Last week I received an email from a woman who was disappointed that she hadn’t experienced the results she was looking for after less than a month in my 6-month program. At first it made me so sad that I had let her down in some way. But then I started to think about my own fitness journey and how long that journey has been. I was 19 years old when I first started working out and I remember quitting the gym over and over and over again, all because I didn’t see results quickly. I would go to the gym for a week and think that was enough to change my physique drastically. And when that change wasn’t happening, I would throw in the towel.

But the hard truth is – change takes time. And sadly, it’s not on your schedule. Physical changes don’t care what YOU want, physical changes care about your long term hard work, persistence, and perseverance. Bodies are complicated, lifestyles are complicated, and genetics are complicated. And all these complicated puzzle pieces lead to us believe that the full picture isn’t coming together. But what really isn’t working is our impatience. We are impatient mother fuckers. We believe that we deserve to experience a change in weeks, sometimes months. And the truth is, change comes from consistency. And the only way to become consistent is to stick with healthy habits that are formed over time. Not in weeks, not in months, but IN YEARS.

The problem is, staying consistent is hard. Sticking with your workouts when your gym closes down, is hard. Sticking with cooking at home when the kids have 24205 sports to get to and homework to do, is hard. Sticking to buying organic foods when your spouse has lost their job, is hard. Life is fucking hard and it can feel selfish or challenging or close to impossible to stay consistent when life is turned upside down. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible or that you should throw in the towel. It just means you have to learn how to adapt in that moment so your consistency never wavers. And as you continue on this path of consistency, results will begin to show because you have created healthy habits day after day, that can stick with you year after year. Results don’t come from perfection, they come from your unwavering accountability to yourself.

If you believe a fitness program will work wonders for you in just 1 month, I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. You may see people online losing a drastic amount of weight in just one month or two…but I’ll bet my ass that those same people gain it back since they haven’t worked on the consistency. They haven’t built healthy habits through years of practice that help them understand their bodies needs and help them stick to a plan that continues to get them results year after year. Fitness programs are put in place to help you create a plan in your own life that you can stick to as much as possible. Not every week will be perfect, not every workout will be perfect, but the more you stick with a plan, the more it will pay off in the long run. I don’t want you to be sold unrealistic dreams even though that’s what the fitness industry tends to sell. I want to show you that if you stick to something, it will pay off, but you have to be patient. You have to trust the process. You have to find all the puzzle pieces to build your own beautiful picture. And as a person who has been working out consistently for over 12 years, I’m here to remind you that results will most likely not come in 1 month. They will take time. And I’m here to support you throughout.

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  1. Dana Leigh Lyons says:

    I always appreciate your consistency and honesty, Juli! This message is so important for ANY change efforts!

  2. Kendra says:

    <3 this is so true and you're amazing!

  3. Tania says:

    Preach! So true. It is the society we all live in! I want something, I get on Amazon and have it in 1-2 days, or get on my phone and place a pick up order and drive to the store and have it in a few hours. Any kind of lifestyle change takes time. Building new habits, like you said, take consistency. I wish I could snap my fingers and lose the 8 pounds I’ve put on in the last year since I’ve been working from home (thanks covid!) but I can’t. I quit being consistent with paying attention to what I was putting in my body and I quit working out for the last 4-5 months and it finally all caught up to me. It took me almost an entire year to get where I am at now, I can’t expect to eat clean and exercise for a few weeks (or maybe even a few months) and return to where I was. Sorry for rambling!

  4. Aliyah Watson says:

    I agree that short-term training programs will not give the desired results. I was able to lose 9 kilograms of weight in 12 months of training and proper nutrition.