Weekly Workouts + Before and After Photos

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Bodies are weird. They’re weird AF. You can change your body fat, your muscle mass, your shape…all by altering a few things about your lifestyle. But then your body will decide to take on a life of it’s own, whether that’s through hormones or pregnancy or stress or menopause or age. For some, bodies change minimally throughout their life. For me, it’s changed a lot. And I’m at a point in my life where I’m able to look back and really marvel at each stage and understand the science experiment that I’ve been putting myself through for years now.

A handful of people have asked for before and after photos. But for me, I have beforeandafter beforeandafter beforeandafter photos that range all throughout my life. That starts before puberty then to starving and binging in my teen years to overeating sh*t food in college then to dabbling in exercise and being afraid of the gym then onto my CrossFit years that have yo-yo’d but never ended. So let’s take a glance down physical memory lane because I think it’s interesting as f*ck and honestly motivating for me to continue on my path and see what will happen in the future.


This photo above spans over 7 years, starting in 2009 on the left, 2010, 2012 then 3 weeks ago in 2016 on the right. My body weight has ranged from 150 pounds then to 125 pounds then up to 160 pounds and now I’m probably around 130 pounds (I only weigh myself once a year at the doctor to make sure I don’t mind f*ck myself).

The photo on the left is definitely at my unhealthiest. I was in college at the time, eating and drinking anything that was handed to me, not caring or knowing what “healthy” meant. Even though I was in Health and Exercise Science in school and knew a general amount of what was good for me, I was still in the high school mindset believing I could eat whatever I wanted and just burn the calories off to stay “skinny”. So at this point I was spending HOURS in the gym on the stairmaster, running for hours on the treadmill and doing some light lifting (but feeling very intimidated by the men in the weight room). I ran my first (and only) half marathon that year and I think that’s what got me started with understanding that dedication leads to something. I started off hardly able to run a mile and slowly increased my distance every day, ran through the winter months, until I was ready for a half marathon. And ended up finishing in under 2 hours, which I was super happy about.

Shortly after running that half marathon, I began to challenge myself to lift more and long story short, found out about CrossFit. I couldn’t do any of the movements because I wasn’t strong enough so I would look at CrossFit workouts on crossfit.com and modify them however I could. Push ups on my knees, pull ups and dips on the assisted machine, kettlebell swings with a dumbbell. Before I knew it, I was seeing strides in my own fitness with being able to do those movements unassisted. At that point, I decided to make the jump to a real CrossFit gym, doing my first competition 3 months later. When I was seeing all these improvements, I wanted more and had to face the facts that my diet was sh*t. Since CrossFit recommended paleo and/or Zone, I decided to try out Zone first then slowly worked my way into paleo. In the second photo, I was eating almost strict paleo (Monday – Friday) but still had some gluten free oats and peanut butter, but absolutely no gluten. When I dropped eating bread and pasta and anything gluten related, not only did I drop weight pretty quickly, but all the stomach issues I had growing up INSTANTLY went away. But even though I had changed my diet so drastically, I still ate sh*tty food on the weekends as my “cheat” days. I would eat nasty ass food like Oreos and pizza and chips and queso. And I would ruin all the strides I had made in the week and was back to feeling sick and awful by Monday. It was a really bad relationship with food at that point, which is why I never use the word cheat anymore when it comes to anything I eat. I was at my thinnest I had ever been but I wanted WAY more muscle and wanted a better relationship with food.

Once I started competing in CrossFit, I was hooked. I loved the nerves, loved the calm feeling before the 3,2,1GO, loved the cheering and camaraderie and the support for women lifting. I had finally found fitness that made sense to me. I didn’t want to run endless hours or count calories to make sure I burned them all off on a bike. I finally found a gym with no mirrors, no judgement, and no bullsh*t. CrossFit was the first place that empowered women because of what they were accomplishing in the gym and I had never felt that before. And I wanted to be part of that. So I started working out every day, rarely taking rest days and constantly increasing my weight load day to day. Every single day in the gym was me giving every single ounce of effort I had all in hopes of making it to CrossFit Games. And the more I worked out, the more results on saw; placing higher and higher at competitions. The third photo, in my white PaleOMG shirt, was actually taken at a competition that I won. I was so excited about my accomplishments, but I was absolutely 100% unhappy in my skin. I continued to gain weight, some muscle and some fat, and my hormonal acne because of lifting was out of f*cking control. I was so unhappy and really stuck with what to do: continue to compete and be unhappy, or end competing and see what happens. So I took the latter and started lifting lighter, taking more rest days, eating more of what I wanted (except for gluten) and being less stressed out.

What’s interesting about these photos is the second, third and fourth photo are all while eating paleo and all while doing CrossFit. The only thing that was different was my priorities and goals. I wanted to lift weights, I did it. I wanted to get better at CrossFit, I did it. I wanted to lose weight and be more comfortable in my skin, I did it. None of these stages came easy. They took blood, sweat and tears and seriously years to reach. It wasn’t a day change, it wasn’t a 30 day cleanse; it was figuring out what I wanted, learning what worked for my body, and constantly experimenting. And I’ll still be doing that for many years to come as my body changes and my priorities change. My point is, remember the big picture. Health and fitness is about the journey. It’s not about the perfect butt or perfect abs or perfect arms. It’s about always striving to be the best YOU. And what’s so awesome about it is that you can strive forever, until the day you die, to be a better version of yourself. Both mentally and physically. So stop obsessing over the little details and just start trying to be better and better, no matter what that better version is.

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”

Sunday – Rest day


18 mins to get 5 Rounds Of:

9 L- Pull Ups

9 Strict HSPU

14 KB Walking Lunges (2 x 70/2 x 45). Heavier than usual!!!

I got 4+3 using 45# kettlebells

Then 9 min Ladder Of: (3-6-9-12-15…)

Front Squats (185/125)


I got 18+1 using 85#


Every 30 sec for 10 mins: 1 x Snatch @ 70%. All reps must have a 3 sec pause at knee. (5-10# more than last time) – I used 90#

Then 16 min AMRAP Of:

500m Row

100 Double Unders

400m Run

I got 2 rounds + 225 meters into my third run


Back Squats: 4 x 7. All sets at 74% (15 mins) – I used 125#

Then 12 min AMRAP Of:

9 Deadlift (225/155)

12 C2B Pull Ups


I got 4+20 using 125#

Thursday – Rest day


Deadlift: 4 x 7. All sets at 74%. Reset at bottom of all reps! (14 mins) – I used 165#

After each Set: 40 sec Top Of Dip Hold On Rings (in hollow)

Then 4min AMRAP Of:

5 Power Clean (225/155) and 15 Wall Ball

– 2min REST THEN –

4min AMRAP Of:

7 Power Clean (185/125) and 15 Wall Ball

– 2min REST THEN –

4min AMRAP Of:

9 Power Clean (155/105) and 15 Wall Ball

I got 3+6 (105#); 2+12 (95#); 2+9 (85#)


With a partner complete: (one person working at a time)

100 calorie row

100 lateral burpees over the bar

100 thruster (135/95)

100 toes to bar

100 lateral burpees over the bar

100 calorie row

We finished in 35:45 using 55#


At Home or Hotel Gym Workout:

5 rounds for time:

20 jumping lunges

15 pike push ups

10 v-ups

3 minutes rest

5 rounds for time:

20 tuck jumps

15 hand release push ups

10 leg lifts

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


133 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts + Before and After Photos”

  1. I’m 39weeks and 3days pregnant. I could literally give birth at any moment Haha… I’ve followed your blog for years and never commented. But I have come to appreciate your blog and posts SO much more recently. Being pregnant is just crazy af. And I’ve really struggled to be okay with how much my body has changed this time around, but I have been so thankful for your posts and your body positivemessage. I can tell that you strive for balance, enjoyment, etc… I appreciate that you appreciate delicious food (I stalk your instagram daily so I know this is true) and that you continue to push yourself mentally and physically. I have struggled off and on with such an UNHEALTHY relationship with food and gym, etc. But I feel through keeping up with you over the last 9 months I am starting to genuinely understand what a lifestyle change is.
    Thank you, Julie. I am seriously SO GRATEFUL.

    1. that’s so amazing to hear, meg! i know that if i ever have kids, i will REALLY struggle with the body changes and i’ll have to deal with that, being sure to keep the best relationship with food and fitness. but it’s on ongoing process and the goal is to always be better than yesterday! keep up the good work and hope labor goes smoothly!!

    2. Hey Meg! I gave birth 10 months ago…and it took a good 6 months for me to really start seeing the baby weight come off. The old adage 9 months on 9 months off is pretty true! Interestingly, I found myself not as concerned as I thought I would be with my post baby body. I think I’ve been able to accept that this time is about my daughter and focusing on being as healthy as I can for HER (still nursing). I just don’t see the point in stressing over what I look like (vs being healthy and getting strength back etc) since a lot of it is out of my control with the hormones and everything. Anyways, thought that might help ya. All the best to you and your little one!

      1. Funny, I remember 10 years ago after I gave birth I easily lost the weight. Worked out hard and ate right, but it came off relatively quickly. Fast forward 10 years, it doesn’t come off so fast now. With age, and non-baby weight, it’s a lot harder to lose.

  2. at 34 with 3 kids in the last 6 yrs..and non stop breastfeeding I decided to start lifting and working out. LOL…the initial weight dropped and I have stalled for almost 18 months with little muscle gain. I am not fat but not as lean or muscular as I would like either. I have gained irregular periods and funky @ss skin. So freaking over it all. I have tried all variations of eating and non eating and nothing changes. So frustrated to see so little results for all my hard work. It is nice to see and hear this .

  3. Awesome post, Juli! Thanks for sharing. You’re beautiful in all phases, but I am happy that you have finally found peace in your own skin.

  4. Wow! That’s really interesting Julie. I think the look you have right now is your best look, you look fit and happy! Can I ask how tall you are? I am 5’7″ and in my head I was thinking I would need to be about 130-135 to get the look I have always wanted. I have to tell you, your bathing suit pictures from your honeymoon really inspired me to get back to weight lifting. I have had analysis paralysis going on with all the different programs out there I keep getting emails for. I lost 40 lbs. once and was in the best shape of my life lifting weights, but I think I have been looking for the easy way out when I know deep down what the answer is to get the fit look I want. You are very inspiring and it’s nice to see that a “normal” person (not a fitness professional), can look the way you do by eating healthy and putting in the work. Great Job! 🙂

  5. Thank you Julie… I really appreciate this article. I find some days I feel really discouraged when I don’t see any changes despite all my efforts and this article is a great reminder that it’s all about the long run. Health and fitness is a commitment for life!

  6. I love this post today. I have been dealing with body image issues my whole life thinking that to look skinny is to be skinny. Being a personal trainer and having two degrees in exercise science and kinesiology has really helped me better understand that the body responds differently to different things and every body responds differently. Seeing the changes you have made over the last few years is inspiring because it shows us that with hard work and dedication we can reach our goals and still eat well and exercise but do not need to always be focused on being the strongest. I am at a point where I feel good, but even with eating paleo I need to cut back on the “cheat” meals I have over the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. You’re an inspiration to me. I’m a bit older than you, but find much in common with your journey–although, I still admire Crossfit from afar. Thanks much!

  8. You are such an inspiration! I love all of your exercise, food and fashion blogs! Keep on keeping girl 🙂

  9. Love this! I actually just got done with my second fitness competition. Not for everyone, but I thought it was a lot of fun! The thing is, the first time I did it I starved myself, had no life, and really not much confidence. In four years I figured out how important it is to treat your body right so that it runs right, not just so it looks good. By putting that into practice I was able to compete again, not have to lose my life to do so, and came out looking better than I could have ever hoped! I also CrossFit and try to stick to more whole foods/what works for my body (not full-on paleo anymore, but it’s just based on what I can tolerate). Anyway, this is kind of rambly but I am just so happy to finally have figured out to listen to how you feel and what your body is telling you, and it will truly respond, no matter what the goal is!

  10. This came in perfect timing. Yesterday I was so upset about how hard I was working out and seeing zero results. My husband encouraged me that it takes time and that I was doing great. To keep going even after I reach my goal by setting a new goal. I am so encouraged by your story and I thank you for sharing it. Maybe I need to try something a little different until I find what works best for me.

  11. I love you because you eat and cook like a rock star. None of this weird diet stuff. You even CHEAT. But you mostly stick to it and stay at the gym and look great.
    At first I looked at the pic on the left and was like, hell, she has great genes. Then I realized that you were younger in that pic- like all young people with a body that could take some abuse and still wear a bikini. I imagine if you had stayed on the unhealthy train… you would probably not be in a bikini with visible abs.
    So I love it- hard work, dedication and a good dose of enjoying food in a healthy way really does pay off.

  12. Courtney Bryson

    Great post, Juli! I got very into CrossFit about 2 and a half years ago, after having never done anything in the way of exercise and having zero muscle tone following my college drinking/eating/generally immobile days. I thought the transformation my body was taking was awesome, but about 6 months ago I started to feel like I looked “swollen”. There’s no other real word for it. I took a month off to try to reevaluate what I needed to do to make my body feel best. There’s a constant struggle to do CrossFit workouts with the prescribed heavy weights, especially when you know you can. Reading your posts made me realize there’s no shame in cutting back on the weight and in modifying things on occasion. I’ve continued doing the exercises I love and with the community I love doing them with, while also feeling better about my own self image. Your blog is constant motivation and your snaps are hilarious – love it!

    1. it’s a hard pill to swallow when you know you can do more, but your happiness is more important than what is written on the board, remember that!

  13. Truly inspiring Juli! Thank you for always being so real, it has helped me through body weight issues I have struggled with because I know that there are so many woman feeling the same way.

  14. This is so freaking brilliant! I’ve been going through these same stages. So excited to get some clarity on what I want and how to move forward. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  15. Great post again Juli and I think you actually answered my question that I asked you in your last post. I need to find what works for me and I think a lot of the time it’s hormonal problems that’s making me not lose the weight I’ve gained recently, so nice to know that you’ve kind of went up and down too. I was always skinny til a certain age but have never had the ‘abs’ phase, but suppose can’t have it all. I guess I need to get to what makes me happy and if that means a few pounds heavier so be it. You look fab by the way.

  16. Thank you for sharing. It is strangely comforting to know that we all struggle with finding balance and trying to be happy in our own skin.

    1. that’s exactly why i share that stuff! i feel the same way knowing that others have gone through the same issues i have!

  17. Thank you for this post! It’s a great reminder to always keep your goals in mind, and to consciously act to reach those goals with every action. It’s not easy putting yourself out there, but you are inspiration!

  18. This is awesome, Juli! Your picture story shows all of your different goals and priorities over the years. You really look great at any weight, I’m just glad that you found the balance that brings you the most happiness!

    My twins are almost 18 months old and I went through a huge “puffy” phase after I had them where I was SO not myself. I’m finally getting out of it, it just takes time. It’s amazing how many seasons of life women go through physically, hormonally, and emotionally. We are so complex! I know I’m still holding onto a little bit of extra weight from breastfeeding that will hopefully go away. It is what it is.

    Your workout posts always inspire me to work hard, but not be ashamed to modify a little bit and take rest when needed. I love your mindset!

    1. the women’s body, especially when it comes to bringing children into the world, is so amazing. keep at it and you’ll definitely continue to see your body change. if you’ve read my blog for very long, you know i’m not keen on having children, but a part of me wants to have children just to see how my body changes and prove that women can continue to work hard after children. keep up the hard work!

      1. Um… is it bad that I really want you to get preggers someday just so I can read about it in your blog and see pics of you going through all those changes, because I for one would be super entertained by that LOL!!?

  19. Thank you for sharing your journey! You have had an amazing transformation. It’s really interesting the change between photo 3 and 4. You lifted less, took more rest days and ate more? You lost 30 pounds between those photos. Was it all muscle or body fat too? What food-skin issues were you having?

    1. it was muscle as well as fat that i lost between photos 3 and 4, but i can’t tell you exactly since i never measured all that. i was definitely have hormonal acne issues from lifting, it wasn’t food related then. now i have to stay away from eggs to help keep my skin clear.

  20. Great post. I am just getting started in lifting weight and wanting to tone up without bulking up too much. I don’t live close to a crossfit gym, so I am loving your at home workouts. Could you do a post with a variety of at-home workouts for someone just getting started? You have my dream body!

  21. Great post! A couple question for you–when you decided to stop competing and start lifting lighter, how did you decide how much lighter to lift? How did you stay challenged when deciding to lift lighter? It seems from your posts that you currently choose weights that are challenging for you, so I guess my question is how did this transpire? Did you arbitrarily lighten your weights or did you take a break from lifting and come back less strong and then go from there? Also, did you notice your appetite change? Thanks so much!

    1. i just decided to use weights that i could keep absolute perfect form with throughout the workout. so instead of 95# power snatch, i would do 75# power snatch. and it would still be just as challenging because i would be moving quicker and challenging myself in a different way. over time, i got weaker and just HAD to be at those weight. at this point, i sometimes go lighter and sometimes go heavier just depending on my mood and i try not to get too addicted to the feeling of pushing myself every single workouts like i had in the past. i definitely saw myself get weaker but continue to get stronger as my form gets better. and as for appetite, i don’t remember noticing a difference since i was allowing myself more of what my body wanted and needed

  22. Hi Juli. I am convinced we would be best friends if I still lived in Colorado. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding! I followed along on Snapchat. I am the definition of picture #3. Crossfit has made my body much thicker than I am comfortable with and I am in the middle of trying to figure out if competing is still worth it. Question – how did your diet change when you moved from Stage 3 to 4? Do you count macros, etc? Just wondering what that transition might look like for me as well. Thanks my friend! Best blog in the blogosphere hands down.

    1. i honestly started to eat what i wanted and being way less strict. i started eating MORE carbohydrates like potatoes and rice and more gluten free foods. i don’t count macros (actually don’t know how), I just eat when i’m hungry and stop when i’m satisfied. at stage 3, i was restricting myself a lot trying to deal with the weight gain and since that wasn’t helping, i just said f*ck it and did what i wanted. hope that helps!

  23. BRILLIANT! Ha!! You are my favorite! Your cookbook feeds my little family of 2 on the reg. You are a household name with us! #WWJBD

  24. Great post Juli! I’ve always been a huge fan of yours and it’s so wonderful and encouraging to hear your story of struggle and success! I remember all the acne posts, the broken down car posts, the dating and competition posts. This is a great reminder that the road to happiness, contentment, or fulfillment is not easy. I love how transparent you are about your hard work and the commitment you have to being yourself, finding your health, and growing your business.

    1. and it definitely and up and down road. i’m so happy now but i know there will be a bump in the road in the future and i will have to redefine my happiness once again. thanks for the kind words!!

  25. So you are eating rice and potatoes NOW and look like you do? I have just started getting into Paleo, which led me to you and your cookbooks, but this weekend I was reading the Half Day Diet by Nate Miyaki which follows a Caveman/Paleo set-up but for people who exercise (lift) 3X or more a week, he adds rice, potato, sweet potato or yams in for dinner. People who do not exercise should not eat the starchy carbs. His program makes sense to me, so I was going to start it along with the weight lifting. I find it interesting and very encouraging that you say you started eating MORE of these carbs and lost 30 lbs.! That is exactly what I need to happen!

  26. You’re blog has been one of my favorites and this post is a perfect example why! You are so straightforward and honest and I love that. I’m not paleo now but i’ve loved the recipes i’ve made of yours! I’m so nervous to go Paleo because i’m allergic to nuts (all of them)! Any suggestions on how to supplement for going paleo but not being about to eat any nutbased products?

    1. i rarely eat nuts! i just recommend staying away from those baked goods and you’ll rarely run into nut based recipes! i don’t have an issue at all being almost nut free and paleo!

  27. Juli, you talked a little bit about messed up hormones from all the lifting. Interestingly this isn’t something that is talked about much in the CF type blogs (that I can find)but I know someone who is having MAJOR hormonal issues since upping intensity. Any supplements that you would recommend? She doesn’t seem ready to back off quite yet… Any input on things to try?

    1. i have no idea when it comes to that sort of thing. i didn’t take supplements for hormones when i was going through that. i think it would be important to talk to a doctor about that sort of thing!

    2. Hi,
      Let me preface this with that I am definitely NOT a health care professionals, but feel like these suggestions are healthy for anyone and definitely can’t hurt!! If the only thing that changed was intensity and she feels hormonal issues — it may be related to cortisol (the “stress” hormone). She may want to try taking more rest days, making sure she’s getting enough sleep, and consider a meditation practice!! The science on meditation says it really helps with stress!

  28. Juli, this was one of the most inspiring article you’ve wrote! You’ve inspired me to continue pushing myself ot my priorities and goals. Thank you for the Monday reminder!

  29. Hi Juli, Thank you for this post today, it’s something I needed to read and I may return to it in the future for reminders. I have never had a healthy, positive relationship with food to be honest. I still don’t. I’ve been on/off Paleo for almost a year and when I first started incorporating just coconut oil into my diet, I lost 10 pounds in a month. Didn’t change anything else. And I try to really stick to Paleo but I have a huge sweet tooth and when I’m not completely kicking sugar, I’m always craving it. I have found some amazing potato chips cooked in coconut oil which I love so I haven’t touched a Pringle or Dorito since. And I found a coconut milk bread paleo recipe that my husband loves probably more than I do so that is a staple for us.
    I think part of my problem is I never have a definitive goal set ahead of me so I’m never making any definitive progress. I am so indecisive about everything it seems so I guess I don’t really know what I want. I have learned that I have almost an obsessive/compulsive issue with food and it’s scary sometimes.
    So much has changed since I was at my thinnest in high school to where I am now at my second heaviest. Something has got to give and I can’t do the whole gym thing again, I hate it. I did learn that I can jog and enjoy it twice last week. The weather has been sucky so haven’t been outside since.
    This is merely just a response to your blog simply saying THANK YOU for all your positivity and encouragement. I will continue to read your perfectly imperfect stance on Paleo (Paleo Police back off lol) and enjoy your day to day musings. Congrats on your new life status Mrs.


    1. i think WAY more people than you think have an unhealthy relationship with food, you are definitely not alone. so glad you’ve enjoyed the blog and i hope your relationship with food gets better. speaking from experience, it can. good luck with everything!!

  30. Hey Juile,

    I really related to this post. I started Crossfit in October. Since then, I’ve put on weight – muscle and fat. I love the strength I have, but not physically how i feel regarding fat. What would you say to do? Should i stop lifting as heavy and add cardio? I feel so stuck. I eat clean – pretty much paleo.

    1. i can’t give you specific advice, that’s not my job. especially since i know nothing about your, your goals, your habits, etc. so i recommend you chat with a coach or someone you trust with that sort of thing to help you on your path!

  31. Thank you so much for writing this! It is totally about the journey and taking yourself to the level you want to be at and feel comfortable in. I’ve followed you for recipes for a while and have your books but I am loving the workouts you post every week! I’m 15 weeks pregnant with #2 and did a lot of running and light strength with #1 which helped me tremendously but now I’m doing more WODs and home HIIT workouts and your workouts are the perfect combination for me. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring!

    1. that’s so awesome! keep kicking ass during your pregnancy! women who are pregnant and continue to workout are such an inspiration to me!! just so awesome to see!

  32. Roseann Alexander

    Thank you for this post. Six years ago I turned the big 40 and decided I had to do something, I weighed 224. Over the next year I lost 74 lbs and was at 150, I was thrilled but was stuck there for a few years. I didn’t gain but I didn’t lose. This past Octocber I decided to try Paleo and have lost down to 135 lbs. I am only 5’1” so I would still love to lose a little but it is such a struggle. I am so strict about eating but still find it hard to get rid of those last few pounds. I know I need to be happy with where I am now instead of the unhealthy person I was in 2010. I am encouraged by your honesty and positive attitude. Love your recipes!!!!!


  33. This totally spoke to me today – I’m in a fitness “funk” and know that I just need to keep it fun, because if it’s not fun, what’s the point! Thank you for sharing so much. Your words really resonated with me today (and basically every day, haha)
    Keep on being awesome!

  34. I’ve read almost all your blogs as far back as I can get (not today.. A few years ago when I started following you) i remember you posting a transformation post in your old rant tab. I don’t think you ever mentioned you ran a half marathon though. You look fabulous and I think it’s partially because you seem to be so much happier! I also thought I read somewhere you use to swim… Did you used to swim?

    1. yes, i swam starting at 9 years old but then quit in my teenage years! i kind of forget that i ran a half marathon because i never wanted to run another one after that first one haha!

  35. Thanks for sharing! These progress pics are ah-mazing. It’s crazy how much your body can change with a few adjustments. I feel like my relationship with food and exercise is always a work in progress. I definitely don’t feel like I’ve made the long strides that you have, but changes are often so subtle for me that I don’t notice them until much later.
    Likely By Sea

  36. This is my favorite post of all time. Thanks for sharing and being true to who you are. I come here for inspiration and I am rarely disappointed.

  37. Hi Juli! I love what you do, thank you! Have all your books and met you in person in California not so long ago:) can you share what did you do to get where you are today? Lean, toned and beautiful. You stopped competing but you still work out wvery day and doing Paleo? Seems like I cannot get where I want to be after 2 babies 🙂 Thank you ! Victoria

    1. yep, i crossfit usually 5 days a week and eat clean regularly. having babies is a whole different story though. that changes your hormones and physique and i haven’t gone through that so i can’t share my own experience. but things are definitely different after having kids, i know that much!

  38. You’re my hero, Juli! Thank you for posting this, for always being honest, and for occasionally calling out the jealous assholes who try to put you down. I think most women go through phases like this, I did for sure! I finally think I’m starting to “get it,” at age 31. I’ve been making a lot of your recipes, I feel amazing, and I have realized I don’t need to or even want to “cheat.” There’s a paleo recipe for almost anything, and you don’t have to feel terrible about yourself for eating something sweet. It’s not really about moderation or deprivation, it’s about treating your body right and giving it the right fuel. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for sharing pieces of your world.

    1. seriously!! the sun came out yesterday and i thought about how a dairy queen blizzard needed to happen once this summer…then i remembered i could just make my own and not feel guilty about it. there are so many better options out there right now at this point, no need to ever feel deprived!

  39. I love this ! Thank you for this ! Truly inspiring, sometimes it’s so hard to figure shit out! You figured it out ! Damn two big thumbs up to you! And hopefully i can figure some shit of my own out

    Im not sure this makes sense at all but hey !!
    Anyways kbye

  40. Do you have that (on sale) Nike bralette featured in your gym outfit? It’s so cute, just wondering if it’s supportive for bigger chests 😉

  41. Oh my goodness. I was just wishing for before and afters. It’s like you’re a psychic. ???????? I have watched you transition over the past few years and it’s amazing and mind blowing. You are a force to be reckoned with. resding through the other comments I can agree that pregnancy is tough. Giving up your body for a while is an emotional roller coaster. You know you are doing something amazing, but you want to keep the control too. I know you will do great when you head down that road. You will inspire us then also!!

  42. Hi!! I have been following your Insta for a while now and I’m incredibly inspired by you. I to have struggled with my relationship with food and exercise. I’m eating healthier now than I ever have in my life and I exercise 5/6 days a week. I just can’t seem to get the lean and fit look I’m going for. I feel like I need to lift weights but I don’t have a clue about how much weight I should start off with or how many reps. I’m 5’7 and I fluctuate between 135 and 140. Im a stay at home Mom so I’ve been doing the insanity program. I’ve completed it several times and I have never reached my goal. Do you have any advice for me?

    1. i can’t really give you advice knowing nothing about your life, but i can say weight lifting would be really beneficial. i recommend talking to a trainer or a coach to help you get started!

  43. I can’t thank you enough for this post! I’ve been following you for a few years now and always enjoy your humor, honesty and inspiration. I also workout at a crossfit gym as well as run a few times a week so I’m pretty active. I’m also a full time working busy mom to a rambunctious 2 year old so my time is always filled with SOMETHING! My nutrition is always the part of my life that suffers, wether I’m eating on the go or eating mindlessly or because I’m stressed. I feel like I’m always thinking about it too, which adds to the stress! I realized today that I need to really change my view of food and stop obsessing about it. And now here I am, ending up reading this blog entry because I happened to come on to look up the brand of the brown sandals you recently posted! The universe is funny like that 🙂 THANK YOU!

    1. stress really can change our eating habits but being aware and being kinder to yourself can really lead to better behaviors as time goes on! good luck, ryan!

  44. I appreciate this. I’ve struggled with an extremely unhealthy relationship with food, as well as intense hormonal acne. The “science experiment” phrase resonated with me because I’ve put my body through a lot of kinds of diet and exercise craziness. It really can take over and suck all the joy out of life. I’m pretty new to Crossfit, but have been concerned about how to get the results I want without obsessing or going nuts and training to the point where my skin freaks out (has happened before and I’m not liking the turn it’s taken lately). It’s like you’re reading my mind and anticipating what I need to hear. Stop that. (Just kidding; don’t.)Thanks for sharing this.

  45. Juli- Thank you for this post. My unhealthiest and highest weight (until I had to do serious medical intervention) was when I was eating the cleanest (no carbs, only chicken, greens, Greek yogurt) and running ultra marathons and training for half ironmans, without taking a rest day. That sent my mind and body into a tailspin that I am still trying to recover from 4 years later. It’s literally crazy what we do to ourselves. I still have to be careful- no exercise trackers, no weighing myself, no counting macros- but under my doctor’s supervision I am finally back to running marathons, albeit a lot slower than I was before. But, that’s ok for now. I’m just happy to be out there and participating again. Your blog is one that really seems to get it- it’s about being healthy, about living life and not about being so wrapped up getting the diet and exercise perfect every single minute and losing sight of why we started this in the first place. You’re a rare gem and thank you for that!

    1. we are always taught that more is better, but i think people are slowly figuring out that is just not the case. finding a healthy balanced life is actually the hard part and definitely takes longer when we’ve beat ourselves up for so long. glad you’re back to doing what you love, even if you’re not coming in first. keep up the hard work!

  46. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. I’m onto my 17 th hr of personal training here in the UK and my gym has Crossfit going on. I hope to be strong enough one day to join in. I need to loose 30 pounds that I’ve gained since having a broken thyroid. But since training with weights I’m heavier than I ever have been and it’s not coming off! I’ve only just starting seeing real results in my shape just when I was starting to think nothing is happening and I’ve been working really hard. Just goes to show you’re right in that it’s all about perseverance. Now I’m in my late 30’s things are changing slower than they used to. It’s so frustrating sometimes. The two pictures of you on the right are really interesting. I’m much more built like your second from right photo in the white but a little heavier and I want to look like your photo on the far right! So it was a case of not lifting so heavy and taking rest days to get there? Did you also get a lot stricter about your Paleo carbs? Every time I restrict my carbs and eat less sweet potato, plantain or skip one of your little treats like your sweet potato brownies I start to get headaches or migraines and feel knackered!

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Love your blog and your candid inspiring photos and as for the food, well, I’ve worked my way through most of your recipes, they’re the most accessible I’ve found whilst tasting really good.
    Nicola 🙂

    1. no, i actually started eating MORE carbs in photos 3 to 4. i started eating more potatoes and white rice when i stopped competing because that’s what i was craving so i finally listened to my body and i think it was able to find balance because of it. i was restricting my body from carbohydrates and since i workout on a regular basis, i needed those carbs.

  47. Juli!Like so many people posting here I have followed you for years and love this post!! Hats off to you for figuring it out. I love your comment at the end about how health/fitness is a journey that you can strive for basically forever. I know you have posted before about your new take on moderation and would love to hear more of your thoughts on that. I struggle with being 100% in or out. I love when I whole30 for example and the way I look and feel after but then I find that I do that for example before a trip to Mexico where I can then go wild…. Any thoughts on moderation from you in more detail would be fab 🙂 Keep it up sister you look so happy/healthy!

    1. for me, telling myself that I CAN’T have something makes me go absolutely wild when it comes to eating foods I “shouldn’t”. I feel like i’m kind of a kid; when I’m told i can’t something, i want it WAY more. so i had to tell myself that i could have whatever i wanted and those cravings went away. the whole30 made me go a little crazy so i just eat clean, have desserts when i want them, and still enjoy exciting moments in life like weddings and special events. that’s what has worked for me! i don’t know if that helps but i hope it does!

  48. Juli, you look amazing. Great to hear you have found balance and I’ve also found this is the best way to get results. Rest, recovery and nutrition are so important.

    About pregnancy – we welcomed our first baby late last year. Fortunately I was healthy enough to continue working out throughout my pregnancy and was in the gym lifting weights the morning of the day I went into labor. I went full term and had a natural birth without the need for pain medication. Was back at it within 4 weeks of giving birth and achieved my pre-pregnancy body, fitness and strength within 4 months. Our baby is 6 1/2 months old now and I’m the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been. Sound good?? The reality is it took a lot of work and educating myself. Like you have experienced with your body, NOTHING comes without hard work and effort. I went off the contraceptive pill a few years before getting pregnant and worked on balancing my hormones and improving my gut health through nutrition so that I could give myself the best chance of a healthy pregnancy. I continued to train 6 days per week during my pregnancy (which wasn’t easy) and got help from personal trainers on modifying my workouts throughout pregnancy to ensure the exercises I was doing were safe, and also worked on exercises to help with pregnancy such as balance (one-legged deadlifts, etc). I continued to eat a nutritious diet. Pregnancy is not an excuse to eat crap food and I think it’s more important than ever to be conscious of nutrition and giving your body and baby what it needs to thrive. I had a real fear of childbirth so read books on natural birthing and practiced yoga and meditation consistently. I also educated myself on what to expect at the hospital so there were no surprises. I loved being pregnant and felt a great sense of achievement after giving birth to our healthy little boy, but that’s not to say it was easy! Yes, your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy, more than I expected, but embrace it. I’m looking forward to having baby number 2 one day.

  49. Hi Julie,
    This hits home. I am going exactly what you had went through. I love lifting heavy but I feel it’s making me bigger and I don’t like what my body has become. The acne is driving me crazy and I feel I may have to come to the same decisions as you did. I want to be happier under my skin.
    What 30 day cleanse did you do, if I can ask. I may need to do a cleanse to find my way through eating.

    Thank you for Sharing!!!

  50. Hi Juli,

    Thanks for sharing your story! I do crossfit a few days a week and really love it. One thing I continue to struggle with is pre/post workout food. I work out at night and find myself snacking a little too much to get energy when I get home from work/before working out. Can you share any go-to snacks/meals that you have when you do your daily workouts? Thanks 🙂

    1. i’m not huge when it comes to snacking pre and post workout. i just have whatever is around me like a larabar or a protein shake i made or a yogurt and then i usually just eat a meal after i workout so i don’t need a snack. that’s just what works for me!

  51. Hi Julie,

    I noticed that you don’t wear a bellybutton ring anymore. Did you decide to do this for health reasons? If so, did you notice a difference in your body after taking it out?

    Thanks for the great post – you are so inspirational!!


    1. no, not for health reasons. honestly, it kept falling out during CrossFit workouts or competitions and I would lose it, so I just stopped buying new ones and stopped wearing it in the end! not really a fan of the look anymore anyways haha!

  52. Thank you so much for posting this! Its such a relief when others post about their struggles and how they have overcome them. When you feel like you are alone in the way that you feel, you can start to feel bogged down by all of the research and LOSE WEIGHT NOW campaigns. Its hard to take pride in your body and be proud of the things that it does for you when you hate it. Reading these posts make me feel that we are not alone and to push through it. There really is a light at the end and we just need to figure out how to get to it!

  53. Hi Juli,

    I love everything you share. I pretty much self-recovered from extreme orthorexia that developed about a year ago, and finding the paleo diet and your feed months ago has really changed my life for the better. Now I am trying to undo the years of chronic long-distance cardio through heavy lifting and CrossFit. Out of curiosity, do you tend to keep carbs lower on rest days? Or are your workout and rest days not very different from each other?

    Thanks so much!

    1. not at all. i did that when i first started but found myself obsessing about it. i just pretty much eat the same on rest days now. to me, your body is still burning almost the same as it did after your workout (if you’re lifting on a regular basis) so it still needs the same fuel. but that’s totally my non-doctor belief haha! take it or leave it

  54. Laura Forsythe

    I’m a new reader and by new I mean I’m scarfing down boring salad during lunch break and found you. I also live in Denver and do Crossfit. I have a love/lust relationship with crossfit and trying to figure out the balance. Im struggling with wanting to do muscle ups, HSPU’s, and double unders to be the very best crossfitter (is that even a word?) and finding similarities with picture 3 but wishing I was more of pic 4. I was wondering about the gluten statements and how much difference it made for you? Looking forward to trying some of these recipes!

    1. i’m not sure exactly what you mean by the gluten statement so i’ll just say what I do: i eat some gluten free things like bread a couple times a week and a gluten free treat once in a while, i don’t really ever eat gluten on purpose (except for a piece of wedding cake once in a while) because i don’t think it’s needed in a diet whatsoever. when i went gluten free, i lost about 30 pounds pretty quickly. it was amazing to see that and proof that it wasn’t needed in my own personal diet. not sure if that helps so feel free to add any other questions below!!

      1. I was just curious if it made you feel different health wise? The reviews, research, blogs, articles, opinions are so mixed it’s hard to know. I will say breaking up with cheese and beer and beer cheese is sad ☹️

        1. it made me feel 100% different after cutting out gluten. it was like night and day, honestly. as soon as i cut it out, i had more energy, slept better, etc. it was the best thing i ever did for my body.

  55. Just wanted to say that your blog above really hit home with me. I’ve never been a fitness nut–in fact, I rarely worked out until I was in my mid 30s. I’m now 41 and I’ve still on my fitness journey. As women, we are VERY hard on ourselves and what we look like. And we judge other women too (I do it too). We have to stop doing that and just focus on being “healthy” and loving our bodies. Your posts always remind me of that, and I love it! Thank you for being YOU!

  56. Erin Macfarland

    I like the honesty about how much our bodies change over time, and I was curious about if you experience any hormonal problems when getting really lean. I am trying to recover from reaching a very low body fat % ( down to 5%) and haven’t had a cycle in a year and a half. I have been able to gain some weight as lean muscle and body fat but still no cycle. I want to stay lean and feel comfortable in my body and keep up my athletic abilities (I am a runner and lift heavy a few times per week) I am worried about gaining more weight in order to get my cycle back. I am 35 and have two healthy kiddos. I feel strong but would like to be just a bit smaller than I am right now because my fastest running times were when I was at my lowest weight earlier this year. But I know it isn’t healthy to be at such a low body fat %. Right now I’m 5’7″ and 130 lbs and have gotten up to 10% body fat. You are super lean in some of those photos and I am wondering what your body fat % is at those times and if it’s unreasonable for me to want to stay lean. Thank you !!

    1. i honestly have no idea. i don’t know what % i am now or was back in the day. i’ve never had that checked. i would talk to a doctor about that!

  57. I’m such a paleomg fan and just have to comment this time! I was listening to a paleo podcast recently that you did maybe sometime in the last year and you were talking about your weight loss. In the interview, you mentioned that you don’t RX your workouts all the time because your body doesn’t want to do 125lb snatches every time there are snatches…and you just do what feels right for you that day in the gym even if it’s less than the prescribed weight. And that was the first time I realized it was “okay” not to RX. I don’t know who I’ve been trying to ‘prove’ my xfit ability to (mind you, I have absolutely no aspirations to be a crossfit competitor) but let me tell you – 75lb overhead squats feel better on my body personally than 95lb squats and I literally just realized I’ve been pushing myself a little too much and never resting and I don’t have to do that. Isn’t it funny how much control you have over your life and your decisions and sometimes you can just forget? So, great job on your fitness journey. I love the idea of weighing oneself rarely. Will be taking a few more pointers from you.

    PS I made your smoky candied bacon for the first time last week for a brunch and got mad praise for it. Thanks 🙂

    1. i think as motivated people, we are constantly trying to prove to others that we work hard, whether that’s through how many hours we put in at work, how put together we look, how much weight we throw over our heads, etc. but in the end, it doesn’t matter what people think. they will all think different things depending on the person so we might as well do exactly what makes US happy. and the weighing ourselves stuff, i hate it. it’s always cool to see results but it’s sometimes better to FEEL results. which is one of the reasons i love crossfit and the no mirrors situation haha. glad i could help in some small way!

  58. You look beautiful in all of the photos, but I think it’s so interesting that each one of them has a different story. It goes to show that you work so hard and you have such perseverance, drive, ambition and motivation that is so inspiring! It’s all about the mental and spiritual journey, not just physical!

  59. i just appreciate the crap out of you. your honesty and candor are so desirable at a point where we are so fixated on how we get from fat to lean in twenty minutes. it is a journey and a process; much more like a marathon. but dont run the marathon for crying out loud because, cardio! haha. thank you, again, for sharing your message and for spreading love of self throughout out all of it.

  60. I totally agree with everything you’ve said here. It’s amazing how being kind to our bodies can actually make bigger changes than all the dedication in the world. I’ve followed you since the beginning when I first heard about paleo. It was so easy for me to get caught up in being strict and in seeing changes get obsessive. Like you chilling out a tad and actually listening to my body has helped me get closer to what I want to look like (or maybe I’m just more accepting I don’t know) either way it feels better. I have two kids and I got so down after having them with my body changes but now since relaxing and not being so hard on myself I know if and when I have more that in time I’ll be back to my normal. Thanks for the recipes and the honesty. You rock.

  61. Juli,

    I follow your blog, snapchat, instagram, etc. and think you’re incredible! I’ve been making your recipes often–my family is crazy for your 5 ingredient spaghetti pie. Thank you for your honesty. You’re definitely inspiring a me to feel more in control of a healthier life, especially by realizing MORE is not always better. I finally feel freer to take more rest days and completely abandon my former obsessive calorie counting ways.

    In your snap chat, I’ve spied flowered shoes while you walk Jackson–can you tell me what they are??

  62. This is so great, thanks for putting this out into the world. More people need to have a real life approach and mindset when it comes to health and fitness.

  63. Great post. Do you have any recommendations on how to not lift too heavy at crossfit? Sounds like a dumb question but I just feel like the stronger you get, the more motivation you have to keep going up in weight. How do you know when you’ve hit a good point and do you just always do that same weight as the different WODs come around?

    I’ve been doing crossfit for about a year now and I love the workouts and know I’m gaining muscle but really don’t want to get too bulky. It just feels so good when you get new PRs so I’m just wondering how you started lifting less instead of continuing to go up in weight each week/month…

    1. honestly, there is no rhyme or reason when it comes to choosing weights. especially because everyone’s body is so different. i know MANY females that lift heavy and aren’t “bulky”. so what i did when changing my weights was I stuck with weights that i knew i could have PERFECT form with for multiple reps. so instead of doing singles of 95# power snatch, i would use 75# and keep my form perfect throughout. at some point, i was able to figure out what weights i could do with completely perfect form, and i stuck with those. sometimes i go heavier, sometimes i go lighter. but i just had to remind me that i wasn’t in the point in my life anymore that the most important thing was PR’s. i was more so interested in being healthier and more comfortable in my skin.

  64. Thank you so much for sharing this with me! I have never been athletic but I want to be strong for once in my life. Taking the time to give us a workout schedule is so helpful! Love, love this blog!

  65. just a small bit of info. to most people who have never worked out-they have no idea what your workout consists of . the terminology you used is foreign and might scare people off of trying to workout

    1. when i first started crossfit, i never knew what the lingo was either so i constantly checked out youtube videos and googled information to find out what those movements were. if you don’t know what something is (like paleo, etc.) you figure it out if you want it badly enough. sure, it’s intimidating just like anything foreign, but i think that’s how life is in general. i’m sorry you feel like it might scare people off!

  66. Hi Juli! I followed your blog bigtime around when your first cookbook came out. Then life hit the fan (in a good way), so I stopped being able to keep up with most of my favorite reads. I used to run half marathons, CrossFit, and generally eat more home cooked meals then. But then I changed jobs (moving more toward my ideal career) and was SO stressed that I rapidly lost 15 lbs (due to stress… I actually worked out LESS), had high anxiety, and was extremely exhausted by the end of the workday for at least a year. I stopped running nearly altogether, stopped going to CrossFit, and cooked way less because convenience seemed nicer when I was so tired. Now that I’m getting more used to my work, I think my stress has gone down as well as my anxiety, but when I get busy again (moreso during winter months I have several 14 hour work days during the week and lots of caffeine) my workout routine disappears. I’m really trying to start it all back up again, but even now if I have a tough day at work I want to do NOTHING when I come home. :/

    I just jumped back onto your blog yesterday because I really wanted to make something for dinner that was healthy and was going to make me feel good. This is the first place I thought of! I am SO blown away by how much your blog has grown since your first cookbook was released back in the day!

    Looking at the workouts, more recipes, entries on fashion, links for good and cute gym clothes, stories of struggles and success, I feel more motivated to really try to push harder to get myself back on track. I’m sitting at around 145 lbs (gained back about 10 lbs of the 15 i lost from stress), but my body doesn’t feel healthy. My work is very important to me, but I really want to find a balance so that I don’t let my health slide again. I want to get back into CrossFit SO MUCH but am unable to afford it right now. I’ve been trying to adapt the workouts from CrossFit.com and a box that I used to belong to. It’s been helping, but sometimes it can be a struggle to do them effectively at my gym. On the flipside, I’m getting back into running again and since the weather is nicer I’ve been able to hit the local running trails at least a couple times each week. My goal is to run at least 3-4 times per week (my minimum distance is 3 miles) and to train for another half marathon.

    Thank you for helping me find motivation and inspiration in my own journey again! Best of luck with all you do!

  67. Hi Julie!

    You look amazing. I’ve been doing crossfit for approx a year and have gained some weight over the past few months. I think its mostly attributable to putting on muscle since I’ve never done so much strength work in my life.

    I was wondering if you could do a post about what you eat on a typical day? I’m intrigued since you said you rarely eat nuts. I have them daily following a paleo life style.

    Thank you for your help!!!

  68. Completely understand that you physically felt differently in each of these photos, but I think it’s worth saying that you’re equally beautiful in all of them!

  69. I absolutely love this and needed to read this today! I’ve been on a weight loss journey for about two years and trying to figure out what the eff my body is doing. I do the weights, the cardio, the good diet and my body pretty much gives me the middle finger when it comes to fat loss. I’m 5’7″ and 150lbs, 20lbs unexplicably gained over two years. Basically this post just helped encourage me to keep going and keep improving whether it’s all physical or its emotional and feeling strong in my body whether or not it’s my idea of “perfect”

  70. This needs to be talked about! Crossfit culture in general is intense and more reps, heavier weight is often pushed, which isn’t always good! I have had an eating disorder for 14 years and started crossfit 4 years ago at about 112 lbs (I am 5’8). I quickly realized my eating habits would not support any progress in crossfit. So although it definitely helped my actual eating (I quickly gained 15lbs) it did not help my feelings about my body or my relationship with food. Juli did you at any point seek out therapy? Just wondering what your thoughts were on how to get to that more balanced place. At this point I am 100% addicted to crossfit, I go 5-6 days a week and get so mad if I feel like the WOD’s aren’t strenuous enough. I love crossfit more than anything and don’t want this type of relationship with it anymore. Any thoughts? Thank you so much for this post!

    1. i did not seek therapy, i just had to recognize my addictions and habits and break them myself. but it’s not a bad idea to seek therapy if you feel like you can’t break those addictive behaviors yourself. but recognizing that you’re feeling that way is the first step. for me, it was figuring out that overexercising wasn’t making me happy so i tried taking a step back to see what happened. i don’t know if that explanation helps but i hope it does. let me know if you have any other questions! hopefully i can help more!

  71. Can’t wait to get your new book. This side by side of your pictures is helpful. Turning 41 and forgot how much I loved your blog. Congratulations on your marriage I always wondered how no one snatched you up. No pun intended! How much rice is your serving size?

  72. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your honesty about your struggles and weight loss!! I started running (marathons) and would run more so I could eat more – totally unhealthy. I kept putting on weight.

    6 weeks ago I started weight lifting and am trying to just listen to my body, rather than exercising more so I can eat more. It’s hard to make this physiological, as well as psychological change but I know it is just a process.

    So far I haven’t lost any weight but I can tell that I am getting stronger and feeling tighter. I just need to be patient and give it time. I have faith everything will fall into place.

    Did you find you stalled for awhile at first as your body reacted / realized that you were going to give it what it needed?

    Thanks again 🙂


  73. This post really hits home right now! I’ve been doing Crossfit 5x a week, always at the heavier prescribe day weights, and I eat clean/paleo, but just can’t seem to lose any weight! It’s been nearly a year of consistent workouts, but I’m not seeing the progress I want. I’ve gotten so much stronger and faster, physically I feel like the best shape of my life, but my body is still holding all of the fat over top of my muscle. Reading your posts confirms what I’m thinking, that it might be my diet. I’m always terrified to eat carbs, even “good” carbs like sweet potato or oats. I’ve started to work them in a bit, and some days I will have either a slice of whole grain toast for breakfast, or a half sweet potato with dinner. I try to never go over 50grams of carbs in a day, but I’m not sure if that is actually enough now that I’m lifting 5 days a week. I also think I might not be eating enough calories in general. Would love it if you could please write a post about what your macros usually look like! It would be so helpful to know how many carbs and fats you eat since we’re about the same activity level. You’re such a huge inspiration and give me hope that some day I’ll be able to lean out!

    1. i honestly have zero clue about macros or how many carbs/fat i’m eating. zero. I’ve never counted macros so i don’t even know what that looks like. i just eat way more carbs than i used to and don’t beat myself up about it

  74. I know this post is now quite old but I stumbled upon it and it really resonates with me. I used to swim competitively in college and never had to worry about my weight and really loved the way I looked. I’m now in my mid 20s and the weight keeps creeping up even with mostly paleo/clean eating and 7 days a week of workouts. I just don’t feel like myself anymore and lost the confidence I once had. It’s really challenging to find that balance between eating clean and working out while still enjoying life. I have struggled to keep a healthy relationship with food. I think I’m at the point where I need to re evaluate some things. Thanks for the reminder that it’s a journey and for sharing your experience with body image. I love the positivity. (Also, I’ve had the paleomg cookbook on my shelf for a few years now and it never fails to make a great meal!)

    1. glad you stumbled onto this post! i use to swim competitively and totally understand what you’re going through, i just went through that in my teens. but 20’s are full of your metabolism and lifestyle changing so it’s definitely a never-ending learning experience. i hope you find a new rhythm and start feeling good in your skin. you’ll definitely get there!!

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