Power30 Program + Recipe Bundle

When life gets busy, it’s easy to make excuses when it comes to our diet and fitness. I created the PaleOMG Power30 Program and Recipe Guide to prove to you that you can eat deliciously and workout efficiently in under 30 minutes!

This bundle includes my newest programs—my PaleOMG Power30 Fitness Program and PaleOMG Power30 Recipe Guide—combined for a discount 16% off at original price!

These two guides will help you win back much-deserved time without sacrificing nutrition or strength!

In my PaleOMG Power30 Program, you’ll get 30 efficient workouts that increase your heart rate, challenge your muscles, and get you results in minimal time! I created this program to empower you to choose the best workout for your goals, mood, and time! With eight different workout categories (ranging from core to AMRAP to Tabata) all arranged from least amount of time to most, you’ll always be able to squeeze in a workout no matter your schedule! These workouts can be performed at home and all have an accompanying video to keep your form in check!

In my PaleOMG Power30 Recipe Guide, I’ve created 30 never-before-seen recipes that can all be created in under 30 minutes! You’re going to find recipes that are completely paleo, just like on my website. These quick meals that range in flavor, ingredients, proteins, and meal, but they’re all VERY delicious and might become staples in your household!

If you want to maximize every minute and feel stronger and healthier than ever before, consider my PaleOMG Power30 Bundle!


30 workouts, 30 brand-new recipes, all >30 minutes.

I created these programs with busy schedules in mind. With both my PaleOMG Power30 Fitness Program and PaleOMG Power30 Recipe Guide, you’ll be in the driver’s seat to choose an efficient workout or recipe that suits your mood or day!

Minimal Equipment

Like my original program, the Power30 Program requires minimal equipment so you can start exercising fast!

Easy to Do from Home

The Power30 Program doesn't require a gym—just the right mentality and up to 30 minutes a day!

Choose for Your Mood

Each of the 30 workouts are completely different. From burner to AMRAP, you can pick and choose the best workout based on your time, mood, and goals.

Quick Recipes

When I say these recipes are fast, I mean it! Some of these recipes take only 6 minutes from start to finish.

Shopping Tips

The Power30 Recipe Guide includes my fave time-saving tips for shopping and meal prep, plus my go-to ingredients!

Brand New!

You'll never find these recipes on my site! I've poured my heart into these recipes so each one is enjoyable and amazing!

Save time without sacrificing your health!

Greek Chicken Bowls

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