Weekly Workouts

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I mentioned on instagram last week that I’ve stopped doing any squats over 25# and I’ve also stopped doing excessive amounts of reps that are commonly found in CrossFit workouts, and I wanted to chat just a little bit about that decision here. I’m going to do an entire podcast episode about it this week, so I’m just going to touch upon it in this post. Before the new year began, I looked back at 2018 and I wasn’t really enjoying my workouts or the results I was experiencing. And I had to figure out why. I personally LOVE CrossFit. It has given me so much over the years – confidence, acceptance, excitement, friendship, joy, empowerment, and about a million other things. But I wasn’t feeling that same way in 2018 and it all came down to the results I personally wanted to see (and feel).

After competing in CrossFit, my body wasn’t really ever the same. I was constantly dealing with hip issues and no matter what I did, it would always feel aggravated once I did any sort of heavy squats. I also noticed that my hips were feeling a little wider and I wasn’t fitting into my clothes like I wanted to. Even if it was a lightweight workout with simply wall balls and a 14# ball, I found myself leaving CrossFit feeling like I had blocks for legs. In theory, you’d think that 150-200 wall balls would cause leg shape and definition (and it does for some people), but for me it just led to achy hips, tight ankles and blocks for thighs. And I didn’t feel comfortable or happy anymore.

So this year I decided to try something new. I decided to stick with mostly light weight in all my workouts and really concentrate on unilateral movements to improve my strength on both side individually. With the help of Apollo Soft Tissue continually working on my hips and ankles at the moment and not doing more than 60 reps or 25#, I’ve found that my hips are almost to a point of no pain and my legs have taken on more definition and shape. For me, it’s been almost 9 years of doing CrossFit and tweaking around my workouts and I’m at an age where I personally need more rest and I can’t always get that from CrossFit. I need an upper body day, a lower body day, etc. I can’t do it all in one day and expect to be able to recover by the next and do it all over again.

But anywho, I’m going to talk much more about this in my podcast. I’m not talking badly about CrossFit. CrossFit has given me EVERYTHING and taught me so much along the way, I just have to find a new balance that works for me body and my goals. I’m definitely excited to share my experience and progress on the podcast this Saturday!

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Now let’s talk about last weeks workouts because they were straight fire!! It’s a rest day for me today because I’m so incredibly sore. Hope you love these workouts as much as I did!

Sunday – Boxing Class through Class Pass

Monday – Workout by Myself – see workout here

3 rounds of –

  • 5/5 Rolling Pistol to Lunge with Twist
  • 10/10 Banded Glute Kickbacks
  • 20 Squat to Knee Drive and Twist

3 rounds of –

  • 10 Hip Thrusts @ 85# into 10/10 Single Leg Plyo Hip Thrusts
  • 10/10 Side Duck Walks with Unilateral KB Rack @ 25#
  • 15 Double Kettlebell Squat Swings @ 2×15#

3 rounds of –

  • 8/8 Weighted Side Lunge into Curtsy Lunge @ 25#
  • 8/8 Floating Lunges
  • 20 Banded Rocket Jumps

Then to finish (not in video), 1 round of –

  • 30 glute bridges
  • 15/15 donkey kicks
  • 30 frog pumps
  • 15/15 fire hydrants
  • 30 rounded back 45 degree hypers
  • 15/15 clam shells

Tuesday – CrossFit Broadway Class

Deadlift: 4 x 5 reps, all sets at 83% (15 mins) – I used 165#

Then 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps For Time: (10 min cap)

  • Front Squats (155/105) – I did UFC squats w/ 25# KB instead of front squats
  • Lateral Burpees Over Bar

I got through round 15 + 7 reps

Wednesday – Workout by Myself – see workout here

4 rounds of:

  • 8 Band Assisted Pull Ups
  • 10/10 Kettlebell Pull Throughs @ 15#
  • 12 Total Alternating Iguana Push Ups
  • 15 sec Hands Down Fast Feet
  • 18 Kneeling Double Dumbbell Press @ 2×10#

4 rounds of:

  • 8 Chameleons
  • 10/10 Landmine Press with 10# plate
  • 12 Forward Bounce to Reverse Bear Crawls
  • 14 Total Alternating Landmine Rotations
  • 18 Total Alternating Down Dog to Knee Drive

Then ab workout after – see movements here

2 rounds of:

  • 10 Russian Twist Stacks
  • 30 Total Up and Overs
  • 30 Total Plank Side to Side Stackers

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Yoga Sculpt Class at Core Power Yoga through Class Pass

Saturday – Workout by Myself – see workout here

3 rounds of:

  • 8/8 Elevated Pistols @ 2×5#
  • 16 KB Sumo Squat Jump @ 25#
  • 20 Alternating Toe Touch Side Lunges @ 10#

3 rounds of:

  • 8/8 KB Snatch to UFC Squat with KB overhead to Windmill @ 15#
  • 20 Lunge Stance Rotational Chops
  • 30 Sprint Start bounce Backs

3 rounds of:

  • 20 Total Weighted Jumping Lunges @ 2×10#
  • 10 Banded Knee Tuck to Mountain Climber
  • 20 Total Alternating Half Kneel to Knee Drive

Then bum burner after – 1 round of:

  • 30 glute bridges
  • 15/15 donkey kicks
  • 30 frog pumps
  • 15/15 fire hydrants
  • 15/15 clam shells


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I may be compensated through affiliate links in this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for your support with PaleOMG!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts”

  1. I think Cross Fit is such a divisive workout. It’s good to hear a critique from someone who did it AND enjoyed it. I honestly think our bodies need change in work outs more than we think and that years of the same thing aren’t in our best interest. It doesn’t mean a workout isn’t good or wasn’t good for us at one point. I used to run a lot, and at first it was great and made my body better. Over time, it wore down. Then I started Cross Fit which created positive change, then I transitioned to pure strength training which made changes. I noticed my cardio went down, added some CF back in, saw good changes, hit a plateau so added back some running and a more body weight centered HIIT type class. My running feels great and not grindy again.
    I think it is so important to recognize what YOUR body needs and when what you are doing is no longer serving you. And once something is no longer serving you, it doesn’t mean it’s bad- it just means you need to change focus- you may even come back to it.

  2. This is a great post and reminder that movement/exercises will affect different people in different ways – and that’s ok! After doing a dexa scan 2 years ago I discovered that squatting was actually creating a serious muscle imbalance between my left and right legs (due to my hips and leg length). So I started focusing on single leg exercises (lunges, single leg deadlifts, step ups,etc) and since then I’ve managed to completely balance out the muscle mass in both my legs. Moral of the story – do what works for you!

  3. Every day you are inspiring me to change my life. I could go on and on about it. I am cooking more and more and my issue is I graze the entire time. Any tips to not graze while I cook? Thank you!

    1. awwww thanks for the love Leslie!! and that’s super challenging for me too. i just try to only snack on the veggies, but i’m not always great at it. making sure i have a snack in me beforehand definitely helps too.

  4. Does your crossfit let you pay to go just once a week? The minimum number at mine is 3 times. I would love to pay for fewer times since I only make it 1-2x a week.

  5. I am actually having very similar issues after 5 years of CrossFit. My hips are so sore it can even be painful when my husband and I are together (sorry for the TMI but that’s how dang bad it is!)

    I actually signed up for ClassPass per you recommendation and it’s been such a great way to still get the class feel and encouragement but mix in some more mobility or lighter weight workouts. We plan on having kids someday and I hate to think if my hips hurt now how much worse they could be after pregnancy if I don’t change something!

  6. Interesting post. We are so individual but switching up or phasing our workouts is actually good programming and after awhile when you are ready to go heavy you will also see good results. Something I learned from the mind pump boys. From all your strength training you have already done the work to put on muscle and maintaining it is easy with just one or two strength days and then using small movements. For your new followers though you won’t see results like this until you have put in the muscle building work first as Juli has done. Thanks for your great content and recipes. Your one of my favourites to follow.

  7. I am a CrossFit box owner in Italy and I totally agree with your new training. I also train myself in the same way and I only do CrossFit once or twice a week.
    I created for the girls in my box a special course called “booty” where I create workout with the same kind of movements and approach of your new training.
    Please keep posting your videos. Thank you ??

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