The Piece of Equipment That Will Completely Transform Your Home Gym

One day while Brian was watching sports, a commercial came on for Tonal. Now the weird thing is that I’ve always told Brian that I’d love to have a cable machine for our home gym, but was always bummed we couldn’t since they took up too much room. Then BOOM, a Tonal commercial comes on and my wishes are finally answered. I couldn’t believe that a cable machine could take up so little room, have so many weightlifting movements and programs, and have weight options up to 200lbs. So you know what we did? We got ourselves a Tonal, had it installed, and got to crushing even more movements and more weight in our home gym!

PaleOMG x Tonal

PaleOMG x Tonal

If you’re completely new to Tonal, let me give you the quick rundown! Tonal is an all-in-one weightlifting machine that uses DIGITAL WEIGHTS (so freaking cool) to help get in full body workouts with minimal space. Tonal has adjustable arms to put you through almost any type of movement, both upper and lower body, about includes over 170 different exercises. But the best part is that Tonal has TONS of workouts and programs to choose from. Whether you’re looking for mobility, yoga, strength training, dancing, barre, meditation, pre and post natal, kickboxing, family workouts…they have everything! And they are constantly adding new workouts, which means your Tonal automatically updates whenever any new workouts are added. You can even find a workout based off categories like time range, body region, level, etc. There are so many workouts, programs, and options to choose from! OR you can simply choose a movement you want to do and get after it. No need for a program? No problem! Just pick your movement and get to lifting!

PaleOMG x Tonal

PaleOMG x Tonal

Tonal comes with smart accessories that lock into place on the arms with their T-lock system. With your Tonal, you’ll receive smart handles, smart bar, rope, bench, roller and workout mat. The smart handles and bar are pretty nifty because they buttons that send a bluetooth signal to the Tonal to turn the weights on and off, which means you can get into the right position for the movement then turn the weights on once you are ready. This REALLY comes in handy when you’re doing movements like bench press.

PaleOMG x Tonal

PaleOMG x Tonal

Since we got our Tonal installed a couple months ago, we have been using it every single day…especially Brian. Since I follow a specific program each month and go to a personal trainer a couple times a week, Brian is the one in our house that uses Tonal the most. And ever since we got it, he’s put on muscle and he’s constantly sore. Before Tonal, he was always looking for programs online and feeling a bit of a slump with his own workouts, but now he’s excited to work out every single day. I swear, sometimes he will be in our basement for 2 or more hours because he will start with a stretching workout, then strength, then a cardio blast, and finish with mobility. He LOVES it. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him so excited to work out!

PaleOMG x Tonal

Tonal also tracks your weights, increases them as you get stronger, and decreases them if you are struggling. Plus it has 17 different sensors to help guide you through proper form. Meaning if you need to back away from the Tonal for more tension or pull farther for more range of motion, Tonal will cue you just like a personal trainer! Not only will you get stronger with Tonal, but you will be able to improve your form, as well!

PaleOMG x Tonal

PaleOMG x Tonal

Tonal sponsored this post, but I can confidently say I LOVE Tonal so freaking much. It’s one of the coolest home gym inventions maybe ever. Not only can you lift, but you can lift HEAVY. You’ll be able easily to put on muscle with just this machine and stick with your fitness goals from home. And if you have someone in your house that isn’t interested in lifting, they can easily try out any of the other workouts Tonal has to offer. It will keep the whole family moving, even kids! Yes, they even have workouts for kids on Tonal! If you purchase Tonal, just know it will take a little bit to get to your house. It took about a month to get ours then we had it professionally installed, which only took a couple hours. But it was definitely worth the wait! Our home gym officially feels complete now! If you have any questions about Tonal, feel free to leave them in the comments section! And Tonal was kind enough to give me a code to share with you guys! Code paleomg will get you $100 off!!

PaleOMG x Tonal

PaleOMG x Tonal


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18 thoughts on “The Piece of Equipment That Will Completely Transform Your Home Gym”

    1. Hey! Husband has agreed to buy me a Tonal as a birthday/Christmas present (like 6 months early 🤣). Curious if you have to buy all of the accessories? Or can you just get the bar/ropes and omit the bench?


      1. there are special connectors for all the attachments. you definitely don’t need the bench, but any of the handles/rope/bar attachments are a must because other attachments won’t connect/latch to the tonal!

  1. I’m soooo curious about these and possibly using one in combination with one of your programs! My father is post transplant so using a gym is just not a risk I can take. I suffered from serious ulcers and a 30 pound weight loss from poor intake since August (wooo, stress!). Unfortunately, most of that loss seems to be muscle so I am researching a ton to try to build up some home equipment to get stronger, and I keep hearing tonal! Thank you for doing a good review. You mentioned professional installation….is this an extra cost? Would you think it doable on your own?

  2. Ours should be here in a few weeks! We are pretty excited to try it. My husband hasn’t been this excited to work out in 20 years! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Tonal. I am looking forward to using ours!

  3. We just ordered our tonal a couple weeks ago and used your code! Thank you for doing a review of it here on the blog, it was the thing that finally pushed us to make the purchase. I know Tonal comes with a 12 month membership with access to their programs, but do you think it’s possible to use one of your programs with it and create custom workouts through the app based on your programming?

  4. I’ve been looking at these because I don’t really have space for a rack and barbell in my house and don’t think dumbbells do enough strength wise. Since you’re someone who lifts heavy with a barbell, how does it compare? My CrossFit gym has opened but I can’t always get there the way I used to. I’d like a decent at home option.

    1. it’s amazing for strength gains! i highly recommend it, it’s so versatile and you can do so many different types of movements with it!

  5. Hey Juli! Do you plan to share any workout “plans” for use with Tonal for those who do not have a membership and don’t know where to begin? 🙂

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