Roasted Rosemary Brussels and Rutabaga

HI! Omg, did anyone else think the Grammy’s were a total bore?? I did. Ugh, disgusting. Three and a half hours of my life wasted.

Did you miss me? Sorry about being MIA. I’ve been sick. With really nothing serious, but since I’m an only child and rarely ever get sick, I kind of go into shut down mode when I get a cold. I have a head cold and I feel like the world is crushing down on me. Mostly because my face freaked the f*ck out when I got sick. I have a zit pretty much in every pore. And I think we have something around 20,000 pores. You get what I’m saying. Bullsh*t, I tell you. I hate skin.

No but seriously, back to the Grammy’s. I was NOT happy with really any of the performances. They were all completely boring. And appropriate. That’s not why I watch the Grammy’s. I watch for jaw dropping moments and excitement with barely-there clothing. Instead I got Rihanna looking downright depressed (she did look good depressed, though) and some no name guy singing about Forrest Gump. I say no name because I literally have already forgot his name even though he was up for 1,000 Grammy’s. So when he took to the stage with his truly ear bleeding performance, I was just mad. I waited all night for this bro? Are you kidding me? My ears didn’t really bleed. Just wept. No Nikki Minaj’s ass, no Justin Beiber with Usher’s dance moves, and no Britney Spears comeback. What a waste. Thankfully I was high off cough medicine. I think I’m kidding.

Ok, I’m done complaining. Just do better next year Grammy’s. Get your life together. Let the good looking people show skin.

I got an electric toothbrush the other day. I’m obsessed. I want to brush my teeth seriously all the time. I brushed them three times yesterday. I’m a two-a-dayer, so three is going a bit crazy. But I love it. You have to get one of these things. I plan on having my teeth at least 6 shades whiter by my birthday. Realistic? I think so.

So the creative process for my second cookbook has begun. Sadly, I’m not very creative. Hopefully I become more creative as the next few months go by. I just started to create some of the desserts that will fill my next cookbook. Exciting! My life will now once again be a bit frantic. Mostly because that’s how I am. I’m frantic. That being said, I will be posting recipes not quite as often as I usually do. Probably around 3 recipes a week. I hope you still like me. I just want to make a rad cookbook so I gotta keep recipe ideas for the book!


Roasted Rosemary Brussels and Rutabaga

  • Yield: 4 1x


  • 2 cups of brussels sprouts, halved
  • 1 cup rutabaga, peeled and diced (I peeled my rutabaga with a carrot peeler)
  • 4 tablespoons fat of choice (I used olive oil)
  • 1 tablespoon chopped rosemary (fresh or dried)
  • salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 405 degrees.
  2. Place vegetables in a 9×13 glass baking dish.
  3. Pour fat of choice over vegetables then toss the vegetables with rosemary, salt and pepper.
  4. Bake for 25-30 minutes.
  5. Eat up darlin!

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PaleOMG Roasted Rosemary Brussels & Rutabaga




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29 thoughts on “Roasted Rosemary Brussels and Rutabaga”

  1. I am hopelessly stuck in the 70s and 80s as far as music goes, so I have no interest in the Grammy’s – your post makes me glad.

    I also have little interest in rutabagas, although I’m not sure why; this looks absolutely delicious.

  2. Hello, Earth to Juli… in case you hadn’t noticed YOU FREAKING WON THE SOUS VIDE CONTEST!!! I commented right away in your Pineapple Caribbean Jerk Filet recipe post. (I also ended up buying a sous vide thingy after you posted your Pineapple Jerk recipe, but still need to get the ingredients together for it). What did you win? I hope you got to keep the sous vide thingy because I want more of those recipes! Still, I understand you need to concentrate on the cookbook. Hope you’re feeling better soon, too.

  3. If you like that recipe, try dicing bacon (turkey or regular…whatever trips your trigger), saute it with thinly sliced onions, shrooms, and sliced brussell sprouts until everything is carmelized and yummy! Best side dish ever with a good steak!

  4. 405 degrees – haha you couldn’t have picked a more random temperature! Nonetheless, I can’t wait to try, I’m always desperate for new veggie recipes

  5. I just made these a few weeks ago and I’m so glad to see you put them on the site! They’re really good mixed with baked carrots!

  6. Juli, what do you eat when you are sick? I got the cold/flu with nasty cough about 2 weeks ago, it took me out for 4 days and all I wanted to eat was toast, crackers and chicken noodle soup! I tried so hard to eat paleo, because I had only been eating paleo for a month, but I failed. I was thinking about making a chicken noodle soup using zucchini instead of noodles but I did not have the energy for experimentation. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. well it really depends. i haven’t eaten a ton while i’ve been sick, but when I do, I just stick to simple foods. eggs and italian sausage. sweet potato chips with a chicken salad from whole foods. banana with sunbutter. my diet is pretty much the same, but i go with anything that my body says it wants, which usually stays within paleo guidelines. i tend to have more gluten free things such as gluten free pizzas, pupusas or other things like that to help me if i’m feeling down.

  7. Mmmmm this post is perfect timing, I love brussels and my husband hates them, but he’s gone on a boys weekend so I get to eat all the delicious roasted brussels and avocado chocolate pudding I want!

  8. I’ve never had rutabaga and this is the perfect opportunity to try it! Great recipe!

    I hope the head cold and zits abate in the next few days…I’m a baby too…we’re allowed to be that way 🙂

      1. Lol I appreciate the honesty! I have roasted with olive oil for years and now it’s all verboten- sigh. I made these, with the olive oil mind you because, we’ll, eff it 🙂 tasted awesome. Appreciate you!

  9. I love roasted Brussels sprouts and never thought to make with rutabaga – thanks for the recipe! I usually make mine with roasted carrots. Are there any other vegetables that you find taste good with Brussels sprouts?

  10. Hi I am new to your site. Always looking for new Paleo recipes. I tried this recipe a couple of nights ago (without the Rutabaga, didn’t have any) and it was wonderful! My kids really loved it. Which is not actually surprising because they like brussel sprouts. However I do not. And I thought it was REALLY good! I am going to try the version listed above with the carmelized onions and bacon. That sounds phenominal !! I also cooked it with coconut oil instead of olive. Super duper YUM

  11. What amazing flavor combinations! We’d never had rutabaga and it is lovely! Sweetness with the Rosemary, so good! We had it on the the side of some Spicy Cilantro Chicken Sausage and it complimented it so well. This is a new favorite!

  12. My husband made this for us the other night. It was SO yummy! I can’t remember the last time I ate brussel sprouts. I never think to use rosemary (mostly because I’m hopelessly addicted to basil) but it was perfect!

  13. First time ever eating Rutabaga! This recipe is so good it made me wish I had doubled it! Def out-shined the chicken accompanying it! Thanks

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