Strawberries & Cream Collagen Shake

There are two things I’m not huge into –

  1. Post workout shakes.
  2. Fruit.

But after traveling through Bali for 2 weeks straight and experiencing a solid 1389108 smoothies and smoothie bowls, I’m now slightly addicted. Eating meat over there kind of creeped me out. When I was getting off a boat onto the dock on Nusa Penida island, I saw a guy carrying plastic bags full of plucked chickens then he would throw them onto the dock and they just sat there in the 85 degree heat while he unpacked the boat with more and more chickens. After seeing that along with a few other animal sights I would prefer not to see (or speak of here), I decided vegan was the best route for me that trip. My stomach is too much of a little b*tch to beat off some sort of e-coli. That meant I had A TON of smoothies while I was over there. It was a lovely experience, minus the animal experiences.

I’ll shut up now.

PaleOMG Strawberries & Cream Collagen Shake

Almost every smoothie I have made in the past is made with a banana to make it extra creamy. But while we were in Bali, my friend Jess was telling me that banana creeps her out. It reminds her of boogers. Which is strange because I’ve seen her eat an over easy egg and those are straight up boogs. But when we were on Nusa Penida island at “the best breakfast spot on the island” (voted by no one I would ever trust, ever), we had some smoothie bowls that definitely reminded me of boogs. And I also know that many people are allergic to bananas. Me included. If I eat a whole banana by itself, my throat iches. But if it’s blended or baked into something, I don’t experience that. What the hell is up that? Weird. So guess what I did? I made this creamy smoothie with absolutely no bananas. And I have another one coming in the future. If you’re a banana hater or your body is, no need to worry with this smoothie!

PaleOMG Strawberries & Cream Collagen Shake

I promise you I’ll shut up about Bali someday soon. But not today. Because jet lag is trying to kill me. I fell asleep by 4pm yesterday, then again at 7pm, then I was up from 9pm to 2am, then in and out of sleep until 5am. I love traveling to faraway places, but my body is over it. Over the planes, over the jetlag. If I didn’t want to sleep 8 hours a night, I would have a child. OMG speaking of that – I had an astrology reading in Bali and she told my husband that we have an unexpected pregnancy in our future, then in my reading she said that I had a baby girl in our future. I was never into astrology before this reading and now I’m OBSESSED. She was spot on with everything in our pasts, it was bananas. I already can’t wait to do another reading with her in the future to ask even more questions. I’m planning to share an entire podcast episode about the reading this week! It was seriously SO FREAKING COOL. Minus the child who will keep me up at night part. I seriously can’t wait to share the entire reading with you guys. But for now, it’s 6am so I’m going to nap. I’m sure that will help with my insomnia later. Nighty night.

PaleOMG Strawberries & Cream Collagen Shake


Strawberries & Cream Collagen Shake

  • Author: juli
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 1x


  • 1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1/3 cup canned coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1 scoop (10g) collagen peptides


  1. Place all ingredients in a personal cup blender.
  2. Blend until smooth and combined. 
  3. Drink

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PaleOMG Strawberries & Cream Collagen Shake

PaleOMG Strawberries & Cream Collagen Shake


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6 thoughts on “Strawberries & Cream Collagen Shake”

  1. I got ecoli on our honeymoon/wedding trip. Thankfully, the symptoms didn’t show up until we got home but it’s the worst pain I’ve ever experienced- and I’ve had several open heart surgeries.Our first week of married life I ended up with the worst kidney infection ever. My doctor couldn’t even believe how bad it was! Awful. I’m glad you stuck to smoothies.

  2. Since you’re back from Bali and hopefully back on the meat train – you’re way more likely to get e-coli from raw fruits and vegetables than well cooked meat.
    But this smoothie looks amazing, so thank you.

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