The Power Sculpt Program Has LAUNCHED!

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OMG IT’S HERE!!!!! The Power Sculpt Program launched today and you can finally see what I’ve been cooking up for months and months. Over the past 6 months I’ve been testing workouts, programming the perfect workouts, filming, and then getting the best program experience prepped and ready for you to see TODAY! This program is absolutely hands down my best program to date and was created to ensure you had all the tools in place to keep you motivated and accountable throughout!

Before I even get to all the details of this fantastic program, I want to let you know that the Power Sculpt Program is on major sale for this weekend launch so you don’t miss this sale! Right now when you purchase all 6-months upfront, you’ll receive all 6 months of programming for only $399, which will save you $195! This sale only goes through the weekend then prices goes back up to $499 for the 6 months. For everything that you’ll receive with this program, this is such an insane deal!!

Check out a sneak peek of the program below!!

I’ve talked about it on previous posts, but let’s talk through all the new and improved things you will get with this 6-month program!

5 workouts per week for 6 months

  • For four weeks at a time, you’ll follow the same workouts every week (except for a wild card workout—that’s a fun surprise each week), which will help you nail your form, continuously, stimulate muscle groups, and build the muscle you want! Here’s how each week is structured:
    • Day 1 – Lower Body
    • Day 2 – Upper Body
    • Day 3 – Wild Card
    • Day 4 – Rest Day
    • Day 5 – Lower Body
    • Day 6 – Upper Body
    • Day 7 – Rest Day

120+ movements with step-by-step videos

  • If you want to feel like you have a personal trainer right there with you, this program is for you! I’ll walk you through performing the movement safely and properly, and then I’ll show you how NOT to do the movement. From breathing to foot placement to core engagement – we talk through it all to make sure you get the most from every single movement!

Private online community & discussion forums

  • Sharing progress photos on Instagram can be nerve-wracking, I get it! To help foster a positive community that motivates, I’ve partnered with to create private forums. You’ll be able to easily discuss each workout with other members, swap tips, share progress pics, and more! Beyond that, I’ll be an active member in the community right there with you, so myself and other members will help push you throughout the whole program!

Monthly accountability group zoom calls

  • All Power Sculpt members will receive a FREE 45 minute Zoom webinar call with me and the other members where you can ask questions, get tips, share progress, and get motivated to keep committing!

One-on-one coaching

  • Outside of our private community and forum, all Power Sculpt Program members will have the option to add on 30-min one-on-one coaching sessions with me for an additional fee! If you’re feeling unmotivated, desire extra accountability, or want alternate movements, I’m here to help you cross that finish line!

Weekly meal guides

  • Every week, all Power Sculpt Program members will receive four different recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—12 total!—to make nutrition even easier. These recipes are hand-picked by me, and each one is gluten-free, lower carb, and filled with fueling nutrients to supercharge your workouts and build muscle!

Lifetime access even after you finish the 6-month program

  • Even after you finish this program, you will be able to go back through it any time you want! It doesn’t end just because the workouts have!

If you have any questions about this program, check out the FAQs on this page! And I’m happy to answer any questions below in the comments section! Like I mentioned above, this launch sale is only live throughout the weekend then prices go back up!! You can choose to pay monthly or pay for all 6 months upfront, it’s completely up to you and your budget! But don’t forget this weekend only – 6 months of programming for only $399, saving you $195!! I’m SO DAMN EXCITED to get you in the program, get to chatting with you throughout, and I absolutely cannot wait to see your results! The Power Sculpt Program was created to get your stronger, more confident, and to get you the results you’ve always been looking for! 2020 just turned around and it’s time to make it your best year yet!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


16 thoughts on “The Power Sculpt Program Has LAUNCHED!”

  1. Hello, will there be an option to just buy the workouts from your new Power Sculpt Program? I just need
    a change in my workouts. Linda~

  2. Hi Julie! You mentioned before an app as well…can you explain what that is and how we can access the program. Thanks!

    1. the app is called teachable! after you purchase the power sculpt program, you simply download the teachable app, sign in, and then you’ll have the program right there on your phone!

  3. Hi Juli! Can I buy the program now to snag the great deal and start it some time in the future? Gyms are closed in my area and I’m pregnant, so I’m looking to start the program after delivery next year. Is that possible?

    1. Also, if it is possible to start later, will I lose out on the meal planS or other added benefits of the program?

    2. yep, you get LIFETIME access! so purchasing it right now while it’s still on sale is the best plan of action because you can use it whenever you want!

  4. Hi Juli! I don’t have room for a squat rack but have all the other equipment. Would I be okay without one? Looking forward to starting!

    1. it’s not a make or break piece of equipment, but it may be challenging for heavier weights when it comes to back squat, front squat, bench press, front rack lunges, etc.

  5. Bethany Wiles

    Hi Juli- Am I able to purchase just the meal plan that accompanies this program? I have a similar strength program I’m following, but I could really benefit from meal ideas that supplement these type of strength workouts. Thanks!

  6. Hi Juli! Is there an option to buy each month of the program individually, or do you have to buy all six months at once? I only see an option all six months together on the Teachable site, but I thought I remembered hearing individual months would be an option too, so wanted to check! Thanks!

  7. Hi Juli I just purchased the power sculpt program And it looks amazing but I was disappointed to see that every week for the first month the workouts are the same can you explain the rationale for that? Also I noticed that I cannot jump forward to the next months to see the upcoming work outs Is there a way I can make it so that I have access to all six months of programming? That’s what I thought I was getting. I previously bought the power program and it was not formatted that way. Let me know thank you

    1. hey Lori!! Power Sculpt is a progressive overload program. progressive overload is all about gradual stress on the muscles so you can continually increase your weights throughout each month. If your goal is to build muscle and shape the physique a certain way (more defined legs, rounder glutes, stronger biceps, etc), you want to perform the same movements over and over instead of doing something different every single week. I created this program after doing CrossFit for years and not experiencing the results I was hoping for. I learned more about progressive overload, began programming, and experienced results within months. This is a pretty common technique within the fitness weightlifting community. And the program drips each months as you finish your last week of programming, then you get your next month! If you are not a fan of the progressive overload style of programming, you could always check out Power Program 2.0 instead! Feel free to email me at with any other questions!

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