Weekly Workouts

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This will be my second Weekly Workouts post! People seemed to like the first one, hooray! This week wasn’t full of many workouts. I was traveling for part of the week and it took me a little to get back into the swing of things. But something I love about traveling is that it’s taught me to take more rest days. When I started writing The Paleo Kitchen last year, I was forced to take rest days, some times up to 5 days in a row, and my body absolutely loved it. Not only did I feel amazing when I got back in the gym, but I actually began to lose some weight and feel more comfortable in my skin. Of course some of that weight was muscle and I lost a lot of strength, but I was finally happier in my skin.

I think when you love being in the gym or you have certain goals in mind whether that is weight loss or a competition or a race, you put yourself in the gym constantly. Be sure to give yourself adequate rest. Not only does your body need rest days to rebuild, but your mind needs adequate rest to help visualize your goals for the next day. That’s a little deep, but I mean it. If I would have known earlier that rest days would have made me feel so much better physically and mentally, I would have done it way earlier.

Speaking of rest days, let’s look at all of them I took this week.

Sunday – Traveling day to Dallas which meant brunch and coffee with friends, mimosas, and an actually positive experience with flying Southwest.

Monday – I got early that morning to make the drive in to Austin and get a workout in at CrossFit Central. Since they don’t have a normal class at that time, I worked out in the advanced class. Meaning, I worked out harder than I do at home.

We first alternated between squats and ring dips:

5 x 5 Back Squat with a 3 second decent @ 70% of 1rm (I did 130#)

5 x 5 Ring dips with a 3 second pause in the bottom of the dip

The the workout was ‘Diane’:

Deadlift (225/155) – I did as prescribed which I haven’t done since 2012 at the Southwest Regional
Handstand push ups (to the floor with kipping)

I finished in 6:03 which is my now new personal best since I will never hit my PR of 3:40 in 2012. Whenever I do something now that I’m proud of, I call it a new life PR, so I can still set goals now that I’m not competing.

Tuesday – Another travel day from Austin to Houston, no workout this day.

Wednesday – Last travel day, this time back home. I planned to get a workout in, but I napped instead. Then ate gluten free pizza while watching the new season of Ray Donavon.

Thursday – I felt AWFUL this day. Not sure if it was from traveling or what, but I felt stupid slow and my joint ached everywhere. Great workout to come home to at CrossFit Broadway.

5 Rounds For Time Of:
300m Run
18 hand release push ups
15 Deadlift (255/175) – I used 145 pounds
6/4 Muscle Ups or 12 C2B Pull Ups – I did 3 muscle ups per round

2 min rest between rounds

I finished the workout in 32:47.




Friday – Feeling a little bit more back to normal. Another class workout at CrossFit Broadway.

Every minute on the minute alternating For 16 mins (8 sets of each movement):
5 x Back Squats, All sets @ 75% – I used 125#, not 70% for me but no way was I doing 8 sets at 75%, no way
12 KB Snatch (70/55). 6 each arm – I used 45#

6 min AMRAP Of:
30 Double Unders
9 Hand stand push ups (kipping from the floor)

I got 7 rounds + 16 double unders as Rx

photo1-33 photo2-12

Saturday – I HATE working out in the morning, but Saturday morning workouts means you work out in the morning. Weird how that works. This workout was KIND OF fun because the class made it up together. Well, 3 people picked 3 movements and we went with it. This is what it looked like:

22 minute AMRAP:
400m Run
12 power cleans (155,105) – I used 85 pounds
18 overhead plate lunges (35,25) – I used 25 pounds

I got 5 rounds exactly with 5 seconds to spare.

What’s your favorite time of day to workout?

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


61 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts”

  1. LOVING your workout posts!! Keep ’em coming!! I’m dabbling more in CrossFit instead of my usual weights/running/teaching kickboxing routine. And yes, rest days are AMAZE.

  2. I workout in the morning…only because I can get it done before my 3 kids wake up and require me to go into “mom” mode! 🙂 Your workouts look amazing—I haven’t hit up a CrossFit yet. Looks like fun!

  3. I looooove early morning workouts. Like, 6:00am is prime time! Earlier means my brain hasn’t woken up enough for any self-doubt. And working knowing there’s coffee to look forward to helps too!

  4. I love these workout posts! Would you mind please sharing where you get your headbands from, especially the one in this picture? I’m always on the hunt for a new one, thanks!

  5. I CF at 6am everyday except Thurs and Sun (rest days)…. As a coach, do you have any thoughts on lifting heavy weights when your body hasn’t been awake that long?

    1. From a chiropractor’s perspective, your discs in your spine are super hydrated in the mornings meaning there is more of a likelihood to herniate a disc in the morning! But if you are lifting with proper form and not over-doing it, definitely do mornings! Nice to get it out of the way.

  6. Courtny Paxton

    My favorite time of day to work out is at 6am or 10am on Saturdays. I’m an early riser so it doesn’t bother me too much. My friends at 6am, we make it a dance party and we are like a Bad-a$$ breakfast club. You have to have fun and be energetic when you workout that early!

  7. Morning workouts are my favorite, not because I like working out in the morning (I really don’t) but because then I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want… After work anyways. Thanks for the awesome workout posts, I LOVE reading them! It’s so much fun to see the workouts that other gyms are doing.

  8. I really enjoy seeing what your workouts look like! Morning workouts aren’t my favorite during the summer, but once fall semester begins I’ll be back to working out in the morning. 5:30 am CrossFit class at my box just sounds awful right now.

  9. Hey you little crossfit princess and greetings from Helsinki! I just received your book and I’m reading it whilst chilling after doing my own WOD. 😀 I usually don’t buy paleo cookbooks but I wanted this one because I like following your story and seeing how your life becomes more and more the way you obviously want it to be like and that’s brilliant! Life is about trying things and learning and evolving. Keep it up and happy days!

  10. Did my first every back squat today – only on session 7 of CrossFit – was pretty pleased with my 40 weight, when I saw you were lifting 125 – however I have just twigged that here in the UK we use kg and you use pounds (at least I hope that explains the difference) – so I don’t feel too bad. Also did my first “Dirty Thirty” today so felt justified in some Tyrrells vegetable crisps – have you tried their Sweet Potato with Smoked Chipotle Chilli flavour – they are fantastic. Best wishes from the UK.

  11. I hate morning workouts, which is why I rarely make it to a Saturday WOD. My First pick is 4pm, if not available then I do it at 5:30pm. I have been having A LOT of rest days and modified WODs because of major shoulder issues, though 🙁 Love seeing your workouts and your fashion Friday posts!

  12. These posts are awesome!! So helpful when creating my own workouts. But you’re making me want to bite the bullet and join a crossfit gym. Poor chiropractic student 🙁

  13. ilovefetacheese

    You have amazing definition!! Even more than last year…was there something that changed or just “clicked” from last year? Solid work!

  14. I prefer early morning workouts because the gym is not as busy (compared to right after work…insane), and it starts my day on a positive note!

    Julie – You may have addressed this earlier but I missed it, so sorry for the repetition if that’s the case. Do you try to hit certain macros numbers each day? Curious how you have adjusted with your altered schedule.

    1. no, not at all. i find that if I start looking at macros or counting calories, i begin going back to my disordered eating habits so i just eat when i’m hungry, stop when i’m full, and eat what i’m craving

      1. I love that you advocate balance–in working out, in life, in food. I am stepping away from counting macros/calories, I’m not weighing myself anymore, and I have my first Crossfit class tomorrow. So tired of trying to be skinny. I want to train for me and me alone! My goal is 5 pullups by the end of the year…and a better booty haha!

  15. 6 am at CrossFit Napa Valley with my extended family! And if we crush our benchmark week, I make JB’s OMG donuts to reward our hard work!!!

  16. I love everything about you and your blog, and this just made me love it even more! So excited to see what you are doing weight wise, and gives me something to aspire to! Its also so fun to see what other gyms are doing 🙂

  17. I like working out right in the morning when I wake up because I’m not awake enough yet to think about & make excuses to not do what I’m doing before I’m doing it! And also because it gives me more energy the rest of the day and I’m in a better mood 🙂

  18. Aloha from Afghanistan!!! 🙂

    Thanks for posting your bomb diggity WODs-I may be stealing a few for the folks over here in the ‘stan, especially the EMOM 16min back squat/KB snatch WOD…..

    I’m def drooling over your food posts from the great ‘country’ of Texas (corny); I soooo miss cooking/attempting to recreate your paleo recipes from the comfort of my kitchen. Maybe I could somehow bribe the cooks at the defac into letting me whip up some paleo deliciousness….probably a No-Go.

    BTW-0415 is generally my, “Arnold”(haha) lifiting sessions (not crazy crowded with everyone on base and their brother), and 1800 is usually ideal WOD time, but then again this is just the schedule for while in the sandbox. I never can get up that early while in states; too much fun going on (aka food/some booze/ and FREEDOM to go where ever!).

  19. Rebecca Newell

    They tell me I just missed you at Picnik in Austin. I traveled from Massachusetts to get your recommended Mocha Chocolatte. It was everything you promised! Thanks for your fantastic suggestions, insight, recipes, and humor!

  20. I am LOVING your WOD posts. I go to a cross fit style gym. (not affiliated with cross fit, and a little less intense but similar workouts!)

    Anyway do you think you could do a post all about tips for beginners or just anyone in general? I think that would be so great. Maybe just plug them into your weekly WOD posts? Just a thought!

  21. Juli, thank you so much for adding the workout and the fashion, I love it all keep them coming! This post really inspired me to take more rest days. When I first started crossfit, I would take maybe one day off a week. Im hurt right now ( and the heavy load was probably why! ) but when I go back Ill take at least two days off a week. In your experience *when competing and now), how many days of rest do you feel the best with?

    1. i like 2 days per week, i feel the best that way. so sometimes i workout 3 days on 1 day off, 2 days on 1 day off. or i’ll just take 2 days off in a row. i just do what my body feels. i really like to workout, so if my body is saying don’t workout, i usually listen to it

  22. Your CrossFit transformation from badass athlete to badass daily grinder has helped me mentally with this sport SO much. I have learned to be good with both resting and lowering weights when I need to. This has helped my mental game SO much! Thank you for being so honest.

  23. When you were new to Crossfit what did you start out squatting? How long did it take you to really start putting up more weight?

    1. i honestly started with the 45# bar and worked my up by adding 5# on each side, then the next time 10#. the only problem was i started on my own in a rec center, so i didn’t have a coach at the time to help me with my form. so even though i was constantly able to put on more weight, i wasn’t doing the movements perfectly, so once I found a coach, i had to cut back weight and work my way back up to get to heavy weights again since i had to teach the muscles that hadn’t been working before

  24. The only time of day I’m able to workout is first thing in the morning sometime between 5am-7am. I don’t love getting up that early, but I definitely perform the best and, well, it’s the only available time for me. I do, however, love the feeling after my morning workout – knowing I have the whole day ahead of me and I’ve already accomplished so much. It’s a great lesson about rest days. I usually save them for Saturday and Sunday, but it’ll be something to consider during the week for the days that I’m feeling tired or worn out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Love these workout posts!! I don’t get to very many other CF gyms so seeing what you’re doing at yours (and the others you visit) is great! Your Thursday and Saturday WODs seem brutal!! In a super fun CrossFit sorta way, of course!

  26. Ok, you did 7+ rounds of doubleunders and handstand pushups in 6 minutes? That’s INSANE. Transitions alone would have taken me a full minute, even if I could do handstand pushups! Wow.

  27. Muscle up’s for the win. They are on my list of things to achieve. Currently it’s holding a handstand for 10secs, my pb is at 5secs.
    Fantastic effort.

  28. I REFUSE to workout in the morning on work days (M-F). The worst thing about being a grown up is having to wake up to an alarm, shower, do hair and makeup and put on grown up clothes and go to work…so there is no way I can do morning wods! I used to freak out if I took 2 days off instead of 1 but I’m over that now. Your muscles need time to rebuild and sometimes you just need to lay on the couch and do nothing 🙂 Love your blog!

  29. Love the addition of the weekly workouts. Interesting to hear your perspective on CF life after competing. It’s hard to balance always pushing harder vs. listening to your body and realigning your goals with your life.

    Since starting CF and paleo a little over a year ago your blog was a guiding light in the new venture. I’ve learned so much about cooking and my body in the process. Some of our favorite paleo recipes have come from your blog. They definitely helped to keep our palates interested and enjoy paleo not just do it to do it.

    Nice work! Keep crushing life and inspiring others to do the same!

  30. 3:40 on Diane in ’12, and 6:03 today??? That is rockin!!! Oh…and then you got 63 reps of them in 6 minutes all while also doing double unders!!! You must be a HSPU BEAST!!! It is truely one of my biggest weaknesses. Thanks for posting.

  31. I really like that concept on Saturday mornings! I may bring that to our coaches. I do CF at 5:15 am because I’m strange and prefer to get a WOD in before my brain figures out what I’m doing.

  32. Great post! I especially appreciate you sharing your “new life” perspective and the role rest days has played in it. I know in the past, I believe when you were competing and in the gym all the time, you had complaints about your physique (cellulite, etc.) and didn’t seem as happy in general. You seem to be in a really awesome place right now – great mindset and you look amazing! (I sure as heck don’t see any cellulite in the adorable shorts and rompers you’ve been rocking!) I know you’ve covered it a little here & there, but I’d love to hear more about all the changes you made and how you found that sweet spot, so to speak. Okay, hopefully I didn’t get way too personal on you in a weird internet-stalker sorta way. :/

  33. I love to work out in the mornings, but with my job I have to take the time of day I can make it work. The best time tends to be evenings. precooking a lot of the recipes you post and making shakes helps!

    Thank you for posting fitness, fashion and food. I look forward to your new posts!

  34. I used to only wod in the morning at 5 am but after getting a new job and my first baby, I have to workout in the evening now…. and I LOVE it!! I feel stronger and more lean now. I don’t know why other than I’m not working out while fasted and maybe lower cortisol?

  35. I love to workout in the morning. I am more of a morning person, but I also like to work early, and get off early. So I had to change my gym time. I used to work out in the mornings, which I realized I am not fully awake sometimes. We had box jumps, and I missed (was lazy)…and gashed my shin open pretty good. I gave up mornings after that ;), I usually hit the gyms in the afternoon 3:30pm if possible, otherwise I hite 4:30. I work in an office, so it gives me a boost to get things accomplished at home in the evenings. I find it gives me enough time to do some errands and food prep at night along with other household stuff.

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