What is it about the holidays that makes people want to drink? Is it because they are usually with family? Or is it because it’s freezing out and you want to bundle up, all drunk like. Or is it because you have no inhibitions about your diet and just say, “F*ck it. I’ll drink that.”? Either way, I get it. For the last four years, I’ve worked out right away on Thanksgiving morning, which is usually a miserably, soul crushing workout, then I’ve sipped on multiple mimosas at the gym, on an empty stomach and had a wonderful day afterwards because of it. Mimosas make things better. They make showering and putting on makeup much more difficult, but they still make things better. This drink today is suppose to make your holidays more enjoyable. It’s a cross between a mimosa and an apple martini. Meaning you drink it and it makes everything better.

Enjoy responsibly. Don’t be dumb.

What is it about people not being able to do their own job? Tell me. What’s that about? I recently got a parking violation notification in the mail…for a car I do not own. So I call in and they tell me that I have to send in some letter telling the court that it’s not my car. I refuse to do that because, well, that’s bulls*t. So I sit on it a couple days then decide to call back in to help them understand how dumb that is. Turns out, they were wrong, they had it settled and I didn’t need to pay that ticket. So why didn’t they call me and let me know? Were they just hoping I’d sending them $60 for someone else’s ticket? Do your job, people.

I then had a schedule appointment with a company in town that comes out and measures your windows and helps you order blinds. And what did he do? He didn’t show up. Didn’t call. Nothing. Again, I refuse to call him and let him know his mistake since I checked on the appointment two times beforehand. Instead, I will let him miss out on me literally handing him money so our neighbors can’t look in on me doing lord knows what.

The conclusion to my story is: If you have a job, do it. That’s why you have one. And that’s why I’m bringing you a delicious cocktail to celebrate (hopefully) not working on Thanksgiving. Because that’s my job. And I love and appreciate you enough to do my job as I said I would. Now do your job today and go get tipsy on Thanksgiving. Unless that isn’t your thing. If that’s the thing, get paleo food wasted. I full support that as well.


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Thanksgiving Vanilla Bean Caramel Apple Cider Sparkling Cocktail

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  • Yield: 4-5 mini martinis or 2-3 normal size 1x



Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup

For the cocktail

  • 2 cups apple cider (be sure to check the label that it’s only apples and spices)
  • 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 2 ounces gluten free vodka (potato or grape such as Ciroc)
  • 1/3 cup ice
  • 1/2 cup champagne or prosseco, chilled

For the garnishes

  • batch of apple cider caramel (optional)
  • 1/4 cup maple sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup diced apple, for skewers


  1. *If you are going to make the caramel for this recipe, do this now then set aside. But know that it is great without it!
  2. First, make the simple syrup. Place water and maple sugar in a saucepan then cut the vanilla bean in half lengthwise and scrape out the seeds with the back of a knife. Place the seeds and the vanilla bean in the simple syrup, whisk together then let cook on low for about 5 minutes until maple sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and let cool.
  3. Dip the rim of each martini glass into caramel then into maple sugar mixed with cinnamon until rims are completely covered.
  4. Place apple cider, lemon juice, vodka, ice and 1/4 cup of simple syrup (or more if you prefer sweeter) in a shaker bottle and shake to combine. Then add in champagne and stir with a spoon to keep from bubbling over.
  5. Strain mixture (to keep ice out) directly into sugar rimmed martini glasses.
  6. Garnish with maple sugar coated diced apple skewers on top!
  7. Store simple syrup in an airtight jar or container for drinks in the future. Or your coffee!

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PaleOMG Thanksgiving Vanilla Bean Caramel Apple Cider Sparkling Cocktail

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  1. Kati Duncan says:

    Onnne more question- do you think I can mix a large batch of everything but the champagne today and serve tomorrow?