Sweet Potato Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wanna know something really cool? Ok good. I made these cookies the other day and put them in the fridge when I left for the gym. Well, once the bf got back home, he had one of the cookies and told me they were really good. I then told him that they were made from sweet potato and he was super surprised! He didn’t even know they had sweet potato in them. Boom. If you can trick people into eating paleo, they’ll fall in love with paleo without even knowing it.

You know what I found out yesterday? These cookies are even better after sitting in the fridge in a container overnight. Same with my Sweet Potato Brownie recipe, which these cookies were inspired from. I stick those brownies in the fridge or the freezer and they get better and better.

Jackson lifted his leg yesterday to pee!! It was a total fluke but I was so proud. It hasn’t happened since.

The week has seriously flown by. Being in Austin for 5 days has sprung me on a sugar and alcohol binge. Ok, not really a binge but I usually want at least one piece of chocolate at night and I’ve been craving some gin. Which is not an often occurrence. Like, ever. But happy hour will be welcomed today. I need some Colorado friend happy hour time after getting to see all my friends in Austin.

I really have nothing else to say. I wish I did. But I’m off to have a “girls day” with Jackson. No, he’s not a girl but he’s a total mama’s boy. So we are going to tan on the balcony, take some walks, have some lunch together and when he’s nice and tired, I’m leaving him to get some gin. Then him and I are going to make some epic birthday cupcakes this weekend. He’s so excited. He’s like, “Mom. You’re such a ‘cool’ mom.” I’m like, “Duh, Jackson. Duh.” Kbyehaveagreatweekend!


Sweet Potato Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Yield: 12-13 1x




  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Poke holes in a sweet potato with a knife then place in oven and bake for 35-40 minutes or until sweet potato is completely soft. Then let cool. Reduce oven heat to 350 degrees.
  2. Peel sweet potato away from skin and place in a medium bowl. Mash with a fork until soft.
  3. Add almond butter, egg, honey and vanilla and mix well. Then add protein powder, cinnamon and salt and mix well.
  4. Fold in chocolate chips.
  5. Use a cookie scoop or tablespoon to scoop out batter and place on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. The batter should make 12-13 cookies.
  6. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until cooked through. Do not overcook.


*If you use already pureed sweet potato or yam, the amount will be around 1 cup

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PaleOMG Sweet Potato Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies

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96 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. Could you omit the protein powder without messing up the cookies?? Just wondering Bc I don’t have any in the house…. Thx!

    1. My first time trying a recipe from your site, and man – amazing! Simple to do and such a crowd pleaser – I served at a dinner party and these were gobbled up (including by me). There were not any left so I’ll have to try the freezing next time…and there will be many next times as my husband loved them and requested ‘many more batches…double batches…?’.
      Thanks & cheers!

  2. I don’t like paleo sweets but I’m going to try your recipe but with macadamia nut butter because I’m allergic to almonds and a different protein powder (I don’t have Formulx). I’ll let you know how the cookies turned out.

    No pics of Jackson??

  3. Your recipes are life-changing. Thank you for being such an inspiration! Your blog truly does us all a big service (and not to mention, you are hilarious.)

    I am wondering if it would be OK to omit the scoop of protein powder, or would it need a substitute of some sort to retain proper texture?


  4. Agreed that it seems like a lot of paleo baked goods do really well in the freezer. Thanks for another great recipe I seriously don’t know how you do it 🙂

    Will try these next week with the coconut flour since I’m not a protein powder girl

  5. You are awesome. Going to make these for Easter treats! People need to stop hating your deliciousness…and I am looking forward to chocolate birthday surprise!!!

  6. So I made these and subbed vanilla powder for chocolate. I’m assuming that’s why my cookies came out burnt and stuck to my foil.
    But I want them so bad I’m remaking them. This time subbing for the coconut flour as suggested, as I have no vanilla powder in the house.
    IM SO EXCITED THOUGH these smelt great. Until I burnt them 🙁

    1. jill, i think they burnt because i messed up on the instructions. the temperature should be turned down to 350 degrees!! so sorry about your first batch!

  7. My boy Kona, an 80lb german shepherd, still only lifts his leg half the time. I think it’s just laziness. Your boy Jackson will get it soon enough!….oh yeh and I LOVE your blog and all your food, if you lived in NC, we’d totally be bff’s

    1. If you’re just switching to eating Paleo, here’s the nicest part of the deal. You don’t count calories, just follow the foods recommendations – lots of veggies, and some meats, and good fats, with a few nuts and fruits. And of course treats like cookies. 🙂 There are some good information sites out there that can help with that too!

  8. Just to make sure, the cookies bake at 400 degrees correct? Because I see 400 for the potato and no change of temperature

    1. omg Carly, thank you so much for mentioning that!! that was totally totally my fault. i changed the instructions, the temp should be turned down to 350 degrees. again, so sorry and thank you!

  9. I am not allowed to make your sweet potato brownies anymore. I made two batches and each time I ate the entire batch in one sitting and then I was sick. You would have thought I learned my lesson the first time – nope. Maybe when I learn some self control I can make these delicious looking nuggets:) Thank you for all of your hard work!!

  10. Hey Juli!! Big fan. Made these today exactly as written. Kept double and triple checking thinking surely I was missing a dry ingredient like almond flour or tapioca flour or baking powder. These didn’t come out anything like your picture. They just look like goopy blobs 🙁 no settling to take a flat cookie shape or anything. What the heck did I miss? The only thing I did differently was sub the almond butter (out) for coconut butter (Nikki’s) Is there supposed to be a baking powder/soda included that was left out of the ingredient list? Just wondering how the heck messed these up so bad (wish I could include a pic so you could see!) typically I’m a cookie extraordinaire (as I often make my own protein cookies).

    1. I had the same issue, but they tasted great. I had enough for a second batch and flattened those before I put it in the oven.

      1. Okay glad I wasn’t the only one! And yes, they were great!! Taste is super so no complaining, I just wanted picture perfect ones like Juli’s! I’ll flatten my next batch!

        1. Coconut butter and nut butters are not very good substitutes for one another in baking. The nut butters give baked goods more body – like grain-filled baked goods.

    2. @ dani I had the same issue of the batter being to gooey and I triple checked as well and I used sunbutter I didn’t want to chance them not working out so I added a little baking soda a little tapioca starch and a tad coconut flour and gave it a shot and they came out good and even got some volume so I’m happy I did that or it wouldn’t have worked

  11. Our 85lb, 7 yo English Lab still doesn’t lift his leg. I like to think he’s comfortable with his manhood that he doesn’t have anything to prove.

  12. Hi! This recipe looks absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to make it. I’m subbing pumpkin out for the sweet potato because I’ve got a canned that needs to be used up, do you think it would be alright to sub coconut manna/butter for the almond? Thanks!

      1. Hi Juli. Is there any nut-free substitution for the Almond Butter?
        If not I will make these for me and something else for a party lol

  13. Ty !!! My 15 year old paleo-reluctant son absolutely adored these cookies even tough they were more chocolate cookies instead of chocolate chip cookies because the sweet patato was still hot when I mixed the whole thing together and chocolat chips melted in the mix!!!

  14. These are fabulous! Probably the best paleo baked good I’ve made. I followed the directions as written but used a different brand of protein powder. They came out moist and chewy, yum!

  15. Cookies made with sweet potatoes? Interesting, never heard or seen it before until now!

    Not much a fan of cookies, but I sure do love sweet potatoes. Will have to make an exception to my lack of cookie love to try them sometime.

  16. I made these yesterday with a different protein (cake batter flavor) they were amazing! I did put 2 scoops of protein to soak up some of the wetness. They are still very moist and so great today! My boyfriend who is not a fan of sweet potatoes said he likes these cookies better than Nestle chocolate chip. Thank you for this recipe.

  17. Mine also came out a little on the runny side, but I was using canned sweet potato, which would be moister than mashed (and also made them orange, but whatevs). I just added some almond flour to my mix and that helped firm it up. The texture is still a little too moist, not very cookie-like, BUT I also may have under-cooked after all the comments about burning.

    Anyway, who cares, they taste great!

  18. Love this recipe!! I have made twice and both times the cookies remain super soft, just like raw cookie dough. The taste is excellent but my family would like a firmer cookie and want them to look like your picture.
    Any suggestions?

    1. these are definitely more on the softer side of cookies. try out my double chocolate soft and chewy cookies if you family wants a more firm cookie!

  19. Have you ever tried making any of your cookies recipes into a bar? Just because it’s usually quicker to bake it all at once:)

  20. Hey Juli,
    Is it possible to sub the nutbutter for sunflower butter? My bf is allergic to quite a few nuts so I dont like taking the chance…

  21. Hello!
    You are awesome and I love your avatar picture. Would you ever consider making an ” egg free” section as 99% of your recipes contain eggs ?? I know that’s not the paleo way.

    Amber 🙂

  22. Hi juli, I just tried to make these sweet potato cookies and I followed the recipe exactly. I don’t know what happened but they just won’t cook! I even tried cooking them on a higher heat and leaving them in the oven for an extra 20 min but they are legit still mush and dough! Hope you can give me an idea of what went wrong!

    Thank you, taylor

  23. Hello All,

    I am not doing Paleo, just trying to eat healthier. I made these cookies last night and though they did not come out looking even close to the cookies above, they were very good! Has anyone figured out how many calories are in these cookies. I know Paleo doesn’t care about calories, but I would really like to know! Especially because I want to share them with my friends who are also keeping track of their caloric intake. Thanks in advance!

  24. The batter was way too liquid-y. I added a spoonful of flour (I honestly used wheat flour but I’m sure the paleo friendly flours would have been better! Didn’t have any on hand and could not serve flat cookies to my guest!) and chilled the batter before baking. Why was the dough so sticky and liquid like? I followed it perfectly before fixing it. The only difference was the brand of protein powder?

  25. These are SO good. I use chocolate protein powder instead of vanilla since I have such a giant tub of it. And it is still amazing 🙂

  26. Not sure what I’ve done wrong, the flavor is great. The problem I’ve had is that the dough does not spread like yours, They remain in the same shape as when they came off the spoon and don’t cook through.

      1. Didn’t use the protein powder, have a problem with whey. I did use the 1 Tablespoon of coconut flour as you suggested in an earlier post.

    1. That happened to me too! They just sat there in the same domed shape as when I spooned the (fluffy, mousse-like) dough onto the pan. I did make one change – added a little bit of molasses, but since molasses is in regular chocolate chip cookies and is so similar to the honey this recipe uses, I can’t imagine that was the source of the texture change.

      To me, the bigger issue was that while they came out super tasty, mine weren’t the texture of cookies, they were more like little cake bites. Were yours cookie texture?

      Perhaps its something to do with the imprecise-ness of the recipe. Maybe my sweet potato was slightly larger, or a different variety lead to a different texture… Pretty tasty, but perhaps consistent enough to be a go-to recipe.

  27. I swapped the almond butter with tahini, and the chocolate with caramel bits, and the honey with agave nectar. left out the cinnamon. tastes just like tigers milk bars. excellent recipe!

  28. I made these tonight along with 6 other recipes (meal prepping for the week). I just started changing my way of eating two weeks ago. I prefer not to think of it as a diet! Anyway, back to my point….these are delicious! I was honestly surprised. I prepared myself not to like them! I’m not a big sweets person but when I want something sweet this will do the trick.

  29. ANY idea how long these would last at room temperature after refrigerated over night? I want to make them tomorrow night for an early morning flight the next day.

    1. They should make it. I’d maybe add a layer of parchment paper in between the cookies in whatever container you’re transporting them in so they don’t stick together.

  30. Kelsey and Jackie

    These cookies were AMAZING!!! My friend and I were very doubtful of how they were going to turn out considering the recipe included sweet potatoes, but they were terrific! We are currently paleo and this definitely satisfied our sweet tooth:) We used a different kind of protein powder (chocolate flavor) and used maple syrup instead of honey because we didn’t have any and they were on point! The mixture was quite thin when we finished stirring but we put them in muffin tins and made little tiny muffins and it worked great. After seeing that they turned out well, we put them on parchment sheets and the cookies appeared! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  31. Is there a way to make these using sweet potato flour instead of cooked sweet potato. What would be the ratio? Thank you.

  32. Made these today and HOLY CRAP. they are delicious! I used 2 sweet potatoes and 2 scoops of powder, and of course double the chocolate chips, so it made around 16 cookies. They turned out great!! Super fluffy and moist! will most definitely make them again! Now, if I can just control myself not to eat all of them tonight!

  33. Love Juli’s recipes. You are my go to recipe sight. I’m a Paleo wannabe. Never stick to anything fully. I lean toward Paleo above all else because I love vegetables and healthy eating. I made these today! They were a lovely treat. Mine were also like little cakes and not cookies. I used a different Vanilla Protein Powder, but followed the recipe precisely. I pressed the cookies down with a fork to help them look a little like cookies about half way through baking. They didn’t look like cookies, but they were lovely! Adore your recipes. My favorite the Extra Fudgey Secret Ingredient Brownies! The hubs requests them regularly so I keep them in the freezer!

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