Sample Workout From The Power Sculpt Program

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The Power Sculpt Program launched just yesterday and it’s already been SO COOL to see people jump into the Power Sculpt community, begin workouts, and start sharing their goals! But I know some of you out there want a little more detail about the program before purchasing it. So today I wanted to share Month 1 Day 1 workout and a sneak peek at what it looks like in the new program portal, because this program is unlike any other program I’ve ever created!

Before I jump in, I want to remind you that the Power Sculpt Program is currently on sale for launch weekend. This sale will end after the weekend so you’ll definitely want to jump in now before the price goes back up! Right now when you purchase all 6 months of the program upfront, you’ll get the program for only $399, which is $100 off the already discounted price! You can also purchase month-to-month for $99/month for 6 months or purchase all 6 months for $399 right now! That’s $195 is savings if you purchased all 6 months upfront during this sale compared to paying month-to-month! And the best part is that you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to this program, even after the 6 months! That means you could purchase it now while it’s on sale, then use it later on!

And with this program, you will get SO MUCH!

  • 5 workouts per week for 6 months
  • 120+ movements with step-by-step videos
  • Private online community & discussion forums
  • Monthly accountability group zoom calls
  • Ability to add on one-on-one coaching 
  • Weekly meal guides
  • Lifetime access even after you finish the 6-month program

Now let’s show you what it looks like when you purchase the Power Sculpt Program! You’ll log on from your desktop (but there is also an app called Teachable where you can get the program) and right away you’ll see the intro! It includes some videos with me, walking you through everything you should expect from this program, what you’ll need, how to set goals, what I expect from you, and more! Once you watch the intro videos, it’s on to the workouts!

Power Sculpt Program Intro

Once you move on to the workout portion, it will include a simple description of the workout at the top. If you know all these movements and don’t need any guidance through them, great! If not, I have details videos for every single movement that day. The workouts for each day stay the same every week for 4 weeks, then you have a full new set of workouts for the next four weekend. The only workout that changes is the Wild Card workout which will be different every single week. This Wild Card workout will change from a bodyweight workout, then to barbell, then a core workout, and the last week is a HIIT workout! Here is a sample from Day 1 of the program! You can also click here to watch a preview of Day 1 from the program instead of just seeing screenshots!

Power Sculpt Workouts

For EVERY SINGLE MOVEMENT you have in the program, you’ll have a detailed video to watch. I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about that particular movement – from foot placement, breathing, how to engage the muscle, and more!

Power Sculpt Movement

And every video also includes side-by-side videos of how to perform the movement and how NOT to, so you can visually see the difference. Plus each day includes tracking sheets that you can print off to track your progress throughout each week and refer back to so you always know what weights to use and what to strive for!

Power Sculpt Tracking

And one of my favorite parts about the Power Sculpt Program platform is that there are discussion forums and private messaging so you can chat with other people in the program, message directly with me and others, and look through the discussion forums to get your questions answered in no time quick! Here are some screenshots from some of the conversations and questions that have already started up since the program launched yesterday!! I’m blown away to see people already engaging and using the program to its full potential!

Power Sculpt Discussion Forum

Now all I want from this program is for YOU to start! I want you to start the workouts, engage in the forums, and get the results you’ve always been looking for! And right now is the BEST time to purchase all 6 months upfront because you’ll save $195 by purchasing it right now and then you can use it WHENEVER you want! Maybe you don’t have a gym quite yet because of Covid, not to worry – you can access this program later on once you have a gym again. Click here to get this deal before it ends and let’s get you into the Power Sculpt Program community! I cannot wait to have you and I absolutely cannot wait to see your results!

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I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Sample Workout From The Power Sculpt Program”

  1. Allison Warbington

    Hi Juli,
    I am very interested in your power program ( I used to be a runner(knees are now shot, I am almost 42) and did Pure Barre actively in the states)) However, we live on a tiny island in Mexico in a house that does not have room for lots of workout gear. I have a yoga mat and can get weights at our janky Chedraui( our “walmart”) Annnnnd I am wildly out of shape. Just wanted to know if this was going to work for me:)
    Thank you and have a great day!

    PS We had our precious Tallulah Frenchie for 14 years, we looooooved her so much even though she was the biggest asshole on the planet! Give Jackson a squeeze for me!

    1. hey allison!! the program will have to be modified depending on the equipment you have, so you can always set up a one-on-one call with me to talk through the modifications you’ll need to implement!

  2. This was amazing. Thank you so much for this sample workout!!! I want to get this program so bad. I will probably wait until it goes on sale again!!!!! Thanks Juli

    1. i definitely recommend getting a rack because you’ll be performing movements like seated barbell pull ups, heavy back and front squats, barbell inverted rows etc. a rack is definitely a must to make sure you get the most from the program!

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