an impact on people, so consider that. Especially these young squishy brains; I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a teenager that young, and someone say such awful things to you, and then you start to believe it.

So I go through all these different stages; sometimes just deleting, sometimes writing back and sticking up for myself. Because f*ck you! I like who I am, and why are you talking badly about me? I didn’t come to your profile and say; “I don’t like what you’re posting!” {laughs} because I’m a normal human being. So I go through stages of it, so you’ll see many stages of it. But it’s just a friendly reminder; don’t say mean things over the internet. And don’t raise your kids to say mean things over the internet. That ain’t cool man. That is f*cked up. That’s all I have to say about that. I really let it out.

Ok, I have another great question I got a couple of times. Favorite workout clothes? Because I have a ton, I have shared so many on my site, so you can look back at my fashion tab, and I’ve shared a ton. I just don’t want to miss anything, so I’m sorry if I do. Some of my favorite brands for workout clothes is Zella, and you can find those at Nordstrom. And their stuff is on sale all the time. It fits so great. It runs big, so definitely size down. I always get extra small in pants, and I don’t ever wear an extra small, so keep that in mind. Victoria’s Secret sport, they also run big. I always get an extra small in their pants. Those two are awesome, they’re thick, they’re not see-through, they stay up when you workout; I love those.

Express is another one; I recently just tried out their workout clothes and I did a review of them on my blog so you can see that review and what it looked like. I even did a workout video in it, so you can see what the clothes kind of look like when they’re moving; and they don’t move at all. And then Splits59. They’re a very fashion forward line so they have really cool, just kind of different stuff. They’re definitely head turners. And then LuLuLemon. Most people know LuLuLemon at this point. My favorite LuLuLemon, just because they’re in the higher price point, I love getting the high times. Those are my favorite, and I always look on their sales rack; online sales rack. But they always have; they’ll have high times once in a while. You just have to keep an eye on it, because they run out of sizes really quickly. But those are my favorite 5; I think I gave 5. Those are the ones I like the most, and they all hold up really well.

Ok, so I’m going to start doing some questions I got on the blog, and then I’ll do some quick ones on Instagram. I feel like this one is going to run really long {laughs} but that’s cool, right? That’s cool. So this is from Emily. She said, “Can you talk about how to narrow down fitness goals in Crossfit? I feel like there are a million things I can work on, and I kind of dabble in everything, steady improvement.”

So just tips for goal prioritization. Man, words are hard. So Crossfit; when I first started Crossfit, I wrote down a list of all my goals, and you know, I just kind of started working through them. So it was to get kipping pull-ups, and then to; I think I wanted a 95-pound snatch, I wanted to get a muscle up. I don’t know; I just had all kinds of different ones on there, and I just started working on them all the time.

So another question I had a couple of times was mastering a pull up; and the only way I mastered a pull up, and I never used bands because my gym didn’t have bands, so I just never had the opportunity, was practice the kip; I just practiced the kip over and over. And honestly; {laughs} this is how much I was obsessed with Crossfit; and still am. I would lie in bed at night, and picture what the kip was supposed to look like and feel like, because I’m just a very visual person. And I would picture that, and I would just try to do that, and try to reenact that when I got to the gym. So before or after class, I would do like 3 sets of 10 pull ups, or like 10 just trying to do pull ups, even just attempts at the pull ups, and that’s how I kind of learned pull ups. I just kept doing it over every single day, and just did Crossfit all the time. So I think you set those goals, and you have to get there somewhere.

So if you say I want to get a muscle up, but you only practice a muscle up every two months; well, you’re not going to get the muscle up as quickly as you would if you were practicing it every single day after class, or three times a week, setting goals like that. So narrow; sorry, I had to yawn. I had to yawn and burp at the same time, I should edit that out but I’ll probably be too lazy later.

So anyways. I like to set a long term list of goals; but then start deciding how you’re going to knock those off. Start with the pull ups; then obviously you can move to muscle ups. How you’re going to work on that snatch. If you need to come in on a rest day just to do some snatches, that sort of thing, and start marking off the list. But really write a big list of goals and start narrowing it down one by one. That’s kind of how I did it.

Let’s see; this is from Kayla. Hi Kayla! Ok, so she says, “How do you get the mindset; how do you get out of the mind track.” Oh my gosh. {laughs} “Mindset of feeling like I have to track what I eat, whether it’s an app or a journal. How do you know when you’re body needs a rest day, what signs do you look for, other than, ‘I just don’t want to go to the gym.’” So let’s start with track what you eat. I’ll talk about this more with the macro stuff next week. So I actually won’t touch on that; I’ll touch on that next week, so definitely listen up next week Kayla.

But with the whole, “I don’t want to go to the gym” first of all, find a gym that makes you want to be there. Of course, I work from home, so it’s a little bit different, so it makes me happy to get out of the house, but my gym; just the other day I had a really stressful day, and it’s just a lot to handle, and my stomach hurt I was stressing out so much. And I went to the gym, and I forgot about everything for an hour. It was so awesome. I got to hang out with some of my close friends because I go to that gym every single week. And I just got to hang out with my friends. So if you are feeling like, “I don’t want to go to the gym,” then maybe you should find a gym that gets you excited to be there because you have friends there, or you like the coach that you see, or you’re working on a movement; they’re doing a movement that you want to work on. So find a gym that inspires you and keeps you inspired every day.

And for me, I set scheduled rest days, and so for my workouts I do 3 days on, so this is usually what it looks like; Monday through Wednesday, Thursday off, Friday Saturday workout, and then Sunday off. So I workout 5 days, and take 2 rest days. And that has just really worked for me; I don’t know how I came up with that, but I just started messing around with it. I used to workout 7 days a week, and then went down to 6; and 5 I feel so much better, and my body recovers, and then I’m excited to go back to the gym, because I got that rest day in when I was super fatigued. So find a schedule, a rest schedule that works for you, as well, so then you’re excited to get back in the gym and don’t feel like, “I don’t want to go.” So I hope that helps.

Ok, Elizabeth. “Do you participate in programming at Crossfit Broadway”, at my gym. No I do not. She said, “You do an excellent…” Oh. Hmm. F*ck, sorry, I suck at reading this. “If so, what template models do you use? Also travel at home workouts you post are great.” OK, I didn’t need to read that question. {laughs} I guess I did. No, I do not partake in the programming. Our owner, Jason, he does all the programming for Crossfit Broadway. He does amazing Crossfit Broadway, and many of my workouts that I talk about on the blog, so I saw this question; somebody asked about at home workouts. Check my blog every single Monday; I post an at home, or travel workout. Many of them are body weight. Some of them have dumbbells, so you could easily do them in a hotel gym. So I just share a new workout, and many of those workouts are inspired by Jason’s workouts at the gym, because he programs amazingly. So definitely check out the blog every Monday for travel workouts if you’re looking for that.

Let’s see; Kate. “How do you deal with people pushing you to lift more weight?” So, I talk about this in one of my posts. I think I have a before and after post; so I’ll link a ton of these posts. Do you need to go potty? Do you need to go outside? No, come back here. {laughs}

So I talk about stopping Rxing weights or Rxing workouts. So I used to compete in Crossfit, and then I gave it up and I didn’t want to do it anymore. So at that point, it was really challenging because my coaches saw me RX or go above RX for so long, and then when I decided I didn’t want to anymore, I was like; I don’t; oh gosh, this dog has to go to the bathroom. Come on man, we have construction workers in our backyard, it’s just a hot f*cking mess.

So when I started going down in weights, I was very judged by my coach, and I cried a lot, and I didn’t want to go to the gym because I felt very judged. It was hard. So I really had to sit down with the coach and tell them what my change of mind was. I didn’t want to lift as heavy, because I was competing at the moment and I had gained 30 pounds and I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin anymore, and I just wanted to lift less. I wanted to be easier on my shoulder after I hurt my shoulder in a competition. So I just said no. and that’s it, at the end of the day, when they’re like, “Put more weight on there,” Say no. Sometimes, I definitely do, and I know when I can push myself. Sometimes I’m like; no, not today. And put your foot down! It’s your f*cking workout. You came in here, you paid the money; or whatever, maybe you’re a coach and you’re not paying the money. But it’s your workout at the end of the day, it’s nobody else’s. It’s your body; you get to decide. So put your foot down. Tell them why you’re changing it, and if they give you sh*t; who gives a sh*t? At the end of the day, do you. Do you.

Ok, Jenica! “Juli; you’ve talked about how you indulge in sweets but only have a small amount or a couple of bites. This skill habit I’m trying to hone, and would love to know any strategies or tips you have?” So, sugar. F*cking sugar; it’s the devil. It’s terrible for you. Just face it. So, with sweets; and I’m a big sweets person. I used to overeat sweets a lot, and when I look back on why I was over-eating sweets, it was because for me; and this is not for everybody. But for me, I was trying to fill a void. And whatever that void was; whatever that void was, maybe love, maybe happiness, something that was missing in my life, I would overeat sweets because it gives you those endorphins, and then it makes you feel good for a second and then it goes away.

So I had to really find happiness; and I had lost that happiness when I was competing. Since I didn’t feel happy in my skin, I was having some really bad cystic acne issues, and that was really hard. So it wasn’t until; I would say, honestly, it’s hard to say, but I think a big part of it was meeting my husband. He is such a good person and he makes me feel really good, and he filled some of that void that was missing. And I’m all about women empowerment, and filling voids that you have on your own, but he really did help me fill some sort of void. I was able to kind of fix that sugar habit.

So sure you can do like a 21-Day Sugar Detox to clean it out, or Whole30 or whatever. But for me, it was filling whatever emotional void that I had in my life, and filling it with something else. So I filled it with time with friends, and time with my husband, and more energy into my blog, and doing new things, like a podcast. So now, I know that if I want a sweet, I just need a couple of bites of it. Because I just want; I don’t know, what do I want it for? We don’t need it to feel overly full. Who likes feeling like that? And so when I have ice cream, I have a couple of bites of it. And let’s not act like there aren’t any times that I go ham on a dessert; I just know that I don’t want to feel overly full, so I stop before I feel that way. So I’ll have a couple of pieces of chocolate; I’ll have, I’ll usually only have like little four to five spoonfuls of ice cream.

So I just know that I don’t want to be overly full; I just want to enjoy that sweet a little bit more, and that’s taken time for sure. But if you’re anything like me, maybe it’s some sort of void you’re trying to fill, and you need to figure out what that is, and kind of take responsibility for it. I don’t know if that helps at all? Hopefully it does Jenica. You’re the best; cool name.

Janelle. “If you have to go to McDonald’s, what do you order? I know, I know, who wants to eat fast food like McDonald’s, but sometimes you’re in the situation where you literally just need food.” Ok, first off; don’t put yourself in that situation where you have to go to McDonald’s. Don’t. That’s f*cking gross; McDonald’s is disgusting. Two things I don’t think people should ever eat is fast food, or drink pop. You don’t need those; don’t go there. It’s just not ok. Put yourself in a better situation.

Even, we all have those situations that we run into. I was with my family out in Nebraska, driving back two hours to Omaha, and we had to stop at; I don’t know, it’s some sort of Nebraska thing, it starts with Ruby; I don’t know what it is. But it’s like a fast food place, and all that had was burger sandwiches, whatever. So what I got was a salad, didn’t put any sort of dressing on it, it had grilled chicken. The chicken was probably fake chicken; whatever. And squeezed some lemon juice on it. So that’s what I would say. If you have to go to McDonald’s; first don’t. But second, get a salad, don’t eat any of the weird f*cking toppings, like an Asian salad with the wontons and all their candied nuts and all that bullsh*t; gross. Stay away, find a better option, plan ahead. It’s all about planning ahead. I don’t know if you like that answer, Janelle, but McDonald’s is f*cking disgusting.

Oh, another question I got a lot; well, I guess this ties into supplements, she asks, “Do you take any multivitamins.” And I’m going to talk about that next week in the macros, supplements, protein, that sort of thing.

Stephanie; “How do you stick to paleo in a social setting? Holiday parties are coming up; those cookie platters are so tempting. When I’m home, sticking to paleo is cake, but once I’m out I find myself struggling.” So the holidays are really hard, for sure. But you just have to have some more willpower. So what I always recommend; if you’re going to something, plan ahead. Like make your own food. So maybe you make a couple of side dishes. Whenever Thanksgiving is there, I find it really easy because I make my own side dishes, and there’s always turkey to get or sausage or ham or whatever, and then you can get the easy sides that you make. Say you make your own sweet potato casserole or green bean casserole; and just try to get the best options, so you’re not just doing the sugar loaded sh*t. sticking with simple vegetables, maybe some mashed potatoes on the side. And then if you can bring your own dessert, that’s going to be so helpful, because then you won’t be as tempted by the other stuff.

That being said; still enjoy your holidays. I’m not saying, don’t eat sh*t ever. I’m saying, just make the better decisions so you don’t go down this hole. And that’s what I do, because if I start eating sh*tty stuff, I’m drowning in it. I can’t stop, so I just don’t really put myself in that position. So bringing your own stuff, bringing your own dessert.

And another question was; I think it had to do with, how do you deal with it, social situations. You don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable, but at the same time, just like going back to your workout; this is your food. This is your body that you’re putting into your food. Or, wait. No that didn’t make sense. {laughs} This is your food that you’re putting into your body, and just because somebody is judgmental because they’re insecure about their own dietary choices doesn’t have anything to do with you. So bring your own stuff, make the best choices that you can, and still enjoy the holidays a little bit. Have a fun cocktail; have a dessert that you really love, and just don’t have all the desserts. Don’t have a huge pile; just take responsibility for how much food you really need while still enjoying those one holiday we get per year, you know. Just keep that in mind.

Let’s see; hi Jackson doggie. Oh, “what do you feed Jackson?” Oh my gosh, I have the bag right over here, actually. So a lot of people ask me this, and I always forget; and I pour it into a big bin so I never remember. But he’s not paleo, like raw meat. I just can’t do it. I tried it for a little while, and I was like; I can’t do it. I don’t know; am I bad mom? I don’t know. But he is on a grain free one. It’s called Pure Vita, and it’s salmon and peas one, and it just works really well with his stomach and he hasn’t had any issues. He had a ton of issues as a puppy, just finding the right food that worked for him. So this has been awesome, and we just went to the vet the other day, and he did gain a pound. But if you know anything about me, you know this dog is spoiled to all f*cking none. So we’ve got to cut back on the little treats, huh Jackson? Yeah we do. But yeah. I’m all about the raw food diet; I just didn’t want to do it. So this has worked well for his digestion and he’s been a happy little running puppy dog.

Ok, let’s see. No, don’t shut my computer off. Did you hear Jackson burp? He just burped. What a little turd. Ok, Jayla. “I was wondering on any advice on how to teach yourself Crossfit?” So when I first started doing Crossfit, I was still in college and I was working out at the student rec center where I worked in college, and you know, I would just watch a lot of YouTube videos. YouTube f*cking teaches you anything; especially this day and age. That was 6-plus years ago; YouTube has so much on it. So I would watch; they had a ton of progressional videos, and I would just kind of teach myself as I went. And as my strength increased, I was able to do more and try more stuff, but I was definitely ballsy. I mean, I was trying handstand pushups in the student rec center. Oh, sorry, the dog is walking on me. Cool, he’s sitting on my lap. This f*cking guy.

So, yeah, you just YouTube; you can start learning more things. Start light weight; super light weight, because the last thing you want to do is f*ck yourself up since you don’t have a coach watching you. But start light, start looking up; there are so many tutorials online, it’s so easy to find, and you can kind of just teach yourself over time and learn new stuff every week.

Ok. Hey Jackson, that’s not going to happen right here. How do people deal with children? I can’t imagine. Ok, this is from Ainsley. “How do you get out of a funk? What strategies do you use? Whether it’s a workout funk, relationship funk, food funk, work funk; world funk!” Ok, so we all get in funks, obviously. Again, back to the workout stuff. Find a gym that you love and that inspires you and gets you excited. I haven’t fallen; I go in and out, sometimes kind of funks, but I just love my gym, and sometimes I’ll try different stuff because I like trying different stuff, but I always go back to my gym because I love it so much. I love the people, I love the coaches, it’s just a f*cking awesome place to be.

And food funk? Teach yourself to cook. Try new recipes. There are so many blogs out there; there are so many books. You can learn so much stuff. Relationship funk; find yourself a new person. {laughs} Just kidding, don’t do that. We all get in relationship funks. Find a partner that really will talk through things with you. And work funk; I don’t know, I work by myself with no human beings so I can’t give you advice.

Ok, we’re getting past the email ones. One more. Lindsey; “What’s your thought on no carbs or starches after lunch, and what’s your thought on fasted cardio?” {laughs} So, I do not live by the no carbs or starches after lunch. I’ve never heard that, and don’t want to hear it. I think if your body is craving something, you should be eating it. Whenever I put these rules, like no carbs, or whatever else, whenever I made those rules I made myself f*cking crazy and I was always the heaviest I ever was because I was creating all these rules and starving myself and binge eating. It was just bullsh*t. So, I don’t live by that. I have a starch almost every single night. Everybody’s body is different; some people’s body doesn’t like starches, some do. So I don’t live by that rule whatsoever.

And fasted cardio; I definitely don’t live by that rule. When I did intermittent fasting years ago when I was starting paleo, because everybody was doing it, I was like; oh my god, I have to do this. It was like, just intermittent fasting was just starving myself and saying I couldn’t have something. I remember I did like 24 hours; I was like, Juli, you’re just adding on a bad behavior; what the f*ck are you doing? No. but, hey, whatever works for you. Not judging the people who like that and it works for them. People are like; oh, I do intermittent fasting in the morning. Like, isn’t that just not eating until afternoon? I don’t know what you have to call it something. But I don’t do no starches, I don’t do fasted cardio, and I don’t do intermittent fasting. I don’t like putting rules around anything. I like listening to my body and doing whatever it wants. So if it wants a carbohydrate, I’m going to eat carbohydrates. So I am all pro-listening to your body. And I’ll talk more about that kind of in the macros discussion next week.

So let’s pull up Instagram; oh man. Sh*t was real interesting to read today. A lot of people are saying, “People ask weird sh*t.” It’s funny. Ok, it’s taking a little while to load. What the hell? I thought I got new internet. Ok, let’s see. I’m going to start from the beginning. There are almost 90 comments here, so think you guys, everybody who wrote in.

“Favorite jeans brand?” Express.

“Most effective time crunch workout?” Crossfit.

“Is Jackson going to get a brother or sister?” So, you guys. I was like; or Brian, my husband and I, were all for getting a second dog. We were like; let’s do it. I think he would have so much fun having a brother. And then I’ll have other dogs over, like dog sit, or a friend will just bring over another Frenchie; and two dogs are so many more than just one. Especially when you work from home; there’s no f*cking way. There’s just no way. I’m trying to get my dog to eat a bone right now so I can record a podcast. If there were two wrestling at my feet; no way. So that ship has sailed for a while. Thanks for the question.

“I’ve been wondering, do you have a professional photographer for your various fashion posts?” So, I asked my sister-in-law, and she takes my photos. So one day, a lot of times we’ll take photos on day that she’s free, and we’ll take like 3 fashion photos, and then something will be like, just a random day, I’ll be like; “Hey can you take a photo real quick”, or she’ll just take it. Or that’s why I do random selfies. But it’s my sister-in-law most of the time, unless I meet up; I have one friend who does professional photography and I’ll meet up with her from time to time, so maybe you’ve seen a couple of those. But it is usually my sister-in-law. She’s the best. I’m very, very lucky with my inherited family.

“What is your advice with coping with stress eating?” Stress eating is bad news! And I talked about this a little bit earlier, but stress eating; you have to remember that you’re trying to fill a void, and you have to understand why you’re filling that void and how to fill it in other ways. So my stress reliever is going for a workout; that’s what really relieves my stress and helps me not think about things. So put the cookie down, you know, find a different way to relieve that stress, whether that’s going for a walk in the park, yoga, just getting outside the situation that you are in. listening to podcasts; I’ve been doing that. Taking a walk and listening to podcasts. Doing something that just gets you out, gets you active, gets your brain functioning in a different way and not turning towards food. That’s what I would recommend.

“Best food plan to lean out?” Paleo. There you go.

Let’s see; “Favorite restaurants in Denver?” And I’ve had a couple of people question this and ask me this on a regular basis. So if you go to my blog;, and you go to the community tab, there’s a forum where you can leave random questions and just talk to other people in the community, and in that forum there are all my favorite restaurants that I’ve gone to across the country, including all my favorite restaurants in Denver so definitely go there. I’ll link it in this post so you can see that.

“Favorite snack protein bar for people with nut allergies?” Oh f*ck, I got nothing for you. Nuts ruin everything. Sorry girlfriend. I ain’t got nothing.

Hi doggie! You want a scratch? Ok, so lots of questions about being a fulltime blogger; I will definitely cover that. Let’s see; “What are your top 3 paleo food blogs to follow?” I like that question. I love Lexi’s Clean Kitchen; Lexi is one of my friends and she is awesome. Fed and Fit; Cassy is one of my friends as well. Diane Sanfilippo; she is Balanced Bites. She doesn’t share a ton of new recipes on a regular basis; she has a ton of recipes in her cookbooks, but she shares a lot of podcasts and a lot of just helpful information if you’re new to the paleo world or just want any sort of questions answered, she is filled with them. So those are probably my top 3. Outside of paleo blogs, I love How Sweet it is; I’ve talked about that on Girls gone WOD. I love Ambitious Kitchen; she has some really cool recipes. So those are my favorite kind of food blogs. Yeah; that’s it.

“How has paleo helped digestive-wise? And do you think Crossfit makes girls bulky, or is that just diet?” First of all, digestive-wise starting to eat paleo, I had all sort of stomach issues. Growing up, I was in and out of the hospital because my stomach hurt constantly, and no doctor ever told me to change my diet; isn’t that a surprise? And so as soon as I started eating paleo, all stomachaches went away. I don’t have any stomach issues, and when I do; when I have bubbles, whatever is going on, stomach pain, I know I ate something and I go back and figure out what it was that made me feel that way. So definitely changed, and helped digestive-wise so much.

And then with the Crossfit makes girls bulky; everyone’s body is completely different, everyone’s goals are completely different. So I think so many people look at Crossfit, and they look at the Crossfit games, and they’re like, “That’s what Crossfit does to women’s bodies.” Well, those women are training for that competition. They have to be a certain weight; they have to be able to lift certain things. They have to be able to do certain movements, and that takes a lot of strength, and you don’t know it until you’ve actually done a full competition and really feel how f*cking detrimental it is on the body. {laughs} But in a good way. So, no, Crossfit made me bigger because I was competing and I was lifting multiple times a day, and I had a lot of inflammation going on. But it also has to do with diet, as well. If you’re not feeding what your body need, it’s not going to recover how it’s supposed to, which can lead to some inflammation. And I’ve talked about that before in a post, so definitely listen back on my previous podcast.

“Do you ever have days where you just want to sit on the couch and eat your face off?” {laughs} Not anymore. I had that a lot; like I talked about before, I had that a lot when I was trying to fill a void and I wasn’t happy in my own life. Now, I am incredibly happy and I feel like I have purpose every single day because I’ve created that life for myself. And if I ever feel that way; sure, whenever your period is around you feel like; “I want more sweets than I usually do.” But, no, I don’t do that because there are so many cool things to f*cking do! So find something that you love to do and kick ass at it every single day.

“What products do you use to get those pearly whites so white?” I use, I don’t know; oh, it’s Desert.. Sh*t I forget what it’s called. But I’ll link it in this post. I use a teeth whitener toothpaste; it’s like this organic, I don’t know, baking soda stuff. And I love that, and I also whiten my teeth in the editing of my photos, so keep that in mind, alright?

Lots of question about blog. “If you could only do one Crossfit movement for the rest of your life, what would it be?” And that would be a snatch. I would definitely do a snatch. So much all over body movement, and everybody; I feel like I get this question all the time, people ask, “What is your ab secret, what movements do you do for abs.” And I just do Crossfit. I don’t do certain abs; sure, like today I had toes to bar in a workout, but it’s those Olympic lifts and it’s those really challenging lifts that build your core and really change your body, so I want to day it’s be a snatch. How do you like them apples?

“If you’re going to do paleo gluten-free, should you do any kind of cleanse to start out with?” I get this question all the time, and it makes me think of this girl at our gym who always does cleanses. And you guys, you don’t need to do a cleanse. You’re cleansing your body by taking out gluten and taking out maybe dairy and legumes, and stuff that can upset your stomach and can mess with your digestive system and cause leaky gut. So you are doing a cleanse by removing those things. So I don’t think you need to do any sort of cleanse; your body is going to cleanse itself by just not eating sh*t. So you’re doing it right.

Oh, this question, and it’s pretty easy to answer. “What skin care brands do you use, face wash and moisturizer?” So I have a post in my blog about my skin care routine, so I’ll link that below, but it has all the details there.

“Benefits of collagen?” I’m going to talk about that next week, but I don’t really know. It’s like good for your hair, skin, and nails. So who doesn’t want longer nails and better hair, right? Am I right? I’m sure it has better reasons, but you know me. You don’t know me.

“Thoughts on bulletproof coffee?” Go for it. It’s delicious. It keeps you full. I drink my coffee; somebody asked, “I always see your coffee, and it looks so creamy, what do you put in it?” Well, cream. I use heavy cream, dairy doesn’t upset my stomach. I use heavy cream and stevia in my coffee, and love it. Every single morning; it’s just delightful.

“What age did you decide to go paleo?” I think I was 21 or 22. Maybe 22?

“How do you stick to paleo while traveling?” And I talked about this before, but I was going to do a post of exactly how to eat healthy while traveling. But I’ve honestly never had an issue traveling. Stay away from alcohol, because that f*cks your sh*t up and is bad for you; find restaurants beforehand that work for you. I always do research about where I’m going to find a restaurant that I want to try. So I always look in Yelp for gluten free; and you can even just Google search guys. Google does you well. So I always just do research before I’m going, and I pack a ton of snacks with me so I’m not getting to a restaurant and just f*cking eating whatever I can get in front of me as quickly as possible. So I always have snacks, and then I’m never tempted by bread bowls or whatever the f*ck bullsh*t they give you beforehand. So pack snacks, do your research, and stay away from alcohol.

I’m not going to touch on PCOS; I’m not going to touch on any issues you’re having with your body. This person asked about sciatic pain; I would talk to somebody, a specialist, that you see in person. Because I’ve never met you guys, so I can’t tell you what kind of issues and why, and that’s not my specialty, either.

“What’s one thing about paleo lifestyle that you don’t necessarily agree with?” I mean, you know, they don’t eat rice or white potatoes, and those seem to really work with my digestive system, so I cut those out for a long time. When I added them back in I actually lost weight, and I thought the opposite. So that has really worked well for me, and that’s not completely paleo. So white potatoes and rice are my little friend.

“Is gluten free necessary?” So, I think; I don’t think you don’t have to be paleo. But I think everybody should eat gluten free. Gluten is f*cking bad for you even if you don’t have issues with it that you have noticed, and maybe you grew up in an Italian family and had pasta all your life, but gluten is bad for you at the end of the day. And if you’re like, “What do you mean?” Do some research. Google; simple Google will explain to you. But it can lead to some really long-term issues. So I say stay away from gluten. There are so many ways to eat gluten free at this point; there’s no real excuse not to eat gluten free. There’s gluten free pasta; I had gluten free pasta last week, brown rice pasta, and all the ingredients were just brown rice, and it’s f*cking delicious. I don’t know, I haven’t had real pasta in probably 6-plus years, and to me it tastes just the same. So I don’t think there’s really a need to eat gluten. Of course I still eat gluten cake if it’s at a wedding, but there’s no way I’m saying not to cake at a wedding. No way Jose!

Oh, I loved this question. “Dating and Crossfit; should crossfitters date one another?” How about gym-cest! Get it? Incest, gym-cest. So; I had to burp again, gross. I hate myself. Sorry. So I was thinking about doing a podcast one day about my husband and how I met him. Like our little love story; our little ups and downs. But my husband, I started coaching him at my gym before we started dating. So I started coaching him, and then we ended up being on the same kickball team, and then I asked him out. So I am all about gym relationships; obviously, because mine turned out good. But I’ve had some sh*tty relationships in the gym, because I used to live in the gym, and it sucks when a relationship ends. So know when you’re getting into a relationship that if it ends, most likely one of you is going to have to leave. Because there are not many situations I’ve seen that both people stay, you know. Some relationships end well, but if they don’t, it can really suck. And if you have to lose all your friends that you’ve made at that gym because you have to leave, that f*cking blows. So keep that in mind when you’re doing a little gym-cest! But hey; you have similar interests, it makes sense when people date within the gym. They have similar healthy lifestyles like that, so I’m all about that. I mean, I married my gym husband or my gym boyfriend. He’s so great.

This is a great little lead-way into this; “How come your hubs isn’t featured more?” So if you look at my blog, I don’t really ever, or any of my social media, I don’t ever feature my husband. It’s only the back of his head. And that’s because of how many mean things people have said to me. If anybody ever said anything negative about my husband, I would lose my f*cking sh*t. people can say mean things to me, but when you talk about someone you love, oh man. I would lose it. I would not be able to deal with it. I don’t think I’d be able to run my blog. So I just decided to keep that side private.

I also decided a long time ago to share my entire life; he did not decide that, you know. He has a completely separate life from my blog, so I just decided to keep that stuff private. If I ever have a child, I don’t think I’ll ever show their face on social media. First of all, because there’s f*cking creepy people on social media; don’t live in this reality that there’ aren’t creepy people. So if you’re posting a picture of your child, like on the toilet, I would think twice about that, because there are nasty ass people who will get that photo. Ok, ok? Just a little f*cking harsh reality here for you. But I don’t think I’d ever show their face, because you have to keep some of your life private, and I would just keep that off social media so no one can ever do anything with that photo. That’s just my personal option based off of the really negative stuff that I’ve experienced on social media. So I just keep his face out of it. But he is one handsome motherf*cker.

Oh my gosh; this one is hilarious. “What equipment/program do you use to record your podcast?” Well, Morgan, right now I’m using my Apple headphones as my recording device, and I’m recording in Garage Band. I really need to get a microphone, but f*ck. There is just not enough time in the day. So honestly I have no idea what I’m doing the entire time; just FYI.

“Whatever happened to the neighbor who was setting things on fire and seemed to be causing all kinds of mischief?” {laughs} So we have this neighbor next door, and he’s like 13, 14. He’s at the terrible f*cking age, you know, and he does not have parental supervision, and whenever I’ve seen his dad around, his dad is like smoking a joint while he’s driving. So you know, it’s real prime over there. I talked about it over on my Snapchat, but in case you missed that, this neighbor boy was lighting sh*t on fire all the time. There are burnt spots all over the sidewalks. One time I walked out and he was trying to light a mutual tree; we’re kind of shared between this tree, and he was just lighting this f*cking tree on fire and had like a firework; just pyro sh*t. and then he one morning I came out, and we have this planter out front where you, I don’t know, f*cking put plants or something. I’m not putting plants there because I’m lazy; but he was sitting on the planter. It was like 6:30 in the morning when I was taking the trash out. What 14-year-old is up, smoking a joint, on a neighbor’s lawn, at 6:30 in the morning? Like, what are you doing? We have a park like 5 feet away from us. Go to the park you weirdo. But that was weird. But I think he started back up at school, so he hasn’t been up to much mischief that I know of. That little gem of a boy. It’s real f*cking classy.

“Does your hubby do Crossfit?” Yes! I obviously just talked about that. He does Crossfit; he also works out at a gym by himself.

“Easiest way to put on false eyelashes?” Well, KDR, you should check my blog out next week, because I’m doing a makeup tutorial and showing you how to put on fake eyelashes; boom!

“How tall are you?” 5’7”.

What else guys? “Do you ever shop at Natural Grocers in Denver?” Yes, and it’s great. There’s one down the street from me.

I love these people who are laughing their ass off at questions. Oh, I think that’s towards the end guys. Someone asked me what’s your favorite French bulldog Instagram that you show; and just go to my profile and you can see who I follow, and it’s pretty much all food. It’s food, fashion, chicks, and Frenchies. So definitely check out these little Frenchies; because I follow like a million. That’s like the main thing I follow.

This wasn’t even a question, but I’m just looking at who I follow, and if you like Snapchat, you should follow Kaitlyn Bristowe; she was the, what’s it called, Bachelorette a couple of seasons ago. She’s f*cking hilarious. And then the guy she got engaged to, Shaun Booth; both of them are awesome. You guys should follow them on Snapchat, they are hilarious. And I just want to hang out with them; they’re just so cute.

Here’s another question; “How do you do your hair in that topknot?” Don’t worry, I’m going to do a video of it soon. Boom!

I think that’s all the questions I have. How long has it been? Oh sh*t, it’s almost been an hour. Holy balls! This is the long one ever! Again, please do not email me. Oh my gosh, I keep burping. Ew, this is so gross. You should hear how loud my real burps are. Please do not email and ask me not to cuss; it’s just so weird that you’re asking me that. The podcast says explicit, and it’s just so weird. I used to always think about that when the girls on Making a Murder cussing; I’m like, they get to cuss, and nobody probably says anything sh*t; talks any sh*t about that. Well, they’re talking about murder, but still. I think people put me into this little paleo bubble, and I don’t know why you put me in that. But this is just me; please stop emailing me and asking me not to cuss because you’re listening in with your kids. Don’t listen with your kids, or wear headphones. That’s all I have to say about that.

So next week, guys, we’re talking about macros, supplements, protein powder, multivitamins. All that stuff because people love it. But I hope you guys like these random questions. If you do, let me know, keep me updated because I’ll do more in the future. If you’re super bored with this and you’re like, “I hate this.” Please let me know as well. But let me know on my blog, ok. Just keep me updated.

And don’t forget, if you like this podcast, please review it. Leave a review on iTunes, because that would be awesome. And subscribe, because that would be even more awesome. I don’t know if you can find out how many subscribers you have, but I’d love to know. But please subscribe. Leave a review. If you hate this podcast, do not leave a review. We just talked about trolls. Remember what we talked about, guys! Leave a review, leave a question, I love you guys. I can’t believe you’re listening to my bullsh*t. it’s pretty f*cking awesome. It’s been fun; I can’t believe I talked for an hour straight. This is what I get when my husband works late; I really get this sh*t done. So I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend; or whenever you’re listening to this. F*ck. I f*ck this up every single time. Ok, I hope you have a good day. Make sure you check my blog, I’ve been doing some vlogs; some video blogs to give you guys new stuff, and I’m sharing so many new recipes. Give me your feedback; follow me on social media; PaleOMG bitches! Whoo! Love you guys; ok bye!

Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


71 thoughts on “Reader Questions – Episode 5: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. Hi Juli! Loved this episode and really looking forward to next week’s! I just wanted to say thank you so much for being so honest about how you whiten your teeth in your pictures. I really respect that you come out and say that instead of just letting people think that your teeth are just naturally white and perfect. In fact, it makes me respect you more. Thank you again.

    Btw, I made your curry roasted cauliflower and fennel last night – amazing!

    1. aw thanks samantha! people need to tell the truth when it comes to that stuff. i try to whiten my teeth whenever i can but they are never going to be movie star white (because those are veneers lol!). thanks for the support!! and glad you loved the cauliflower!!

      1. Also, I have another question for you. Do you think that being sore is an indication of a good workout? I have never been one to be sore after a workout but does that mean that I am not working the muscles hard enough? Do you get sore after workouts? Hope you had an awesome time in Vegas. The off-the-shoulder dress was awesome!

        1. being sore is definitely an indicator that muscles are tearing and in turn building more. so being sore is definitely important and shows that you are stressing the body. so maybe pushing the weight in workouts or number of reps – trying to push the body to some sort of exhaustion – is definitely something you should try out to see what happens and how the body reacts!

  2. I’m so happy you started Podcasting!!! I just love these episodes, and your honest answers. And the way you talk to Jackson during the show. Super cute. You can really tell that your a good dog mama. The show notes (links) are awesome too. Thank you so much!!

  3. You should listen to the podcast Sword and Scale. It’s a true crime podcast that’s really well done! And I’m officially in love with your podcast and get so excited when a new one pops up. Keep up the awesomeness!

  4. Just finished the podcast and I love the q&a and can’t wait for more! I keep saying it but I totally love your candidness and conversation style on these podcasts. I listen to them when I’m cooking and I just feel like we are friends gabbing. Also, I totally left one of the weird questions on your ig. I didn’t mean for it to be weord but looking at everyone else’s questions I’m a weirdo. Ha!

      1. I asked how you name your recipes when it isn’t “obvious” (like chocolate donuts or something). It stemmed from me making this tomato stew thing and someone asking me what I made and I didn’t know what to call it and it got me thinking….when you invent recipes, how do you name them? I went down a weird thought spiral that was way involved and then I saw your post decided to ask you! In other words, it totally made sense and was relevant to my thought process at the time but it was totally random and weird for someone not in my brain. 🙂

        1. i didn’t think that was weird at all! i just don’t think i create creative recipes names, they are just usually long titles with all the main ingredients. so it wasn’t weird at all, just didn’t have a good answer for that. when i was talking about weird, it was because someone was talking about their farting issues.

  5. So I totally meant to send in this question before your random questions podcast but ya know…life happened. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet so if you answered this is the podcast, just blow me off haha – what are the essential food items that you ALWAYS have in the fridge pantry?? I know you eat a sheeps milk yogurt pretty much everyday, but what are your other go to items that you always have and pretty much eat every day?

  6. I was thinking the same thing when you were talking about the internet as a kid. I was bullied so much in middle school and hated going. I can’t imagine that being magnified all over internet. It’s amazing how mean people can be in person/online and just not give AF. I think it’s good you stand up for yourself. I didn’t always and would just cry all the time.

  7. Really loving the podcast and thank you for your podcast recommendations. My husband and I listened to the first season of Serial a couple of years ago when we were on a long road trip and it made the time fly by. We ended up arriving at our destination before we could finish the last episode and were so tempted to just park down the street and finish it… haha! We have not found anything that compares to Serial though (and we have the same long drive coming up again at Christmas) so I’m really looking forward to testing out your suggestions. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to tune in each week!! Is “tune in” correct? Seems appropriate. I’m going with it.

  8. Thanks for another great podcast, Juli! And I REALLY appreciate all the recap notes/links to recipes, sites, etc., you have been providing in your blog notes since your “Paleo on a budget” podcast — makes it super easy to go back and reference. And thanks for answering my question on the weirdo neighbor boy!! 🙂 Keep up the great work and I’m loving that everyone is giving such great ideas for future podcasts. I really look forward to listening! 🙂

  9. Thanks for your response Juli! It bums me out that you had such a struggle with the changes you made to your workouts but it also gives me hope that I’ll be able to find something that works for me. You’re right I just have to stick to my guns :).
    Appreciate everything you do as always!

  10. If you’re into all the true crime podcasts, I also recommend Missing, Finding Tammy Jo, Breakdown, Unsolved, and Someone Knows Something. I’ve also just started listing to Sword and Scale, but I am finding some of the episodes a little too graphic or disturbing to listen to 🙁 I know you don’t like kids, but I do have a 6yo girl and there have been a few episodes about violence against children and it can be hard to stomach. I’ve been very close to turning it off a few times. So I guess S&S won’t help you sleep at night, is what I’m trying to say. 😉

    I’m so happy I’ve read this because now I know you have a podcast and I’m adding you to my list! <3

  11. Hi Juli, just listened to this podcast & thought it was great. Your site is fantastic, a really great resource and I love it. It inspires people to think about doing new things, whether that’s food or exercise related, and really help everyone think about being the best version of themselves they can be. On the trolling you mentioned, I’ve observed from my own experience is that people have strange reactions sometimes when you’re encouraging them to make better choices. None of these people would ever dare make those comments either to your face or even on a phone call. The web is great in many ways, but some of the uncivilising effects turn some people into nasty mean kids. And why on earth are they spending time on your site/listening to your podcast if they don’t agree with it?? Anyway, this is a long comment, but I wanted to say that for every one mean commenter, there are hundreds and thousands of people who think you’re fabulous and brilliant. And we should probably all comment more to remind you of that. Keep up the good work!

  12. Hi Juli! I’ve been following your blog and social media for a while now, and I am so glad I started to listen to your podcasts too! I love them! I have a couple of questions for you maybe you could answer them in the next one!! 🙂
    1. How do you deal with people who come at you who are against all things paleo? I am going to school for exercise science and all I hear day in and day out from professors and other students is how stupid it is and how there’s not much scientific evidence behind it blah blah blah and it stinks because I’d love to further my career in nutrition and exercise focusing on paleo- but I feel like it’s SO hard in this field. W.W.J.D. lol what would Juli do?

    2. What is your favorite paleo “comfort food”?/ What do you recommend doing when you just DON’T feel like cooking and you feel all blah and you want to go somewhere and order 5000 fluffy pancakes to make you feel better.

    I hope to hear from you! But I’ll keep listening either way 🙂

    1. that’s funny since i went to school for health and exercise and had loren cordain (who wrote the paleo diet) as my professor, so his viewpoint was obviously different. i just don’t really talk to those people. there are some people who don’t want to believe things because of what we are told in society or what we’ve been raised to believe, so i just don’t talk to them. if someone is interested, i give them the information out there. if they don’t, i explain what the industrial revolution did to our food and the way we ate and some of the science about inflammation and how cutting out grains can help so much when it comes to wiping out some of the autoimmune diseases. but in the end, i don’t give a shit how they treat their bodies and if they want to stay close-minded, then they can do that, but i don’t want part of it.

      my favorite paleo comfort food is probably pancakes or waffles or just any baked goods. and when i don’t feel like cooking, i just make something super easy that’s still tasty. like bacon and a sausage and maybe sweet potatoes. that way i feel satisfied without having to put much work into it. then if i’m still craving crappy food, i’ll have something like a couple pieces of chocolate!

  13. Juli! This has by far been my favorite podcast. I totally would love to hear a Q&A on a regular basis. The notes in the description are great.

  14. I adore you! I was listening to your most recent podcast the other night while cooking the buffalo chicken meatballs (guest recipe) that you posted which are amaze balls btw! My husband came into the kitchen and within 20 seconds he was sucked in and then blurted out “I like this chick.” I think you were telling people off on how they change the ingredients in a recipe but blame you for it. You are so raw and real and I really like that about you!!
    I have been cooking a LOT of you recipes lately! No other blog or cookbook has kept my attention or interest as long as yours has so please keep doing what your doing!
    I wanted to know more about WHY paleo? Why do you choose to follow this way of eating? What about it makes it better for our bodies?

    1. thanks for the love, pamela (and pamela’s husband haha!). so glad all my recipes have worked perfectly for you!! i’m doing a podcast in 2 weeks about why i went paleo and how it made such a difference in my body, so definitely stay tuned for that!

    1. did you listen to the podcast or read the explanation? i told all my favorite podcasts right at the beginning haha. and as for music, I’m all about EDM music. you can find my favorites in many of my weekly workouts posts!

  15. Juli- the podcast is getting better each time, love the new official intro! One thing- I can’t hear you when you whisper/talk under your voice (I listen in the car) and I need to hear that Juli sacrasim. I’m sure it’s because you are on your headset but speak up chick (see, we can call you chick too ha ha)!!

    Also, I have some more pod-cast suggestion:
    Criminal (true crime, some creepy, some just weird)
    Reply All (it’s stories about the internet and the guys are really funny/easy to listen to. I think you would really like it, making your living off blogging)

    Last but not least, I have a question if you can add it to your “talk about in the future list”:
    – what are your thoughts on the ever expanding Gluten Free and or GF/DF products in everyday grocery stores? Do you eat that stuff? I know you eat lara bars and some others but there are new products coming out all the time. Like Van’s just launched these allergen free PB&J bars and they are amazing? How do you not get sucked in and want to try all these new things!? They are still processed, so is any of it okay to add to a paleo diet!?

    As always, thanks for all you do!

    1. i’ll remember that when i’m recording this week! i need to get a damn microphone. as for the gf stuff – i think it’s all about balance. i try not to eat that kind of stuff every day but i definitely pack some larabars with me or have some gf bread in the fridge when a craving comes along. but i remember that it’s not the kind of food i need for every meal and if i’m eating it often, i’m usually falling back into habits i broke off with when starting paleo. so i’m all about gf and having some of those things available (especially when getting family or friends involved with healthier habits) but real food is key for a healthy lifestyle. it’s all about balance!

  16. Your podcasts are fantastic as is your entire blog! Your are so down to earth, honest and REAL it is truly appreciated! You had mentioned at the end of episode 4 that you would include what kind of underwear you wear with workout clothes during episode 5, did I just miss it? I can’t stand having lines and I’m looking for a good brand. Please help! 🙂

  17. Hi Juli!
    I listened to your interview on the Open Sky podcast and really enjoyed it, so I subscribed to your PaleOmg podcasts. I’ve listened to them all now, all caught up! Thank you for your refreshing honesty, there is so much bs in the blogging world lately and a voice like yours is needed. And I really like the variety of posts on your blog. The fashion ones are dangerous for me because they make me want to go shopping 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  18. I was wondering if you don’t push your weight higher, how do you ever get sore? I get stuck in a rut using the same weight and such, and don’t get sore much. But don’t want to push it higher to change my body that much. Or do you just do more reps, and different exercises to get sore? I like to get that nice sore feeling sometimes to know that I did something. Thanks for everything! You inspire me to work out, even when the house needs to be cleaned!

    1. if you don’t want to push the weight, then increase the reps and the movements. if you don’t ever feel sore, you’re definitely not changing the muscle much. so do something different! whether that is weight, reps or movements

  19. Did you ever mention that you were going to do a podcast or blog post on your favorite Thrive Market buys? I feel like I heard that somewhere and I’m not sure if I’m imagining it. Regardless, I love your blog and hope you’ll feature something like that on here, there, everywhere soon!

    Stay awesome!

  20. Your podcasts keep getting better and better! Can’t wait to hear next week… I’ll be one of those that eats that shit up! haha

  21. Hi JUli!
    I’ve been meaning to contact you forever but just haven’t. I started following you four years ago when I was pregnant and wanted muffins all the time-I basically made all your muffin recipes in those 9 months.
    I’m from Omaha, so it’s also kinda fun when you mention omaha things 🙂
    Anyways, as a family of 4 we eat at home almost every single meal. I cook all the time, and I reference your blog, cookbooks all the time-I know your recipes won’t disappoint.
    I’m loving your podcasts too-I listen in the car, with my kids, but they’ve heard “Fuck and shit,” more from my mouth than yours. You’re truly motivating and hilarious. I hope you’ll do a book tour stop in Omaha if you release another book!
    Thank you!

    1. awwwww thanks for leaving a comment, amina!! and i absolutely LOVE that you don’t hate me for being me while you listen in the car with your kids! way to keep it real with them! i definitely need to do a book tour stop in omaha someday, we go there all.the.time!

  22. Juli,

    You, your unique and irreverent (in the very best way) sense of humor, your cookbook, blog, IG posts make my day. Heck, they even make my week. Thanks for being you. Ok. Bye Bye. 🙂

  23. Juli, I absolutely love your podcast! You’re awesome, and I can’t help but constantly laugh at your snapchats. Question, how is the taste of the toothpaste? Also, do you recommend any winter wear for the upcoming season? Im moving to MN from FL for two months, and I don’t know how prepared I will be for the cold haha

    1. i don’t mind it at all and i’m pretty picky with toothpaste! it doesn’t taste like colgate but it’s not as gross as the other clean toothpastes. and i definitely recommend getting some down/puffer jackets. i’m sharing some of my latest favorite jackets this next week on the blog (the brand i’ll be sharing is called cotopaxi and they are super warm!)

  24. Loving your new podcast!!! Keep it up!

    Question – on your latest podcast you meantioned 2 regrets… in guessing one was around your first cookbook? What was the other?

  25. Juli
    I love you because you’re a FUCKING weirdo!!! (That’s a compliment). You’re honest, you can be silly, you certainly cuss like a sailor (love it), but you’re also serious when it’s the right time to be serious. LOVE your podcasts!!!!

    Lindsay Ward

  26. When you started Crossfit were you scared or nervous? I’m SO intimidated to try it, but I would love to just get in and out of the gym in an hour rather than go to the gym, lift weights, do cardio and spend close to an hour and a half there. I’m also not sure how to do any of the lifts and don’t think I’ve ever done a pull up in my life… My boyfriend does Crossfit and he loves it, but it just seems so competitive. I’ve also never liked the group classes at gyms (I always felt judged)… Any tips or thoughts?

    1. fuck yeah i was nervous. and i was nervous every single class for probably a year. i would get all sweaty and have to pee every time i would drive to my gym. but that’s what got me so excited. i was nervous because i knew it was going to be an extremely challenging hour that would challenge me both mentally and physically. but that feeling faded more over time, even though i still get nervous when the clock starts counting down. i couldn’t do a pull up when i started crossfit, it just took a lot of hard work. i would try it, what do you have to lose? if you don’t like it, you move on and try something else!

  27. What are your paleo household staples in order to make your recipes? Like what should I stock my kitchen with/what ingredients will I use the most frequently? I hate buying products where I need a little bit and it just sits there until I make the recipe again then goes bad… I hope this makes sense? I would love a podcast or blog or something on this topic because paleo ingredients tend to be more expensive and it’d be so nice to know what to invest in to always have in the house. 🙂

  28. Can you explain how your diet is different than being strictly paleo and how much you deviate from strictly paleo (like 80/20, 90/10?)? I know you eat gluten free items like pasta and bread and I’m just curious how often you eat these non-paleo items. Also, what are your main carb sources? I started eating paleo and I’m finding it’s more high protein and fat and I’m wondering how I can get more carbs in (carb-dense paleo foods).

    P.S. Sorry for leaving so many comments and questions! You’re amazing and truly trust your thoughts/advice. 🙂

  29. Hi Juli! Total newb question, where would i go to listen to your favorite podcasts? I’m interested in listening but not really sure where to even start

  30. Victoria Verbeck

    Hey! I know I’m totes so far behind in catching up on your blog but I just wanted to say that I love how your intro music is so pleasant and then you go into talking and you’re like FUCK YOU. So amazing. Keep it up!

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