Top 20 Stocking Stuffers

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Errrrrmerrrrgerrrrd you guys. It’s freaking December 13th!! How?! How is that even possible? Time continues to go by faster and faster, especially since Mr. Jackson has been in the emergency vet for a while. Right now I’m still up in Fort Collins while he heals at the CSU vet hospital. This hospital has been absolutely amazing and I’m so excited with his progress! But since this fiasco started on Thursday, I haven’t been able to cook much. It’s been all about Whole Foods hot bar lately. And since I haven’t been able to cook for myself, I definitely haven’t been able to cook for the blog sadly. Today was suppose to be a new casserole recipe, but you’ll have to wait until next week for that! So instead, I put together a list of my top 20 stocking stuffer ideas! In case you missed my previous posts, I’ve shared amy Top 20 Gifts For Her and my Top 20 Gifts For Him, but today is all about gifts for anyone! Whether you have a CrossFitter in your life, a person who stinks up the bathroom, a friend who needs coffee at all times, or a partner who can’t get enough chocolate, I have the perfect ideas for all of those people on your list! Hope this gives you a little inspiration for your stockings this year!

  1. Tula Instabright Mask
    • I LOVE this mask! I even talked about it in a recent blog post. This mask truly makes your skin glow in just 10 minutes. And you’ll be glowing all night long! And if you use code PALEOMG, you’ll get 20% off this limited-time mask!
  2. JCrew Earrings
    • These earrings are complete staples in my jewelry drawer. Whenever I’m not sure of what earrings I want to wear, these are my go-to. They just simply glow and light up any look!
  3. Sugar & Shine Lip Kit
    • If you live somewhere dry, this lip kit should be in your household. Or maybe you just have a friend with crazy dry lips and you’re sick of looking at them. That’s fair. This kit comes with 2 scrubs to get those lips smooth as can be, then you top it off with a whipped gloss. No gross lips this winter!
  4. Bluetooth Earbuds
    • Bluetooth headphones can get hella expensive. And if you’re purchasing them for someone who is known for losing everything, these may be a better route since they are only $15!
  5. Alter Eco Salted Caramel Truffles
    • I think every stocking should include some sort of treat or snack. And these truffles are life changing. If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly recommend the caramel. It’s like butter but more socially acceptable.
  6. Touch Screen Gloves
    • There are about a million different touch screen gloves out there nowadays, but I LOVE these ones since they come in 4 different colors and are lined with wool. They look crazy cozy!
  7. Poo-Pourri 2-Pack
    • This is a bit of a gag gift, but still serious at the same time. Let your significant other know that you’re not about smelling their poo after they leave the bathroom. No thanks. This stuff totally works and smells awesome!
  8. Carry-On Cocktail Kit
    • Let’s face it, cocktails majorly SUCK when you’re on an airplane. But this cocktail kit has everything you need other than the alcohol itself. Whether you like a good bloody mary, old fashioned or moscow mule, this little kit has your back!
  9. Primal Palate 3-Pack Spices
    • These spices are my absolute favorite and you’ve probably seen me use them in many recipes. If your friend hasn’t tried them out, this kit is the perfect starting point!
  10. Monogram Journal
    • Journals are the best, especially when moving into the New Year. And this journal is monogrammed so you can make it a little more personal for your significant other.
  11. Jacobsen Salt Gift Set
    • If you haven’t tried out Jacobsen salts yet, this little gift set will help you try a handful and find the perfect salt blend for whatever you’re cooking. From Pinot Noir salt to Vanilla Bean salt, you’ll have 6 different kinds to test out!
  12. Speed Jump Rope
    • If you have a person who is in to fitness OR is thinking about pushing themselves in the New Year, a jump rope will give them a super easy tool to improve their overall fitness. And if you have a CrossFitter in your life, this is a necessity! And this is the jump rope I use for myself and love!
  13. LuMee Duo Phone Case
    • Got a selfie obsessed friend? This case will make them look their best every time they take a selfie. And really, make YOU look your best when they are forcing selfies on you, as well!
  14. UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Charger
    • After having a sick pup and being around him while things weren’t going too well, it made me think about how my phone probably had some bacteria on it. And how often do we ever clean our phones? Well this charger also sanitizes your phone as you’re sleeping. I’m definitely getting this ASAP!
  15. Portable Espresso Machine
    • If you have a coffee lover in your life, this tiny little espresso machine can make a tiny cup on the go! And it’s compatible with original nespresso pods!
  16. Block Letter Monogram Necklace
    • If you want to give a personal stocking stuffer, this necklace is the perfect statement without being over the top. And it’s 30% off right now!
  17. Opal PopSocket
    • If your friend or significant other is prone to dropping their phone, a pop socket is a must! I use to have one on my phone and it saved me so many times. And it’s super helpful when you need to walk your dog but also type up some emails at the same time!
  18. BeautyCounter Instant Awakening Trio
    • BeautyCounter continues to come out with so many amazing products, but right now they have some awesome gift sets to choose from that are limited edition products! This one is my favorite because it comes with my favorite resurfacing peel then has some cool eye patches and an illuminating cream to help the skin glow even more!
  19. Jade Roller
    • I’ve recently hopped on the jade roller train and I’m loving it so far! If you have someone who is skin obsessed, this is a great easy gift that helps them stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and gets the products they use to penetrate deeper.
  20. Taza Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts
    • Because, well, the more chocolate the better. Taza Chocolate is one of my favorite Mexican brand chocolate and these chocolate covered nuts are THE BEST!

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I hope this helps you shop for some little gifts for your favorite person or at least gives you more ideas to build off of! Happy holidays!


This post contains some affiliate links and I may be compensated, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for all your support!

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