PaleOMG Power Body Program – Beginner + Advanced Bundle

No weights? No problem! Introducing a bundle deal of my first-ever bodyweight fitness program. Whether you’re stuck at home during a pandemic, traveling the world for work, or simply don’t have time to make it to a fitness class, my TWO 8-week PaleOMG Power Body Programs gives you a fun, creative bodyweight workout that you can do from anywhere! Better yet, these two programs can be done back-to-back for a total of 16 weeks of bodyweight workouts!
With 80 combined and completely unique workouts, these two programs will help you see and feel results. All of the workouts are short and sweet, and each workout has a video so you can see how to properly complete every movement! Each program keeps your body guessing so you can get maximum strength and results in no time.
Our bodies were made to move. They were made to run, jump, squat, leap, lift, and do all kinds of things in between. So when lifting isn’t an option, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep moving. These beginner and advanced bodyweight programs will ensure that you’re moving, challenging yourself, and keeping your body healthy even when equipment isn’t available—for 16 weeks! Try PaleOMG Power Body Program – Beginner and Advanced today!


16 weeks of challenging workouts—no weights required!

Get ready for a challenge without any equipment whatsoever! In my all-new PaleOMG Power Body Program – Beginner + Advanced, I created 16 weeks of efficient workouts that challenge you from start to finish!

No Equipment!

These bodyweight-only programs keep your body healthy, even if equipment isn't available. No gym, no equipment? No problem!

80 Workouts!

Even if you're in great shape, I think you'll be pretty surprised how sore you can get from doing these bodyweight workouts! Start with beginner and graduate to advanced!

2 Rest Days!

PaleOMG Power Body workouts are ultra-efficient. Push your body in five challenging weekly workouts, and rest for the other days!

Jumpstart your fitness journey today