Tex-Mex Hash Breakfast Casserole

I’m super into enchilada sauce this week. I don’t really know why. Everything that’s coming to my brain includes enchilada sauce. I usually make my own enchilada sauce but thought I’d try out El Pato enchilada sauce this time. Holy crap, did you notice how many time I just said enchilada sauce. Gag me. Anywho, I like my version better. Just has more flavor to it. Probably because I add half a gallon of spices to mine. So if you don’t want to be lazy like I was, use this recipe to make your own!!

Omg. I love silicone. Ok, I know what you’re thinking and you’re a perve. But for real. You know those silicone muffin liners I’ve talked about a milli times? Well I was cleaning mine the other day along with my never ending amount of dishes, I got distracted and noticed I needed to turn the garbage disposal on. Well, when the water still didn’t run down after a good 30 seconds, I noticed that there were probably 8 muffin liners missing. Ah balls. So I reached my hands down there and what did I find?! Perfect muffin liners, not a scratch on them from the blades. Silicone is so badass.

I got new New Balance Minimus shoes today!! Woot woot!! I officially have 3 pairs. One I’ve almost ran a hole through, but that’s besides the point. I have THREE pairs! I’m so cool. Sadly, I’m not actually. I had to buy a third pair because both of my other pairs smell like dog poo. No, I didn’t run in dog poo. I think I just have the sweatiest feet ever. And wear these shoes all day, every day. Which leads to shoe odor. Which leads to me not getting dates. Oh wait, me talking about it on my blog leads me to not have dates. Awesome.

Speaking of sweat, if you have a sweating issue, you HAVE to try Certain-Dri. I should seriously be their spokesperson because my armpits have been AWESOME ever since using it. And their commercials are terrible. As you’ve seen from my cooking videos, I’m an incredible actress. That’s a lie. But for reals, that stuff is legit. It burns a little. But it’s cool. Feel the burn, reap the benefits. It’s just science.


Tex-Mex Hash Breakfast Casserole

  • Yield: 4-6 1x


  • 1lb grass fed ground beef
  • 2 sweet potatoes, shredded
  • 1 small yellow onion, diced
  • 6 eggs, whisked
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 tablespoon bacon fat (or other fat)
  • 1 (14oz) can of El Pato Enchilada Sauce or homemade
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  2. Pull out alarge skillet or oven proof cooking dish. (aka cast iron skillet, etc)
  3. Place skillet over medium heat, add a tablespoon of fat then add your minced garlic and diced onion.
  4. When onion just begins to soften, add your ground beef and use a spoon or spatula to break it up and combine with onion.
  5. Now use your shredding attachment on your food processor to shred you sweet potatoes. If you don’t have a food processor, just use a grater then go to the store and buy a food processor for next time. Life will be better with one.
  6. When your meat is almost cook through, add all your spices to the meat and onions and mix to combine the flavors.
  7. Now pour your shredded sweet potatoes on top of the meat and pat down then add your enchilada sauce on top.
  8. Cover and let simmer for around 8-10 minutes.
  9. Once sweet potato begins to soften, remove from heat, add your whisked eggs and stir to combine it all together.
  10. Place in oven and bake for 25-30 minutes or until eggs are cooked through.
  11. Let cool, this b*tch is gonna be hot!! The enjoy! For breakfast, lunch or dinner!!

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PaleOMG Tex-Mex Hash Breakfast Casserole


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137 thoughts on “Tex-Mex Hash Breakfast Casserole”

  1. This is amazing, and perfectly timed — i am O-V-E-R plain eggs for breakfast every morning and have been dying for some variety. i’m doing my 2nd whole 30 so honey, etc is out — THANKS for this little drop of goodness!!

  2. Glad the pits have found relief. I got 2 pairs of Innov8 230s or something like that ’cause they were on sale at a site last week. I feel like I’m walking my dog in aqua socks. I’ll be sticking with my trusty, squishy New Balance for any running for the time being, I think.

    Enchillada sauce is definitely on my weekend cooking menu for some reason.

  3. This sounds so yummy. And funny enough I woke up this morning wanting enchilada sauce. I want to make chicken enchilada soup. So thank you for the inspiration.

  4. One of my biggest fears is reaching down into the drain! But that’s sick about the liners hah. And could you please either come cook for me daily or ship a huge batch of this to me seriously?! love everything you make!

  5. (paleo) OMG!!!! You’re killing me!!! I’m going to be eating breakfast all weekend I think between this and the Banana Bread French Toast!!! These both look amazing (prob doesnt help that I’m fasting at the moment!)!!! Time to check the ingredients and go get what i need….

  6. i’m totally going to make this on friday night (if i’m still awake after potential sushi overload) as my gift to myself for doing 60+ snatches on saturday morning 😉 hoping to get a PR on that third weight… i’ve done 90 but not 100 🙁

  7. I have everything and need to cook more food, like now. This is it…can’t wait! SP, pork breakfast sausage, and fried egg hash is one of my favs, so this has to be delish!

  8. Oh yumm!! Do you really cook this much and if so, can I entice you to move to Seattle and be my roommate? Free room = free meals for me…deal? But I actually only have a one bedroom so you can sleep on the couch…fair?

    1. Cook this many recipes? Yes, and they pretty much all get eaten. Sometimes my roommates help. I usually eat something I make for every meal for a couple days. Seattle huh? I have a friend close by, maybe I should come stay with you sometime 😉 haha

    1. Ok i’ll write more about that next week Melissa!! I’ll also have a post up on Saturday more about what I use for post wod stuff and how I train!

  9. These look delicious…definitely adding to my list of recipes to try!

    What minimus shoes do you get? There are so many choices…road, trail blah blah blah

  10. Hmm…haven’t tried the NB Minimus yet, only ones i’ve seen are like burnt orange and i can’t get down with that color. Have the Nike Free 3.0s, but will need some new sprint shoes, do you think the NB’s are good for sprint work or more of a cross-trainer/distance shoe?

    Good looking recipe…love stuff that’s always better the day after you make it.

  11. Feel the burn, reap the benefits. It’s just science!!! OMG… I laughed at that line!! Classic! As a closet nerd it hit home 🙂 Will have to steal.. Came over to teh site for the food/recipes…Stayed for the laughs! AND more recipes.

  12. I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of the New Balance Minimus shoes. Got any more pros and cons on them??

    1. I’ve had them for a few months now and LOVE them! I bought them to just work out in but I wear them all the time. I’ve heard that you can have some soreness as your feet, legs, joints get used to them but I didn’t experience any problems. Get them!

    2. I love them, really no cons. Just gotta work your way into running in them reguarly. Once I got them, all foot pain I used to have went away!

  13. Yum!!! Made this tonite. Even hubby liked. What sweet potatoes are we suppose to be getting? I thought you had the orange ones in the egg cups but this looks like a light color? Honestly if it wasn’t for finding ur site I don’t know if I would have stuck with the paleo thing. Love love love u

  14. I just made this for my family and we all LOVED it! Thank you so much for your creative and delicious recipes–I always go to your site first when I am looking for something new to try. Yummers! Oh, and I added chopped green chilis to this when I added the eggs to make is super “Mexi!”

  15. Just awesome Juli! Just had my first bite and it is beyond delicious, the hardest part was the great smell of the spices in the kitchen while waiting for it to cool. Going to have to try this with 1/2 ground beef and 1/2 chorizo.

  16. OMG THIS IS AMAZZINNNGG!!! I made this for my recovery meal post 12.2…THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING BLOG!! Come to IL and WOD with us, we are all big fans!

  17. Dear JB-my-hero:

    I have been craving this recipe since I saw it first posted and finally was able to make it this evening. Even though I didn’t really follow the directions (bc I have some weird aversion to doing exactly what a recipe says…this is my rebellion against society. Sad, really.), it is ridiculously deYUMlicious. Thank you for your genius.

    PS: Is it me or does it taste almost cheesy? Maybe it’s the texture; I missed that whole “preheat the oven to 450 degrees” and baked my pie at 350 for half an hour before re-reading your very clear and simple instruction. 🙂

    1. Lol it’s ok Michelle, this entire blog is my rebellion against society. And it definitely does taste almost cheesy, I think that’s why I loved it so much! Glad you liked it!

  18. OMG is right! Fantastic recipe. I added a pound of Chorizo which is fab and this this morning when my son was eating it, he recommended a sprinkle of bacon on the top…I think I will take him up on that!

    Love the website and love the recipes! My whole week last week was dedicated to trying your recipes and all of them were great!

  19. Juli,

    There’s so many of your recipes I want to try. But I’m on a candida cleanse, and it’s so super restricted. No sweet potatoes, no sweet ANYTHING (that means no raw honey…NOOOOOO!), no parsnips, no fruit. It sucks.

    Hopefully it won’t be for too much longer.

  20. Dude,
    I think I love you Juli! I made this today and it was siickkkk effin good!!!! I think I love you, no homo

  21. Juli, I hated when things went down my sink where the disposal is, too. I wanted to share with you what my boyfriend sent me in the mail. It’s “The Disposal Genie” from Dango. I t sits in there and nothing big can go down but little stuff can go in all around it. No more Blender bottle whisks down my drain! You need to get one!
    My son, Ger Sasser, requested this recipe. I will rate after I make it. Looks amazing. (ps He did 437 reps on 12.3 this morning!)

    1. Thanks for the tip Dinah! I’m going to try to find one! I just checked out your son on the games website…ummmm BADASS!! Tell him congrats on doing so well in his region and on the wods! I slightly love him

  22. Made this today using my new food processor (thank you income tax time) and it is so good. I also used my new food processor to rice cauliflower to make your garlic pork and cauliflower crock pot recipe. it’s still cooking but i’m sure it’ll be great.

  23. Juli,

    I’m def making this tonight. I can’t wait. I’m doing brinner and going to eat it for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow. Also, I bought a paleOMG tank top and I can’t wait to get it!

  24. This recipe was awesome. I used a Pepper instead of the onion and loved it. Your website is making going Paleo MUCH easier. Thank you

  25. This is soooooo incredibly yummy! I made it yesterday morning and I’ll be eating it all week. I say all week….but we will see how long it last! lol Thanks for another amazing recipe!

  26. Just stumbled across your blog today. I’m new to crossfit and paleo. I am in LOOVE! I’m going to go broke trying to make all these recipes…I want to try them all…now! haha

    I made this tonight and it was delicious. I accidentally cooked the George Foreman in the oven before the casserole went in. Oops. Cooking fail.


  27. Hi, this may be a silly question, but is this a really “eggy” casserole? The problem is I am trying to find more filling paleo breakfast items (besides redoing leftovers) but I do not like eggs. I really want to use eggs in some shape form or fashion. I’m on a search to find egg recipes that I like because I get eggs through my CSA!

  28. Just stuck ‘er in the oven. Can’t wait to eat! Question though, am I supposed to have put the lid back on my cast-iron pot?

  29. Hi Juli….new to your website….just found it yesterday…..YOU ARE THE BEST! I found you via PinInterest….In addition to this recipe….yesterday I made the Caramel Pecan Bars and Fudgy Brownies….I’ll post on those threads…..but….

    Made this recipe this morning….OMG…. excellent….love it….looking forward to the leftovers. Modified slightly….used only 1 sweet potato and didn’t have oregano. Otherwise…. agree……buy a Food Processor…..so much easier for your shredded sweet potato recipes.

    You are officially bookmarked and I signed my email up to get your blogging!

    Keep up the creative cooking ideas!!

  30. Just a comment on stinky shoes. My hubby and I swear by Efferdent tablets. Yes, denture tablets. Throw a couple off those bad babies in a bucket full of warm water, add shoes, come back in 20 minutes to an hour to hang dry said shoes an viola! Smells like clean mountain air instead of sewage water.

    Also, This recipe looks delicious.

  31. Correction. This recipe IS delicious. My husband and I just scarfed down our paleo tex-mex like a pair of starving chimpanzees. I had to hold myself back from the muffin tin full of single servings.

  32. My 2nd recipe of yours for the day! So easy and full of flavor. I would have never thought sweet potatoes and enchilada sauce could taste so good together!

  33. Samantha Barnes

    I love this! Would anyone think to add fresh Culantro to this? I have some I’d like to use up and I cannot decide if it would be good.

  34. Talk about delicious and easy. Just curious to see how it reheats. 🙂 Loving the recopies, keep ’em coming!

  35. Delicious! Added two more eggs because I fixed this as a breakfast dish and also some toasted dried ancho chiles all ground up in the enchilada sauce…it added some earthy flavor to it! Juli you are a genius. Oh, and the leftovers reheat great!

  36. PaleOMFG this was good.

    I used 90/10 grass fed pasture beef, 1 large sweet potato and 3 eggs 4 whites. It makes A TON of food. I think next time I might put in another sweet potato and egg to soak up the juices better.

  37. Going to try and make this up to adding the egg and freeze. Having a baby in 4 weeks and want to have some meals prepped ahead of time!

  38. Oh yeah, this was GREAT! I’m new to the this Paleo thing and have been on your site ALL the time. I tried this recipe when my 80-yr old mother–in-law was here and we all LOVED it! She thought it was magic, I think. Thanks for all you do Juli! Keep up the good work!

  39. Used one sweet potato instead of two, added chopped green chili’s and cheese on top….sooooooo good! Is cheese a no-no for paleo if you are inclined to eat dairy? Im making at least one recipe/day from your site..thank you for making this paleo thing yummy!

  40. I have been eyeing this for months and finally made it today. SOOO good. I’m iffy about eggs and also have a hard time staying away from cheese and this makes it easy to do both. YUM. It will definitely be a staple in my “hidden eggs” breakfast rotation.

  41. Had a mini-meltdown while making this (not related to recipe), so messed up every other step, and this was still perfect for brunch on a grey fall day. Not too eggy or sweet potato-y (overdosed last spring), and loved the enchilada sauce (first time)… a keeper!

  42. Juli,
    I love your recipes because 95% of all the ingredients are already in my pantry. That means my New Seasons shopping trip is only $$ rather than $$$ = more money to buy new lulu wear & crossfit shoes. My fave, btw, are the merrell’s because I have fat little paws for feet and although they aren’t as cute as the nb minimus(es?) they are wide 🙂
    Thanks for all our hard work on the blog, I enjoy reading it and trying your recipes!

  43. I made this awhile ago and it is sooo good. This is embarrassing, but I got through a few workouts just because I knew this was waiting for me in the fridge. Yum!

  44. I used pork instead of beef and it was still delicious. Husband loved it too! Great heat and go breakfast. Thanks!!

  45. This was fantastic! Definitely helped to break up our typical breakfast frittata. Only thing is that the sweet potatoes didn’t really stay in the hash texture. I might add an extra step of frying them up before adding them to the skillet next time!

  46. Made this last night so I’d be set for breakfast for the week – outstanding! Thanks so much! I’m already picturing some minor tweaks (crispy bacon!). Thanks for sharing!

  47. This was the first paleo recipe I’ve ever made, and it was such a winner. Totally delicious. Thank you! I’ll definitely be making it again.

  48. OMG this is soooo good. I made it before bed so the kids and I could just reheat and go in the morning. But, my 11yr old and I can’t stop eating it long enough to store it away! Saving this one!!! Thank you so much!!

  49. Is there something you would recommend to substitute the enchilada sauce with? I’d like to make this for my hubby but he gets terrible gi track pains from enchilada sauce 🙁
    PS I’ve made this several times while my hubby was deployed and loved it. My family loved it when they came in town too. Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. I get terrible heartburn/burps so bad I can’t breathe without crying from CUMIN! try isolating ingredients…I replace cumin with coriander..hope this helps!

  50. Holy balls, this is delicious! I don’t know how you dream up this sh*t, but keep it coming. I can’t believe how “cheesy” and rich this tastes! Incredible!

  51. I am eating this right now as we speak…. if I could eat this every day forever, my life would be complete. Holy awesomeness! I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for tomorrow’s lunch as I am right now. Mostly because I’m sad that I only have two bites left of this today.

  52. Another grand slam recipe! I was getting so tired of eating hard boiled eggs for breakfast, but now my other half a new (make ahead!) breakfast food! Thank you.

  53. OMG! I love You!! I also love cruising through your recipes…I found you about 6-7 months ago and am still making these old recipes! TY JB for this one!! Totally Awesome!

  54. I’ve had this bookmarked for maybe a year, know people who make it all the time, but still hadn’t tried it myself. This is amazing! I’ll be making it again and again. Thanks lady

  55. This is one of the many recipes I’ve poached from you this week. Number one….I friggin love you and if you lived closer, we’d be best friends…just sayin’. Number two…. This is casserole is RIDICULOUS!!!! It is soooooo good!!

  56. OMG! A.M.A.ZING! My toddler even loved it, but I had to tone down the “spice” with a bit of dark brown sugar for her;) which btw is mommy approved too;) so not “paleo” but you gotta live a little!

  57. Started stalkin on your blog a few weeks ago and bought your cookbook today. Lady, you rock! I was womdering if there was a way to keep sweet potaotes fresh once they are shredded? As in three days of breakfast worth…jsut being hopeful and a bit lazy.

  58. I make this with elk burger. Nom nom nom. But seriously, thank you so much Juli for posting this. Its my go to quick & easy dinner!!

    Keep up the great work!!

  59. This was delish! My one disappointment was a good sized layer was burned on the bottom. I used cast iron and bacon oil. Maybe I should try coconut oil next time?

  60. Found this recipe on Pinterest and boy am I glad I did. I don’t like eggs much and this completely hid them. I made lots of changes (used pork and swapped a red bell for one of the sweet potatoes; along with the eggs I added cooked dark leafy greens, thinly sliced raw zucchini and green chilies. Topped with Pepper Jack cheese (it’s low carb, which works for me). I was so worried that the eggs would be overcooked, but no, it was fantastic. I’ll definitely make this again.

  61. This recipe was ah-mazing! Been looking for paleo breakfast options since i’m a little tired of bacon and eggs and ok, this was perfect!!! Had it for breakfast every frickin day last week until it ran out. Huge fan esp of the soft & chewy double choc cookies…made them and now have my friends addicted to them. Appreciate your hard work!

  62. Duddeeee… this is awesome. Easily in the Top 3 recipes of yours that I’ve attempted. Mine browned a lot more than your pics and didn’t necessarily set as much bc of the fat and/or sauce, etc but it’s SO good. Hope it tastes just as good tomorrow. Thank you!

      1. Ok, I’m obsessed with this. I actually jumped out of bed this morning b/c I knew I had this waiting for me in the fridge. Is it healthy to want to eat something that bad? 🙂 Thanks again!

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