Soaking Up Sun in the DR

That picture is making me dizzy.

I HATE when people say the DR. Ok, I don’t really hate it, but it definitely annoys me. It’s the lazy way to say the Dominican Republic. Hence why I wrote DR in my title of my post. I’m lazy. And annoying.

Back to the point. Last week, I was in the Dominican Republic with a couple of my girlfriends, Laura and Kam. One day we woke up and decided to book a trip to somewhere tropical and it ended up being the Dominican Republic. I needed to get away. From the gym, from the cold, and from my computer. I didn’t look at my email once while I was in the Dominican, which was awesome….until I got back.

Anywho, let’s recap.

So we got to the airport around 5am which seemed super early since our flight was at 6:30am, but guess it wasn’t early enough because by the time we got to our gate, they were doing their final boarding. And when we tried to carry on our little bags, they said there was no more room in the overhead bins and we would have to check our bags. Not cool. I don’t really ever check a bag. Ever. And I have a sweet Dakine carry on bag that the wonderful boyfriend got me for Valentine’s day, so the thought of losing it frightens me. So once we checked our bags, got onto the airplane upset, and instantly noticed how there were NO BAGS IN THE OVERHEAD COMPARTMENT…I really freaked out. I was ready to cut a b*tch for lying to me. I just always hear the horror stories of people losing their bags and I didn’t want to be part of that statistic. So, to ease my worries, I drank. I’ve never drank on a flight before, but that doesn’t fly with Kam. Turns out, time goes by way faster when you drink on a plane. Especially if you have fun people around you that enjoy laughing as much as we do. Thankfully, we did. Those fun people even bought us drinks. That was probably the third time I’ve had a drink bought for me. That’s a lie. But still, it’s been a while.


So once we got to the airport, we were pleasantly surprised how cool the airport was. And how quickly Customs were. Their customs line went super fast and the workers were singing the entire time. Much different than our DIA airport in Colorado.  And we got our luggage. Thank gosh.

Once we got to our hotel, Majestic Elegance, it took probably 20 minutes to find our room. The hotel was much bigger than expected. But we found our room, touched up our makeup, and got to work with eating and drinking. It had been a long day of travel so we were not only starving, but crazy excited. But being crazy excited in paradise usually leads to high sugared drinks. And high sugared drinks leads me to sickness. So the first night was rough for me. But I made it through and was welcomed by gorgeous sunshine and sand the next day.

pink drinks are absolutely never a good idea

Every day was pretty much the same. We would workout in the morning, usually doing 150 burpees and a 2-2.5 mile run on the beach. Then eat some breakfast, tan, lunch, tan, another workout, then go to dinner and some drinks. I spent my time on the beach reading a book to help me with my photography. And I LOVED it. I found it super interesting.  So now, once I get the hang of this new camera and figure out light since I still don’t quite understand it, maybe my photography will get better! And you’ll like me more! Fingers crossed.

Back to the vacation. Workouts were awesome there. It’s so humid and hot that you sweat a crap ton and I’m not really used to that in CO. My shirts were be completely soaked after a workout. We even did a spinning class. I don’t know how people do that constantly, my ass hurt so bad. How do guys do that?? Where do you balls go?? So strange. Anywho, I loved the humidity for that reason. AND my skin was the best it’s been in 3 years because of the humidity. It didn’t hurt the entire time until I stepped foot back into the States. Damnit.

Ok, now really back to the vacation.

The food was awesome. The hotel had something like 7-8 restaurants and 10+ bars so we were never hungry or thirsty. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, so we always had something to do, some party to go to, or some show to see. Let’s look at some of the meals I ate in the Domincan. As you may tell, my diet lacked some vegetables last week.

that’s kind of green
just a hint
yeahhhhhh none
i think that’s dill. that’s green

I missed vegetables. Broccoli is really

The Dominican Republic taught me some things. Mostly what I need for my next beach vacation. Yep, I got another planned. This one is for a wedding. And it’s longer. So I’ll need lots of dresses and more swimsuits. And hats, lots of damn hats. Like fedoras. Judging from that vacation, those hats are real in. And I want to be part of the in crowd.

Wanna see some random pictures? Of course you do. Pictures are more fun than words. That’s why instagram is addicting.

this is kam and i. she’s much shorter than i.
Laura is still working on those free standing handstands. she’s almost a pro
isn’t she cute?
Laura is trying to be Kam sized
wine is way better than pink drink
we love each other
omg how cute is that back of that dress
I climbed that tree. not really. a guy pulled the end down and laura’s skinny self had to shove me up there. let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty in a swim suit

And to top it off, I got a sweet new sunburn to show off to all my friends. Everyone was highly impressed at the gym. Especially when my burn peeled off doing power cleans. I’m a straight up mess.

well that’s not my best look


Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


37 thoughts on “Soaking Up Sun in the DR”

  1. Not enough bikini pictures!! LOL! Really glad that you had fun though. Everyone needs a break from life from time to time.

  2. We should do a house swap. I’ll come live in Denver (I love cold, dry air and land that isn’t flat as a pancake), and you can come live in hot, humid Fort Lauderdale. Your skin would be so happy here! It’s funny, most people here say that their skin clears up in drier weather.

  3. Careful with that photography then. If I like you any more than I already do my girlfriend is gonna start to wonder 🙂

    I take it from all this that you would recommend the Dom Rep (didn’t wanna go all D R)? Looking for places to add to my travel list. Especially beach places!

    Glad you had a fun break. You deserve it!!

  4. I need a vacation like this like WOAH. So jealous of your jacked up tan lines, at least you have a tan. And that book looks awesome. Just bought a new camera and would love todo more recipes on my blog.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  5. Wahhh wahhh wahhh <— me whining that I don't get to go on vacation until September. Lame. Glad you had a good time!

    P.S. I have the tangy pineapple pork recipe from the cookbook in my crockpot and I'm totally stoked!

  6. I’m so glad you had FUN…you’re so hard on yourself. “pink drinks are absolutely never a good idea” …amen to that. Omg, the spinning class/where do you put your balls thing was hysterical. I hadn’t thought about that before, but now I can’t stop wondering.

  7. You look FAB and relaxed! Glad you had a great vacation. I’m headed to Cancun for my honeymoon in June and since going paleo, I have trimmed down and firmed up quite a bit. According to my fellow crossfitters, I should purchase a bikini. I haven’t worn a bikini since I was 5 and am forever a fat girl in my mind. I need new suits regardless, so I figure buy one bikini and just wear a cover the entire time if my stretch marks offend anyone. Do you know of a store or site to start looking for cute bikinis that may compensate for my insecurities?

    1. If anyone is “offended” by your stretch marks, slap the b*tch. i bet you are GORGEOUS. you work hard and could trust your friends’ judgements and buy yourself a bikini to show off your bod to the new hub on your honeymoon!!! 😉

    2. First off- good for you for becoming healthier. That’s a great accomplishment. Second- f everyone else. If you want to wear a bikini, then do it. Your gym friends would not offer that advice up, unsolicited I might add, unless they really believed that you should buy one. Do what you’re comfortable with, but don’t hold back on account of what other people MAY think. F other people (not literally, I mean, it IS our honeymoon, unless you’re into that… never mind) and their thoughts and looks. Wear what you feel comfortable and sexy in, because that’s what matters.

      By the way- this is the opinion of a man.

  8. I’m jealous, I miss warm weather. I tried to find an email link to send this request to you but I’m hoping you would consider posting the following link in your next blog post. One of the local crossfit gyms is doing a fundraiser and WOD for one of the families affected by the bombing last Monday. They are so close to reaching their goal and I know the family would appreciate it. I’ll stick the link below, please do consider it.

  9. i don’t want to be weird…. but i’ve done a spin class or two. you offer a very interesting and real question. unfortunately, the answer is- usually under your leg. it is not fun. bodies are weird.

    1. WHAT! How is that even possible? If my husband were here I’d be checking the physics of that. (my poor husband…)

      I used to be quite the spinning addict and the whole time it never occurred to me to ask any of the guys in the class where their balls went. This is why I read this blog…the thought-provoking commentary!

      1. um…. it just is. sometimes you get the boys to settle in the front of your shorts, where they should settle. that is where they belong, and are most welcome. however, sometimes gravity will not allow the boys to go to the front. when that happens, they go rouge either to the side or to the back. either way, it is not a pleasant experience. but don’t make your husband find out! yikes.

  10. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! so awesome you had a great time. Don’t wanna be a copy cat… but i will. I have a bunch of things coming up and need new dresses- graduation, parties, SUMMER, .. where did you get that cute pink and black dress?! 🙂

  11. So, first off, I’m jealous that you were at the beach and looking 100x better than I ever did in a swimsuit and OMG, really? 150 burpees on vacay? Now I know why I don’t look that great in a swimsuit.

    Anway, I asked my husband where his balls would go in a spin class (I was envisioning one to either side of the seat) and he said, “inside, like when you get checked for a hernia.” So there you go. I’ve never been checked for a hernia but I caught his drift…

  12. Pictures look amazing! I am actually going to this same resort next week and have been freaking out about the food- you didn’t get sick though? Have heard horror stories about meat in the Dominican…

  13. So you enjoyed the Dominican Republic? A friend and I just went and celebrated our big 4-0’s (yeah, it sucks so I am calling it a birthday YEAR of celebration because I totally deserve it) and we debated between Dom and St. Lucia, and chose St. Lucia. LOVED IT. Would highly recommend it!

  14. You and your friends look amazing! I love all your dresses! So glad you had such a good time! Really inspires me to do something cool for my vacation this year. You more than deserve it girl, and I’m so glad you DIDN’T check your email! 🙂

  15. WHERE did you get that dress??? The one with the pink skirt and black top with lace up back. I’m obsessed! I need it asap.

  16. Can I just tell you how much you crack me up!!!!! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I find myself looking forward to them… I can’t wait to see what you are going to say next! Ha! We have the same kind of sense of humor. Oh and love the recipes that I have tried so far.

  17. “Where do your balls go?” Bahaha! Going to the DR (said douchely, lol) myself in June to toast my 20’s, 30 here I come!! In effforts to be in the best shape of my life before the big 3-0 I started Crossfit & Paleo 2 months ago- 10 pounds down! Just wanted to say I appreciate the “balls” comment and LOVE your website :-)))))

  18. Glad you had fun!! I went in vacation in April to Eleuthera (seriously look it up) and LOOOVED it. But I too was shedding skin at the box when I got back. Like a nasty lizard. I looked down after doing a squat and skin was snowing off of me. Yuck.

    That black top/pink bottom dress is ADORABLE, btw.

  19. One of those times that you visit Dominican Republic you should take the time and visit the Dominican Republic. I.E. The city, the museums, tha real deal. A resort is the canned version of a country. Of course you need to be very careful about it, as safety should be the norm when traveling abroad. The food is great and very healthy. There are vegetables in every meal, at least two. I see that you went for “American” fare. Maybe you should experiment and ask them for the vegetables? You missed the healthy part of our Cuisine!!!

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