Spicy Curry Duck Fat Shoestring Fries

Ok. So I’m officially back to normal life over here in Colorado. I’ve been traveling so much that my sleep schedule is even all f*cked up so it’s been a little tough getting back in the swing of things. But my husband has been freaking awesome and has helped so much. I don’t talk about him too much on here, but he has been such a doll lately with cleaning the house and making food when I’m down in the dumps, that I just had to point it out. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little visual reminder of how thoughtful a person can be. And to remember to be thankful for those people. I mean, it is getting close to Thanksgiving already. Might as well be thankful for the next two months. Amirightoramiright!?

I need your advice. I recently started a podcast…but if you haven’t listened to it yet, you can listen to all three episodes here! It’s been so fun recording podcasts and even cooler hearing from you guys! It’s a little weird because I just sit in my office, talking to myself, doing extreme hand gestures while I explain things…but hey, maybe I was an only child for a reason: so I can podcast alone! This week I’ll be recording an episode talking about paleo on a budget because many people requested that. That being said, do you have any specific questions about paleo on a budget? I’ve had lots of questions I’ve already written down, but if you have any you want to ask, be sure to leave them in the comment section so I can get to them, too! I personally think this topic is extremely boring to talk about by myself, but I’m doing it for you guys! Aiiiiight?!

I’m so pumped to actually be in town this weekend (since I leave for a super quick trip to Vegas next weekend) and I’m taking full advantage of that time. I’m getting dinner with the bff tonight, coffee with another friend tomorrow, gluten free pasta dinner date night with the husband, making cake pops, babysitting a neighbors dog, then brunch with more friends. It’s going to be awesome, especially since it’s suppose to be 80’s all weekend long! I need to pull the shorts out again because these legs are getting pale reaaalll quick like. You could even say pale-OMG. Just saying. It’s just going to be so nice to be in warm weather after a rainy 4 days in Idaho last weekend. Whenever I would mention the rain on social media, someone would say “It’s sunny here in Boise!!” and I would think…COOLNOTHEREINSANDPOINT.IHATEYOU!!! But that could have been the seasonal depression talking.

Wait, can we talk about these fries for a moment? I luuuuuuurvvvv duck fat fries. Honestly, I really love anything duck and duck fat. Most of my favorite meals have revolved around the duck. It just gives any meal the best flavor. So when I was having a craving the other day, I whipped up these little skinny bites of potato joy and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. I tend to bake any sort of potatoes I buy, but this time I was feeling naughty. If you’re sitting here thinking: “But I thought potatoes weren’t paleo and you’re frying them?! This seems like a bad idea. I hate you.” That’s fine, don’t make them and go read a little more about potatoes on the ole’ world wide web. I work out on a regular basis and starches aren’t a problem for me. So instead, make yours with sweet potatoes and bake them. No, I don’t know how you would bake them. Because that’s not how I made mine. Kloveyouxoxobye.

PaleOMG Spicy Curry Duck Fat Shoestring Fries


Spicy Curry Duck Fat Shoestring Fries

  • Yield: 3-4 1x


  • 1 pound russet potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced (using a julienne peeler)
  • 12 ounces (1 jar) of duck fat
  • 1 tablespoon curry powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1/2 teaspoon himalayan sea salt
  • 1/4 cayenne pepper
  • pinch of black pepper


  1. Peel potatoes then use a julienne peeler to peel potatoes into small shoestring fries. Place potatoes in a bowl and cover with cold water for about 10 minutes. Then drain and pat dry with paper towels.
  2. Place a 2 quart dutch oven or heavy bottomed pot over medium heat and add duck fat. Use a candy thermometer to check temperature and once temperature reaches 375 degrees F, add potatoes in small batches (to keep the temperature from dropping too much) and cook for about 3-4 minutes or until potatoes become brown and crispy then use a spider strainer to remove the potatoes from oil and set on a paper towel to drain. Repeat until all the potatoes are done cooking then place in a bowl and add all the spices and toss until completely coated.
  3. Serve immediately.

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PaleOMG Spicy Curry Duck Fat Shoestring Fries


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27 thoughts on “Spicy Curry Duck Fat Shoestring Fries”

  1. I have been doing this paleo thing for 2 weeks and I think it would be helpful to know a little background on why there’s almond flour vs coconut flour vs arrowroot flour? Like what makes those non-interchangeable? Also I think it would helpful if you gave a ballpark estimate on what it approximately costs for the ingredients of your recipes every now and then.. I made a delicious recipe and did the math.. ~$10 was all that it was! Who wouldn’t want to make a recipe that reasonable?!? I know living in Denver prices may be different.. But it still helps as someone who hasn’t shopped for certain ingredients ever before. I never know if prices are good or not. Thanks for all that you do! Your website and archives have been a key player in this successful transition!

    1. Almond flour is oily, coconut flour is cakey and very absorbent, and arrowroot is very starchy. Unfortunately there is not one paleo flour that mimics wheat flour very well on its own (though cassava flour is very popular now and probably does the best job). That is why most recipes use a combination of them as all of their properties combined yield a better baked good. For instance, adding coconut flour to an almond flour cookie helps them not feel so oily and gives them more crumbiness (thats a word now). It is best to substitute flours made from different nuts or sunflower seeds for almond flour or you can sometimes interchange arrowroot for tapioca starch. But you cannot interchange tapioca starch and cassava flour even though they are made from the same plant. Hope that helpsVNH2.

    2. First: Buy Julie’s cookbook “Paleo Kitchen” they spend a lot of time breaking down paleo diet and ingredients and kitchen necessities and subs.

      Secondly: Take two seconds and type any ingredients you have into Amazon… it is nearly impossible to calculate the cost of a meal when you may only need a table spoon of something. Also, costs are extremely different depending where you live for just about everything… if she put a cost she would spend more time trying to explain why it is different from yours and where she got it, blah blah blah. Do a bit of the leg work for yourself 🙂

  2. Not sure if this is already on your question list – but tips on which of your recipes are freezer friendly would be great! Being single, I frequently get bored with a dish before I finish all the servings. Or I skip a recipe because it makes too much and I am not ready to commit my next four days of meals to the same thing (gosh I sound like a brat, sorry) But just because I’m bored with one flavor profile right this moment doesn’t mean I won’t be craving it again in a week! Thank you!

  3. My biggest debate with spending $$$ on food is always meat. The prices for organic meats in my grocery store are outrageous. I always go organic for my ground meats because it’s not bad, but if I want a steak it’s like a billion dollars for the tiniest little piece of beef.

    So I guess my questions are where do you shop for your meats? Do you have any tips for finding stuff cheaper? Is it actually worth it to go organic?

  4. I read your blog regularly and have NEVER posted before today, so Hi:)

    Regarding the whole Paleo budget podcast…..when you read about the Paleo lifestyle change, it can be a bit overwhelming. The whole reading packages, only buying fresh, organic, gluten -free, grass-fed, sustainable food, and so on and so forth.

    I would love to know when one first starts Paleo, what is the primary and secondary areas to focus on to get the biggest ‘bang for your buck’ in correlation to the best health benefits? For example, sleeping 8-9 hours a night is free and helps your health:) Next, organic fruit and veggies versus grass fed beef, besides just the monetary difference, if I could only monetarily implement one change, which would provide the greater health benefit? To me, it isn’t just about the money, but spending my money on the areas which give me the best health benefit as well.

  5. Proteins…buying organic/grass-fed, etc. is SUPER pricey, especially in Canada. Lately I’ve been purchasing my meat from a local farmer, but his animals are corn fed, but I feel that’s as best as I can afford right now.

  6. Have you (or anyone) tried growing your own vegetables and if so, was it worth doing in terms of cost? We go through a heap of vegetables as we eat paleo and prepare green vegetable juice each day. I buy organic produce from Whole Foods as the quality in other supermarkets is crap and we don’t have any good farmer’s markets nearby. I’ve tried buying clubs but seem to get too much of the stuff I don’t really want, and not enough of the stuff I do want, so end up shopping at Whole Foods anyway.
    For meat, I buy from an Amish Farm. Seems to be a more cost effective way of getting quality pasture raised, organic meats than Whole Foods. I also buy (and prefer) the cheaper cuts of meat like chicken legs, ground meat and roasts for the crock pot. Steak is more of a luxury now.

    1. Have you tried joining a local CSA? You get produce that’s in season and local, and possibly cheaper than whole foods.

  7. I love duck fat fries! I do duck fat thin jo jo’s in the oven (which are so good) and can’t wait to try these! Thanks again for a great idea!

    For your podcast, I have found deals online through Amazon, and Thrive Market because I don’t live in a place where I have access to a lot of options that are paleo friendly. It forces me to get creative though! I feel like a lot of people have that struggle. Where else online besides the two I’ve mentioned that would be worth checking out for paleo pantry ingredients? I find that thrive market has great deals, but sometimes I can’t find certain things or they are back ordered. What are your favorite brick and mortar stores to shop at for groceries as well?

    1. I use Vitacost.com because Thrive isn’t an option for me. Their delivery takes awhile (but I also live on an island, could be part of the problem) but it’s worth it for me to stock up on the things that are cheaper on the site or not available in my stores.

  8. Hiiiiii! I wanna eat dese now pleaseeeeeeee.

    A few things.. I just bought those mustard mules from Top Shop you posted recently. So yeah, thanks for that! Woot. On my Cross fit Facebok group page we are currently posting your recipes back and forth and now talking about a Paleomg partayyy. My podcast ideas are as follows:
    1. I love that you are all about doing what your body tells you and not counting calories. I think talking about this would be fantastic. Its SO freeing once you can get to that place and I believe its so important for woman to know that!
    2. Meal prepping. Do you meal prep if so, how do you plan and all that jazz
    3. Dealing with internet jerks and meanies and how you stay true to you. People say mean shit to you about what you post or how you look. How do you deal with all of that and stay confident and professional.

    K Thanks byeeee

  9. Old Blinking Light in Highlands Ranch has the most amazing duck fat truffle fries. To DIE for. They come out screaming hot and crispy and taste like heaven. I go there for my birthday dinner just so I can eat their truffle fries.

  10. Why can’t I live close to you and also be best friends with you so you could have more help eating all these foods? I would be so down with that because this looks incredible ! I hope your real friends appreciate you. I feel like I need to throw a dinner party so I have an excuse to make these.
    Good on your man for stepping up. Travel is so rough to adjust from and you’ve been all over the place lately!!.

  11. I LOVE duck fat fries too! If you haven’t been, Highland Tap and Burger has the BEST suck fat fries. They only serve them at dinner time and I crave them. I am normally a sweet potato fry person, but these are to die for as well as their buffalo burger. Thanks for the recipe! Definitely trying these!

  12. Being a stay-at-home Mom, I’m on a tight budget. I would love it if you prioritized what to spend money on. For instance, is it better to buy organic produce and conventional meat or conventional produce with grass-fed/pasture raised/non-gunky meat? On a limited budget, do I use my huge economical coconut oil on everything to save money or is it better to prioritize grass-fed butter too and cut back elsewhere? Is it better to eat less meat and have it be well-sourced? What if this means filling up your tummy with a little more carbs? Aggh, so many questions! You get the idea.

  13. I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts! I like getting glimpses into other people’s lives! I listen to them while I’m walking my dog 🙂 I’d be interested in hearing more about how you’re such a badass and how can I become more badass too? You are so driven with your workouts, and life, and blog, how do you do that? I would love to hear more about drive/setting goals and really going after them. Also, I’m relatively newer to reading your blog but it seems like you don’t really track macros? When you were first cutting size a bit after competing, how did you do that/how do you do it now? Is it truly all trial and error and listening to your body, or do you have any other guidelines you normally keep in mind in terms of portions, etc?


    1. i think being driven comes from finding something you love and wanting to be better at it. i love my gym, i love my workouts, i love my job, i love my relationship – so all those things i want to get better at. and the only way to get better at them is to do them consistently. i set some goals but it’s more long term goals – wanting to be fitter, live longer, feel better in my skin, create a comfortable life for me and my family. and for me, none of those things were ever given to me, i always had to work for them. so that’s what i continue to do every day because i know hard work pays off. and as for macros, i don’t count them nor do i know how to! and it’s just been trial and error and listening to my body, eating more carbohydrates. i just try to eat nutrient dense food, not snack too much and not eat to the point that i’m uncomfortably full, just satisfied! hope that helps!

  14. I’m new to Paleo (sort of). I’m looking for green leaf stevia–is that available on-line only or in stores? Is that a brand name or…? Thanks!

  15. I have been listening to your podcasts, they are very entertaining. Thank you for doing them! Speaking of your large hand gestures(above)… I can’t remember which episode it was, but you were wearing bangles during the podcast. I loved it! I could almost see you! It added another level to the episode:)

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