Power Program + Meal Guide Combo

Introducing my all-new first-ever fitness program and meal guide combo pack! I’m so excited!

This combo includes my all-new programs—My PaleOMG Power Program and my PaleOMG Power Program Meal Guide—combined for a deal!

These two guides together will transform the way you work out and eat in 90 days!

The PaleOMG Power Program is designed for busy people who want to work out hard and well. It consists of 60 different workouts for advanced and beginner levels that can be done at home or in a gym, with minimal equipment! Each workout has a video so you can see how to properly complete every movement! All of the workouts are under 1 hour long and each varies in structure and length. One day you might do bodyweight exercises and another will be sweaty HIIT! This program keeps you and your body guessing so you can get maximum strength and results. Plus, the workouts are just five days a week!

The PaleOMG Power Program Meal Guide accompanies the Power Program and isn’t a meal plan that tells you what to eat and when. Instead, I’ve hand-picked my all-time favorite PaleOMG recipes that will properly nourish your body. These recipes are quick, nourishing, healthy, and a great balance of animal-based protein, carbohydrates in the form of vegetables, and healthy fats. I’m not a fan of meal plans and I don’t like the idea of one-size-fits-all eating, so this will GUIDE you to make balanced eating decisions that make you feel great!

I’ve been working in the fitness and health industry for over a decade, and I’ve tried almost every form of exercise and eating style there is. My PaleOMG Power Program and Meal Guide is full of the workouts and recipes that I know get real results!

If you’re looking to feel confident, strong, and healthy, PaleOMG Power is for you!


12 weeks of rewarding, challenging workouts and 130+ recipes

I want you to feel your best from the inside-out. In my all-new PaleOMG Power Program, I created a structured and efficient workout that’s designed to make you feel stronger than ever before! My meal guide makes it easy to stay fueled throughout the day with hand-selected recipes for breakfast, grab n’ go breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, and snacks to fuel you!

Minimal Equipment

Life's too short to get caught up in complicated equipment. My PaleOMG Power Program requires minimal equipment to make your workout as streamlined as possible.

Beginner & Advanced Movements

The right form gets you the right results, which is why I created both beginner and advanced movement videos for every week of the program. Just click directly from the program pdf to view!

Endless Positivity

When you're part of the PaleOMG community, you're part of an empowered group that supports you every step of the way. You'll be enrolling in a program that helps you unlock your self-worth and positivity!

Easy-to-Follow Recipes

Each recipe is on its own page with all the info you need to cook! You'll also know the prep time and cook time so you can pick and choose the best recipes for your schedule.

Balanced & Healthy Meals!

These recipes are some of my all-time favorites! By following my meal guide, you'll have a balanced plate with every meal that properly fuels your body for workouts and daily life!

Eating Mindset Tips

My meal guide was created to empower you! I want you to forget the word diet and instead feel good about your food choices. This pdf includes motivational tips for having a healthy perspective about food!

Start feeling powerful today!

I want you to feel your best from the inside-out. In my all-new PaleOMG Power Program + Meal Guide Combo, you’re going to feel healthier and more confident than ever before!