Weekly Workouts

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Happy Mondayyyyyy from Charleston, SC!! I just got here last night from Dallas to meet with a few of my girlfriends that I only get to see a few times a year. We are here to eat, workout, chat and catch up. Getting to catch up with all of them is so much fun since it doesn’t happen very often. We brainstorm business ideas and give honest feedback when it comes to work, which is SO helpful since I work by myself 24/7. The only thing I’m having issues with is the goddamn air conditioning everywhere. It 4 billion degrees outside but I’m still shivering inside with 3 layers on. No joke. I’m wearing a tank top, long sleeve, leather jacket and leggings while drinking a hot coffee and I’m still so cold. I’m annoyed.

I’m also annoyed because it’s been an emotional week. I’m completely drained. Not having my little puppy panda around to cuddle with during this upsetting week has been tough. But luckily, my workouts were a great stress reliever. Especially the boxing class. Have you ever done a boxing class while pissed? It’s exhilarating.

Anywho, let’s talk about this week of workouts. Because it was a great reminder to listen to your body. I rarely ever workout 5 days in a row, but since I was leaving out of town over the weekend, I decided to push through. The problem with that is CrossFit is a bit too demanding on my body to do 5 full days. So when I woke up with INSANELY sore legs on Wednesday, I decided to take a boxing class since most of the work would be done in my arms. And when I was still incredibly sore Thursday, I went to a Fit class instead of a CrossFit class so I could stick with lighter weights. And then even lighter on Friday.

The point is, I LISTENED. My body said “please don’t” and instead of pushing back and going to a CrossFit class (like I use to always do), I mixed it up. I did lighter workouts and bodyweight workouts so I could continue to move without breaking down my body. And now my body has been able to bounce back rather quickly over the rest weekend. Which means now that I’m in Charleston, I’m ready to get my workout on every day while I’m here! The point of all of this is – you don’t have to beat down your body every single day. Mix it up. Some days heavy, some days light. Some days quick, some days slow. The body reacts to confusion so confuse the sh*t out of it while still taking care of yourself! Now I’m off to do a hotel gym workout!!

Sunday – Rest Day

Monday – CrossFit Broadway Class

Back Squats: 3 x 5. All sets have a 3 sec down + 3 sec pause at bottom. First set at 70%, building (13 mins) – I worked up to 120#

Then 5 Rounds For Time Of: (10 min cap)

  • 50 Double Unders
  • 10 Push Jerks (135/95)

I finished in 5:35 using 75#

Tuesday – CrossFit Broadway Class

Every 90 sec x 9 sets (12 mins) – 2 x Hang Squat Cleans + 1 Split Jerk. First set at 60%, add as you go. – I got to 130#

Then 12 min As Many Rounds As Possible Of:

  • 12 Front Squats (155/105)
  • 12 Lateral Burpees Over Bar
  • 150m Run

I got 4 rounds + 100m run using 75#

Wednesday – Boxing Class at Compass Fitness through Class Pass

Thursday – Fit on Broadway Class

As far as possible in 9 minutes –


  • Double kettlebell single leg deadlift (total)
  • Calories on air dyne bike

Every minute alternating for 9 minutes –

  • 15 Dumbbell thrusters
  • 10 Dumbbell plank drags (each side)
  • 5 Dumbbell man makers

As many rounds as possible in 9 minutes –


  • Lateral box jumps (each side)
  • Strict burpees

Friday – Workout by myself – I did an Alexia Clark Plyo Workout – click here to see the workout and video of all movements

Saturday – Rest Day


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I may be compensated through affiliate links in this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for your support with PaleOMG!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


11 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts”

  1. Juli, thank you for your podcast on Saturday – you articulated well many of my same thoughts and emotions. I really appreciate that you stuck your neck out there, diverged from your usual ‘light’ talk, and comforted ME! I feel so damn helpless about the world, it’s nice I’m not alone in frustrations.

    1. thank you for the love Elizabeth. it was definitely nerve racking putting this out there and it’s been tough, so thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!

  2. Juli, any recommendations on wireless ear buds? The Apple Airpods are too big and fall out of my ears. I can’t find any that fit, which ones do you have and do you like them

  3. Juli! I LOVE your podcast! I was in the car with my son today and he was laughing so hard at your witty humor. I take you on my commute and I wanted to say you’ve inspired me to follow my passion. Your content is always relatable! Thank you

  4. Juli you’ve become a huge inspiration to my life. I’ve been addicted to your newest book an wokeup a bit ago restless so i figured I’d see if ya had anything on your blog An I’m even more stuck on reading now i cannot seem to be able to fall back asleep. I grew up in South Carolina an now reside in CT if your ever up this way or even for a book signing I’d love to meet you an am a huge foodie myself!

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