Strawberry Almond Milk

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I’m getting more cynical as I age. And I hate that. I hate pessimistic people and I always try my best to not be anything like them. I like to make jokes and I may seem pessimistic at times, but I’m really a super happy person. But as I get older, as I see more people’s true colors, as I get more negative emails and comments on my blog and on social media…I can’t help but feel negative towards the world. We live in such a hateful world now and people are constantly saying we need to come together…but even this political race is pulling people even further apart.

So I’ve been searching for ways to find the positive and find the light when it feels like so much darkness. And believe me, there is A LOT of light. I get so many amazing emails and comments and feedback, but I can’t help but drown sometimes in the negativity. It’s weird how we are like that as human. So I think I need something stuff…

  1. To go on a vacation with no cell reception. That may happen with Lake Powell. Fingers crossed because LP is probably one of my favorite places on earth. And it makes me feel like all is right in the world. But I also have little girls trips coming up this month that will hopefully bring me back to happy JuJu.
  2. I think I need to listen to fun podcasts that make me laugh. I pretty much have the TV on ALL day just on the food network or cooking channel in hopes of food inspiration, but it doesn’t make me laugh much. I need to laugh more often and be reminded of the happy, bubbly people out there, all while not watching crap TV. Except for the Bachelorette…that’s a must…obviously.
  3. I need to do yoga. I need to get in tune with my zen side. My friend even sent me 2 free weeks of yoga! Now…I just need a yoga mat to make it official and pull the trigger.
  4. I don’t know what else. That’s where I need you to come in! What do you do to destress and stay positive when there are things dragging you down? How do you continue to conquer on?!

PaleOMG Strawberry Almond Milk

In case you haven’t seen my Pacific Foods inspired recipes yet, I’ve shared Shrimp & Zucchini Pad ThaiSimple Summer Squash Soup, and Coconut Thai Iced Tea all inspired by products from Pacific Foods!

Today I’m using their unsweetened almond milk to make this delicious and simple strawberry milk! The almond milk is slight sweet and nutty with no unnecessary sugar! If you are new to non-dairy milk, it is high in vitamin E but low in protein. I use their almond milks and other alternative milks in smoothies, blended coffees and protein drinks! You can find the other non-dairy drinks that Pacific Foods has to offer at your local grocery shop or here!

PaleOMG Strawberry Almond Milk


Strawberry Almond Milk

  • Yield: 4-6 1x



  1. Place strawberries, maple sugar and vanilla extract in a small saucepan over medium heat and mix until the sugar begins to melt and the strawberries begin to break down, about 10 minutes.
  2. Add mixture to a blender and blend until smooth then run through a sieve to strain out the seeds.
  3. Place in fridge to cool completely.
  4. Mix strawberry syrup with almond milk and serve!

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PaleOMG Strawberry Almond Milk

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Pacific Foods


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


45 thoughts on “Strawberry Almond Milk”

  1. Check out “Anna Faris is Unqualified” for a fun podcast. She gives not-so-great relationship advice and has celebrity guests help her. I feel like I’m sitting with my best friend when I listen to her. I also enjoy “That’s so Retrograde.” I’m not big into astrology, etc. but they have a great podcast. They’ll talk anything from green juice to palm readings. Highly recommend the episode with Sophia Bush. Major girl crush. There is also a Bachelorette podcast that was recommend to me but I haven’t listened yet, “Will you accept this rose?” Might be worth checking out!

    Let us know if you find any podcasts you like!!

  2. For me it’s praying, spending time with God, and being around the people ( my kids and husband) that make me feel happy. The great thing about having your own family and home whether it be you and your husband or your husband and kids or just you and your home is that you have an evironment where you can protect what comes in and out. Spending time with God gives me clarity and helps me to focus on the bigger picture, reflect on what is true and not, he is my calm.

    1. I could not agree more Camisha! I was thinking the same thing: God. I can tell a complete difference when I am not looking at Him for a positive attitude, despite the crap that I may have to face on a daily basis. He provides complete joy even when I or the world around me may not feel joyful.

  3. I find that people are hateful because they are often envious. It’s annoying… Some people just suck and get a high from being negative to others. They are the ones who need to do yoga and listen to uplifting pod casts. You do amazing work and inspire thousands of people. For every negative e-mail/comment/tweet you get just stop and think of all the positive ones you’ve received. Continue to do what makes you happy 🙂 Thank you for all you’ve done!

  4. I can relate to you when it comes to negative and positive feelings. I am also naturally a very positive happy person but negative people around me can make me feel far away from the happy part of myself and frankly less like myself. I am not a religious or very spiritual person but I have found meditation really helps me. Even 10 minutes a day makes me feel like I’ve been brought back to center and like my complete self. I would describe the feeling afterwards as similar to the happiness boost I get from working out but with the added benefit of a clear head. I definitely don’t feel as good on days I don’t do it! It sometimes its a little hard or awkward to get started but if you stick with it it’s totally worth it, and now there are even free apps like headspace to guide you through it. I think meditation is perfect for anyone who wants to feel like the best verisom of themselves.

  5. What I don’t understand is why someone would intentionally send hateful, negative emails. People who do that have serious problems. They must live with some type of emotional pain.

    I enjoy reading your blog for inspiration. When it comes to health and fitness, you know how to motivate and say things for how they are; with wit and humor thrown in. Try not to let people drag you down; it takes strength to keep up the work that your doing without being pulled down by hostile-like readers (and if these people hate your blog, WHY are they still reading it?!)

    A few podcasts I love listening to are Ted Radio Hour and Freakonomics. These seriously will change your life 🙂

  6. Try keeping a gratitude journal. Just the practice of focusing on happy/positive things makes me a more positive person. I like The Five Minute Journal for my practice.

  7. Juli,

    I’m so sorry that people are being so negative to you and aren’t appreciative enough of what you do. You spend your days doing things for your readers and don’t make us pay a dime, the only things we can’t get on the blog we can get from a free newsletter. If people don’t like what you do or who you are it’s not right for them to put you down. Something that I find that helps is to step back and look at the situation as a whole. Like others have said, if people are negative to you it probably means they are unhappy themselves and want to bring more negativity to the world, and like it’s said, misery loves company. Although we can’t fix everything for you right now, don’t let those poo heads take away what you’ve done. You’ve helped more people than you probably know become healthier and stronger. You make us all laugh and smile and our bellies happy and you give females a positive role model that is an honest and strong woman. You have a husband that loves you, the worlds cutest dog, and thousands and thousands and thousands of people that love and support you. And maybe we need to give more back to you.

  8. I find you hilarious on Snapchat, you’re real, you aren’t just giving us the cookie cutter PC version of yourself and I love that. Keep doing you, because if you turn into a sweet Stepford Snap chatter then we will have to have an intervention for you!

    Keep up the fucking awesomness!
    <3 Cassie

  9. Juli – love your blog and it’s the only one I read. I typically avoid people who are negative, but I know that’s not possible for you. Whenever I feel down I try to spend time with positive people. Even if it’s having a quick chat to a happy go lucky co-worker or going for a walk and dropping in at a cafe or salon where I know people and can say a quick hello. They don’t need to know something is upsetting you. Talk about a completely different topic that will cheer you up.
    And to those people sending nasty e-mails – there are plenty of other blogs you can follow. Or maybe start your own???

    Smoothie looks great. A family member has a nut allergy so I’ve recently started making my own Tiger Nut milk and using it as an almond milk substitute. Num num.

  10. I do yoga when I’m stressed and sometimes I just go for a walk with loud music! Sometimes it’s angry music, sometimes uplifting. Depends on what I’m working out in my head. Avoiding social media helps too, because it often makes me feel bad about myself. I limit to once a day and won’t check it again until the next day. Lastly, I always feel good after I hug my dog. 🙂

  11. I know that you receive a lot of positive comments and praise but it’s hard to forget the negative comments. For some reason, those tend to stick out more than the positive ones. One thing I like to do is turn off my cell phone. It’s really freeing to be unreachable and not spend time on social media for an afternoon/evening/couple hours. That helps me appreciate being in the moment and can make you look at all the wonderful things around! And I know for every five positive comments, you get a negative one, and frankly- it’s hard to shake the bad vibes but just know that your readers love you for your honesty and it’s been so fun to see you evolve into such a rad human!!

  12. Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I don’t even know what to say about the negative comments- “that sucks” doesn’t seem to cut it. I’ve never understood why someone would expel energy to be nasty to someone else. You are just doing you, something I think more people should try. I hope you find some laughter today!

    PS I’ve really been digging the “No Agenda Show” podcast 😀

  13. Gonna make this for breakfast today! I’m a pessimist by nature, but I try super hard to be positive! I second yoga, amazing for clearing the mind and getting rid of stress. I also like long hot baths by candlelight with Lush bath bombs, and long hikes with waterfalls. Also ice cream. These are just a few tiny things that make me happy ???? Love your blog Julie, keep on keeping on!

  14. I’m sure getting a barrage of negative comments and emails feels like a huge punch in the face but remember, that is ONE TINY group of people in a huge world full of all kinds of people. I hope you know in your heart of hearts, even when the shitty negativity is getting you down, that the TRUTH is that you actually help people. You inspire them and your work spreads positive change for so many. When people choose to act unkindly, it is not because of anything YOU have done. It is all about the other person. Whenever I have encountered unkindness (including me towards myself!), I try to remember that people who choose to act unkindly need love more than anyone, and that they are suffering. That’s not to say you should just accept abusive and hateful words that come your way–but just remember that people who choose to act that way just don’t yet have the tools to act differently. It is not because they are “bad” people, they just may not be equipped as well as you are. Dont let their negativity take up any precious real estate in your mind and heart and don’t tolerate the abuse, but also just know that their behaviour is a result of their suffering and that its up to them, not you, to change that about themselves. Hopefully one day they will be able to help themselves and find inspiration in what you’re doing! But if they’re not ready, that ain’t on you. You just keep doing what you’re doing because it’s effin awesome.

    I find I can get completely engrossed by podcasts and love hearing the stories on This American Life and Death, Sex and Money. Great journalism and also the stories are also so interesting and revealing about all the complexities and mysteries of humans and the world we live in. They’re great for finding perspective!

    Also just put on some Jim Gaffigan standup on YouTube. He’s hilarious.

  15. Order the 5 minute journal! It was life changing for me. Soooo simple but it really helped me. Also, there is a yoga mat that says “after this we get pizza” that I think you need for yoga!

  16. Owning my own business and going through a lot in my life (my Dad just passed away from cancer, living with my Mom, and handling a crazy busy hectic schedule) put me into a downer but it also helped me realize that only big things should get me down and definitely not the little things. This calmed me down a lot. I have also taken up yoga atleast a few days a week in addition to my normal w/os – CorePower C2 or Yoga with Adrienne and/or Yoga by Candace on nights where I just need something quick

    Two podcasts I have been liking are Cherry Bombe Radio (which is about women in food and is amazing) and Slumber Party with Ali and Georgia. I think you would like both!

  17. Try signing up for Deepak & Oprah 21 day meditation (it’s free) and I recommend it even if meditation is not your “jam”. I also read before I go to bed (most nights — still a work in progress) but it helps put the phone down and I feel like I am actually doing something intelligent even if its the latest and greatest beach read.

    Podcasts: I listen to NPR’s Wait Wait (it’s hilarious and trivia all wrapped into one), Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald (because she’s hilarious and talks about all the nonsense we all want to discuss)

  18. If you have time to sit down for a half hour and are patient, I find knitting super relaxing. It forces me to focus on what I’m doing with my hands instead of what’s stressing me out/pissing me off. I rarely knit for myself, so all my friends that have had babies have gotten hand knitted baby blankets. Knitting isn’t just for old people, I’m 23!

  19. Meditation helps, as does talk therapy! Download the “breathe” app. It’s great.

    This American Life, Freakanomics Radio, Planet Money, Modern Love – all great! And if you haven’t listened to the first season of Serial yet, download it now!

    1. Have you listened to Undisclosed yet?? I was obsessed with the first season of Serial and this one delves sooooo much further into it. Highly recommended if you got wrapped up in Adnan’s case!

  20. It may not help with cynicism but with absolutely take your mind off everything (including the haters) — Undisclosed Podcast. You can’t really listen the the first season without listening to the Serial podcast first, but the second season has just started and is damn good.

  21. First of all, I do not understand people who get so angry about a blog post that they feel the need to contact the author. I mean, even IRL when I get mad at someone about something that is not of earth shattering importance, I let it go. Which is not to say that your blog is not that important; it is super important! But like, you know, theft, murder, etc. These are important issues for addressing. You dropping the F bomb on Snap Chat? Um, just let it go people!

    Also, yoga is awesome. There are so many different styles to choose from. My favorite to take (and teach!) is typically a strong vinyasa practice.

    As for me, the only thing that gets my brain to shut up and chill out is a nice aerial silks class (like, acrobat stuff). 🙂

  22. I was starting to dislike everyone around me and feel “over” the human race. I’m a people lover and a happy soul. I started volunteering. Ice cream party at the senior citizen center – they will make you laugh. Bring toys to a children’s hospital so they can distribute when kids celebrate their birthday in the hospital. Those little beans are rays of sunshine. Things like that. Also, reading laughing is okay, crying is cool too by Nora Purmort really puts life in perspective. She handles some big challenges in her early 30’s with husband having brain cancer and faces it with laughter, honestly and plenty of expletives. 🙂

  23. Love your blog, snaps, and cook books. One of my favorite things to do to bring a little more positivity into the world is read “Buddhist Bootcamp”. This book is amazing. It gives a lot of great perspective on life and helps you realize “why the f*ck am I wasting energy on this?!”. Also, he doesn’t try to convince you to become a Buddhist. Just has some enlightening views on life things.

  24. Hot yoga!!!! I have always been terrible at “clearing my mind” in any situation. Th heat of hot yoga is so distracting. All I can think about is how hot I am- so it’s kind of like meditating. Plus sweating that much just make me feel so cleansed- physically and mentally. Last plus- it is my perfect balance for crossfit. When I skip yoga, I feel tighter, muscles stop working right, and I’m more prone to tweaking things.

  25. Hi Juli! Been following you now for 5 years. You, believe this or not are my friend in a crazy way because you inspired me to start baking and cooking…and are an outfit inspiration. the only time I comment is when I need specifics on your outfits so I can then order what you have. Ahhhh thank you so much!!!But today I am compelled to respond…and I’m taking a leap here because so many people can be turned off to this …but I say PRAY! Check out flatirons church podcast you have no idea how amazing they are until you try!!!!! I love your posts, you’re always saying to try something new…so I say try it!!! Love all you do and people are jealous and that’s why they’re mean!!!!! Thank you girl!

  26. Hiking always restores my sanity and positivity. Something about being in nature and moving my body as it was meant to move makes me a much happier person.

  27. i was going to suggest yoga! the practice really helped how i deal with negativity. i’ve found over the years of practice that having a great mat matters a whole lot, and i think the lululemon one is amazing because it wicks sweat and is non slip. here’s the one i love:

    yoga will help you tune out that noise and let go of the things that aren’t serving you. enjoy!

  28. Do yoga! Or go on a yoga retreat- it is go great to go somewhere, unplug, do yoga, eat healthy food, get away from all the negativity 🙂

  29. Hi Juli,
    As the saying goes… ‘misery loves company’, sadly this is true. I work around negative people all day, the worse kind that talk behind your back and literally hate your guts without a reason. The good thing is that my direct co-workers are super cool so that compensates for all the bitterness from the rest of the people I see on a daily basis.
    I block what ever I don’t want to hear and just not pay attention to their negative comments, they want to make the rest of the world feel like them, but I don’t get sucked in. I refuse to ever feel anywhere close as they feel. As time passes by, I’ve decided not to care for what other people say or think of me, as long as I’m happy, nothing else matters 🙂
    I can say for sure that laughing is a great remedy so you can see funny movies or, spend more time with Jackson.
    My dog (which is the best dog in the world) just cheers me up all the time. I would also recommend Pilates, I love it.
    I like yoga too but Pilates is my personal favourite, and most likely people will continue to be mean, it’s just a matter of continuously reminding yourself of the good things in life and all the good things in your life and the smile and happiness will come instantly.

  30. Honestly my fav way of getting away from negativity (cause I often also find myself drawn to it weirdly enough) is to not watch the news and stay off of “extra social media” so like the news sections on twitter and snapchat (like those extra things up top like the Cosmso and Refinery 21 and Daily Mail stories) because even though the drama is not about me it still makes me feel anxious and negative.

    Love your blog!

  31. Juli –
    I am a special needs worker/ part time housing activist and politically involved person (as of late) (and in Canada, not the States). I feel passionately about my causes, but I haaaate that they all still make me feel cynical too. I come here to read about food, workouts and fluffy thighs, no cynicism intended. I need an outlet for the lighter side of things in life, and I love that you provide that, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. It takes a lot to put yourself out there and intentionally write about the lighter side of things, as well as body issues that bring out the dragon in people. You are brave and appreciated, truly. Here are some other things I enjoy for a break – Brooklyn 99, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Jillian Michaels podcast, Damn Delicious blog and putting me together for really simple fashion advice. Please keep on keeping on, and know that you are appreciated. I love all that you do, and your posts about staying motivated are so encouraging. I have recently put weight back on after camping, er the beer that goes with it, and I’m not upset, because I know I will get back to where I need to be through consistency and hard work, something you write about. Many Thanks.

  32. Well first of all, I fucking love you and I think you’re hilarious and I find all of your posts on Instagram, your blog, and snap real, inspiring, and funny as hell! It is hard to let the “dark passenger” (Dexter reference) take over because our feelings are essentially muted due to the hate we witness day to day. It’s hard to not let that consume you and get emotionally invested in what we see on the news. It’s fucking hard, man! When I start to feel myself drowning in pessimistic ways, I take a technology break. I just don’t bring my phone or whatever with me for a few hours. Yea, it’s hard because it’s basically another limb for us these days but it’s nice to not be so attached to an object and just enjoy your surroundings for a bit. As far as Podcasts, a few of the guys from The League have one called How Did This Get Made and they watch awesomely terrible movies (Mortal Kombat, Deep Blue Sea, et c.) and just discuss how bad the movie is for about an hour. It’s hilarious. Serial is a good one, as well. It’s not really funny but damn was I hooked! You’re awesome, and I apologize for using foul language. If it makes anyone feel better, I felt like I did a good job of censoring it.

  33. In response to the negativity aspect you speak about above – it takes a while to really believe the “not my problem” mentality and not feel guilty about it. I sit in a hot tub daily with my spouse and we talk about the day or issues and bubble away problems. I use a “bed of nails” mat and pillow – it really seems to help. I get reiki sessions a few times a year and attempt to just worry about myself. At 45 I can tell things are not what they use to be – which I am OK with. I’ve cut off all my long stringy hair and went for a super short pixie cut to work on reinventing myself and keeping it fresh. I don’t have a facebook or anything like that because I don’t really care what others think of me. I only need to make ME happy and keep me healthy to live the best life I can.

    All that being said: I absolutely LOVE your web site and recipes. You are very motivational. I just started taking care of myself and a huge newbie to Paleo and a better lifestyle. I figured it was finally time to make sure as I age I can keep it together as long as possible. Don’t let it get you down too much – because you do make a difference with every time you publish anything. Many people are waiting for your knowledge and value your opinion.

  34. OHOHOHO, I can sound SUPER sarcastic. Try me. Don’t want to sound like a b*tch in this comment so you’ll have to peek at my blog to see! XD I HATE strawberry-flavored ANYTHING, so I WOULD say that I can imagine that this almond milk probably isn’t any different, BUT it actually doesn’t look too shabby. I might try it!

  35. First of all…I simply adore you!!! It’s so fun to read your blog posts and see all your instagram shots! Anywho….yoga! Do it! It is such a holistic practice! I yoga 365! It is truly life changing! I practice power vinyasa. You’ll work hard but it is so powerful! Also…Baron Baptiste has some great books. With all that…namaste girlfriend!

  36. Woman, anonymous comments always come from the same place: people who are ashamed of themselves. They can’t bully the world back, so they turn to random nasty comments via the internet to vent some childhood shame, some incident in a locker room or at a lunch table or at band camp. Sure, I do yoga, meditate, and pray. I watch Samantha Bee! I keep a small group of AWESOME friends in my life. I try to see the immutable goodness in the heart of each and every human being, no matter how foul. However, the one thing that helps me cope with jerks is remembering that the guy who said something really gross; that guy would be terrified to talk to a gorgeous woman like you in public, still lives with his parents, and is going to jerk off before crying himself to sleep. Pity!
    P.S. Every recipe I have made of yours has been OUTSTANDING.

  37. I’m reading a book on meditation. I’d really like to do this regularly to help me stay focused, centered and rejuvenated. Have you considered this?

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