Sausage, Leek and Asparagus Dill Breakfast Casserole

Are any of you attending Paleofx this year?? I know amazing people like Bill & Hayley from Primal Palate, Stacy & Matt from Paleo Parents, Vanessa from Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind, Brittany from Brittany Angell, Michelle from Nom Nom Paleo, and pretty much whoever else you can think of in the CrossFit/paleo/primal/eating healthy realm that I haven’t mentioned and am a total ass for. Scientists, bloggers, food specialists, exercise specialist, paleofx pretty much has it all. Last year I went for the first time and did a cooking demo with George. Well, that was the first time we met and in that same weekend we decided to write a cookbook together. It’s crazy that a year ago we started and finished this cookbook. So weird. Anywho, this year Vanessa and I are doing a cooking demo together and I will be speaking on my first panel. Can you guess what panel I’m on…

Paleo desserts. Of course I am. So they have 4 or 5 people to talk about their opinions on paleo desserts on this panel. I’m sure I’ll get chewed out for mine, but that’s nothing different than what I go through on a daily basis with people. Mostly dudes. Over the internet. People don’t like saying rude things to people’s faces. Women never seem to complain about me posting desserts, but dudes…they got some issues wit’ that. It’s like they feel as though I’m forcing it down their throats and making them eat delicious desserts. I’m not. Let’s make that clear. I don’t even force desserts on my friends. But these bros on the internet have taken some frustration to my dessert-loving mind.

And these bros on bros on bros have decided that voicing their opinion is needed. Not just about my food, but about my body. They either say I’m fat or it wouldn’t hurt for me to lose a few pounds or that I should stay away from the desserts. What the f*ck is that? What is wrong with people? I’m 5’7″, I weigh around 140-145 pounds, I’m a size 6 (whatever the hell that means nowadays), I workout 6 times per week, I eat healthy, I splurge on desserts when I want to, I’m happy and I share my recipes for free on the internet. I create multiple kinds of recipes so people can choose what they want to eat. Those recipes range from desserts to breakfasts to meat dishes to fish dishes to baked goods to side dishes to snacks. Big array of options. But since I post desserts for people so they have options of eating healthier desserts when they are craving them, that makes me fat? I don’t really get it. I don’t post body instagram selfies, I don’t say I’m a pro (in dietetics or athletics), I don’t call myself an expert. I literally just post free recipes that I enjoy. And I post a lot of different kinds of recipes because not everyone’s tastebuds are the same. Something I enjoy, you may not. Like desserts. If you’re an a**hole bro, you obviously won’t like those. The positive about running a free website is that you can click next and see a completely different recipe AND IT’S FREE. Crazy thing, isn’t it?

So to all the douchey man bros who feel oh so very safe behind their computer screen, thank you so much for your concern about my weight, but I’m guessing you need to be heading to your therapy appointment to sort out the issues you have with strong women…or desserts…or paleo. I don’t know. Hopefully someone helps you out. As for me, I’m going to keep on posting recipes. Including desserts. And making others happy.

*Drop the mic*


Sausage, Leek and Asparagus Dill Breakfast Casserole

  • Yield: 4-6 1x


  • 1 pound breakfast sausage(or any other kind of ground meat)
  • 1 medium leek, thinly sliced (only the white part)
  • 68 stalks of asparagus, chopped
  • 8 eggs, whisked
  • 1/4 cup heavy cream (or coconut milk or almond milk to make strict paleo)
  • 1 tablespoon minced fresh dill
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • butter or coconut oil, for greasing the dish


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Grease an 8×8 baking dish.
  2. Place breakfast sausage in a sauté pan over medium heat. Break into small pieces.
  3. Once the sausage is half way cooked through, add leeks and asparagus and cook until no pink remains in the sausage. Remove from heat and discard any excess fat left in pan.
  4. In a medium bowl, whisk together eggs, cream, dill, garlic powder, and salt and pepper.
  5. Pour mixture into greased baking dish, add the sausage mixture, and mix well.
  6. Place in oven to bake for 35-40 minutes, until eggs are cooked through in the center and no longer jiggly.

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PaleOMG Sausage, Leek and Asparagus Breakfast Casserole

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I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


111 thoughts on “Sausage, Leek and Asparagus Dill Breakfast Casserole”

  1. this is exactly what i have been searching for, juli!! i am thrilled you posted this. i’ve been wanting to make a quiche but without the crust because i never buy flour. i always have a crap ton of eggs though. can’t wait to try this.

    and about the boys. just ignore them. i’ve noticed when people say mean things it’s really just a reflection on how they are feeling about themselves. no point in losing sleep over THEIR problems.

  2. Men are dicks, and what’s worse, any guy that has that much time on there hands… Do I really need to say more. *gag me*

  3. Women in real life will have nothing to do with these ‘bros’ and their know-it-all attitudes. So they come to the Internet and harass women who obviously like their lives and enjoy themselves. Because you didn’t ask their permission first, dontcha know?

  4. Juli, you are awesome. I have been reading your blog for a few months now that I have started my paleo journey and I love your recipes and rambles. I’ve been wanting to comment for awhile now but that first comment is always awk. So hey! Keep doing you, haters gon’ hate. Let them. xx

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Your recipes are delish and I love the commentary. Not to mention – you’re gorgeous! I’ve just been doing Paleo for a few months now and if I’ve learned anything it’s more about being strong and fit than stick thin. Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

  5. F the haters… I like your blog for the exact reasons you said above: Sometimes you’re craving something, but don’t want to (or can’t!) eat grains, etc. so need a healthier option. Life is too short not to enjoy chocolate, and you’re obviously healthy and happy.

  6. Well said, it is so sad that others have to bring people down to make themselves feel better. You are awesome and I LOVE your blog. Don’t let those assholes bring you down. They are so unhappy with themselves they want to make other people feel bad. Keep doing what your doing! The pics you post of all your amazing food are fun and I appreciate that you have a realistic view on paleo eating.

  7. You’re a gem and they are douchey. End of story. People that don’t have dessert live sad, miserable lives so they have to take out their non dessert eating frustrations on others. It’s a travesty. Life’s too short. Your food rocks! That is all.

  8. I guess people have always had annoying opinions, but social media allows them to really get it out there and harass others with it. That’s why I’m not on FB or Twitter or anything…I am too sensitive! You’re right, these people who are saying ridiculous things to you wouldn’t say these things to your face.

    I adore you and your recipes and am grateful that you post treats sometimes, not just for me but so my kids can take something normal-looking in their lunch boxes. I hope you don’t let all the negativity get to you so much that you drop off the radar like Health Bent…I know they have their gym now and whatnot, but I’m sad they’re not posting recipes any more, but not NEARLY as sad as I’d be if YOU called it quits!

    Just remember there are way more of us who love you than judge and criticize you!

  9. You contribute positive things to the world. You are creative, funny, supportive of people who seek it, and you seem to thoroughly enjoy the journey we call life. You are multi-dimensional…they are idiots. I know it’s hard because, well, it’s your (current) life work, for which you are passionate. I’m a teacher (8th grade math!). I’m passionate about what I do. 8th graders generally aren’t. Granted, they don’t have a choice to be there or not, but I know what it’s like to have that passion crapped all over on a daily basis by immature, self-involved, and yet unformed human beings. And keeping in mind that many men act as if they are still 13…

    Keep up the good work. We’re here for you!

  10. I’m behind you 100%. When I realized that I have all of the healthy dessert options, that defining moment coincided with the amazing notion that I didn’t have to ever fight to stay gluten and refined sugar free. I could do it 100% and even my cheats could be made from ingredients that didn’t completely destroy my system. Of course desserts are still desserts, bros, but there’s a more intelligent nutrition behind it, there’s science – not to mention the psychology around our relationships with food that we’re dealing with. Creating these dessert options for us is huge. It’s a life-changing game changer for someone with me who struggled so long with feeling addicted to the refined sugar crap out there. It’s completely necessary for my lifestyle and it created the final layer in me easily committing to this lifestyle 100%. And if the bros are wondering, the women I know who eat paleo-friendly desserts (along with myself) have rockin’ bodies. Juli, for every a**hat out there speaking up, I can bet you there are at least 500 supporters who haven’t said anything yet. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s obviously working!

    1. Ditto. Paleo treats are what keep me doing this whole paleo thing in the first place. I don’t eat/make them every day but when I do, they’re EXACTLY what I want, and keep me from running to the nearest bakery or pizza joint and eating myself sick.
      Oh, and the bros need to shut the hell up about your weight. You look AMAZING.

  11. Well said Juli!!! I don’t think anyone could have said it better. So proud of you and I love your blog and your delicious free recipes:) Looking forward to getting your new cookbook.

  12. Love you!!! Best rant ever to appear on this blog. Yours is the only blog I am excited to read every time the email pops up. You are real and you are an amazing role model to people, too. We tend to care way too much about what other people think and I love how you dismiss the haters!! Keep it up! You are an inspiration:)

  13. Those guys are lame-azoids. Ignore them. Their assholery speaks for itself. Honestly, it sounds like all the worst aspects of high school and I can’t believe there are jerks out there who would want to continue that kind of BS in their adult lives.

    As a side note, I think it’s important to recognize that we can get mentally dragged down by the unhealthy attitudes that we’re exposed to online and every once in awhile we need to step away and do a detox of sorts. Not saying that this is that moment for you, but sometimes the BS that gets flung around online is so different from what actual people would say to each other in real life and we need to reminded of the living, breathing, kind, loving people in our lives.

    Or all of your fans can grab some pitchforks and fiery torches and hunt down the mean haters… count me in!

  14. You stay strong! There’s always someone that is full of sh*t that needs to put others down to make themselves feel better.

  15. Hahah that was awesome, and the *drop the mic* part was the best! Thank you again for everything you’re doing, you’re great and we all love you for that 🙂

  16. That was the best rant I have ever heard! Damn I love you!! Thank God for Paleo desserts that don’t hurt our tummies and make us happy!!

  17. I wish I was independently wealthy and could go to Paleof(x), it sounds awesome!
    Tell all those guys to shove it. They are probably just jealous that you can do more muscle ups than they can!

  18. Love this rant and I hate this generation of cowards behind computer screens! Post as many desserts as you want! Life is way too short to not eat desserts when we crave them! I appreciate all your hard work to give us “free” recipes.

  19. Not to contribute to the haterade that seems to be drank in massive quantities on instagram, but those little boys need to get a life. Again, a sincere thank you for posting amazing FREE recipes, even though I will definitely be buying you cookbook.. again.

  20. You are awesome. You make Paleo eating a lifestyle with options as opposed to a diet. Life is about a healthy balance and your blog is exactly that! It I’m having a dinner, need a good bbq idea, or need to bring a dessert to a girls night, I can get any one of these recipes from your website!!! Keep doing what you are doing!! We all know you are not fat and you probably could out last any of those guys that are posting mean comments!!!!! They are probably in a globo gym doing bicep curls and posing for muscle pics in the gym mirror to post to their lG 🙂

  21. I applaud you for standing up to the negativity. I think you are amazing! I love your recipes, your outlook, and the way that you write. Thank you for creating incredible recipes and sharing them with the works. I really appreciate you and aspire to live a lifestyle as healthy as you!

  22. you know what’s fucking gross? and completely weird, in my opinion… dudes who make it their obligation to make unsolicited comment a woman’s weight and habits (which, in your case, happen to be stupid healthy). nobody asked and they clearly have no concept of what overall health and wellbeing is all about… because it certainly isn’t about taking comments like theirs to heart and obsessing over them. they’re gross. they’re weird. they have nothing better to do with their time. they’re lonely. they don’t get it. i think they know they don’t get it. they definitely know they’re lonely. their mission to show you up is purely a lack of self-confidence wrapped up in misogynestic, know-it-all paper.

    to them i say: i’m sorry, what? are you a published author with a cookbook on the foods women should eat? do you get invited to conferences to speak on women’s weight and how it affects you? do you maintain a blog on the war on women’s self esteem and bodies? hell no you don’t. grow a pair and take a page out of juli’s book… figure out what makes you happy, feel good, and satisfied. every single one of us out here in internet land now knows that you are the type of dudes who take a girl out on a date to a pizza place and when she orders pizza you say, “are you REALLY going to eat that?” sorry bros- it’s 2014… it’s time to grow up and realize that the ladies aren’t going to value your opinion over what works for us. your self-doubt and anxiety over food and body image is something that most of us ladies (especially in the paleo world) have made strides against defeating and we’re feeling pretty fucking good about our understandings of health. we have zero interest in getting those negative feelings and misconceptions back. do your homework and have a friggin’ cookie for god’s sake.

    to you i say: good on you. keep doing you. you’re an inspiration to countless people, men and women, who are inspired to strike a healthy balance in their life through food, laughter, and well being. you’re beautiful… and funny to boot. your confidence is your greatest trait and any threat to it is not worth any of your energy. save that for lifting… because you’re a badass. thank you for all you do.

  23. Considering how amazing of a person you are, how awesome your recipes are, and how many options there are on your blog, I can’t believe that you even have to experience such negativity from people!! That blows my mind! I’m so glad that you’re confident in who you are & consider yourself a strong woman because you SHOULD. Your body is rockin’, you work your ass off for it, and you eat REAL FOOD. It doesn’t get better than that. Those bros need to shut their faces & focus on their own goals, not yours. Keep doing what you’re doing, Juli. So many people appreciate everything you do. Thank you for sharing your phenomenal recipes for FREE!!

  24. I’ve found that when it comes to the internet, you can’t win no matter what you do. If you weighed any less, people would tell you that you were too skinny and should gain weight. If you didn’t eat desserts, people would tell you to stop depriving yourself. It’s a win-win and a lose-lose all at the same time.

    Your recipes are AMAZING and you’re healthy and fit – and the last time I checked this blog is for recipes, not a forum to analyze your weight.

  25. samantha perkins

    NICELY SAID! screw them. as long as your happy with the way you are it doesn’t matter what you say. They all have small **** any ways so they feel they need to pick on someone else to make up for it. keep making delicious healthy foods and those of us that appreciate what you do will keep following

  26. I see all the crap you’ve been getting via instagram — screw them. You are #1 in great shape, #2 absolutely beautiful & #3 an angel in my eyes for making it possible for me to enjoy a well deserved treat every so often because damnit – sometimes I just need some f’ing chocolate. So thank you – for every negative comment, realize you’re getting 100’s of positives. Keep on keepin’ on girl, you rock my paleo world…. and this recipe looks amazing.

  27. I’m a guy and I have never commented on your blog. However, I think you are beautiful and funny as hell. A fantastic combination! Keep up the great work, Juli. Oh, and I’m going to make this for a post workout treat on Saturday morning. Cheers!

  28. Juli, you’re awesome! I love your blog rants and it makes me happy! I follow your instagram and am amazed at some of the comments from these ‘bros’ you speak of….WTF?! Get a life fools! You have an amazing body (from what I see, haven’t actually met you) and you eat very healthfully. I love looking at your recipes but have yet to try to make anything cuz I’m a lazy bum when I get home. I applaud you for all the work you put into this blog and your recipes. I can tell you’re a hard worker and basically give your readers a FREE cookbook within your blog! Thank you for all that you do. Obviously these bros do not have a life other than going to the gym, making rude comments on the internet, and picking their butts….probably in that order. Don’t let them bring you down. You’re hilarious! Keep doing what you’re doing cuz your blogs make my morning:)

  29. Your blog rocks and you make so many peoples day every day. Keep doing what you are doing – let them worry about themselves!

  30. Juli-
    I get called big all the time because I do crossfit. People are intimidated. I am approx the same size as you. Wonder if they would be offended if I called them twig bitches! Funny thing is, females say it to my face. I love your desserts. Keep them coming- they are still better than a candy bar:)

  31. Well said, Juli!!! I just recently discovered your website and LOVE it and reading your posts!!! (also thanks for keeping it free 🙂 )…. can’t wait for your new cookbook! Thanks also for the laugh with the *drop the mic* ending 🙂

  32. I love you. Never apologize for being yourself. Do you, boo boo AND I will continue to use the term “Douchey Man Bro’s”
    – Misty Blue
    p.s. making this for dinner tonight!!! #PaleoLoveFromIowa

  33. Haha I love it!! These keyboard warriors make me laugh-just keep doing what you’re doing Ju you’re obviously gettin to em! xx

  34. A boy here. I felt compelled to comment on this even though I’m never one to make online comments. I f-ing love desserts so keep on keeping on. They are always amazing! It’s a morning ritual for me to check out your blog and I’m never disappointed. As for the bros, they need to look in a mirror. Don’t let them get to you just because the are insecure about what is (or I should say isn’t) in their pants! I’ve been caught many times laughing at these characters while at regular gyms. You rock! More dessert please!

  35. Juli,

    First off, this recipe looks amazing and I cannot wait to try it! Second, I appreciate the time you take to try dessert recipes for those of us who enjoy the finer riches in life (Chocolate). Last, but not least, (insert applause) your rant on bros was hilarious! I have always found it so tasteless, classless and feel it is a great sign of insecurity when others judge others, especially when men judge women on their weight. Oh and your *drop the mic*, EPIC!

  36. Sweet friend, im so sorry people have been hurtful. that is so wrong. the defensive part of me wants theirs names but hey, you are helping so many people! I appreciate all your free recipes and laugh so often when reading your posts. I think youre lovely. Keep on keepin on!

  37. Juli, you are beautiful! Don’t let those bros get to you. I’m 5’7″ and weight about 180. I was up to 195 not too long ago, but trying to get things back in line…anyway, if you were much skinnier that’d be insane. A size 6 is amazing. I’ve got some of those in my closet I’m hoping can make an appearance sooner rather than later. Sorry people are being douchey.

  38. I LOVE YOU SITE!! Please don’t ever stop doing what you do. I started paleo in Aug ’13 and have lost 33lbs. I’ve been stuck at 177ish for months! Don’t know what else to do. I didn’t start paleo because of food intolerances or allergies, I just want to be healthier. And I love your recipes!! I don’t think a week goes by where I don’t make one of your recipes. 🙂

  39. Hells yeah!!! Go on with your strong self!! Your food is the SHIT! Don’t let haters stop u from being u. Hate breeds hate

  40. These dudes are probably idiots and spelled fat wrong. They meant to spell it PHAT.

    Everyone thinks their an expert at Paleo.

  41. Aaaaaaaaand this is EXACTLY why you are hands down, my FAVORITE foodie blogger, Paleo aside. Just favorite in general! Not only are your recipes user-friendly and delish, but you are honest and real! Thank you for being brave and continuing to put yourself out there! The interwebs can be cruel and I appreciate your silver lining on that cloud! You are truly an inspiration.

  42. Haters gonna hate. Keep kickin’ ass.

    Question – I see a few recipes from Danielle for crusts. Which one did you use for that delicious looking quiche?


  43. Hey, Juli. Love your blog. Ignore the idiots and just keep on being you!
    You really saved my bacon today. I just got a case of asparagus and have been looking for what I can use it for before it goes bad. This is PERFECT! Thank you so much.

  44. You rock, keep at it! I’m surprised it is guys being judge-y – I would think it would come from the 99.5% of women who could be jealous because they’d love to look like you!!

  45. Ugh, that makes me so irrationally angry I can’t even. Don’t listen to the dudebros– we all love you/your fab recipes & writing! I’d like to tell them where they can stick their muscle milk.

  46. I love your blog and so do several people in my family. Honestly, it has helped some of them transition to paleo because they didn’t feel as ‘restricted.’ Keep on keeping on and thanks for all the free recipes! I love your cookbook and your recipes in general! Many have been a life saver and huge hit with my 3 kids too!

  47. Way to go Juli! I follow your blog everyday and I love it!! I cannot do Crossfit (due to medical reasons) but my dad does it and I see your workouts. You kill it and work your tail off. I also think you lead a very balanced healthy life. What the hell is the point if you cannot enjoy yourself and splurge when YOU want to. Men can be such d-bags and last time I checked it is because they do not allow themselves to live in balance and with permission to be human! I think you are so so amazing and keep on rocking on. 🙂

  48. As a sometimes paleo-eating, fitness instructing, pastry chef – I say AMEN to you. If some people don’t do dessert then don’t make the dessert recipes!
    I LOVE that you post sweet recipes; I don’t trust people who don’t like dessert!
    Keep on keepin’ on!

  49. Brooke McClelland

    Juli, your blog is awesome!!!! Keep doing what you do, haters gonna hate. Haha. It blows my mind when people criticize your recipes for their ingredients and if it’s truly paleo or not. If your recipe does not meet some readers requirements, find something else and buzz off . Thanks for all the amazing desert and meal recipes, sending much love and thankfulness for your blog from the first state:)

  50. And those guys who tell you to lose weight and stop eating dessert…. they wonder why they are single and can’t get laid.
    I can understand why people elect to avoid paleo desserts and why they advise people to limit and avoid them (they can impact weightloss). But geez, Paleo isn’t only about weightloss.

  51. Love the blog. I laugh nearly every time! I don’t even have the time to get to all the recipes I want to try, but so much fun to read! As all the comments posted before me, I say rock on. Btw, I’m also 5’7″ about 140 and a size 8-10 and am always being told I look slim. Ignore the juvenile crap and do what makes you feel good, and love yourself in your own skin! Keep up the great work, and today’s recipe looks fabulous,

  52. Juli, you are BEAUTIFUL, creative, innovative, and AWESOME.

    I am so thankful for your hard work in creating beautiful blog posts featuring so many different kinds of recipes including so many different kinds of ingredients… even the desserts!

    I love your blog so, so much!! Thank you!!

  53. Fight the negativity girl! No body has the right to comment on your body, and they clearly are just doing that out of their own self issues!!

  54. I recently started reading your blog, and I just wanted to tell you that your ‘rant’ about these jerks just solidified me as a fan! Seriously keep the blinders up and keep on keepin’ on! PS, making this recipe this tomorrow!

  55. I feel bad that you have to defend yourself. You cook and eat whatever you want (just please go on sharing dem desserts). When my husband decided to start following a Paleo-ish diet two years ago, your blog was the thing that saved our marriage (well, not really, but I would have felt less of a woman if I wasn’t baking up cakes for my man J)

  56. Juli,

    I never comment on blogs, but I feel like I need to with this post! It’s so sad people are taking time out of their day to create negativity on your page. Although I don’t know you I feel like you are really cool chick with a lot going for you, so STOP giving these “bros” any attention! Basically I am afraid that you are going to let those stupid comments bother you to the point that you stop blogging, and none of us want that to happen! I really enjoy reading your blog posts and trying your recipes, so try to remember: people throw rocks at things that shine :).

  57. If you are 5’7″ and 140# and some douchers are calling you fat, then me and my 5’5″, 170#, size 8 frame would be morbidly obese. F those haters, they’re probably dating their right hand anyway. Love your blog, love your recipes and love everytgung about this post to all those clowns.

  58. Wowsers! Lots to say here, so let me wade through the tidal wave of female fury and vitriol. First off, this is my first ever blog comment. I happen to be a guy who totally digs your blog and all it represents: killer recipes (including desserts!), witty banter, plus a reminder of a few of the things I miss about living in the Centennial State. As far as anyone that feels inclined to hurl baseless insults your way, it’s NOT a you problem – it’s a “they” problem! Obviously, they’re insecure dolts and intimidated by your honesty and success. For all the rest of us, I’d just like to say “thanks.” Your site is an excellent resource and has served as an inspiration for me as I’ve tried to live a healthier life. Keep up the good work, Juli! Cheers!

  59. F@ck the haters.

    Imagine this, if you were Miranda Kerr there would be men telling you were too skinny.

    You are awesome, keep being awesome.

  60. Juli, you are an amazing woman, your recipes are great, you always seem happy, you live a healthy life, you’re amazingly fit – more healthy and fit than most Americans. It must be difficult not to take the comments you receive personally but I hope you’ll only take to heart the positive and continue to be an inspiration to so many – including me.

  61. At the risk of sounding like a mom, I’ll offer this: Those boys are only mean because they’re unhappy about their own lives. Who gives a f**k if you even posted full fat, full sugar, Paula Deen style dessert deliciousness? Well, I would because I <3 dessert and I'd be happy. But really…you're putting positive vibes out there with good food and there always have to be a few dbags that feel the need to cut you down. Honestly, it's because they're pissed off about something in their lives and you're an easy target (because, like you said, you're online and they don't have to confront you in person). I say YOLO. You do you, girl. You do you!

  62. I just had so much rage reading about your bro haters!!! What is wrong with people! They are just insecure idiots! I WISH my body looked like yours! Keep rockin it! (Not that you need to be told 😉

  63. they are miserable and want you to be miserable too. simple as that. you’re awesome. can’t stop won’t stop.

  64. hmmmm, this one looks pretty tasty! never been huge on sparagus, but it looks pretty good in this recipe. I am on the Specific Carbohydrate diet and i also get tired of almond flour as well. Need to work more veggies in so looking for some recipes like this one. thanks for sharing, and never mind the haters…just do you!

  65. Wait, people say you are fat!?!?! Are they blind?? Juli, you are a badass and I love your recipes. Always tasty and delicious! Keep the treats coming and don’t listen to the haters.

  66. You’re a badass. And you’ve changed my culinary life. Suck it hater bros and hater beyatches. (also drop mic…then pick up bar).

  67. Hi Juli,

    As someone who has been doing paleo for two months, and recently discovered your blog I want to say that I absolutely love your blog. I just shared your chocolate cake in a mug recipe with my daughter. I made your sweet potato ice cream last week, and ate a leftover burger patty with asparagus for breakfast as a result of beautiful information from your blog. As someone with a naturally muscular body I have loved seeing pics of your fit body. I think that you represent a healthy body, and food mindset.

    People can be rude:(
    But you are an inspiration. Keep fighting the good fight!!!

  68. Lovin the recipes..I’ve made too many to count. Totally different topic: My first Tough Mudder is this weekend…I was wondering what you’d do to “carb load”…I was thinking the roasting sweet potatoes or red potatoes route, but I’m curious as what your go to food is for an event like this. I read you’ve completed a Mudder as well..rad. Nicely done Mudder.

  69. I am a guy and think you are doing a great job at being a good example to many men and women out there. Just brush off the negative comments and keep up the good work! Juli you are beautiful just the way God made you!

  70. I bet those bros are just jealous beacause you’re hot and successful and they’re not. Keep doing what you do because you are helping so many people regardless of what thos jerks say! (myself included 🙂 )

  71. Juli,

    Your outlook on paleo and just living well in general has been a HUGE influence on me. For years I have been overweight and unhappy with myself. I would diet perfectly for weeks and then slip up once and be so mad at myself and then just fall completely off the wagon. Through reading your posts, something just clicked, that it wasn’t about perfection. Since I started exercising regularly in July 2013 and eating what I call “paleoish,” I have lost over 75lbs. I am now at a healthy weight and feel confident that the yo yo dieting is over for me, and this has become a lifestyle. I don’t eat perfectly. I still enjoy froyo every now and then and other occasional treats, but this is what works for me, and I feel happy and healthy 🙂

  72. I find that men can be intimidated when you can kick their asses. Just sayin. You’re the bomb diggity: hilarious, gorgeous, and have sweet dance moves. The bros can suck it.

  73. People are idiots… if you dont like something then don’t keep looking at it… no reason to voice rude opinions or criticize. They obviously have nothing better going on in their pathetic lives. Screw them. This looks amazing… like all your recipes, ESPECIALLY your dessert recipes. Keep up all the awesome hard work and ignore the haters. girl power 🙂

  74. Well said. However, there are those of us who love your posts, love your recipes, and wish that we could look like you. Keep on, keeping on. I struggle SO VERY HARD with trying to follow the paleo diet (being from the South and all), struggle with working out, struggle with my body image, etc., and your blog is THE ONE blog that I feel the most connected to because I feel like you keep it real. No BS. You admit your weaknesses and your faults. You admit your not perfect, and I can totally connect with that.

  75. Haters gonna hate. Keep the desserts coming! Love your site, thank you for always making me laugh while making your fabulous recipes!

  76. Juli,

    Before I found your blog I had such an unhealthy relationship with food. Not just in the sense that the food I ate was unhealthy, but also in the sense that I thought ALL food was the enemy and the less food I ate the healthier I was. After I found your blog and was inspired to go paleo my relationship with food has dramatically changed. I love food and realize how much my body needs it to do everything I want to do. And knowing that it’s okay to occasionally eat one of your super fantastic desserts without making me feel sick/making my skin break out (like a lot of non-paleo food does) has made this transition so much easier.

    And being a paleo role model who isn’t a nazi about keeping 100% paleo 100% of the time has been a HUGE inspiration to me. While I eat paleo most of the time, I’m not going to throw a tantrum about eating some yogurt or cheese now and then.

    Also I am super jealous of your body. Idiots saying that you should lose weight are out of their mind. I have a similar build (5’7″ 140ish (though much more body fat than you, haha)) and it drives me nuts that women are all held to some ideal of being a super thin size 2 or whatever that isn’t actually healthy for everyone.

  77. Exactly! Couldn’t have said it better! I love your blog, with your FREE recipes, in which you GIVE away different OPTIONS that can suit any reader’s needs… or wants. Keep rockin’ your smokin’ bod, the internet is the closest thoughs dudes can get to a chick like you… a**holes. There’s enough body image s**t us women have to deal with everywhere else, we don’t need anyone else perpetuating these skinny girl “ideal” body types. Thanks for being you, and doing what you do! Anyone who can create recipes my two year old will eat is a goddess in my eyes! 🙂

  78. Ok, ok, enough already. Nothing worse than crazy man hating women, except stupid spineless men. I have heard that women are crazy and men are stupid, but when you add the man hating and the spineless….well that takes it to a whole other level. I personally love deserts and all of you very helpful information and great recipes, so I’m just a stupid man, as I would never get braver annonamously behind a key board. Your cool in my book and I have ordered both of yours. Thanks again, but lay off “man bashing”. We aren’t all bad.

    1. Thanks bob! And I know you aren’t! Every single man in my gym is a great guy, I’m just talking about the douchey guys. You obviously aren’t one!! 🙂

  79. Those a-holes are the same guys that call Nikki of the Bella Twins the fat one. Seriously! It’s no wonder why most of us women have body image disorders.

  80. juli, this is my favorite recipe of yours even if i didn’t follow it exactly! i made it today and have 4 days worth of breakfasts now!! i changed it up with what i had on hand but still stuck with the eggs, coconut milk, and spices. i used 1 lb of ground turkey and then threw in some chopped green peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, basil, dill and spinach. it is just DELICIOUS and so healthy. i like that it is so versatile and can be filled with whatever is in the fridge! i just divided it up and put into containers to take with me. i had to eat it cold today and it was still really good.

  81. I have never commented here, but I read often, and this is my most favorite post ever. I felt like standing up and doing a slow clap. You are awesome. You’re so right about the douchey bros. keep on keepin’ on! And thanks for all your recipes, especially the desserts 🙂 you help me live my version of paleo and feel fanfriggintastic!

  82. The strong move quiet, the weak make riots. Don’t ever waste a second of your time acknowledging negativity. haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate. show more love to your supporters and followers. we spend too much time in society concerning ourselves with negativity, nothing you say or do will change their opinion so let em hate and worry about what youre doing which is awesome.

  83. Super excited to try this in the morning with some smoked sausage, curried cauliflower, leeks and whatever else moves me 🙂 Your blog is so entertaining, it gives me a good chuckle, which I love! The amazing recipes led me to buy two of your books, including the most recent – love love love!! The ingredients are consistent meaning you don’t throw some crazy curve ball I don’t have and have no idea how to substitute, thank you for that. I may search for other ideas but I always find my way back. Keep being awesome, you are a wonderful inspiration. Oh and your magic brownies are life-changing, I can’t get enough of them. Pay no mind to the douchebags of the internet…let ’em hate girl cause you freaking rock! CHEERS!

  84. This recipe is the first of yours that I’ve tried and it is DEEELISH!

    The boyfriend and I started the Paleo lifestyle this week and so far, so good. (He thinks you are HOT BTW. He likes buff chicks.) He’s a sugar junky and was hesitant about Paleo, but then I showed him a picture of you and your arms and he was like, “Ya, sure, I’ll give it a shot, I guess” (all nonchalant like) ha ha

    (PS: I am making your Bacon Chipotle Meatloaf tonight. Super excited about it.)

  85. I don’t know what douchebag guys out there are thinking when they post negative shit like that. I’m sure many have got to be just trying to get a rise. Anyway I’m a dude who loves your recipes, your site, and I think you’re fuckin hot. Wouldn’t change a thing. Keep it going, girl.

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