Pumpkin Apple Spice Waffles

Ok it’s time to talk about the big time sh*t that went down this past week. Well, not exactly big sh*t, BUT I cried my eyes out like it was.  On Thursday, while I was packing for my trip to Chicago, my computer decided it didn’t want to work anymore. And if you haven’t noticed, I have most of my entire life on my computer. Not only do I run my blog on my computer, but I’m also writing a cookbook on my computer. I can only do so much from my sad little droid. I know I know, I need an Iphone. I get it.

So when my computer decided to leave me extremely single, I lost it. I mean, LOST.MY.SH*T. I couldn’t stop crying…I couldn’t breathe…I was having an all out anxiety crying fit. It was like my teenage days, when a girl called me a whore and threw a frosty at me. Yes, that did happen. No, not Glee style. She was in a moving car and I was walking home. Not a face shot. You can imagine my hormonal anguish. So, just like high school, my dad came to the rescue to make things better. He let me borrow his computer. Messed with my computer. And made sure my back up hard drive was working. My dad is a saint. He seriously has a calming affect on me. I love that man.

Anywho, the biggest reason I was pooping myself on Thursday was because I was absolutely freaking out about having to purcahse a new computer. Do you know how much damn computers cost?!? Around $1,500 to be exact. And yeah, that may not seem like much money to you, but to me, oh lord. I work as a CrossFit coach for a living and write a blog. And buy a lot of food. So my savings account is on the smaller side. Meaning very small.

In conclusion, I’m going to buy a new computer. A Mac. So I’m going to have to sell myself on the street. Hopefully those people are into large thighs and headbands. Ok, that’s not funny. I won’t be whoring myself out with a frosty. But I did have to make the decision to not go to Chicago. Having to miss work for 4 days would have left me completely broke. AND where would I be without a computer?? I wouldn’t have friends. I wouldn’t have people that think I’m funny. And I wouldn’t have a place to share my crappy kitchen inventions. And pointless stories…like this one. Moral of the story, I have no stories from Chicago. I still don’t know what Chicago looks like. And did not get to spend an entire weekend with meathead bros. Sooooo I don’t know what the hell I’m going to talk about this week. Balls.


Pumpkin Apple Spice Waffles

  • Yield: 2 1x



For the pumpkin waffles

For apple spice toppings

  • 2 apples, cored and thinly sliced (I used Sweet Tango- holy moly bomb)
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1/2 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon allspice
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 tablespoonscoconut oil


  1. Heat up your waffle iron!! If you don’t have a waffle iron, you need to go buy one, or just make pancakes instead.
  2. In a medium sized bowl, mix together coconut milk, eggs, maple syrup, and vanilla.
  3. Then add the rest of the dry ingredients and pumpkin and mix together. Add a bit more coconut milk, if needed. The batter should be runny but still have a bit of girth to it. Ew, I just said girth.
  4. Ladle into your waffle maker. Be careful, they expand a bit so they will be pour over if you get ladle happy.
  5. Cook until done. Mine took about 3-4 minutes, I’d say.
  6. While your waffles are cooking, add a couple tablespoons of coconut oil to alarge skillet and add your sliced apples to the pan.
  7. Mix around to help the apples coat in oil, add in some maple syrup, and sprinkle with your cinnamon, allspice, ground cloves and salt.
  8. Add a splash of water to the pan and cover to help the apples become soft. Cook for around 10 minutes, making sure to mix occassionally so they don’t burn.
  9. Once your pumpkin waffles are done cooking, add your apples on top along with a crap ton of maple syrup on top and/or coconut butter or regular butter.
  10. Eat with bacon. Duh.

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I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


105 thoughts on “Pumpkin Apple Spice Waffles”

  1. awww JB! I love you and your recipes! You are so crazy successful with this blog! I was feeling crummy tonight so I went to here so you could cheer me up like you always do. And pictures of your waffles made me decide to give up my sugar free challenge this month. 😉 Excited for your cookbook!

    And I wanna hear about your wods and what weights you use, btw. Cuz you are strong and I am jealous.

  2. Feeling you’re pain and sending you love 🙂
    You rock JB.
    Just think how many people are deliciously happy after eating these pumpkin apple spice waffles with bacon!

  3. That sucks about your computer!!! You really don’t have to spend 1500 on a mac though. If you were backed up and have an external hard drive, just get a macbook air. You can get a refurb for half that!!

    Or get an iMac used.

    There are really great deals and prices for things other than brand new MacBook Pros!

    Good luck!

  4. Poor you…technology meltdowns suck! I would know ’cause my laptop decided to totally stop working last week too AND it is essential to my work. Thankfully my boyfriend’s ancient computer managed to start up and function (more or less) after we dug it out of storage! Anyway, feel better soon, and big thanks to your dad for helping you out so you can continue to post delicious recipes for us! Enjoy the Mac shopping 🙂
    P.S. Your blog is amazing.
    P.P.S. This recipe looks delish…

  5. Sorry to hear about your weekend, Juli. I go by, “You can have everything, but not at the same time.” Just wait till’ April…your cookbooks are going to sell out in like 2 seconds. Recipe looks yum, as always:)

  6. I seriously NEED a waffle iron in my life. I don’t care if it only gets used like 3 times a year. This looks delish.

    On the plus side about the computer at least you backed everything up!

  7. Looks great! Needing a waffle iron AND a donut thing! As for the computer look on ebay for a used Mac. You can get a Mac Pro for around $600 and still be under warranty. Downside…..can’t make payments to them.

  8. Yummy! Have you ever tried adding coconut oil to your waffles? Adds a nice crunch.

    I may be wading into the whole Mac vs. PC war here, but we got a great laptop (PC) for hubby for $700 that does everything it sounds like you need to do. IMO you don’t have to pay inflated Mac prices to get a decent computer.

    Hang in there. And I can’t wait to have waffles for breakfast!

  9. Sorry about your computer! But trust me, if you have a Droid now, you will be disappointed switching to an iphone! I had a Droid and got the iPhone 5 last week and hated it. Droid has SO many more options on it…iPhone is way too basic. I returned it for the Samsung Galaxy 3S and LOVE IT. Check it out 🙂

  10. I vote for a fundraiser. We’ll sell tshirts that say “I saved PaleOMG and all I got was this stupid tshirt.” Except it’ll say something way funnier and less lame.

      1. I’m totally on board with the fundraiser thing! I think you will be surprised at how fast you would get your new mac! 🙂 (which you will LOVE) I absolutely adore your blog and your recipes kick ass!

        1. Julie –
          I am usually a silent daily reader, but was so sorry to hear about your computer. I love all of the fundraiser ideas, and look forward to a t-shirt/ signed 1st edition auction (or raffle)/ or download of a few recipes 🙂
          We need a way to thank you for the oodles of recipes that you’ve given us!!!!

          Thank you,

    1. I also think a fundraiser is a great idea. Always looking for more shirts to lie on the gym floor in 😛 Also, you could try to auction off your first cookbook (signed of course).

      It is Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada, and I am thankful for your recipes and totally-not-lame stories 🙂 I think your blog is fantastic, it is the “go-to” for most of my meals, so hang in there or I might starve.

  11. Good luck on your new computer purchase, I know how painful it is to dish out so much money at once, I had to do the same earlier this year when my dinosaur HP died… I’m a student with a crappy job, I felt like I was giving out a kidney or something when I handed out my credit card to the cashier… I highly recommen Best Buy, they offer the best warantees! Seriously, you can even drop it in a pool, and they’ll get you a new one! … I need this recipeI need a waffle maker… I need a lot of things in my life,

  12. kristen @ livinlifeinlouie

    Hi Juli. I have never cooked with coconut milk or shredded coconut (mostly because I dont like the coconut taste) I was wondering if these pancakes have the taste once you mix everything together. thanks!

  13. You should put a donate button on your blog. “Did I make you laugh? Did you adore this recipe? Donate a dollar! Or more!” I’d be inclined to throw a few bucks your way via Paypal.

    Except for today. Today I want to beat you senseless for introducing me to Nikki’s Coconut Butter. I ate an entire motherfucking jar of the cashew crumble this weekend. An ENTIRE JAR. I have no willpower.

    (And don’t fret about the coming beatdown, I’m quite certain you’ll kick my ass so I’ll probably stay right here in MN and just IMAGINE beating you up.)

  14. Ohhhh JB, giving you a cyber hug right now! Sucks about your computer….. and missing your trip to Chicago. But, no worries! You’ll get there. Hang in there Girl, it will all be ok! Can’t wait to try these waffles…..that is after I get a waffle iron! Thank you for sharing your life and recipes with us.

  15. Awwww JB that totally happened to me with my masters thesis paper!! It will be okay, well not RIGHT away, cause right now it totally SUCKS, but it will be okay….later. ** warning** refrain from kicking, punching or body slamming your computer, they tend not to come back from that, just sayin! Was looking for a post from Chicago, I ran the marathon and wondered if you saw all of us crazy trains!
    Can’t wait from more recipes, I love to eat them!!

  16. Trying waffles soon. Tis the season of thy pumpkin!! Pumpkins beware. Also, get a rich boyfriend already, sheesh. I understand independence, but Chicago is expensive and is much more enjoyable with someone. Plus, since you cook like a BAMF you could totally use the barter system: Money treats for tummy treats. 🙂

  17. I cant rate the recipe cuz I havent tried it yet but your little blog up above just friggen cracked me up…lol…your a nutball….I love it 🙂

  18. YUMMMM!!
    Sorry to hear about your laptop, I would be lost with out mine as well!! Mac is the way to go!
    Maybe coming up with nummy paleo halloween goodies will make you feel better =]

  19. Girl, I second the comment about having a donate button or fundraiser. No joke – I PAY to get recipes in cookbooks, I get recipes for free from your site all the damn time. I plan on paying for your cookbook, but I would be more than happy to retroactively pay for what I’ve gotten for free. I know you probably don’t want to ask – but everyone here supports you. DO IT!

  20. Can you please add a dontation link on your blog to PAYPAL so until your cookbook comes out…we can donate money for your awesome recipes we get for FREE and that can help you out for your new laptop!

  21. Never commented before, but am feeling very big sisterly towards you. We know these are first world problems, but they still totally suck. I too have been sponging off your hard work and generosity with an entire binder filled with your lovely free recipes. I will be first in line to buy your new cookbook, and will tell others to buy it as well. Some day you’ll be blogging funny stories on your fancy computer from you fancy kitchen, telling us about how hard you worked and how poor you were before all that effort paid off and you became a huge success. I see it.

  22. Julie, you are providing at least 2 big services to your readers– recipes and entertainment (not to mention inspiration). There are lots of people who come here every day. I’m sure there are a few, like me, who have never left comments before. But this seems like an appropriate time to chime in… Please give us a way to repay you and I believe you will be surprised at those willing to show their love for you in a time of need.

  23. You are so speaking to me today. I am having to suck it up and replace my iBook that I got back in ’05. I wrote my thesis on this laptop so there is a fierce emotional attachment, but it’s so outdated I can’t even update Firefox. My route: I’m going for a Mac mini and an iPad 2. With an inexpensive monitor and decent Bluetooth keyboard that will allow regular typing on both devIces I get mobility and inexpensive computer that will play nicely with all my devices for way less than the cost of a MacBook. It may not work for you as a blogger and cookbook author, but it’s something to consider.

    Love the recipe and am totally in support of you setting up a donations button. You put tons of time and effort into this blog for free – let us show some concrete appreciation!

  24. DE-LISH!!!!!!

    Made them as pancakes, SO need to get a waffle iron.

    Sorry about the laptop, totally understand how all your hard work can be at risk. You should create the fundraiser!!!!!!!! Call it PaleOMG-SOS.

    Dedicated readers such as myself and the others who commented will definitely put in. Anything to keep your humor and culinary creations alive!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I’m totally on board with the donation button. I look forward to reading your post that I look everyday just to see if there is a new one. You have a awesome sense of humor and your recipes are absoulety delish. Without you I would probably be eating salads everyday with olive oil and vinger. You have introduced a whole new level to paleo for me. Just think how loyal your readers are to you and if every loyal one donated $2.00 dollars you would have your computer in no time. Plus you know you have tons of follwers because when you post a giveway look at all of the responses you receive

  26. Idk why but I was reading people’s comments. I lied, I do know why, because I’m a mac slut. I love them. If you want a mac get a mac. Don’t get a used one, make payments on a new one, they offer financing that is affordable.
    I got my mac my senior year of high school (for christmas 2006) and still have it. Don’t let people tell you what to do, do what you want, mac or pc. Even if it means buying less almond flour!

    Get a military friend to buy it for you, they get a good discount. Or if you have a student ID, use it!

  27. Um I think I love you! This recipe was AMAZING! My kids absolutely devoured the waffles (which is huge) and they can’t wait to make them for dad. Please keep the yummy recipes coming!

  28. Juli, Not that it will make you feel any better, well….it might. Other’s misfortunes can do that….I am a full time law student that is about to grad, which basically means I have not worked in 3 years because you can’t do *anything* else while in law school. I have had to buy 3 new Macs at $1500 each while in law school, which is only 3 years to begin with. 2 of them were in less than one year. So, I know the panic when one dies (either by your own hand or divine intervention) and the panic of no money!

    Hang in there! It will be OK and the Mac will make your life SO much easier with your blogging and cookbook making!

    1. Not sure how a Mac will help with cookbook making? I’ve worked in publishing for ten years–including cookbooks–and don’t see the need?

  29. My two cents: Don’t spend so much money on a Mac. I just bought my brother a great (pc) laptop for $500 (from Best Buy in Canada). Unless you’re into brand names and have loads of money… 🙂

  30. Love your blog! I will be trying these waffles for sure; they look amazing.

    I’m sorry to hear about your comp probs. Both of my laptops crashed Friday, I learned that it was a malware set to activate at a certain time. If you or your dad (I wish I had a comp savy dad) haven’t tried to check for it, I would recommend it first before pouring money into a new comp. My HP let me back up all personal info and then recover using the factory installation. All was well except for the research paper that I was writing when it crashed. GL!

  31. Juli – you should seriously consider something like Kickstarter or Crowdfund to do a donation/fundraiser. I’m like many of these posters – I check your blog daily, and LOVE your recipes. I’m also planning on purchasing your cookbook, but would happily pay a little now to support its creation! Maybe you could let us pre-pay for the cookbook?? Then you don’t feel like it’s a donation.

  32. Hi JB! Long time listener, first time caller. 😉 So sorry to hear about your laptop. That su-diddly-ucks! As an amateur foodie and a paleo newb, I can’t thank you enough for your site and your recipes. You give so much to so many and I, like some of the others, would love to help you out. (And HOLY BALLS has become a major part of my vocabulary, so thanks for that too!) Please set something up so we can donate!!! We got yer back, guuuuuuuurrrrrlll!

  33. JB! have you considered getting something a little simpler than a mac? i am currently in graduate school and i use a toshiba little thaaaang. it’s very basic and quite small and light. it cost me about $250. i only installed programs i absolutely use regularly, and i didn’t purchase any—if you need a word processing program and/or spreadsheets, try open office. it’s free online! this little toshiba and the free software i got have been everything i need and more. i can always rely on it to get the job done…and i use it A LOT for projects and papers and research and whatnot.

  34. I think Macs are great. You will really appreciate the reliability. It is worth the money.
    Please set up a paypall account or something for us to all donate to! Seriously!

  35. Chicago meathead stories are what I would like to donate, you can make them your own and sell them… like the time someone threw a bowling ball off a bridge into the North Branch of the Chicago River, now we know that bowling balls float, fact. Now, picture Mike Ditka. It’s like you’ve been here.

  36. Talk about chocolate. I miss the days when you used to talk about chocolate all the time. I went kayaking on the Chicago River this summer. Bad idea. You didn’t miss much.

  37. Don’t let ANYONE talk you out of a Macbook. I have one from 2006, and it STILL runs amaze-balls. Ask people what they do with their PC after 6 years.

    You will make it big! Biggest difference between rich and poor is pool people wait for people to give them something. Rich people go out and get it.

  38. If it makes you any richer i bought one of your headband last Friday. I can’t wait to get it. Hope that makes you feel better… I know that’s not as good as an outlaw training camp. Not even close. Anyway this recipe looks really yummy!

  39. Hey Juli
    You obviously have a big and caring fan base. I really hope you’ll consider a donate button or some such thing. I’d be more than elated to know that I would be a tiny fraction of the reason your cookbook is published just by transferring a few bucks from paypal to you.
    Seriously. Do it. You have many adoring fans who would be completely elated to pay for your wisdom, humor and adorability.

  40. Sorry to hear about your computer issues. See if you can get any money for your old computer on Gazelle.com and then you could put that towards a new computer!


  41. Recipe looks yummy! Can’t wait to try it! Sorry to hear about your computer and Chicago, i’ll send you positive vibes and hope things turn out better.

  42. I totally agree with the others that you need to put up a donate button, I would absolutely kick some bucks your way. After all the recipes of yours that I’ve made and loved, I kind of feel like I owe you.

  43. I absolutely adore pumpkin, so I was very happy to see this recipe show up on my newsfeed this morning and even happier that I had all the ingredients already! I made the waffles for dinner and they were delicious! Keep the pumpkin recipes coming 🙂

    So excited for your cookbook…don’t let the computer troubles get you down!

      1. Thanks for the info! I am still having trouble with the waffle maker I borrowed from a friend, but I think I am getting better at it. Last time I tried they still ripped in half when I tried to open it, but the time before that they ripped in half and refused to come off at all!

  44. So sad to hear about your computer! I agree with the other comments, just ditched my old PC laptop and bought a desktop Mac mini (thanks tax return!) and I’m loving it so far.

    And set up a donation thingy, I’m sure a lot of us freeloaders would be happy to buy a fundraiser shirt or just to donate money for using your recipes. If you don’t have a computer to post from, we’ll starve!

  45. Do you get a decent percentage from your PaleOMG shirts?! just bought one, hope it helps!! Thanks for all you do 🙂

  46. The waffles look great! I’ll have to save this one for when I see my waffle maker again…it’s currently on a slow boat to Japan.
    We just got on the Mac train…love it! I have the Air…very light, portable, and can do more than I need. Also less pricey than the Pro. You’ll be glad you got one. 🙂

  47. Throw up the donation button.. then you can blog about how f*cking awesome we are… then how f*cking awesome your new computer is. How all the new features are amaze balls. : )

    And Pumpkin=Love! : )

    I am a former lover of pumpkin pasta with chicken sausage. I would love an idea to replace the pasta.

  48. if I had money i would pay you just to be my friend 🙂 you are amazing girl. seriously. you rock. I wish I lived closer you could be my coach. I’m scared of crossfit lol.
    I can’t wait till your book comes out!

  49. I echo the above comments. I will gladly provide some form of donation. You have provided me with an endless amount of paleo recipes and laughs to boot.

  50. Amazing recipe! freaking delicious! Sorry to hear about the computer and you missing out on seeing chicago, I go to school in chicago and love it here, keep your headband donning head up, hope things take a turn for the better!

  51. Seriously once you go Mac, you never go back!! Hubby and I ditched our PC after a nasty blue screen of death crash. That was our third PC in our marriage. At that time we had been married for 7 years. Three computers in 7 years. C’mon now! not a good track record. and those were not cheap either. Now coming on 12 years of marriage, our Mac is five years old and still going strong. We are total Mac converts (have MacBook and iPad, working on iPhones) and will never buy anything else. Yes, the price tag is a bit high, but figure that it’s actually going to last. So sure you can go buy a PC for a third of the price, but you’ll be back buying another in a few years. Totally go for the Mac!! Good on you for adding a donate button!

  52. Hey Juli,
    I really like your blog, and your quarky personality. You’re recipe looks delicous, and I’ll have to try it when I’m not doing strict paleo 30. I thought I’d share a modification of a recipe I like that’s similar. I start with Alton Brown’s recipe of sweet potato pancakes here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/sweet-potato-waffles-recipe/index.html
    But instead of doing all purpose flour I do a glutten free blend of 2 parts millet flour, 1 part sorghum flour, 1 part potato starch, and 2 parts tapioca flour.
    I was wondering if you think I could make it paleo by using almond flour and coconut flour instead of the glutten free flour blend? I know that sometimes when I try to make too many substitutions in a recipe, they totally flop.

  53. Juli- presell your cookbook, I would pony up cash for a pre-order. Get 100 or so of your die-hard fans to invest in your cookbook and you’ve got yourself a fancy new computer- and a subscription to Mozy (a remote secure backup program for all your precious computer stuff!!). Seriously. Just don’t forget about us when your big (I mean really big)….

  54. Are there any alternatives to using coconut milk? The waffles look really yummy but I’m having a hard time finding cocnut milk. Thanks

  55. Problem! I have used my wafffle iron for years, making successful classic flour batter based waffles. I tried this recipe using the coconut flour and sunbutter substitution and my waffles stuck and cumbled coming out of the waffle iron. I tried leaving them in for double the recommended time…no go. I tried reoiling and and flipping the waffle maker open and upside down to extract them…no go. Still tasted awesome…yes I ate waffle crumbles with spiced apples on top. should I try the almond meal version next or just go for a pancake instead. Anyone else have this prob? Or just me?

    1. Vieve, I had a similar problem. I used coconut flour and apple sauce instead of sun butter because I got to antsy to make these. Mine didn’t fall apart completely, but they came out of the waffle iron in chunks. I also didn’t use any maple syrup in the batter, so I thought that might have something to do with it, but I guess not. Luckily presentation has never been a big deal for me and the chunky crumbles taste awesome all the same!

  56. Just got done eating these amazing waffles. Kids loved them specially the apple topping! Thank you thank you thank you. Your recipes are what make eating paleo so easy and delicious. Can’t wait to buy your cookbook. When is it coming out? Thinking of giving it as Xmas presents!

  57. I’m taking a breather from stuffing my face with these to again praise you for how unbelievably awesome they are. I even had to adapt a bit, so I’m excited to try again with the full blown recipe. I left out the maple syrup since I’m Whole30ing with my mom to introduce her to paleo, and I… um… well…. ran out of coconut oil earlier today but couldn’t resist making these anyway. I substituted by cooking the apples in organic apple sauce and it turned out pretty tasty. Time to print and add this to the recipe binder!

  58. Hi! I am new to your site and Paleo as a whole. You not only are awesome but have gotten me through a lot of beating my head against the wall looking for something other than chicken and veggies to eat. So thank you! I do have a question about these waffles, I didn’t have any almond flour on hand so I used coconut and they wouldn’t cook. They made a horrible mess on my waffle iron so I decided to just try and make pancakes and they never did cook up into anything. Is it just better to go ahead and use the almond flour? Thanks so much for all you do, you are helping so many people!!!

  59. Oh Crap. Now I’m going to have to make these at least once a week. If my meatatarian husband loves these, I know it’s flippin’ amazing. I quadrupled the recipe except for the shredded coconut (I ran out, they really need to make that stuff less expensive!) and everyone ate everything. Like licked the plate. And asked for seconds. So these are pretty much AWESOME and I can’t wait to make them again!

  60. So sorry to hear about your computer. Glad to hear you are moving onto Mac World. Much more reliable. Good thing though, since Amy Lindsay told me about your site, I’ve been on it every day, and lost a sh*t ton of weight. Keep your chin up. Start a PayPal account so we can support you, baby!

  61. I am making these in the morning. I love cool Paleo breakfast recipes. Breakfast IS for champions! Thanks for the amazing web site.

    PS: Is “crap ton” a metric measurement?

  62. OMG Julie, I think you outdid yourself this time! I can’t stop eating these! seriously it might be my new favorite breakfast! and oh the sauteed apples are um now also dessert for me! 🙂

  63. This recipe did not work, I usually love your stuff but I think that 3/4 of almond flour might be to much it was a disaster. Very sad was my first attempt at waffles gf.

  64. I just made these and omg I didn’t know I could love you any more than I already did!
    I want to let you know how much your blog has helped me on my paleo journey. It’s been almost 11 months now : )
    The next time I see you I’ll try not to be so shy and say hi! You’re like a celebrity in our community- but you know that : )

  65. What brand of almond flour does everyone use when baking? I have been using Bob’s Red Mill and my baked goods turn out super grainy!

  66. I made these for my boyfriend this past saturday (I made pancakes) and he LOVED them. He rolled his eyeballs and made noises, but he tried them. And LOVED them! Thank you for a great recipe!

  67. These were yummy, but did not hold together as either waffles or pancakes… when I opened the waffle iron they were stuck to either side and very hard to flip as pancakes… we ate them as crumbles. yum. what did I do wrong?

  68. Unfortunately I don’t have time to go to a health food store anytime soon, and the local grocery stores don’t have almond flour! 🙁 Any suggestion on a substitute? Oh, and they only have sweetened coconut…ridiculous!

  69. I made these this morning and they turned out beautifully! I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes! I am new to Paleo and find your site so helpful!

  70. I made these this morning minus the fruit topping. No apples and let’s be real I was lazy anyway. My first batch didn’t turn out so hot but that was due to me not cooking the waffles long enough. Second batch came out beautifully and they were quite tasty. My hubs whined that they were grainy but he’s just a big complainer and not a shredded coconut fan. I loved them and was happy to say “more for me!”

  71. I tried making these this morning & failed miserably.
    like some of the others mine would not cook
    through & crumbled in some places
    stuck in others & it was a huge mess. I’m pretty sure stuck to the recipe..i used bobs red mill almond flour/meal..could that have anything to do
    with it? I tried it both on my waffle iron & as a pancake, no dice. :/

  72. These were awesome! Doubled the batch and added 2 Tbsp of coconut flour to give it more “girth”. Not a crumb of waffle left. Thanks Julie!!

  73. I just stumbled upon your site and I swear its like spending time in my own brain. My husband is about ready to punch me in the face because I keep reading him snipits of your blog, giggling to myself like a frickin’ reject. Thanks!

  74. I am new to Paleo, and you are saving my life! And my fiancé’s, too. I made these this morning as pancakes and I can’t seem to master Paleo pancakes and make them look pretty…but they were still delicious! And I’ve decided I just need to get a waffle iron…no flipping!

  75. Very delicious. Had a little trouble with them sticking but after the timer went off, I opened the waffle maker, left it open for about 20 seconds then used a chop stick to peel it off. I also added triple the amount of coconut milk after a few batches of the original recipe. Well cooked seemed to work better than gently cooked. These are really hearty and my 3 boys under 7 loved them, kid approved!

  76. Ridiculously good. Made pancakes with coconut butter. My two-year-old son loved them too. Keep kicking ass, sister.

  77. Just tried these this morning. They were so, so good! Also, three thumbs up from my kiddos…..big accomplishment. My daughter especially loved the amount of cinnamon in the dish. She said “You are wise to use so much cinnamon.” 🙂 Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  78. Hi Juli,

    I just found your blog through Pinterest and really have been loving reading your recipes and posts. You crack me up!

    So I want to try making these waffles, but sadly I’m allergic to almonds. Do you think pecan flour would yield the same texture / cookability?

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