Simple Blueberry Lemon Birthday Cake

This complicated expensive camera stuff is hard. Even though I read an entire book on it, unless I physically know what I’m doing, sh*t ain’t gonna happen. So hopefully the more I play with every single setting on the camera, the better pictures will get. But I only had a good 10 minutes to test things out and get pictures done, so this is what you get. Sorry for not being sorry, but still kind of sorry.

I had to run in the snow yesterday. Ew. I promised myself that I would run every day for an entire month, 2.5 miles or more, just to see what my body thought of running. It’s not loving CrossFit right now as much, so I’m running on top of lighter CrossFit workouts while my body heals itself.  So I couldn’t back out because of the snow. Or because it was my birthday and I just wanted to stay in, eat cake, while watching the Food Network and Sex and the City. Nope, I ran my ass to the gym to do my “birthday” workout at CrossFit Broadway. Jason (the owner) asked me what my favorite movements are and I gave him the movements that I hate the least because they don’t nag at the injuries I have as much. What’s up with injuries? They’re dumb. He also put a picture of me failing at a beer bong while surfing in Lake Powell on the website. I fail at partying AND working out. F*ckin’ A.

Sorry for my curse words. Not really, but people like to hear apologies for that.

My parents got me a couple pretty sweet gifts for my bday, I was super stoked to get a sifter and a hand mixer to create more goodies with. I’ve wanted to get a sifter for a while now because coconut flour clumps up so easily, but I haven’t gotten to it, well, because I’m lazy. So thankfully the good ole’ rents fixed that. Thanks you guys. You’re not old. You had an iPhone before I did.

Speaking of iPhones, when I got one a few weeks back while I was in Austin, I asked my friends on Facebook to text me their number so I could have it in my phone because I had lost all of my numbers in the transfer. Well, I think 3 people texted me. THREE. My friends obviously really care for me. Who am I kidding, I only really talk to 3 people on a regular basis. It’s understandable no one would contact me. They were probably thankful.

That was a boring paragraph.

One last tid bit of information. Actually two to speak of.

  1. I spelled Sergio’s last name wrong in my cookbook. I’m officially the worst best friend ever. Truly.
  2. The house I live in (with 2 other wonderful ladies) is being taken over by my blog stuff. There are boxes upon boxes in my living room. Bags of baking items in a corner. Kitchen appliances EVERYWHERE. Photography props in every corner. And a ton of shoes every where. The shoes don’t have to do with my blog, but I wear them while blogging sometimes, so it counts. I’m officially the worst roommate ever. Honestly

Thank you roommates and Sergio for still liking me and putting up with me despite my poor sense of awareness. About everything. I appreciate your patience and kindness.

Now let’s talk about cake.


Simple Blueberry Lemon Birthday Cake

  • Yield: 2-4 1x



For the cake(s)

  • 2/3 cup coconut flour, sifted
  • 5 eggs
  • 1/3 cup carton almond milk (you could also use coconut milk)
  • 1/4 cup raw honey
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • juice of 2 lemons
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 cup fresh blueberries
  • 12 tablespoon coconut oil(for greasing pans)

For the frosting


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Sift your coconut flour into a bowl. If you do not have a sifter, that’s fine, just try to get rid of the coconut flour clumps by pressing down a fork through the flour.
  3. Add eggs and almond milk and either use a spoon to mix well or a hand mixer. Mix until smooth.
  4. Then add the honey, vanilla extract, lemon juice, lemon zest, baking soda, and a pinch of salt. Mix well to combine.
  5. Then fold in your blueberries carefully.
  6. Grease your springform pans with coconut oil. I used two 4 inch springform pans. Cute little guys (got them on Joann’s Fabrics). You could also make these into muffins/cupcakes or maybe into one small/thin round cake!
  7. Pour the mixture into the two greased pans.
  8. Place on a baking sheet for even baking. And into the oven to bake for 35-40 minutes or until slightly brown on the top and cooked through in the middle. Do the toothpick test to check.
  9. Let cake cool before removing them from the stringform pan.
  10. While cakes are cooling, mix together the melted coconut butter, lemon juice, and honey until well mixed.
  11. Pour frosting on top of cakes. Then eat. Because that’s what you do with cakes.

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PaleOMG Simple Blueberry Lemon Birthday Cake


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


150 thoughts on “Simple Blueberry Lemon Birthday Cake”

        1. I use Bob’s Red Mill for coconut flour, almond meal/flour & flaxseed meal. If you go to Whole Foods..the almond meal & coconut flour they have the bins is Bob’s Red Mill & it is literally 50% cheaper than the packaged stuff. Thanks to this amazzzzing website I use all 3 quite frequently :):)

  1. 1. I had the crazy idea to do a 100 mile month. I’d have to run about 3-3.5 miles a day. I hate running but I want to hate it less.

    2. Your photography has gotten SO much better since I first started reading your blog. You’ve come a long way from photographing your leftovers in Tupperware… 🙂

  2. Girl, these pictures are already looking amazing! So far I haven’t even read the owner’s manual on my Nikon so my husband definitely knows way more than me at this point.

  3. Happy Birthday! You may suck at partying and working out (um, though I doubt that is true on either count) but you very much succeed at making people smile with your posts!

    I’m only cursing you a little bit right now for posting yet another DELICIOUS looking sweet recipe on Day 8 of my sugar detox. 🙂

  4. happy birthday!…I am going to make this cake for myself for my own birthday…I love blueberry and lemon! I am so in the market for a new camera…which one did you get…or did I miss that post…

  5. This looks DELISH. And I to am being taken over by my blog. Currently getting goody bags ready for a 15 person blog brunch. That means 15 bags, 15 pairs of shoes, 15 dresses, 15 of EVERYTHING. And we’ve got LOTS of amazing things in the goodybags. But I have zero space left.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  6. I take pictures and my food photography is seriously lacking…however, one thing that will help is a 50mm fixed lens. Go with the f/1.4 if you can afford it, but the 1.8 is a great alternative and happy the budget. On a side note, so jealous you are in Denver…would love an OMG French Toast from Snooze this am!

  7. Happy belated f*cking birthday!

    Take a break from exercise. Let your body heal. Injuries suck a***

    Eat cake.
    Eat more cake.

    Love ya!

  8. Do you ever make your own almond milk? If I’m not mistaken you have a Blendtec which should be able to do that and it’s dead easy to make.

  9. Happy birthday!!! And thanks for the recipe – it’s just in time for my birthday next week so I think this is a must make. Looking forward to trying it!!

  10. Happy Birthday! Mine is 3 months away, and I’m already excited about making this cake. Is that ridiculous? No? Ok, good.

  11. This looks amazing! My birthday just passed but I think I’m going to make myself this lovely little cake to celebrate my birthday month :-)! Thanks for the recipe. Now, I just need to get little pans…although I might just make muffins and turn them into little cupcakes!

  12. This cake looks amazingly delicious. Do you by chance have the nutritional info? Just for those of us who are keeping track of fat and sugar intake.

  13. This recipe came just in time! My Birthday is on Monday and I was wondering what Paleo treat I was gonna make myself…Since regular cake will make me sick sick sick. Thank you Juli for another awesome recipe! And Happy Birthday to you!

  14. Happy Birthday! I just bought your cookbook (you could call it a birthday present right?) and i absolutely LOVE your blog and your posts. I can totally relate with you on food, body image, and ranting. STAY FREAKING AWESOME.

  15. As usual, love your posts Juli. And this looks so scrumptious!!!!! Lemon blueberry is my favorite treat combination…so excited to make this!

  16. I can’t wait to try this!! Lemon & blueberry are a match made in heaven. & I think the pictures look lovely, fwiw.

  17. Happy Birthday!
    Just gotta say I”m a big fan of your blog. My husband and I are on day…9 of Paleo month and….well, lets just say I really love all of your delicious recipes. So happy Birthday to you! Heres to another year of crossfitting, blogging and adventures!

  18. Juli–I emailed you about said “Coconut Cream Concentrate” as I’m slightly in the dark about what that actually means. I even asked a lady at Sprouts and she gave me a weird look and a response that basically implied she thought I was stupid for asking. So what on earth is it and can I buy it in the store?!
    Thanks. PS-I really wanna meet Sergio 😛

    1. coconut cream concentrate, is also known as coconut butter, or coconut manna. click the link in the recipe and it will bring you to a website that sells the “concentrate.”

      from the website: Coconut Cream Concentrate is certified organic whole coconut meat in concentrated form. It is sometimes referred to as “coconut butter.” It contains no additives* (not even water). The dried coconut meat is ground very finely, giving it a creamy consistency due to its high fat content, much like other nut butters. Since it is 70% fat, it is a rich source of pure coconut oil. Note: this is a food, not a cooking oil.

  19. 1. Happy Birthday!

    2. I think the pics are pretty damned awesome 🙂

    3. I hate running and I’ve started training for another 5k just to make myself run more. UGH.

  20. I just wanted to say Personally i like your old photography. Most other food blogs have the same look going on for their pictures. I mean every picture looks the same. They all look so so so …. what ever the word is. Like bland and More like a pretty picture. Your pictures I love and want to eat the food. So that’s my opinion, dont change Your the bomb!!!

  21. Have a question. You say a third carton of almond milk. A quart size? Half a gallon size? How many cups please. Want to make this. 🙂

  22. I JUST made this and it is incredible! I didn’t see the part about melting the butter, but I will just nuke my slice in the microwave before eating. And I didn’t have blueberries so I used blackberries (and didn’t have honey so I used agave) and put the whole mixture in a cake pan! Super easy and super delicious!

  23. First, I love your blog! I’m a paleo newbie and I’m trying to learn the ins and the outs for which your recipes and posts are really helpful. I had to go gluten-free, dairy-free unexpectedly for health reasons and while I was at it, I thought, hey what a perfect time to try going paleo!
    Question: what brand/type of almond milk is best to buy for daily consumption? or do I have to make my own for it considered paleo? is a particular coconut milk better for this purpose?

    1. the one with the least amount of ingredients and no added sugars. you can make it yourself though. just google it. either one is just fine

  24. Am I being Blonde? I can’t find the ‘pin it’ button for this recipe … Help – my OCD states that I must pin all recipes that I find appealing!

  25. Looks so yummy! My birthday was two weeks ago and I am thinking I may need to celebrate again…you only turn 40 once (thank god!)!

    Happy Birthday!

  26. April Birthdays rock! I should know- my mum’s is the 23rd, my dad & sister’s is the 24th and mine the 27th. Plus we all prefer lemon cake. Thank you for the recipe and Happy belated Birthday!!!

  27. Happy birthday Juli! This looks AMAZING! Everything you post looks amazing, actually. : )How long do you think this would take to bake if I doubled the recipe and used a larger springform pan? (8-in, 9-in, or 10-in – I have all three!) Thanks!

    1. it would probably take about an hour if the batter wasn’t too deep in the pan. just keep an eye on it and usually your nose will tell you. check about 35 minutes and every 10 min after

  28. First of all, Happy Bday! I hope you enjoyed that cake because it looks fab 🙂 I love your venting sessions…they make me feel like I’m not totally crazy because I feel the same way about A LOT of what you say!!

  29. I couldn’t wait to make this last night…just finished the 21DSD and wanted a little “treat”! My icing was a total fail though…once I mixed the lemon juice w/ the melted coconut butter and honey, it turned grainy. What am I doing wrong? Was the butter too hot I wonder? Still tasted good though! LOL

  30. Gulrukh Quraishi

    Love your website, posts and recipes! You have made going Paleo so easy and delicious! We have been really good all month so it’s time for a treat and this sounds perfect…except for one small thing – neither one of us is a lemon fan. Can I just skip the lemon altogether or will that ruin the cake?

  31. Thank you, Thank you, OMG, THANK YOU. I made this tonight after finding your site for my daughter and I. The only thing I did different was add 1/2 tbsp of virgin coconut oil to the “frosting” to make it smoother – then took the leftover shredded coconut (from making fresh coconut butter) and toasted it to lightly sprinkle the top of the frosting once it was on the cake. I AM IN HEAVEN. AGAIN- THANK YOU!

  32. Been following your blog as a fave since starting paleo and this is great….and your posts are great! THANK YOU for the inspiration and motivation! ….and Happy Birthday!

  33. YURRRMMMMM! I have to postpone my SD til I can try this! I’m gonna try feijoas instead of blueberries (they’re a Brazilian fruit that only grows for 2 months in New Zealand and my neighbors press bucketloads onto me). I just wish someone in NZ sold coconut butter…I haven’t tried making it myself yet because all the coconut here is “dessicated” (very dried out – not the moist shreds you can get in US)

    1. Hey fellow Oceanian! Just wanted to say I’m in Australia and bought coconut cream concentrate online when i couldn’t find it ANYWHERE here – from I did see a huge range of coconut products in a random organic cafe a while ago, so they’re getting out there, but online is definitely the way to go.

  34. So, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make this today, but I was at the mall and this cute guy was selling paintball passes, I don’t like paintball but the guy was like hey, what are you doing today, and I said might make a cake. And he goes, what cake? And I said, well, apple and date or lemon and blueberry. And he goes, make the Lemon and blueberry cake, and if it’s good then bring a piece here tomorrow.

    So now I have a dilemma, because I have a delicious cake, which I want all for myself, but I also may have found myself a boyfriend. Either way, thanks for the awesome recipe Juli!

  35. Happy Birthday Julie.

    I just bought my first DSLR two weeks ago and am in the exact same boat. Reading the book (for Dummies by the way) I think, “Yeah. That makes sense. I get it.” Then I go practice and I think, “Boy, you are REALLY bad at this.”

    FWIW–your blueberry cake looks awesome. My daughter turns one next month and I am going to make it for her birthday cake.


  36. First of all, HAPPY (now belated) BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂 Secondly, what’s up w/the steady state cardio? Our bodies aren’t built for the constant jarring of running on a daily basis. I’m sure you’re familiar with Mark Sisson’s primal fitness recommendation – lots of low intensity movement every day, lift heavy things (not too often), and sprint every 10 days or so.
    So if you really want to do something on a daily basis, you’d be better off doing some fast paced walking, with the odd sprint thrown in once every week-ish. Your body will thank you.

  37. Thanks for this recipe…I made it last night using a donut pan and they turned out great-they are so yummy. My icing was a fail…turned out way too watery so I just dipped the donuts instead of putting the icing on top! Thank you!

  38. Happy belated birthday! Recipe looks ridiculously good. Yeah running sucks and I suck at it but I’m going to have to start ramping it up to get ready for Murph. Don’t hate me but try a hot yoga class. Has really helped me recovering from crossfit injury. Going lighter in the wods is hard mentally for me but I know it’s the right thing to do. Knowing others are doing what’s best for their bodies will help keep me on track. Thanks!

  39. Lemon poppyseed cake with cream cheese frosting is my all time favorite. And I was wondering how I was going to have that this year. Throw out the blueberries, throw in the poppyseeds and you have me set for my birthday, too! Thanks!!!!

  40. Yum! Just finished making this recipe and it was fabulous!
    I went to Joann Fabrics but they didn’t have the mini springform pans in stock but Target did 🙂 a pkg of 3 for $8 ish. Yay!! I was able to fill all 3 pans with batter. After I frosted the cakes, I sprinkled some unsweetened coconut flakes over the top. Thank you Juli for another fabulous recipe!

  41. Thanks for the amazing recipe. I made the cake for my boyfriend’s birthday today and your posting was timely. I made mine in a squart pan, like the one you use for cornbread, and it came out perfectly. Counting down until he comes home so I can sample it (although I already tried the frosting – yummy). Thanks for your fantastic recipes!

  42. I made this cake for my Birthday this week. Let me tell you it is AMAZING! I want to play with the flavors some. Thinking chocolate would be amazing as well or raspberries and lemon…the possibilities are endless. Thanks Juli for another awesome recipe!

  43. Do you know how many cupcakes this will make? I want to make this for my box’s post Murph cookout. I thought cupcakes would be easier for a big group. Thanks!

  44. I have a little lemon-headed, blueberry-eyed baby girl who is turning one soon and I wanted to make her a blueberry lemon smash cake. This is perfect! Thanks.

  45. I just made these as muffins and they are delicious! And my son loves them, which makes me happy because I don’t have to limit his consumption (it’s incredibly tiresome to say “no” all the time LOL 🙂 One small change – I substituted blueberries for avocado just because I’m not a fan of fruit muffins. Great recipe!!!

  46. I just made this recipe an it was DELICIOUS! I made 12 muffins and substituted blueberries for avocado. My family loved them! We ate two each, which would be unheard of if this was real dessert 🙂 Thanks for a great recipe!!!

    1. How much avocado did you use? I would guess half an avocado. I’m interested to try this out! I assume you left the rest of the recipe as is. Also, did you use almond milk or coconut milk? Thanks! =]

  47. I’ve made these twice now, once mixing by hand and the other using my stand mixer. I used coconut milk (canned). They tasted absolutely delicious but didn’t puff up like muffins do. I don’t know what I keep doing wrong! Any advice? Thank you for all your great recipes…they are so delicious and fun and easy to make.

    1. i honestly have no clue. maybe adding another egg would help it puff up a bit more, but i don’t know enough about baking to be very helpful

  48. Juli – these are AMAZING!!!! I don’t have a working oven; I do all of my baking in the toaster oven. I used single silicone baking cups. This worked great and they were delicious!! Thank you!! =]

  49. I made this cake for a Memorial Day party and I really liked it. However, the non-paleoans did not. It made me sad. But perhaps it has to do with the fact that my taste buds are different now than pre-Paleo. Anyway, I will continue to bake and practice! I just won’t bring it to parties anymore.

  50. I just made this for my (non-paleo)dad for father’s day (it was last sunday for us europeans), with almondflour and strawberrys and he cleaned his plate in no time! Absolutely delicious, not uber-sweet yet still such a treet. Next time I will double the amount of strawbeeries or try it with cherries.

  51. I just made these and am a bit confused as I followed the directions precisely… My batter didn’t get smooth at all, it was more of a grainy fluff. I went ahead and continued though. Tastes good but the texture doesn’t seem right and this isn’t my first time using coconut flour. Any thoughts? I made muffins instead of cake, came out to 12 muffins. My icing didn’t look like that either, was hard to spread, but tastes good.

    1. the lemon will make it that foamy, grainy mixture until you mix it really well. so just mix longer next time. as for the coconut butter, you need to make sure it is warm or it will harden

  52. I, quite literally, just took these out of the oven, and burned the bejeezus out of myself lifting one out of the muffin tin b/c I couldn’t wait to taste it! The roof of my mouth is peeling from the heat, but I am. Happy camper!!! SO. YUM. Oh and I modified with a cup of coconut milk b/c my batter was so stiff I couldn’t even stir. I think it might be the coconut flour I’m using. Whatever…Ish is good!

  53. I made this last night, but made cupcakes instead of a cake. I at 2 last night and 2 tonight. Omg! I need to give them away so I stop eating them. The frosting is especially good after the cupcakes have been in the fridge for a while and it gets more solid. Deliciously evil.

  54. So.

    My second batch of this recipe is in the oven as I type.

    Batch 1 was cupcakes, and they are AMAZING.

    Batch 2 is a large sheet cake, and I’m going to try to roll it into a jelly-roll style cake (stuffed with chia blueberry jam).

    This. Is. So. Amazing.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Juli, you ROCK!

  55. Super easy, and tastes great! Been paleo for over a month now, and the coconut flour texture will always get me. Love how simple it is, and your photography is fantastic my dear! Keep it up! The only negative thing is the frosting. I used coconut cream instead of butter and it’s very liquidy. Any way to make it creamy?

  56. This looks absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! I love lemon cake and I love blueberries, so I’m sold. And it looks fairly easy to make. I am going to try and make this weekend!

  57. Tried this recipe and it didn’t turn out. I doubled it to I could make a layer cake, so that might have been the problem. The cake came out like a dense sponge that soaked up too much water. Oh well. Next time.

  58. I made this cake on Sunday. But I made it in a much larger pan so that it’d be more like a scone. It was PERFECT!! My friend came over for coffee and we had the scone like version of this cake and she was so surprised! Yeah!! Thank you so much for posting this recipe!!

  59. hi, i have a question. im a cook, not a baker, but i desperately want to make this for my daughters birthday. any tips on increasing amounts for a traditional spring form
    pan size.

  60. I just made this cake to have on hand for the New Year so I stop eating the other junk I’ve received as gifts. My friends are so thoughtful – – . 😉 Anyway, the cake is delicious!

  61. Made this for my daughter’s 25th birthday last night. It was very good and moist. The frosting was also very good, I did add some coconut oil to help the texture be smoother. I will make this again and I think I will add one more lemon in place of the almond milk for a more lemony flavor. I made it in a rectangular glass pan and it baked up really nicely.

  62. Love your blog! I’ve made a few of your recipes to expand my variety because I HAVE to have desserts. Made these as muffins last night…hmmm….not sure what I did wrong but they seemed kinda spongy. Any ideas as to why? Should I have cooked them longer?

    1. if it came out spongy, that’s because of the eggs and probably just needed a little more coconut flour, that’s the only thing i could guess

  63. Mmmmm the cake looks abosutely amazing! Just one silly question..I don’t know where to buy coconut flour, maybe at my local health food shop..If not, could I replace it with rice flour?

    1. coconut flour can usually be found at any store, bob’s red mill is a popular brand that sells their product in most stores, along with coconut flour

  64. Just finished making a trial cake for my moms birthday tomorrow. And oh my goodness, this cake is freaking ahhmazingg!! Love the lemon and blueberry combo, always have. I also added little walnut bits and almond slivers because my mom loves nuts and it tasted even better! It added a little crunch to the soft moist cake. Also, I didnt want to use coconut butter because of the fat content so I just subbed that for strawberry jam. It still tasted bomb. Can’t wait to see the reaction on my moms face tomorrow. Thanks so much for this reciepe Juli 🙂

  65. I made these as muffins and they were freakin awesome. Took less time to cook, maybe 25 mins. The tops were golden and I enjoyed them so much!


  66. Hello! Love your blog I pretty much cook exclusively from it since I started Paleo. Was gonna try making these today and was wondering if store bought coconut butter would work for the icing? Thanks!

  67. Sounds good! Going to make this for my own little birthday indulgence! Approx how many calories would you say one serving would contain?


  68. This cake recipe is absolutely AMAZING! I don’t know if it was supposed to turn out this way or if it was just a happy accident, but the texture came out almost like cheesecake. Dense and creamy, but still light and not too sweet. Truly delicious. Thank you for posting it!

  69. Oh my yummy bloody god, this is so delish! I frequently mess up cakes with coconut flour but this is purrrrrrrfect. I am so cakey happy right now. Ta!

  70. Hey Juli,
    Could I leave the blueberries out all together? Want yo make this for someone who doesn’t like fruit so I can’t think of a good sub. Also your Halloween sticky cups are bomb. Thanks for all that u do!

  71. So I was so excited to make these and now I’m really sad because they came out terrible 🙁
    I know I must’ve done something wrong but I have no idea what! I always follow your recipes and they always come out good so I’m confused… The flavor was just not right at all. they tasted very bitter and not sweet at all. Then the texture was not right either. They seemed to be cooked all the way, they were kinda like a wet sponge. I’ve never cooked with coconut flour before so maybe that had something to do with it and I used the silicone cups to make little cupcakes. I see all the other comments and see that everyone else loved them so I just really want to know what the heck did I do wrong 🙁

    1. I used mini-cupcake pans with parchment liners to make 2×12 cupcakes. I also used coconut flour, which we generally use as our baking flour. The substitutions I made were: agave nectar (generous amount), real-lemon (says 3 tbsp per lemon, but I used 4) and frozen blueberries instead of fresh. Roughly halved the cooking time, and there was barely any browning on top, but an excellent crust and the stumps were quite dark, so I’m glad I did not leave them in any longer! I wasn’t totally prepared in advance, but next time I would so that they could get in the oven asap once the baking soda and lemon mix!

  72. I’m wanting to make this for my daughters first birthday cake! Could I subsititue banana’s for honey instead to get rid of the sugar? I know bananas have lots of sugar, but I’d rather do that than the honey. Thanks!

  73. This recipe is seriously amazing! The cake is wonderful (dare I say perfect) even without the glaze. My Paleo-intimidated mom has made it two birthdays in a row for me and has said it was pretty easy. I don’t eat dessert except for special occasions, so this cake has become something to truly look forward to. To my palate (which hasn’t ingested dairy in 15+ years), this has kind of a cheesecake quality to it, texture-wise. Rich and yet also light. Beautiful… love it!

  74. For those watching calories and/or carbs might be a little disappointed. I did a rough calculation because I, surprisingly, found this looking for low carb recipes and boy it looks and sounds so yummy. Again, rough calculations for the Entire recipe, not per serving, came to over 1500 calories and over 180 carbs. That does include about 30 grams of dietary fiber from the coconut flour.

  75. […] Paint your own house instead of hiring someone, cut the cable and the cell phone (gasp!), and have birthday parties at your house. There is almost always a cheaper way to do things so try to find the cheapest way and save some […]

  76. I just have to say, that although your food looks delish, I will not be visiting your blog again. You have a potty mouth.

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