Sweet Potato Brownies

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This weekend didn’t feel like a weekend. Probably because I was stuck inside for most of it. It snowed like 3 feet. Not really, probably like 16 inches, but I’m pretty sure my car only comes 5 inches off the ground, no it’s not a ghetto low rider, well maybe, but I seriously couldn’t even pull onto the street. I spent 30 minutes cleaning off my car to only make it 2 feet into the street. Ok, that was an exaggeration. I made it like 4 inches into the street. So my friend Sergio had to take me under his wing and drive me everywhere. I love feeling 15 again. Relying on others to grocery shop, work, and workout is really fulfilling.

But the weekend still turned out pretty fun. Laura, Sergio and I played the 3 best friends card and did everything together. We went to breakfast together, went grocery shopping together, then helped each other pick out outfits. Well Sergio sat there and rolled his eyes as I took 12 shirts out of my closet. I hate dressing up. My PaleOMG shirts are way easier to sport. And my boobs are way more comfortable in sports bras. You just can’t always wear a sports bra with real people clothes. Dumb.

see, even the guys are sporting the tanks. PaleOMG shirts help you set PRs, it’s just fact

So I wore my big girl bra to a show we went to see downtown. We saw Passion Pit or Passion Pit’s DJ or a person from Passion Pit. I don’t really know. I think I’ve heard like 2 Passion Pit songs so I didn’t really know what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised by feeling like an old fart. The venue was bumping with teenagers who were excited to get out of their parents house and be able to dry hump while on hallucinogenic drugs. What better way to spend your Saturday night eh?!?! Drugs are weird. Teenagers making out while trying to dance to some kind of beat is weirder.

Guess what else I did this weekend?! Sweated my ass off while shoveling our sidewalk. Maybe we shouldn’t have waited until it was complete ice slush. And when I say we, I mean me. Laura sat and watched. And took pictures. I did an overhead squat with a shovel just to be really creative and original. I should send that pic into the main site. I’M SURE they would totally use it. Wanna see it?! Sh*t yeah you do.

I’m watching Dirty Dancing. I love watching movies that I’ve seen a hundred times. They get more corny every time I watch them. This guy just walked up to Baby and said ‘This danish is pure protein”….like what? Missing some of those lines in movies makes me really develop of disappointment in myself. A line like THAT and all I remember is ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner’?? That’s stupid. You disappoint me JB.

OH!!! And I did handstands in my house. No big deal.

holy crap, huge butt. told you it was ginormous

Sweet Potato Brownies

  • Yield: 5-8 1x




  1. Time to bake that sweet potato. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees, use a fork to puncture holes all around it, then throw in the oven for 25-30 minutes. (I’m sure you could microwave it, but I like the ole fashioned way. I’m just so ole fashioned)
  2. Once your sweet potato is soft and cooked through, peel off the skin and mash it up in a bowl. And turn your oven down to 350 degrees.
  3. Now add your wet ingredients: eggs, coconut oil, honey, and vanilla to the bowl and mix together.
  4. Then add your dry ingredients: coconut flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, cinnamon, salt and chocolate chips.
  5. Mix well to incorporate all that goodness.
  6. Pour into an 8×8 glass baking dish
  7. Bake for 30-35 minutes.
  8. Let rest to cool a bit.
  9. Eat those b*tches. Try not to eat them all in one sitting. Like what may have happened in my kitchen….oops.

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PaleOMG Sweet Potato Brownies


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


552 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Brownies”

  1. j.bauer. Im moving in…that way you dont have to do things like eat all the brownies at once. all parties would benefit. im here for you. clear the extra space.

    1. Perfect. My 5×5 bedroom can always use more people. My teddy bear is already a bit claustrophic but it’s fine. But Casey, ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT?! Kidding. kind of.

  2. You have no idea how you just made Will’s life!

    I think you’ve made my year with these brownies. Can’t wait to try them!

      1. Can I use regualr all purpose flour? I dont have coconut flour, and wanted to try this recipe tonight. I have all the other ingredients.

  3. I’m probably going to fail out of grad school, and it’s going to be your fault. Why? Oh, only because I’m supposed to be reading about word fluency, but instead I’m reading about sweet potato brownies. Word fluency, or brownies? The choice is obvi….but I doubt my professors will agree. Amateurs. Oh and I also hate wearing big girl bras. And real clothes. I think all pants should come with a roll over yoga waistband so I can hide my muffin tops and perpetual food baby with ease and grace. Just sayin’!

    1. If you fail out, maybe you can just become a cook instead? Sounds like a good plan to me. I love fold over waistbands. Jeans without them (so any sort of non maternity jeans) suck

  4. I kind of regret finding your blog…I’ve been reading it for almost an hour now at work. Who is productive on Mondays anyway, tho? Making these brownies this week!

  5. Brownies…finally, my favorite food. If only I had this recipe last night before I gave in and had a bowl of ice cream with crumbled thin mint girl scout cookies. Terrible idea. Been following your blog for about a month….DON’T EVER STOP!

  6. Dang, girl! You are a BOSS! When you said you were gonna make these, I thought I’d have to wait at least a couple weeks for a recipe to be posted…you rock!!! I finish Whole 30 in SIX days and these are def gonna be one of my first treats! I cannot WAIT. Btw, I heard shovels are totally the new barbells. 😉

  7. Can’t wait to try these! I’ve made 4-5 of your recipes and they have all been awesome! I’m at CrossFit Modig in Lone Tree, CO…not too far from you.
    How about some nut butter cookies please?

  8. These are going into the oven RIGHT NOW. Only I had to double the amount of cocoa powder cuz mama can’t get enough chocolate flavoring. The batter is delicious!

      1. Awesome! Surprisingly sweet. Doubling the cocoa powder helped disguise them so that my daughter was tricked into believing they were unhealthier than they really are, which made her like them. I like to play mind games with my kids.

  9. I’m starting my Whole30 next Monday….which means I obviously have to make these brownies this weekend before I start. I love the overhead shovel squat; I like to do back squats with our 45lb bags of dog food 🙂

  10. these are insane!!!!! made them last night and they are gone! shared them with several gal pals and we all agree… where the f’ have these been all our lives!!!! keep bakin’ baby!!! love this site 🙂

  11. Finishing a 6 week paleo challenge and have this recipe waiting for me. my everyday cchips are en route! Do you do recipe makeovers? I love this, but was wondering if coconut flakes and almond flour could be substitued for the oats. Or are these just way too much sweetness? –is that even possible when you have given yourself the all clear to indulge a little 🙂

    Breakfast cookie
    Ingredients: 1.5 cups of oats , 2-3 super rippened bananas , 1 cup of unsweetened applesauce, handful of craisins and cinnamon. Just throw everything together, mix it up pretty well, throw it on a baking sheet at 350 for about 35 minutes.

  12. Yes. Thanks for this brownie recipe. I have been craving chocolate and I don’t want to cheat on my paleo diet just yet….I’ve only been on it for about 3 weeks.

    I made some paleo-approved chocolate cookies and they weren’t that great…

    I will be making this recipe in the next couple of days.


  13. Stumbled onto your website just this week. Tried these today and they tasted yummy! Only problem I seemed to have was that they seemed like a cross between a brownie and a pie in consistency…any suggestions on what I may have done or need to do to make these all brownie like?
    Thanks- will most definitely be visiting this site again!!! 🙂

      1. Kind of mushy in some parts- like sweet potato or pecan pie- stiff but mushy. Make sense? I needed a fork to eat mine…

      2. I am very much a beginner when it comes to cooking and some of these ingredients are über new to me. It seemed almost as if it wasn’t fully cooked- even though a toothpick came out clean…?

          1. I’m not giving up on these just yet! I’m thinking maybe I had an oven issue like Tracy except I didn’t cook mine beyond the time given in the directions? Will try again!!! Still, loving the site so keep up the great work!!!

  14. My boyfriend is not the biggest fan of coconut flour (and after reading your most recent post, I’m afraid this fact would make you not a fan of his :)). Could I sub almond flour for the coconut flour? Do you think the recipe would require the same amount?

    1. I want to say yes BUT you would probably need to use more almond flour and I can’t guarantee the same texture when you bake it. But it’s worth a try!!

  15. Holy moly, these brownies were a taste sensation! DA BOMB!! SO delish, thank you for all of your awesome culinary creations. I was wondering, thoe. How much sweet tater did you use? I used a medium sized fella and my brownies took about 2 hours to cook. Even after that they were still a tad smushy. BUT still incredibly awesome. I hovered over the stove and ate just a tad under half the pan. Even burned my tongue a little. That’s how good they were, I didn’t even care to give them time to cool off. Yum! I had to take the rest of the pan into the box this morning and share the goodness. Sorry, ramble over!
    Thank you again, all of your recipes are truly great! 🙂

    1. 2 hours!??! Holy balls. I used 1 medium sweet potato so that’s very strange you ran into that issue! Ovens are stupid. Blame it on the oven. Glad you still liked it though!

    2. Mine weren’t done in 25 minutes either – but I wasn’t sure if it was just the texture of sweet potato brownies (having never made them before) so I left them in a little bit longer, but not two hours. They were very very gooey. I figured there was no egg to make us sick, but I’ll definitely try for longer or a hotter oven or a combination of the both for next time. My friend asked for the recipe so they weren’t all that bad! 🙂 Thank you!

  16. Just made these….GENIUS!!! Such a winner, making everyone in my gym make them too, was going to share, but yup they suddenly disappeared.

  17. I just ate half the pan and I don’t know if I can resist the other half…. and if I am being honest, it’s more like a quarter of the pan is left.

    I am going to have to wear a maternity top for the next few days to hide the evidence of my gluttony and my ability to not share. THEY WERE AMAZING!

    Is eating two pans in one considered overkill????

    1. I have a batch of these in my Flavorwave oven right now. I’m crossing my fingers since I’ve never made brownies in the Flavorwave(my real oven idoesn’t work) and because the batter was very thick. It’s thick enough that the peaks that formed when I was spreading it into the pan never smoothed out on their own. Is it supposed to be that thick? Next time you make them, would you mind measuring out how much mashed sweet potato one sweet potato actually is? They vary so widely in size. Now that that’s out of the way, the batter was delish! I hope my kids like them. It’s our first post Whole30 dessert. Mmmmmmm! My neighbor’s kids loved them when their mom made them so the odds that mine will like these are good. Thank you! I’ll come back and rate them after I munch a few. 🙂

  18. Just was introduced to your website today…how fun & exciting!!
    I’m just curious if you know what your blood type is? I see that you use a lot of coconut oil. I don’t feel good when I use it. 🙁

    I’m making these brownies NOW for the weekend. Hopefully they will satisfy my husband’s sweet tooth. I have very little control if sugar is in the house, so I’m excited to find your healthier options!

  19. Made these today and had great reviews all the way around.. definitely the best recipe for paleo brownies yet! thank you!

  20. I usually stay away from paleo ‘baked goods’ cause I find they always disappoint… OMG, not these! I’m the only paleo in a house of 12 people and every single one of my SAD roommates could not get over how amazing these were! Thanks for such a (relatively) guilt-free recipe! ^^ (ps: I subbed the honey with about 1/2 c of applesauce instead and they were still amazing)

    1. That’s how I always felt with paleo baked goods too, they were always a disappointment to me so that’s why I love when I find something I like! And the applesauce is a FANTASTIC idea!!

  21. Holy crap these are good. Dont know whats better the batter or the brownie!!!
    Getting ready to make Bacon beef meatballs with mango sauce. So excited for them.
    Also made today, fudgy brownies which my 2 year old loves. Granola which is an all around hit wih everyone. Baked it a bit longer and it is now more grab and go granola, so good!!!
    And breakfast was Mexican hash…cant eat that to much. Thanks Juli!!!

  22. Holy delicious. I made these today and they’re sensational. Thankfully I committed a few to a friend of mine, which has helped me in my quest to not eat the ENTIRE pan. You are good!

  23. I cut honey to 1/4 cup and doubled the cocoa. I measured my sweet potato and a half-pound potato made 3/4 cup mashed. No idea if that’s the amount you used but it turned out fine. These won’t last through tomorrow – especially w/ 3 little munchkins begging for them. So glad I picked your recipe for my first paleo brownie experience! Btw, love the snow shovel squat!

    1. Thank you Kristina for measuring the sweet potato. I get sweet potatoes from a farmer and they are all different sizes.

  24. Hey I am fairly new to the whole Paleo way of things..you have some great reciepes!..I made these brownies and they are fantastic!…so good..I look forward to making more of your reciepes

  25. Can’t wait to make these badboys. As soon as I can keep a package of Enjoy Life Choc. Chips in my house long enough to bake something with them, this is what I’m making. (They usually get inhaled raw on the drive back from the store.) Pathetic addiction I know.

  26. I am on my third pan of these brownies in three days. Should I mention I live alone and I didn’t share any of them? Pure gluttony! They are so dense and fudgy and decadent you’d never guess how healthy they are. Of course, eating three pans in three days probably cancels out any health benefits. I found that a 1 cup to 1 1/4 cups of sweet potato worked perfectly and I also used 8 tsps of cocoa.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I love your blog. Of course, now I have to add sweet potatoes to the list of things I can’t keep in the house because I have no control.

  27. Made these tonight and they were awesome! The challenge now is policing the kitchen so husband does not gobble them up all in one night. Thanks, your recipes have made paleo enjoyable.

  28. Wow! Loved these!!! Made them tonight for my kids to have at school for the valentine’s party this week. It is so hard to have kids in school and find good paleo recipes they will be happy with, but your have been great!

    I taught my son how to make the apple pie nachos…we had them four times last week!!!!!

    Thank you ~ keep the recipes coming!

  29. Here’s the deal. Your blog is AWESOME. I’ve made a few recipes so far and they were Awesome. The fact that you made me have the will power to go Paleo completely is Awesome. And now, my husband who is at sea in the Coast Guard can have a box of brownies to enjoy that are Paleo and delicious. Thank you! You are (guess……) Awesome!! (And my husband will say the same I’m sure!)

  30. Hi Juli~ I have been Paleo for over a year now and this brownie recipe is by far the BEST treat recipe I have found. Wow! I made them thinking they would be desert for my family’s Valentine dinner tomorrow…wrong…they are gone already! Made your red pepper dip for the superbowl and yummmyyy too! Love your blog :):)

      1. I frequently visit his site as well. Making more of your brownies by popular request right now 🙂 My husband asks “what makes them taste like chocolate”…hahaha…I can’t help but laugh at him. He assumes all of my paleo creations are going to be made with some odd ingredient 🙂 He just rolls with the yumminess!!

  31. i feel obligated to go watch DD for the millioneth time now because ‘danish is a protein’,,,– whhhaaat? i clearly have been missing the true grit of the movie! 😉 your blog might just be the best one i read…and that is for multiple reaons. keep it up — i love it!

  32. p.s. no sweet pot in my house as i eat it obsessively these days but really want these brownies, oh, five minutes ago and dont think it can wait for a store run…. think i’ll sub pumpkin in. and yes, i probably have an (un) healthy obsession (addiction?) with Good Life chips, but a girl with no vices is utterly boring, so i have rationalized it well….

  33. ugh. last comment from me. i am boring myself. by good life i meant enjoy life chips. but you already knew that because you’re probably as cool as me. 🙂

  34. Made these for Valentine’s Day and they were so, so good. Even my somewhat picky 6-year-old scarfed them down. I threw in a handful of chopped pecans cuz we like nutty, and baked them in a greased & cocoa powder-dusted 24-cup muffin pan to make them less crumbly for school lunches. Thanks for this delicious recipe.

  35. So yeah, OMG. I made these 2 nights ago and they wre freakin’ amazing. It was really hard to not eat all of it by myself in one sitting. I had a friend try them last night and she said they were so good that they tasted like “real” brownies. You bet I’ll be making these again. Thank you for making my paleo transition less painful! I wasn’t sure if raw honey was paleo, but I don’t really care either way anymore… 🙂

  36. So I just found this blog, which is awesome! I made these brownies last night…(didn’t follow step #9 because they are almost gone and totally worth it). Let’s be honest. I didn’t really follow step #8 either because they were still steaming when I was trying to eat them.

  37. OMG… well, a few days later, but I made the brownies and I … as always, was not disappointed. DELICIOSO…. ty ty ty <3 I have always been a chocolate lover and this is awesome.. ROCK STAR!!!!! that's what you are 🙂

  38. I love your site! This will be my first paleo recipe to try this weekend, plus one of the crockpot recipes. I begin my paleo journey on Sunday!

  39. Just made a batch and they smelled too yummy to wait to cool, just ate one square out of 16, I think my kids will love them too, which will be awesome….if there are any left by the time they get home from school!!

    Love your sense of humour too!!

  40. Juli,

    These look ridiculously delicious. Sweet potatoes may be one of the greatest foods on the planet and I’m happy to share this obsession with someone.


  41. These are the SICKEST (in a good way) brownies ever!! I tried to take your advice and not eat them all in one sitting but let me tell you…they were gone, in like 10 minutes!! Love your website, keep up the great recipes!

  42. Def skipped the cooling process- warm brownies are my fave. DELICIOUS! I should’ve done a better job mashing my sweet potato, but I love sweet potato, so I didn’t mind getting a chunk or two in a bite!

  43. So I’m new to Paleo (Feb 1) and this recipe gave me hope in all things delicious. Even my coworkers who aren’t Paleo approved of this tastiness. You may claim to be a terrible baker but this proves you very wrong!

  44. I failed, if you want to call it that, and ate the whole batch in like 2 days. By myself. I added walnuts because I love nutz and they were really good in the mix! I may or may not stalk every recipe/rant you post. Thanks for helpin my crossfit/paleo transition. Creeeepy girl crush, sorry not sorry.

  45. Hi Juli-
    I’ve been lurking around here for a while but finally got around to posting, mainly because this video has been going around my gym and if you haven’t watched it you need to: shit crossfit girls say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFhndH1RdEk

    and i’m putting it below this recipe, because the #1 quote I would add to the video is something like “it’s okay that i just ate a whole pan of brownies, sweet potatoes are totally paleo…”

    1. Lol yeah I’ve definitely said some of the things in the video. I’ve definitely said more things in “shit single girls say” that stuff is right up my alley

  46. Just made these. Mine kinda looked like poo but i think that’s just because i’m a sloppy cook.Yummy poo at least! You’re hilarious, love the humor, love the food, keep it comin!!! xoxo

  47. These are amazing. I have been searching for a great Paleo brownie and finally found it. You are a genius!! Now if I can just find the DUs and HSPUs I have been looking for.

  48. Ok, so this might sound weird, but if you eat these brownies with goat cheese, it tastes like chocolate cheesecake. Freaking awesome. They are also awesome without the cheese. I am really struggling with the decision of whether to eat the rest of the pan or just go to bed.

  49. Holy shit these are awesome. Just made my 2nd Whole30 a Whole20 cause they’ve been taunting me since I came across the recipe a week ago. Ah well…I don’t even feel like a failure cause they were totally worth it! Thanks 🙂

  50. Sorry if this has always been asked – 1 sweet potato – do you know an approximate weight? Here in Aussie our sweet spuds can vary immensly in size. ..and did you use golden (kumara) or white?

  51. AMAZING! Another recipe that is the bombdiggity! My daughters and I made these today and they are soooooo good. Self control…self control! I could seriously shovel the entire pan down my gullet! No joke. My oldest daughter said “sadly, we have to share these with everybody else in the house”. This coming from the girl who didn’t even want to make them because she was afraid they would taste like a sweet potato!

  52. Made these today except I made some alterations based on what I had in my cupboard and the fact I am die hard coconut HATER…
    I used canola oil(I know… Please don’t yell) and I used almond flour. I made a double batch… Good stuff.. I am not an avid baker so I did not have any idea how the consistency should have been. So my end product ended up too moist. To the point that I have to scoop them out. Still taste awesome…

    Love reading your site!!!! Get Sum!

  53. I just started Paleo as well as CrossFit 3 weeks ago and I have to say that I am feeling (amazingly) sore from working out as well as satisfied that I found recipes on your site that are helping me eat better.Granted I do need to make better choices on what to have for dinner as I made these AWESOME sweet potato brownies. I couldn’t resist! I couldn’t let such a yummy and “healthy” meal go to waste, so I had to eat the rest… Well it was either that or let my dogs eat it and well everyone knows chocolate is a no no for dogs. ;o) Anyway, thank you for posting this recipe. Oh and you must post more dance videos.

  54. Have you ever been totally lazy and tried canned sweet potato instead of baking one??? Want to make these immediatley and do not have sweet potatoes!!!

  55. My first adventure in paleo baking treats & these were incredible. I made some saturday & ate with some larry&luna’s coconut bliss…soooo good!

  56. OMG!!! These brownies are absolutely AMAZING!!!! These are better than any brownie from a box. I will definitely be making these again!

  57. Hi,
    I already asked this but it appears to be the only post that didn’t get a response. Sweet Potatoes here vary from around 400g-1000g (15-30+ oz?). Could you please tell me approximately how much sweet potato goes into this recipe (even if it is in a cups measure)? Thanks.

    1. I’m so sorry Leah!! Not sure how I didn’t see that one! I’m guessing a sweet potato are 16-24oz should suffice! Around 1.5 cups or so 🙂 sorry again about that!!

      1. Thanks! I made them once and it didn’t seem quite right, I suspect I didn’t have enough …so will try a bigger sweet spud next time. I also meant to clarify if you used Kumara (orange) or the white sweet potatoes …I used orange o.O

  58. this is the most epic recipe ever. I made small modifications for the fact that I’m allergic to coconut and didn’t feel like a trip to the hospital. but WOW

  59. Dear Juli without an E,
    Another rad recipe. I made them to bring to a friend that gave up flour for lent but me thinks I’ll just hold on to this batch… Side note, your oven must be more elite than mine. My potato needed twice the cooking time. I hate mediocre ovens.
    Love, Julie with an E

  60. So I loved these. I have no idea what coconut oil is, so I used regular (sorry). I also forgot to buy chocolate chips, whoops. I have failed miserably at black bean brownies a few times, so I was a little leery to try another different brownie.
    I ate the entire pan this weekend, and didn’t feel bad about it.

  61. Made these last night for my daughter and they are almost gone! She loved them, and I did, too. Then my husband told me that he spread one with some Kerrygold salted butter, and I thought he was crazy, but OMG, it is delicious! I can’t make these for a while or I’ll just eat the whole pan (and maybe share…hmmm).

  62. You are a brownie goddess!!!!!!! I can’t believe how yummy and healthy these are 🙂 I became so excited when, about a year ago, I realized that treats can still be extremely rich in nutrients when made with the right ingredients. I made these last night, and there are three left… and they are calling me…… So stoked I stumbled upon your blog, you have some fantastic looking recipes. I’m thinking I’ll try the caramel pecan bars next…

  63. I am SO excited to try these next weekend (yay for going home for Easter) with my mom. Even doubly excited because my grocery store just started carrying Enjoy Life chips! Also going to make your banana bread (if it makes it to) french toast and the caramel pecan bars. Oh over indulgence.. But I will enjoy all of it. And leave any leftovers at my moms so I don’t eat them =O Going to try to corrupt my parents to your roasted bacon brussell sprouts, still deciding which of your awesome meals to make.

  64. Just made these brownies. They are fantastic. Am going to increase the cocoa next time and maybe add some pecans!

  65. These are in the oven right now. I’m new to paleo (not going whole hog, but intrigued), but dang! the batter was fantastic. I’m impatiently watching my oven timer.

  66. Your site should be called PaleOMF’ingG. For reals. These brownies are THE business. I want to kiss you. Wanna make out? 😉

  67. Holy delicious!! These were amazinng!!! I couldn’t find coconut flour so I used almond flour and they turned out amazing. You are now a favorite of mine and my gyms!

  68. Paleo for about 2 weeks and already my life has become boring..until I found this site. Love your personality and can’t wait to try the food. This weekend I’m going to make these b*tches and hoard them for myself, especially if they are as good as everyone is saying they are. From the comments, I have no doubt.

  69. Okay you need to know that I have made these brownies twice now, once for a big dinner party and once for my own birthday, and I am totally obsessed with them. I’ve also made your ginger-honey pork (for the same party! I’m secretly trying to turn all my friends paleo) and I pretty much read your blog all the time. Your recipes are great and I love your writing too. Thanks for the great blog!!

  70. Made these for the first time last night for a cook out today. I went ahead and made a double batch – banking on the fact that these would be irresistible and I would need a double batch so that I would actually have something left to take to the cookout after I succumbed to my inner fat kid (or not so inner, whatever). I was not disappointed. These are amazery. Eating one for breakfast before a run – I think it will be perfect nutritionally as well as a great tone-setter for the day.

    Since trying to do Paleo, I am not used to actually liking the things I cook (boiled chicken breast and steamed broccoli again!?)…but your blog has helped me immensely. I now actually like the healthy food I am eating…who would have thunk? Not this donuts-for-breakfast reformer. Profound thanks 🙂

  71. I made these for the wife today. She loved them!!! ( I thought they were great too!) Thanks for all these great recipe’s Juli, you rock!

  72. Just made this afternoon and WOW!! They are amazing! My daughter keeps asking for more so I know they’re good!

  73. Mine weren’t as good as I’d hoped either 🙁
    I wonder if I needed a little more coconut flour. My sweet potato gave me just shy of 1 cup but I found them a little too moist…maybe a little more cocoa powder? I dunno! I am also not a huge fan of raw honey, so maybe I will try subbing 1/2 of it with applesauce or some dates…I would totally make them again though, because they satisfied my sweet tooth without as much guilt! Thank you JB! XOX
    On a more positive note: those caramel pecan bars still kick @ss!!!!

  74. My kids (4 & 6) loved these! I cut back the honey and the chocolate chips, too. Thanks for providing alternative treats!

  75. OMG 🙂 I am going to bake these, as soon as I figure out what Good Life choc chips are….I am in Australia… And don’t think we have em here, Juli, any hints for something else xxx

  76. Holy crap! I made these twice in the last 2 days. The first time I thought I would be “clever” and just throw it all in a blender and blend it…made the consistency to light and airy for a brownie. The second time I got fancy and (this may sound disgusting) used bacon grease instead of coconut oil (cuz thats how I roll) and topped them with home made candied bacon ( essentially bacon fried with maple syrup) Dear lord these are a bit too good!! AND they seem to become denser and chocolatier (sp) when stored in the fridge. SO AWESOME!! My 4 year old (pickiest eater on the planet and avid hater of anything potato, even french fries!! LOVES THESE!!)

  77. oh and I used 1/2 cup maple syrup instead of honey, and sprinkled some sea salt on with the bacon …just ate 3 for breakfast….and MAY have eaten 3 or 4ish for dinner last night….

  78. I’ve been baking long enough that I should know to make adjustments for recipes created in the arid mile-high city and lowly, humid Texas 🙂 Plus, I prefer my brownies a bit more cake-like. That said, the flavor of these was outstanding and I ate a few (exact number not important) burning fingers and tongue in the process. Will definitely make these again with my personal adjustments.

  79. It’s my birthday this week and I’ve been very very good for the last month. I deserve these so I will make them. I will enjoy them and will feel no guilt when I eat the entire batch and have to make more so others can share the love.

  80. Just made these while on vacation in Ormond Beach, FL. AMAZEBALLS AND AWESOMESAUCE GIRL!!! Your recipe made my hubby think about going Paleo! Well almost. What a great dessert following the speckled sea trout we caught and pan-seared in coconut oil with sautéed squashes and fresh sliced tomatoes over a bed of spinach. A great refuel after visiting a box at the beach – East Ormond Beach CrossFit with Melissa Kiel, RAWK!!!

  81. This paleo thing is new for me so going to the natural food store to get the ingredients was really fun. I’ve been struggling because veggies and meat don’t quite make good substitutes for the cookie dough I’ve been so used to having. 🙂 But these brownies are the BOMB!!! You have NO idea how happy you made me today when I tasted these delicious, moist, scrumptuous treats! I’m going to keep going down your recipe list and trying new things to keep from going crazy. I can’t thank you enough!

    1. katy–i just completed my Whole30, and these were my first treat to myself. they are SO good! they are worth the wait!

      i doubled the amount of cocoa to make them more chocolatey–taste the batter after you add each extra T to see if it’s how you like it–and baked them in individual portioned muffin cups.

  82. OMG I am in love!! I just made these and I hope my husband likes them because if he doesn’t I have no one to blame when they are all gone!! Thank you for another awesome recipe =)

  83. Any suggestions on how to make these without the honey? My box is doing a challenge right now and we can’t have honey. Not sure about the choc chips either.

  84. These are SO outstanding. For the record, I’ve made them twice: once with orange and then once with white sweet potatoes. I like the orange ones better. Slightly different consistency (orange creates a moister texture – ends up being kinda a bit like a mousse cake. Whatevs. I eat them anyway.)

    I can’t get over how delish these are. I’m a little bit in love with you.

  85. I made these last night and love them. However I am nervous to eat them anymore as the ingridients on the enjoy life chocolate chips say “evaporated cane juice” I’m only in to my second week of eating paleo, but from my understanding evaporated cane juice is a no-no. Am I missing something or do I have the wrong chips? So confused but so wanting a brownie. Lmao.

    1. That’s the kind of stuff in paleo that you have to decide on your own. Some people like those better than dark chocolate chips, but some don’t. Sugar in general (other than fruit and a very small amount of honey is a no no) but that’s not how I lead my paleo life 🙂

  86. Thanks Juli. I really enjoy your site. You have a great attitude about how you eat. I’m trying to maintain a healthy weight and eat better since having gastric bypass in 2007. One of my gym class instructors told me about paleo recently while struggling on a low carb diet with my fiance. I love paleo so I much I don’t even want to call it a diet. I want to eat paleo for life. I feel so much better. Anyway, for now I think I’ll keep my brownies and enjoy in moderation. Thanks again for your input. Can’t wait to try more recipes. 🙂

  87. Thinking about making these for my birthday this Saturday. Hopefully DH will like them, too, so I won’t eat the whole batch by myself in one sitting. Love your blog.

  88. made these this morning as my Mother’s Day present to myself, and for those who are commenting that these don’t quite taste like they thought they would, perhaps it’s because your palate has not adjusted to not having sugar daily.

    i haven’t had any sugar except what’s in real fruit for the past 30 days, and i endorse these brownies as GREAT! i doubled the amount of cocoa–i like DARK chocolate–and found these to be oh so good!

    thanks for ALL you share here, juli. don’t know what made you think to use a sweet potato, but i’m glad you did! you rock!

  89. these are fantastic! i didn’t even use a sweetener, and used crushed unsweetened chocolate and they are fantastic. (though i did put a dab of almond butter on top for “icing”). thanks so much! love the blog and great recipes

  90. Question…when you measure your coconut oil, do you do it before or after you melt it? LOVE your recipes, they are what is keeping us paleo! 🙂 That and your sense of humor.

  91. Juli!
    I love your blog and recipes!! You inspire me:)
    These brownies sound so yummy! I am allergic to sweet potato and banana (and a million other foods, spices, herbs as well) Okay, well maybe not a million… 🙂 Anyway, suggestions for a substitute for the sweet potato – pumpkin perhaps?

    Thanks and you rock!!

  92. Juli, these brownies are heavenly, as in mother-in-law approved! Plus adored by my husband and our six-year old. Amazeballs! Just like you!

  93. I’m probably the pickiest eater I kno and I’ve been struggling with this paleo way of eating…..OMGosh AMAZING!! I think these just saved my way of eating. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 🙂

  94. Thanks for the recipe!! I loved it and also enjoy alot of others on here as well!! I just started crossfit and next week will mark my 1 month as a crossfitter. I’m absolutely in love with it. Thanks again, I’m a frequent visitor to your site!! <3

  95. Hey Juli,

    Just want you to know I made these suckers for a BBQ last weekend, and people went ape sh*t over them. (And I’m the world’s worst baker, so kudos.) Apparently everyone has been calling the host of the party for the recipe, so you should have a bunch of new fans. Keep up the good work!

  96. These are awesome and somehow I forgot to add the cocoa so they’re like the blondies. Still awesome and can’t wait to make more, another KEEPER recipe.

  97. Took these to a dinner party last night. EVERYONE loved them. I just chuckled and kept my paleo secret as the brownies disappeared. Totally delish!

  98. LOVE these! I just put a batch in the oven. I’ve been individually wrapping them and putting them in the freezer. That way I don’t devour the entire pan in one sitting. I can grab one out of the freezer and enjoy it as my late afternoon sweet treat…guilt free! Thanks for the awesome recipes.

  99. girrrrrrl, your ass is awesome! you are so fit (and inspiring!) I’m so excited to make these! i recently decided i was lifting enough weight to eat some carbs (maybe it’ll help my brain work?) I’m curious if coconut flour gives anyone else bloating? or terrrrrrible gas?? people will need to watch out around me the next few days because these brownies look worth it! thanks

    1. Coconut flour is really high in fiber and ALWAYS gives my family gas an bloating when we eat too much.

  100. THANK YOU FOR ROCKING FATHERS’ DAY! These are delicious. No weird texture. Very chocolatey. Super moist. Even the nephews with Celiac loved them.

  101. Wholly mother of paleo! These are delicious. I made them last night and I am grateful that I mustered up the self-discipline to only have one… now I am having another with my cup of coffee this morning. So good! Thanks. 😀

  102. So I am not much of a baker, or food preparer in any sense really, but I decided to be wild and try out this recipe. Not only did I love them, but my roommate, best friend, and fellow CFers as well. I made a second batch a week after the first and have been demanded to bring them to our upcoming cookout at our CrossFit gym. Thank you so much for the recipe, you’re amazing!

  103. I made these last night. My first paleo baking adventure, they turned out pretty damn good. Will these make my butt look big? I sure as hell hope so.

  104. These are fantastic! I made them for a scholarship fundraiser where we had to make enough samples for 300 people. I ended up doing eight 13 x 9 pans. I have sent a number of people to this site for the recipe. Thanks for so many wonderful ones.

  105. I’m mildly disappointed. I thought I was pretty funny…… and then I read your blog. I only laugh at truly funny sh#$t and when I read your recipe posts, there is mediocre to extreme and abundant laughter involved. Your talented and I’m a big fan. Thanks for that. Anyways, about this recipe, it’s great. I’m a chocolate whore so I added more cocoa and I also made them into little mini cupcakes and filled the centers with yummy stuff. I like to get creative…mainly only in the kitchen. So thanks Julie, you’re pretty rad 🙂

  106. i just made these and im having to make a 2nd batch because my roommate wants to take them to work….oh and my boss wants to meet and or marry you, we are both in fitness. just a short drive over to texas 🙂

  107. So I made these on a Thursday for a Paleo potluck on the Saturday. Smelled effing amazing. I managed to resist them until the Friday morning when I decided to take them out of the pan and make them all presentable-like on a plate which meant that I just HAD to trim the edges to make perfect squares (and eat the scraps, obviously). I made a beautiful pyramid of brownies ready for the next day…looked Martha Stewart legit. Needless to say, my non-existent willpower failed me yet again and my pyramid kept getting smaller and smaller until I was like ‘geez, now there’s not enough to feed everyone…..F@#K it.’ And just like that… pyramid is demo’d. Double WOD Saturday morning and second batch made on Saturday afternoon. No pyramid. No regrets.
    (Everyone at the party loved them, btw 🙂 And yes, I helped myself to more. HA!)

  108. Mine were SUPER mushy. They look flaky in your photo like how normal brownies look. Are you sure 3 tbl of coconut flour is enough to make them flaky? Because i cooked mine for 45 mins.

    Flavor is phenomenal btw.

  109. I made these with olive oil, and almond flour, and they were so flaky and tasty and GOOD!! but much better cold.

  110. These are just finishing up in the oven. I substituted 1/4 cup of apple sauce instead of the raw honey and now I’m wishing I hadn’t. The consistency so far is weird, but I think I can help the taste if I make a sweet glaze drizzle of sorts. I also made you pumpkin blueberry & chocolate chip loaf which was great, but I overcooked it. I haven’t gotten down paleo baking apparently. I’ll update on the brownie status!

  111. Hey Juli,

    I just moved to Colorado Springs (like 3 days ago) from Florida, and as I’ve never baked at an altitude higher than sea level, I was wondering if you had any advice for any adjustments I will need to make now that I’m out here. I made these brownies three times back home to great fanfare, and I just wanted to make sure they turn out just as good in CO as FL.


  112. So excited to give these a whirl that I was writing the list down while flossing at the same time. Skills, I gots ’em!

  113. Made these this weekend, OMFG – amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this creation. I will make these anytime I have a brownie craving from now on.

  114. Hi! This is such a fantastic recipe. Me and my mom bake a few batches of these together on the weekends so we can have enough for the week. SOOOOO addicting!!!!

  115. Hi –
    Just wanted to see if you could use canned sweet potato? I’m soooo lazy and wondering if I could streamline the sweet potato process???

  116. I was doing a little messing around (mostly I was running out of coconut flour and didn’t feel like going to buy some more) so I went 2:1 ratio with coconut flour to arrowroot; it actually turned out great! I’ve done an all-arrowroot flour run of this recipe that came out very elastic-y — a little too elastic-y for my taste. But the 2:1 ratio of coconut flour and arrowroot produced nice, fudgy brownies with a slightly-less liquidy and dense texture than I typically get out of this recipe. I *did* have to increase the bake time up from 35 min to 45ish min though. I also added more cocoa powder cause I love the super-chocolate taste.

    Still, overall, I LOVE THIS RECIPE. I have made it so many times, it’s definitely my go-to comfort food!

  117. Love, love, love this site. Found it a week ago and I think I’ve read every single post and recipe! Thanks for your candid banter and real talk! Very cool!

  118. Hola. I keep stumbling upon your blog whilst Googling “best paleo brownie ever”. . . . Okay, I am not really Googling, ’cause that sounds really innocent and geeky. I am more “crouched in the cyber bushes stalking the best paleo brownie ever,” like the reformed processed food junkie that I am. Anyway…

    Today I am going to make these and bring them to my boy toy, who works at a sushi bar with a bunch of other boys. My agenda is twofold:

    1) appear to be a great, thoughtful girlfriend
    2) taste one and then get them out of the house before I find myself hold up in my room, squatted over the pan by myself, eating manically and growling. Yes, that could happen.

    So I just wanted to say “thanks.” I think I’ll definitely be back to read more. You’re a funny one. 🙂

  119. you have to be KIDDING me. this sounds amaaaaaaaaaaazing! like going to the store to make these right now amazing

  120. Just made these. AMAZING! My daughter and picky husband devoured them with me. It is not often I can put a recipe in my keeper box. Thanks! 🙂

  121. OMG!!!! I havent eaten brownies in four years! They are my all time favorite my good friend introduced me to Paleo and i was going through the recipes and saw this one! I cannot thank you enough! They are amazing!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  122. I put all the ingredients into SparkPeople’s recipe calculator and it provided the following analysis for the entire recipe:

    Calories 1,782.1
    Total Fat 109.4 g
    Cholesterol 555.0 mg
    Sodium 530.5 mg
    Potassium 920.8 mg
    Total Carbs 208.0 g
    Fiber 24.7 g
    Sugars 164.6 g
    Protein 34.0 g

    Divide by however many brownies you want to get a breakdown per serving.

    I can’t wait to try this. =)

  123. OMG! I just served these to company and we played “guess what’s in the brownie?” Haha. They never guessed it but everyone LOVED them! I’m obsessed now with coming up with new variations of this – banana with almond butter, avocado, pumpkin, raisins… You are a freaking genius how on earth do you come up with these things?!

  124. You should know that I was verbally abused at the gym over your sweet potato brownies….Husband’s training partner accused me of throwing hubs under the dietary bus after hubs had spent the first 3 minutes of his gym time moaning that he ate most of the brownies I made….obviously never heard the slogan “Shut up and squat”….oh and both kids had time outs after fighting over the last brownie and my 5 year old called his sister a “stupid poo fart head”. In summary, AWESOME recipe. 😉

  125. Let me just mention that I love if you go to print out only the page with the actual recipe on it (and not the 40 pages of comments that also come up) the only picture on that page is you doing a handstand 😀 So now you are doing a handstand in my recipe book!

  126. I was reading some of the comments of people saying that these are not Whole 30, but they are still paleo. I’m new to this, can someone tell me what ingredients make the brownies not Whole 30? I’m not asking to complain, if they aren’t Whole 30, I will just make them in September, I’m just asking to learn. Thanks!

  127. I just made these tonight after listening to my husband whine because I “took all his snacks” away. After he and the kids got their hands on them, there was exactly ONE left for me. Next time, DOUBLE RECIPE! Oh, btw, I use a lot of your recipes and my FB friends are always asking me for them. I just started a blog and I want you to know I am linking all the recipes to your blog. Hope that’s okay!!

  128. WOW!! These brownies are AWESOME!! I am new to Paleo and my family is adjusting well but my 16 yr. old daughter is seriously craving sweets and my husband is getting bored with his food. So I’m extremely happy that I was given the link to your blog. This is the best blog ever!! I’ve made a few of your recipes and they are all a hit. Thank you so much for such wonderful recipes and a very entertaining blog! You ROCK!! BTW, I fed these brownies to my daughter’s friends and they gobbled them up!!

  129. These are the only brownies I will make ever again! I love them! My boyfriend’s sons are very picky eaters and I got them to try them….1 out of 2 ain’t bad! lol But the big question is….what’s the orange stuff? Reply…does it taste good? Answer….yeah. Reply…then it doesn’t matter, does it!?! End of conversation!!!

  130. Juli,
    Thank you for your Awesome recipes and great humor! I have made these Amazing brownies about 5 or 6 times and tonight I added an “icing” of sorts. I warmed some Almond butter (to make it easier to spread) and spread it on top of the brownie. Peanut butter could also be used but, to remain “Paleo” the almond butter is perfect! Holy crap!! You MUST try it this way! It is CRAZY GOOD!!!

    1. You make that judgement Laura. I would much rather eat these than real brownies. And I don’t feel sick eating them. So I say yes. In moderation.

  131. Wow! I never thought I’d bake after going Paleo. Thanks for sharing your baking genius!! I subbed 3/4 cup pumpkin and these were awesome enough to taste “real” to my 5-year old!

  132. I made paleo penang for dinner, and out of pure insanity, decided to try this recipe out at 9:30PM. After baking the sweet potato for 45 minutes (I guess my potater was a big ‘un) I am now in the home stretch: 15 minutes until I can take this delicious-looking thing out of the oven. I just might follow in your foot steps and eat the whole damn thing. I’m gong to take a leap of faith and give you 5 stars.

  133. I was DYING for something sweet today and found this recipe. For once I had all the ingredients (except coconut flour, but almond flour worked great!) and that never happens. So I threw this together and now I can’t stop picking at them. Slowly eating a brownie or two or maybe 3 through the day is better than in one sitting, right? LOL
    LOVE this recipe!! And so did my kids, which is even more amazing!

  134. OMG indeed. These are RIDICULOUS!!! I accidentally used 2 small sweet potatoes instead of 1, so maybe had a little extra. Added extra cocoa, cut the honey to 1/4 c. and used chopped dark choc instead of choc chips. AMAZING.

  135. These are EPIC! I don’t even feel bad for scoffing nearly the whole lot! Sweet Potatoes, Dark Chocolate, Coconut, Cinammon, Eggs…i’d eat all of these things at various points during the week anyway so the fact they are combined together in this recipe is incredible. I’m taking these to a job interview I have at a gym next week as a little bribery 😉

  136. These are amazing! My husband’s favorite dessert is brownies and I have searching high and low for a paleo recipe close to the real thing without all the junk. I’ve FINALLY found it! Thank you, Thank you, thank you! Not only for this but for allowing me to get back to baking again! I’ve missed it so much since starting paleo 2 years ago and I now see that I can do both!

  137. i have made these 2 times they were really good but kinda soggy does that mean i used too much sweet potato cause in your picture it looks cake like and mine was more mushy lol thanks

  138. Your blog is AMAZEBALLS!

    Amazing just didn’t do it justice!

    Thank you for all the fabulous recipes – cant wait for your cookbook – hope you will ship to Australia!

  139. These rock! Even my paleo averse kids loved them which is HUGE! I’m really trying hard to get them off wheat/gluten because they are little monsters when they eat it. They actually asked for these brownies for breakfast this morning. I really like how your recipes are simple and I usually have all the stuff I need in my pantry. So happy!

  140. Hi, I’m not sure how sweet potato comes over there but in Australia it comes in all shapes and sizes.. Could you indicate a rough amount? Cooked or uncooked? Cheers. S

    1. cooked it should turn out to 1-1.5 cups all mashed up. but honestly don’t really worry about it. ive made these plenty of times with all different kinds of sweet potato sizes

  141. I made this last night. My husband and I thought they were amazing. He had no idea what was in them. The best brownies I ever made. Today I am trying a batch with pumpkin I baked.

  142. Hey! I just found this website and it’s awesome! Where have you been all my life? So far I have enjoyed all of your rattlings and the recipes too! Ill try this recipe soon but I just wanted to show you my appreciation and let you know to stay off the meds so I can continue to enjoy your crazy rants.

  143. Wow these were great! I have been for a long while wanting to make brownies from sweet potatoes and now that I have gone paleo it is finally time! I made some modifications to make it more paleo and it turned out great 🙂 yum It was hard not to just eat the batter…. I have a vitamix so I just place the whole sweet potato with the skin and all, I used a 1/4 cup whole seedless dates instead of honey, grain-free baking pwd (1 part aluminum free baking soda, 1 part arrowroot starch, 2 parts cream of tartar), and no chocolate chips :S even though that would probably be delish as well but the were brownies still
    A-mazing!!!! yum…so good…thank you!

  144. Just baked a batch! First time using coconut flour so I wasn’t really sure of its texture but not too bad compared to regular flour! 🙂 Mine came out a bit too “moist” inside so I let it sit in the oven for a longer time. I baked mine in a muffin cooking tray. Yum!

  145. I modified the coconut flour (didn’t have it). Used 2 TBS shredded coconut after I threw it in the coffee grinder. Then added 1 TBS oat flour so it wouldn’t be too moist. Couldn’t finish baking on the first day after I had already cooked the sw potato, so threw the chunks back in the oven @350 for 20ish minutes a few days later for a version of twice baked sweet potato. Used 4 TBS raw cacao and regular chocolate chips. I don’t know what paleo is, or what you guys don’t normally eat, but I never bake or have brownies, so I’m not comparing based on recent memory of wheat laden junk food, but THIS WAS REALLY GOOD. Thanks for the recipe!!!!

  146. Ohhhhhh my lanta. I made these for Bible study. Women that pretend not to eat a lot. Except for me and one other crossfitter of course. Ha! Anywho. Whole pan. Gone. Super uber yum. The end.

  147. Made these tonight and they are epic! I was out of honey so I used maple syrup(which I’ve seen in other paleo recipes) plus I added chopped pecans and shredded coconut.

    My hubby(who has a serious sweet tooth) told me that you could make these for anyone and they wouldn’t know that they weren’t eating a traditionally made wheat filled brownie.

  148. I was having a serious chocolate craving when I came across this recipe- I didn’t have dark chocolate chips- only semi-sweet so that is what I used. My only suggestion would be to mix with an electric mixer- I didn’t and there are orange chunks in it. Tastes fine, but it would look more appealing if it was mixed better. Oh well, keeps everyone else from eating them 😉 ! I will definatly be making these monthly for my chocolate cravings!

  149. Hi! AWESOME RECIPE – my kids and hubby love them and never realize they’re not getting junk… 🙂 My elderly mother broke her shoulder and hip recently. She hasn’t been so interested in the hospital food. I made these, only I used 2TBSP cinnamon instead of cocoa and 1/2 cup cinnamon chips (she loves cinnamon more than chocolate). Her Physical Therapists were in and we shared with them. Everyone loved… I shared your web address with them… then it occurred to me that I didn’t tell them this STARTED OUT AS A CHOCOLATE RECIPE! LOL So, if you get emails wanting to know about the cinnamon brownie recipe… this is why…

  150. Theses are truly amazing! I was skeptical at first, thinking I would be disappointed but they are very tasty. We made them with both sweet potatoes and then again last night with butternut squash and they were equally amazing! I would even serve these to non-paleo eating guests.

    Thank you Julie for This and all your other tasty recipes on this blog!
    Can’t wait for the cookbook!

  151. Ohhh, those were good! I used twice the amount of coconut flour and cocoa, and Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate chips, just because they were on sale and don’t have as much sugar. My only surprise was at how light-colored these came out, especially given that I had doubled the cocoa. I used Fry’s cocoa powder…how can I make them darker and more chocolatey-looking?

  152. I just made these and popped them in the oven! and realized i 4got the baking soda lol ummmm oooopps?? thats prob gona make them not turn out huh?? lol

  153. Wow.. that is all I can say. I thought life was over when I decided to do paleo. This recipe is a GAME CHANGER. I was out of cocunut flour so I used 3 tbl spoons of coconut unsweetend flakes and 1 tbl spood of almond flour instead and it turned out Perfect. Juli! keep up the good work on your site/blog it is so fun to read and try your receipes you are doing a great thing. Wish I lived in Denver to just shake your hand and say you ROCK!

  154. Wow is right! I just made these for the first time and they are amazing! When I stopped eating grains I thought my days of eating baked goods was over, but clearly that just isn’t true. Thank you for your easy and tasty recipes, they are making this lifestyle change so much easier.

  155. Hey Juli! I made these last night for today’s work dessert table. I had to have an option to pick from without diving into the refined sugar, and much more unhealthy treats everyone else brought.I am not even tempted to taste anything else. I doubled the recipe and good thing that table is right where everyone can see me, because if not I would probably end up eating all of them.

    You probably know this already, but just wanted to let you know you rock! You have made my paleo life that much better. It’s been a year since I went paleo and I wouldn’t turn back. Keep doing what you’re doing! Next on the menu: Pumpking cashew chicken recipe.


  156. Now, check out Dr. Oz pumpkin brownies,
    I make them and even leave out the peanut butter that’s called for and they are amazing too!

  157. Sooooo….mine are in the mushy/won’t set camp, which apparenly means I need more coconut flour, but how do you know how much? What kind of consistency am I looking for?

  158. These are ridiculously good. I made them for thanksgiving. Is it bad that I was trying to come up with a gross paleo name for them so no one would try them and they would all be mine? well I didn’t think of a gross name, and I did share. but I also did finish the whole pan that night 🙂
    good job. you are awesome.

  159. Wondering if I don’t like sweet potatoes can will I like it in this recipe? Also I’m allergic to coconut?? Any suggestions to keep it paleo???!

  160. My daughter is a very picky eater. She’s five and is opinionated about everything. She ate four brownies, so yeah that says it right there. Thanks for the recipe.

  161. Hey Juli,

    Greetings from Australia.

    Holy freaking duck crap! These are awesome! I’m an minimalist/barefoot ultra runner who eats predominately paleo – bit like yourself in terms of your paleo food balance by the sounds – but I’m always looking for natural stuff I can use during long runs instead of the chemical s*** storm most energy and protein bars/beverages are. These guys fit the bill amazingly. I’m so glad I stumbled on your site. Looking forward to trying a few more of your treat and some of your breakfast (my favourite meal) recipes too.

    Cheers & Peace,


  162. LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! My doc recommended your site a few weeks ago and when my sister the baker was searching for a sweet great for me for Christmas dinner – I suggested these. So good! Even my football all American nephew couldn’t help himself to a big hunk. Thanks for sharing your recipes and thoughts. I enjoy your site! Ps: CONGRATULATIONS on your cookbook awesome news.

  163. These are/were delicious. I made them for my husband and I to take to a New Year’s Eve party so that we would have something sweet to eat. Everyone really enjoyed them. I put the few leftovers in the fridge and they are even better cold the next day. Thanks for a quick and great recipe.

  164. Just curious how these compare your other “Fudgy Brownies” recipe. Anyone have a preference that has tried both? I’m preparing for a camping trip and trying to find paleo type treats to bring along so I don’t cave in when my friends are scarfing down potato chips and cookies while we’re all drinking!

    On a side note: Juli, your an absolute riot! Love the recipes, and the hilarious stories and commentary that come along with them.

  165. Just made these and they came out AWESOME! Added walnuts because I love them. What is the best way to store them? I just threw the glass baking dish with lid in the fridge. I’m hoping I don’t mess them up.

  166. This recipe was one of many we tried for a birthday cake substitute for my baby’s second birthday party tomorrow. These won by a landslide. Even my older son who “hates sweet potatoes” and “hates paleo food” gobbled them up. We’re baking them in a bundt pan to make a caterpillar cake. I CANNOT wait to serve it to everyone tomorrow! Thank you so much!

  167. Omg, these are in the oven right now, but the batter was so delicious I decided to post before I even finished cooking them. I omitted chocolate chips and added dried cherries. I have a feeling these will be the hit of the ravens/patriots party in a few hours. Thank you!

  168. I tried these but I made a load of changes here is what I did if any one wants to know
    1 cooked mashed up sweet potatoe
    1/4 t. Baking soda
    3 T. Canola oil (dos any one know if canola oil is bad for you??)
    2 T. Maple syrup
    2 T. Apple sauce
    6 T. Buckwheat flour
    3 T. Cacao powder
    Dash of cinnamon and vanilla and salt
    1/2 c. Chopped pecans
    2 T. Chocolate chips (more if there is any in your pantry, we ran out!!)

    I tried to make them even more healthy. They were good, but not chocolate enough and a bit dry. Oh well, they aren’t good enough to be brownies but they certainly are a delicious breakfast 🙂

  169. I just finished doing a 31 day Paleo challenge, and these brownies were the first thing I made. They are AMAZING! I love your website 🙂

  170. I declined an extra hour of work yesterday to make these. And as a part-time retail employee, I need all the work I can get. But it was so worth it – these are delicious. I did add an extra tablespoon of cocoa powder, but otherwise kept it all the same. I’m bringing them to work today to freak people out. Thank you!

  171. I just made these yesterday and they are fantastic! My husband eats paleo and he was freaking out about these. I can’t believe how much they tasted like regular brownies. I wrote about them on my blog and have a lot of friends who want to try out the recipe now too. Thank you!

  172. Should I have greased the pan with something? They turned out great however stuck to the bottom of the pan. (Glass dish) I put them in frig to see if they will come out better cold.

  173. Ok, these were so good…they are so gone! I added a tbs more honey on a friends recommendation that they were kinda bitter. Idk, mine were great! I am doubling the recipe today. My kids loved them, and my husband who hates sweet taters loved them! Haha! Thank you for all your great recipes!

  174. YUM!!!!!! So good. I ate one right out of the pan, probably going to be better once they are cooled but SO AWESOME! Sometimes I’m not sure what’s going to happen with these kinds of paleo baking recipes. But yours always turn out! Thank you!!!

  175. Hi! Wow. These rocked my world. Me and my fiance have been paleo for over a month now and just finished our whole30! These were an incredible decadent treat and ive been raving to everyone I know about these brownies!! Julie you are the best i wish you were in Toronto!!

  176. Juli these friggin rock!!!!! Just finished our whole30 challange and i honestly couldnt have been more happier with this treat!! WOW!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! BEST BROWNIE RECIPE EVER!

  177. These are THE BEST brownies I have ever eaten – and I ate a lot of brownies in my non-Paleo days!! My sweet potato wasn’t cooked enough, so stayed kind of chunky, and these are still AWESOME! Thank you for your blog, oh mighty food Goddess!

  178. Please don’t judge me I’m new at this!! Shelled pistachios? Or unshelled? I know it says shelled but maybe I’m a little slow and am misinterpreting unsalted and shelled lol. Btw, thanks for making my new paleo lifestyle amazingggg!

  179. So I tried to make these things three times and all three times they were just mushy. Like really mushy. It was like I put normal brownies in the oven for 5 minutes. I followed the recipe to a T so I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Please help!

  180. i have to comment that i have made this twice now, going on three today… and i used your 21 dsd chocolate whip frosting on my brownies every time, and it is so amazing, especially after chilling in the fridge for a bit.

  181. My kids and I just whipped these up… They said, what??? You’re putting sweet potato in the brownies? And now they want to eat the entire pan. They are fantastic! Thanks so much for the recipe. I also love your writing style – first time on your blog!

  182. these were to die for !!I cannot believe how little of flour this recipe uses and how delicious they are. thank you so much

  183. I just made these last night and they are SOOO good! I love your site! My hubby and I are 6 months into CrossFit and Paleo so new recipes are wonderful! By the way too… we are Coloradans too!

  184. I made these last night for Valentines dessert and they were awesome. Served them with coconut ice cream and strawberries and my bf and I were in heaven.

    Thank you so much!

  185. I found a similar recipe in the Paleo Magazine, the only problem is the sweet potato. They come in so many different sizes
    that a specific amount would really be helpful. I also used oat flour the first time and they were ok. I found coconut flower at one of grocery stores, so I’m excited to try again. My husband is a Cross-Fit instructor and loved these.

  186. I felt compelled to comment, to demonstrate my total GRATITUDE for you and this recipe. Your blog rocks, and am looking forwards to creating many more wonderful dishes/blog stalking you, but for now I’m in brownie heaven. Seriously, this is awesome.

    I added some more cocoa powder to increase the chocolateyness (never a bad thing) and then had to juicy it up a bit with some coconut cream.

    Working from home = bad, as the remains are just staring me in the face. They’re not going to last.

  187. Paleo omg i just want to say your my idol, no way do u have a big butt, its an awesome muscle, lover your blogs and you have helped me and my fellow crossfitters in so many ways, we all follow the blog and are slowly tranferring ourselves and our families to the crossfit and plaeo lifestyle.. for a small town of 13 pubs and one gym ( which is now a crossfit box) we have been changing the culture of our town from drinking to training..thanks for the help!

  188. I made these but only the edges tasted like brownies, I cooked then an extra 10 minutes and it was more like pie. I think we need a measurement of sweetpotato, like 1/2 cup cooked sweetpotato. The edges were bomb! But it was more like brownie pie.

  189. I’ve been meaning to make these brownies for months now, and ran across them again in the Best of 2012 Paleo Magazine issue (congratulations!). I made these today and the consistency is more of a sweet potato souffle rather than a brownie. Very wet. It doesn’t say how much sweet potato I need to use and since potatoes come in a wide variety of sizes I think I used a big one. can you estimate how much potato you use? 1 cup? 2 cups? Thank you! The taste is great but my kids won’t eat them because of the non-brownie texture. I would give 5 star if I can figure out the ratio. I added about 1T more coconut flour and cocoa, too.

    1. everytime i’ve used a different size, but the puree comes out to around 1 cup to 1.5 cups and still works for me 🙂 you should try my magic brownie recipe for your kids, that one really has a brownie texture

  190. I just wanted to thank you for this recipe. I have made it 3 times now already and I actually crave it. I’m making them again tonight.
    This time I’m printing it out the recipe and keeping it forever!

  191. So, I absolutely loved this recipe. It turned out great even though I substituted the coconut oil for coconut milk (had a huge carton I was trying to get rid of). I also absolutely loved your chocolate cake/brownie recipe. Because they’re two incredible recipes, I thought…’hey, why not combine them?’ I did. And the batch turned out wonderful!! Double the paleo goodness.

    So grateful for all your recipes and ideas. Your recipes are always my favorite!!

  192. I’ve made these brownies on several occasions and I just love them. It seems I never have the chocolate chips when I make them but have found an extra tablespoon of cocoa makes up for it. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!

  193. I just did a 12 day potato fast so I was excited to try this potato brownie recipe. I made a couple of adjustments, I melted the chocolate into the batter instead. i made a couple other minor adjustments for taste, but overall they were very fudgy and delcious. i took them out at the 35minute mark. it was the first time i ever really smelled real brownies since going paleo. they tasted just like regular brownies, minus the couple orange strings of sweet potato poking out between the bites, but it doesnt taste like sweet potato. that can be resolved by blending the potato rather than just mashing with a fork. but my boyfriend was sick with flu and sleeping and i didnt want to wake him. fyi, i measured my sweet potato after cooking and peeling and it was 200g exactly, which came out to be a little less than a cup but more than 3/4 cup. it was the biggest potato i had and i thought it was going to be too much, but after i weighed and measured it was just barely enough!

  194. i also forgot to mention i baked this in a pie pan and i did grease the sides and bottom with a little butter. dont know where my brownie pan went. i think this would make a great cake. it is rich, especially in center, so one layer would probably do instead of two. with some light whipped chocolate frosting. but you could definitely do a two layer cake if you wanted…

  195. These were so delicious! I was very skeptical, as I do not like sweet potatoes, but these turned out moist with just the right amount of sweetness. Even my non-Paleo eating husband loved them! Thanks for the great recipe.

  196. Hi, I am wondering if the coconut flour could be substituted for another flour? I love sweet potato and chocolate, but I think the cococnut flour was a little overpowering for me. Altho I did add an extra 1 Tlb as my sweet potato was way to huge. Wasn’t thinking when I mashed the whole thing which made my brownie very soft and moist. Great recipe though. Cant wait to check out all the other recipes. 🙂

    1. I just made these the other day using rice flour instead of coconut flour. (equal substitution). I also switch out honey for maple syrup because I just don’t like honey much. They are very light and desert-like. I like the coconut flour for when I want a more filling brownie. 🙂

  197. Wow!! I was worried that by using so little cocoa powder, these wouldn’t be chocolaty enough, but they are amazing!!! Holy cow! This is a winner 🙂

    1. 2nd batch is in the oven to take to our CrossFit box tonight to share after our buddies do their Open WODs 🙂

  198. Wow!!!! I made these and they are amazing!!!! I can’t believe how great they taste. Thank you for sharing the recipe!!!

  199. Made these with an extra tablespoon of cocoa powder for a surprise birthday party for my younger brother (who also eats paleo). They were incredible and I didn’t want to share, but as soon as I put them out at the party they disappeared. Better than “normal” brownies.

  200. Hey Juli!
    So, I’m pretty new to paleo… a friend of mine turned me on to your site. I have to say, I’ve tried a couple recipes and they were all delish! I am currently waiting for my sweet potato brownies to cool. I’m meeting up with girlfriends tonight and I’m going to keep tight lipped about the sweet potatoes until someone guesses lol.
    I added a 1/4tsp of nutmeg to the brownies and used carob nibs because I haven’t found anything close to the Enjoy Life chips here in Ontario, Canada. I also made some avocado pudding, which has been in the fridge for a couple hours now, that has thickened up nicely that I will be using as icing! I used someone else’s recipe for the pudding, but it’s basically avocado, raw honey, vanilla, coco powder and coconut milk. Mmm!
    I only wish the brownies were more “solid”? but maybe that will come once they’re totally cool.

      1. OH! great idea!
        I have to tell you, I put the leftovers (and by left overs I mean one tiny row left in the pan) in the fridge over night and found them to be even more delicious today.
        The avocado pudding/icing was a great addition and I even had friends asking me for the recipe this morning, so I told them all about your site. 😀

  201. I made these over the weekend and they were soooo good. I added and extra Tbs of cocoa. I also couldn’t find my brownie pan so last minute I put them into a cupcake tin with parchment liners and made little brownie bites – same cook time. They came out great! The sweet potato makes them really dense and filling and fudgey.

  202. These are amazing!! I used dark chocolate cocoa. They remind me of chocolate gravy and biscuit.

  203. I have cooked and loved this recipe many many times!!!

    But im wondering, Do you have to bake these in a glass dish? Was thinking about doing them “mini-style” in muffin tins? Thoughts?? Or has anyone tried this?

  204. First, these are delicious! Thank you for the best Paleo brownie recipe EVER! Even my mom liked them, and she typically is way not on board with how I eat!

    Second, I’m wondering if making these brownies with yams vs true sweet potatoes would yield a very different result? I am having trouble finding true sweet potatoes this time of year.

  205. I just made these! A couple of things I did differently aaare … I pureed the wet mixture in the food processor to make sure the sweet potato was very smooth and no lumps were in the batter. I added an extra TBSP of cocoa powder because I love chocolate. I replaced the cinnamon with instant espresso (got that from Ina Garten on the Food Network). I only baked mine for 25 minutes, and could have possibly only done 22 minutes or so. Do you have any chocolate recipes that use almond butter? Thanks for your great recipes, Juli!!!

  206. Hey girl … these are our favorite … if I am out of raw honey … what could i use instead? I have honey, agave, maple syrup, dates … any advice … trying to avoid a trip to the store for another couple of days!

    Thanks …erin

  207. I just wanted to say HOOOLY MOLY thank you for this recipe!! I’m not much of a chocolate lover but I promised a group of figure skaters who I train I’d make them brownies, and let me just say, I am soooo happy there were 2 left over for me to scarf down. Best brownies of my life. And the girls couldn’t believe they had sweet potatoes in them and were actually made with healthy ingredients.

    thank you thank you, you are magical. This is only the second baked goods recipe of yours I’ve made and both have been rockstars. I’ll work my way through the rest of your site now!

  208. Also, I just wanted to add that I used agave since I had no honey. And it worked beautifully. They almost tasted like they had molasses in them or something…weird but wonderful

  209. About how much sweet potato does it end up being? I want to make these today as I baked 3 sweet pot and mashed them all together a couple days ago for my baby?

  210. Just made these today! I have never been able to get brownies right. These are so easy and yummy! They are really delicious! even for someone who dabbles with paleo! Definitely going into my favourite list.

  211. These are delicious, but I would add that the dish needs to be greased with butter, as they are difficult to remove from the pan. I shared on my facebook biz page, Mary Vance, Certified Nutrition Consultant.

  212. These have become a staple in my house. I even freeze portions of mashed sweet potato in little pyrex bowls so I can always make them when I feel like it. Kid love em too. Thanks you for another awesome recipe.

  213. Can’t remember if I’ve posted already but oh well, too many comments to go through and all good I’m sure. I’m making these for the 10th time probably. Mostly because my fiancé just comes home with sweet potatoes and I know it’s for one reason only. I like to try recipes at least the first time as is, then make some modifications but this recipe is perfect in every way. I never change a thing! Thanks so much!

  214. These look great, and I can’t wait to try them! Would it be OK to use plain canned pumpkin in place of the sweet potato? Just asking so I can get these in the oven even sooner : )