Raw Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars

I don’t tend to have many bad days. I’m just not that kind of person. I eat really good food, I workout regularly, I have a great boyfriend and an adorable puppy, I live in a beautiful state, and I spend my days talking to really cool people on the internet through my website. But somedays just aren’t fun. I started my day off trying to solve more tech issues, to no avail, so I decided it would be a good time to get out of the house and do a little shopping. Shopping solves everything. Jackson (my puppy) was kind enough to give me some cash for my birthday so I decided shopping would do the trick. It didn’t. The Colorado wind about tore my hair from the roots, which I need to dye, and I only found 2 shirts. One of which I had to take to my alterations guy, but it was 60% off so it was totally worth it. I was hoping to find jean shorts, which I would buy 10 sizes too big so they would fit my thighs and then I would just alter, but found nothing. So shopping pretty much failed. Especially since it ruined my hair. Then I came home to play with Jackson and he took a big ole’ dump in the guest bedroom to thank me, which he hasn’t done in WEEKS (we’ve only had him for 1 month) so I cleaned that up and pouted more about how my day wasn’t getting any better. Especially since my apartment then smelled like a big ole’ dump.

I did have an awesome nap though. Like probably the best one ever.

Then woke up with a pinched nerve in my tail bone. Fantastic. JUST FANTASTIC.

Today is a new day, though. And my boyfriend is taking Jackson to work today, so if he decides to take a big ole dump, it won’t be in my room!! Happy dance!

I think I’m even more in love with Emma Stone than I was before after seeing her on The Tonight Show. Go to 5:45 to see how wonderful she is. Plus, that song is one of the greatest club songs ever.

Are allergies about killing anyone else? It’s probably because I have a dog now and I’m kind of allergic to dogs and cats, but I’m rather uncomfortable right now. My eyes are swollen, my nose is itchy, and there is dog hair everywhere. I would go to the doctor to get intense allergy medication, but nope, I still haven’t figured out my health care yet. I’m trying to find a broker at the moment who can just tell me what kind to get. I’m into brokers. I had a broker who found my car. Ok, that was pretty much the only broker I’ve ever used, but it was a great experience. So I’m into them.

Now it’s time to shove cheesecake bars in my face. That makes everything better, right? Correct.


Raw Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars



For the crust

For the cheesecake layer


  1. Place cashews in a jar, cover with water and let soak for 7+ hours until completely soft. Then drain before using.
  2. Start with the crust – place almonds in a food processor and pulse until almonds become a chunky flour. Then add coconut butter, coconut sugar, vanilla and salt and puree until combined
  3. Line a bread pan (5×9 or smaller) with parchment paper and add crust mixture. To press down the crust in the pan, I found the best way was to fold over the excess pieces of parchment paper and press down with hands. It smoothes out that way and keeps your hands from sticking to it. Press down evenly throughout pan.
  4. Wipe food processor bowl out with a paper towel.
  5. Add cashews to the food processor and blend until you begin to get a clumpy mess.
  6. Then add melted coconut oil, honey, lemon juice, vanilla extract and honey and puree until well combined.
  7. And lastly, add coconut milk, 1 tablespoon at a time to break down the cashews completely. I used about 3 tablespoons for mine until the cashews became this soupy paste.
  8. Lastly, remove blade and add chocolate chips and fold into cheesecake layer.
  9. Pour cheesecake layer on top of crust layer, smooth out, then sprinkle with a few more chocolate chips.
  10. Place in freezer for 30 minutes until the cheesecake has set. Use sides of parchment paper to remove the cheesecake from the pan then use a sharp knife to cut the cheesecake into bars.

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78 thoughts on “Raw Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars”

  1. I gasped when I saw these bars. They look amaaaazing.

    And I was just telling my boyfriend last night about the Emma Stone lip syncing. So good!!

  2. Have you tried American Eagle High Waisted (not really high…only for tweens lol) shorties? Those are my favorite jorts that work on my crossfit legs.

  3. Its so sad that I’m allergic to nuts and seeds!! 🙁 I’ve figured out how to replace nuts with gf oats, but how do I replace cashew cream????

  4. Ashley Rodriguez

    The wind here in Texas was A W F U L, too. And we had an 8 hour long dust storm to boot. I soooo feel your pain. But cheesecake bars make it better 🙂

    1. Are y’all out in Lubbock? We were visiting there this weekend and experienced Sunday’s dust storm. I have a whole new level of respect for residents of the South Plains. That was intense! Not only was the dust like brown pea soup fog, but the winds were rocking our truck so hard that it felt like we were on a boat in the ocean!

  5. There’s perfection, and then there’s perfection wrapped in bacon, and then there’s this (meaning it looks so good, it is one of the few things that can not be upgraded with bacon)

  6. Do you think these would keep best in the freezer or fridge for a few days? Would love to make now and save for the weekend.

    All your bar and brownie recipes I’ve tried have been seriously off the chain, thanks for another sweet fix 🙂

  7. Carefirst.com?

    Not sure about rates in your area, but they have some of the best plans out there. Most plans these days will allow visits with your PCP that don’t apply to your deductible…you can call and and inquire to make sure you aren’t signing up for a plan that will end up costing you a ton. Does your boyfriend have insurance though his work…sometimes some companies will allow unmarried couples to be on insurance together, if they live together. Good luck!!

  8. These look amazing!
    FYI.. I made your carrot cupcakes with cashew frosting for Easter and they were a HUGE HIT!
    I just pre-ordered your cookbook and can’t wait to try all your new recipes.
    You are great! Thanks for all your fun posts.

  9. These look incredible – my husband is a huge cheesecake fan so I’m sure he’ll be thrilled once Whole30 is over and we can make these! We live in Denver too – the wind and my allergies have been the bane of my existence the last few days! I feel your pain!

  10. You should try stinging nettle for your allergies.It comes in a tincture or a pill at whole foods. My daughter has been taking it for a few years. No side effects like she had with zertec. She takes one in the morning and one in the evening. May be helpful. She usually feels better within a half hour of taking it.

  11. You can get Nasacort nasal spray without an Rx and it works miiiiracles. I married into a two-dog household and it took me a while to adjust. Your body will adapt to it after a bit.

  12. Juli, have you checked out Barbell Apparel? I stumbled upon them about a week ago and they are a jean company that make pants just for people like you and me that have large booties. They are a kick starter company right now and purchasing jeans just requires a donation. Check them out! http://www.barbellapparel.com

    1. I like to keep mine in the freezer until I plan to eat some, then I let them sit in the fridge for about an hour so they stay firm and cool, but don’t get too soft. In the freezer, they will keep for probably about 2 weeks

  13. These look beyond amazing and they just might be the first treat I make post Whole30. (I’m on day 24) I too can commiserate on the dog fecal matter woes for on Monday morning I woke up to my three year old daughter telling me it smelled stinky downstairs. Lo and behold! Copious amounts of diarrhea filled my eyes and nose. We no longer have a kitchen rug…I blame my husband who, at 3AM, awoke startled from my dog’s bark and of course thought that someone was in the house so he took all this time to grab mace from his car and bring it to the bedroom…instead of letting the dog out. We live in Erie, CO west of Boulder where there is a violent crime rate of 1 per 100,000. And seriously, this wind needs to stop…LOVE the blog and your energy! Be well

  14. My husband was allergic to dogs and after having our sweet girl Zeba for 5 years now he is no longer allergic. Zeba isnt allowed on the sofa or in the bed so there isnt any fur where we sleep which I would say helped a lot. I do remember the first few months werent very good for him and I worried that he’d say she had to go, 5 years on and my love affair with Zeba continues. I would say the extra house rules also helped in raising an extremely well behaved apartment living Pitbull. Oh and I’ll def be making some of these beauties ♡

  15. Totally down with the bad days… My wisdom teeth decided to wait until I was in my 30’s to make an appearance, yay (sarcasm)…. So I have a swollen jaw and I turned my ankle pretty amazingly last week running so, I’m getting over the ankle sprain and now my face is swollen… But these… Juli… These look ahhmazing. Have patience with Jackson 🙂 He’ll get there… Dogs are vindictive… Mine is anyway. And she’s a seven year old GSD that decides I haven’t had enough time with her so she poops in the house (usually in a giant circle in the living room). This is a part of having a new member of your family that you cannot take everywhere… They get jealous, spiteful and poop. What would people think if we got upset with them and just took a dump in the middle of the living room or guest bedroom out of spite? Probably not that we were cute and they should keep us around anyway lol Dogs have the good life… No doubt about it.

  16. These look great! When I’ve made recipes like this before, the cashews turn into cashew butter in my blender, which is a way different consistency then the cashews for a cheesecake filling. Any tips? Has this happened to you before?

  17. Buy some Nature’s Miracle…. when he has another accident, after you clean it up, just spray NM on the spot and the smell will go away… it’s freaking magic

  18. Oh my goodness. Definitely going to bookmark this page and make these sometime!

    Thanks for the post by the way, the bars look delicious!

  19. Ugh, I feel you! Hurt my back and am now suffering through post-deep-tissue crankiness and stomach ache.

    Re: allergies. You probably won’t get good info without going to an ENT or allergist. However, as someone who is allergic to EVERYTHING, I would recommend first trying OC claritan. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t work, try Zyrtec. You can also do the Nasocort nasal spray on days that an allergy tracker says allergens will be high.

    Right now trees are crazy because, spring, and also it’s worse because of the wind and dust too. Good luck!

  20. Giiiiiirl……These are the shit!! just made them and they are the perfect solution to this “hot as hell” day in San Diego. Thanks Chica, you rock!

  21. On this post telling you that eliminating as much sugar as possible seems wrong. However, sugar just makes allergies worse. Also, up your omega 3 and vitamin C intake, don’t let that cute pup on the couch or bed and you will be almost symptom free.

  22. Juli have you tried doTERRA oils? I’ve been wary of the essential oil thing in the past, but adding them to my
    Neti pot & raw local honey allergy routine made a huge difference!
    They recommend a drop from each: Rosemary, lemon, and peppermint on the bottom of your feet at the beginning of the day. Instant sinus relief! And I’m not selling them, just spreading the word to those that don’t want to become addicted to nasal sprays 😉

  23. Juli, try quercetin for your allergies. It’s part of the vitamin C bioflavinoid complex, and for many people – myself lincluded – it helps with allergies. The Neti pot is also awesome, and I have to rinse my eyes periodically with a gentle eye wash so I don’t claw them out when my symptoms are bad. If you *know* it’s the puppy, there is Allerpet, which is a natural spray (don’t ask me what’s in it) to help reduce dander in their fur. I hope you find some relief! Love your blog, thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes!

  24. These are amazing! For allergies check out The Green Herb at I70 and Kipling. Their Allergy II herbal medicine works great. No doctor, yeah!

  25. Hey Juli! I picked up some “Just Cashew Meal” from Trader Joe’s today (ground raw cashews) and was wondering if I could just use that for the cashew part? Do I need to add water to the mixture though? The cashews soaked in water would obviously have moisture in them and I’m wondering if a dry mix would change the recipe.

    Thank you!

    1. probably, but it may still work. i would add it to a food processor and add water to help it come together similar to cashew butter. hope that works!

  26. I.LOVE.THESE. My boyfriend has a serious sweets addiction, so I knew better when making this and made 2 batches. He ate one batch in 1 1/2 days….that’s a problem. He was banned from the other batch, which I ate in front of him. Delish!

  27. is canned coconut milk the same as coconut milk that you get in containers now (kinna like almond milk)? I know the difference between cream/butter and that stuff but wasnt sure about the milk?

  28. Literally the best thing ever. I am not a big sweets person but i knew when I saw the ingredients (almonds, cashews and coconut) that I had to make them. SO GOOD

  29. If using raw cashews, should you roast them before soaking them? I just noticed your recipe calls for unsalted roasted cashews and I have raw cashews. Thanks! Received the cookbook today and so excited to try out the new recipes!

  30. Juli- I can’t find coconut butter anywhere near me… Can I use the cream that is on top of the coconut milk after it’s been in the fridge for some time?
    Thank you!!

    1. nope, you need coconut butter. you can make your own! i have a recipe on my site to make your own! just search how to make coconut butter

      1. Hi Juli- I made these and they were terrific. I liked the crust so much!! The coconut butter was very easy to make, THANK YOU
        I gave it three stars because the “cheesecake” layer just didn’t taste right to me. It was more on the lemon-y side than I would prefer. Not sure if it is because I used fresh lemon juice from lemons, instead of the “lemon juice” that can be purchased… ? I will make these again and use less lemon juice (2Tbs instead of 3) and hopefully that works!


  31. I want to try this recipe but have issues with nuts. Is there a way to make the cheesecake part with something besides cashews? I am a pain, I know.

  32. Hi! My mum just gave me a bunch of cashew meal. Do you think I could soak the cashew meal in water, or should I just use whole cashews? Thanks!

  33. I followed the crust recipe part to the T and it is soupy? Is that normal? There’s nothing to press – it says liquid. Help!

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