Today on the podcast I’m sharing my thoughts, or lack thereof, on sleep training. Talk about a hot button topic between moms and in the online community…sheesh.

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  1. J says:

    Love listening to the podcast! You should check out naturopaths for pediatrics, my birth midwife’s are all naturopaths so we were able to just stay with them for pediatrics, I can only imagine how many issues we would have with a traditional pediatrician because of our natural approach to care. I bet your functional med doc could make some recommendations.

  2. Betta says:

    Ok so wow you figured this out so much earlier than I did. I followed a sleep program with my first daughter for over a YEAR feeling like a failure and truly it never worked for her. For some reason I couldn’t see the obvious in front of me. This second time I didn’t sleep train and if anything he slept better. But glad you figured this out early. Also I think the stuff about cavities and nursing to sleep is bs. But what do I know

  3. B says:

    Would you be willing to do an update on how sleep has been going as Avery has been getting older? This podcast resonated with me so much. The baby sleep industry is so overwhelming and so LOUD. I am in the midst of all of this and struggling with consistent sleep with my baby girl. I’m constantly feeling like I am not doing the right thing and wondering if I am messing her up in the process. Ugh it’s tough!

    1. juli says:

      ugh the industry makes it so much more overwhelming! Avery is doing great. The only time things get a little funky is when she is going through a regression and that last a week to 10 days, but then she’s back to normal. She still has plenty of off nights, but it’s mostly her sleeping through the night. I’m really glad we went with our gut and did what felt right instead of going against my instincts. Everyone does it so differently and I have some friends who sleep much better by cosleeping while Avery has loved sleeping in her crib from pretty early on. I think the struggle with sleep ebbs and flows as they age so going with your motherly instinct and gut is most important.