Weekly Workouts

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Don’t expect much out of me this week on Weekly Workouts. I’m traveling right now. Well, kind of. I’m in Pittsburgh for work. And it’s pretty much the most fun, most exciting, and most satisfying work I’ve ever done. BUT I’m still keeping it a secret. I mean, if you use at least 3% of your brain capacity, you should be able to figure it out based on my instagram pictures. I’m making lots of food, taking pictures of it and someday sharing them. Think about it.

Anywho, I’m in Pittsburgh because I really don’t like taking pictures of food. Or really taking pictures of anything. Except for my outfits. Obviously. Like that’s not an annoying quality in a human being. Back to the point, since I have no interest in photography, I asked my extremely talented friends in Pittsburgh, Bill and Hayley from Primal Palate, if they would have any interest in doing the photography for my next project. Luckily, they said YES. So I’ll be out here a couple times in the next few months to work with them.

This trip has been different than any trip I’ve taken before for work. If you hadn’t noticed, I’m REALLY excited about this project. Like, crazy excited. And I’ve never had so much fun working on a project before. Sometimes work can just feel like work. But this isn’t the case right now. Everything I’ve done, I’ve been excited to do and even more excited to work with Bill and Hayley on it. It’s pretty amazing to have a job to get done that’s incredibly enjoyable. So fun!

Back to the point: working out. Working out by yourself in a garage is really hard to do. I’m sure many, many people do it, but I don’t love it. More so, it’s hard to get yourself motivated. I don’t like working out by myself, that’s why I workout in CrossFit classes at home. But thankfully I had Hayley to workout with one of the times this past week to ease my lonesome workout train. So here’s what the slow workout week looked like:

Sunday – Still in Colorado, I worked out at my home gym of CrossFit Broadway during open gym. We did a workout that was a couple weeks old.

18 minutes to find a 1 rep max clean and jerk: I got 150#


9 min AMRAP Ladder Of: (3,6,9,12…)

Push Jerks (155/105) – I used 85#

Toes to Bar

I got 15 + 14 push jerks 

Monday – Travel Day! On my way to Pittsburgh in the morning and didn’t get there until the afternoon. Then we went straight to the grocery store and got to work!

Tuesday – Cook Day! Lots of cooking, pictures of food, and more cooking! Check out instagram for all the latest sneak peeks!

Wednesday – Morning workout by myself in the garage. I made this workout up and it took me longer than I hoped. Probably because I was moving at the pace of molasses.


Kettlebell thrusters (25# – each arm)

Kettlebell swings


I finished 18:30ish

Thursday – Work Day! More working with food!

Friday – Afternoon workout with Hayley. So glad she joined me this time around because it made me waaaay more motivated.

12 minute AMRAP:

10 power cleans (75#)

12 hand release push ups

100m run (rough estimate)

I think I got 5 rounds + 12 reps

Saturday – We worked in the morning then went in the hot tub in the evening. Not bad for a work/rest day

Ready to get back to CO tomorrow and get back in my routine!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts”

  1. Pretty sure primal palate (or Haley) already spilled the beans on your project. They posted a pic on Instagram labeled “cookbook shopping.” We’d have to be pretty dense not to figure it out. But it makes me happy bc you have the best recipes!

  2. Wow! Nice workout routine! I just miss working out. I had just given birth to a healthy baby boy a month ago and I rested from exercising for almost a year. It’s really going to be tough when I start again exercising.

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