Weekly Workouts

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Normal week of workouts. I’ve been in my normal routine of resting Mondays and Fridays in order to skip squat days at our gym. I definitely get judged for that sh*t within the CrossFit community, but I don’t really care. I make my own rules with paleo, I’ll make my own rules with CrossFit. The only time I really get sore with squats is when I do more than 100 of them anyways. Because I’m just not very strong with them. So staying with lighter weight and higher reps seems to work better for my body. And joints. Only gettin’ older over here.

This week I want to talk a little bit about post workout nutrition. I personally don’t follow any sort of post workout nutrition. Sometimes I’ll make a shake with Formulx protein powder, almond milk and bananas when I have a workout that makes me feel like I’m going to die. But other than that, I don’t drink or eat anything post workout, other than water because I just don’t want it. Since I no longer do multiple workouts in a day, I just feel like eating or drinking something when I feel like it is the better idea. No point in forcing something down if your body doesn’t want it.

So what do you like to eat or drink post workout? Or do you not eat/drink anything at all? What has been your experience with post workout nutrition?

Sunday – 

5 Rounds For Time Of:

15 Toes To Bar
12 Burpees
7 clean and jerk (155/105) – I used 85#
50 double unders

1 min REST Between Rounds.

I finished in 22:14

Monday – Rest day. You know. Because it’s squats day. And I’m not into squats. Unless it’s over light weight and 150 squats. Instead I got a ton of work done for my newest project! All day in the kitchen and on the computer means LOTS of work done!

Tuesday – Loved this workout!

14 mins: Power Clean into Hang Squat Clean into Push Jerk – I got to 135#


For Time:
3 Clean and Jerk (225/155) – I used 105#
30 Wall Ball
30 KB Swings (70/55) – I used 45#
3 C & J 
20 Wall Ball
20 KB Swings 
3 C & J
10 Wall Ball
10 KB Swings
3 C & J

I finished the workout in 9:06 using 105# for clean and jerk and 45# for kettebell swings. I probably should have gone up to 115# for the clean and jerk.

Wednesday – I love getting to practice muscle ups when it’s not in a workout. All I have to concentrate on is my movement, not getting through the actual workout. It’s just great practice. But my favorite part of the whole workout was doing deficit handstand push ups. I’m pretty good at doing kipping handstand push ups, so I pushed myself a little bit more in this workout by doing deficit handstand push ups. Not really by choice, but I’m glad I did it.

Deadlifts: 3-3-3-3. Add as you go. – I got to 195#

Between sets: 6 Muscle Ups or Bar Muscle Ups, both with an extra dip at the top or 8 C2B Pull Ups & 8 Dips – I did 3 muscle ups each time, without an extra dip because my boobs aren’t a fan of dips.


2 Rounds For Time Of:
400m Run
400m Row

I finished in 10:54 doing handstand push ups on 35# plates, so with a 2-3 inch deficit 

Thursday – This was by far the worst workout of the week. We don’t do pistols very often at the gym and my ankles are pretty much the worst ankles ever, so keeping my heels on on the ground while doing pistols is close to impossible. But thankfully, this day was one of my better ankle days so I did all the pistols Rx. Which means I’m still sore today, 4 days later. How does my ass not look any different? Makes no sense. 

3 Rounds For Time Of:
20 Alternating Pistols
10 Hang Power Cleans (185/130) – I used 115#

I finished in 6:49

When Clock Hits 9 mins:

3 RFT Of:
20 Toes To Bar
10 OH Squats (155/105) – I used 75#

I finished in 7:52

When Clock Hits 18 mins:

3 RFT Of:
20 KB Thrusters (70/55) – 10 each arm – I used a 35# KB
50 Double Unders

I finished in 6:40

Friday – Rest day!! You know what that means…project work! This project work day was actually a little more fun because it included a photo shoot! I teamed up with Andrea Flanagan to take some pictures with Jackson, with food, and with some fun outfits. Can’t wait to share them with you!

Saturday – 

21-15-9 Reps For Time Of:
Front Squats (135/95) – I used 85#

5 mins REST THEN

15-12-9 Reps For Time Of:
Power Cleans (185/125) – I used 105#
50 Double Unders after each set

I finished the entire workout in 17:00

Now let’s chat post workout nutrition. GO!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


27 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts”

  1. In an attempt to gain weight, I’ve been eating before workouts, even if I don’t want to. Usually I’ll have banana + almond butter or sweet potato + almond butter or dates + …. you get the idea. I workout at 6am, so instead of post-workout food I just eat breakfast. I make sure to have carbs in it. My recent kick has been white potatoes, but sometimes it’s be bluebs.

  2. My goals have changed over past few months. My original goal was recovery while training for an event. When my goal was recovery I made sure to eat some carbs and protein, usually in real food form of a shake if no other choice. Then post event my diet derailed a little and I made my goal fat loss. I decide not to eat anything post WOD to aid that. Worst idea ever. My muscles are SO insanely sore if I don’t eat some carbs and protein after I workout. So sticking to some carbs (plaintains or sweet potato, or WHITE potato woooooooahh) and then some protein. I’ll do a shake if I have to 🙁 Really digging Teras grass fed vanilla whey with half of a plaintain, some almond milk, and some coffee extract, with ice cubes. could just freeze the plaintain too.

  3. I’m never hungry immediately after a CF workout. I usually workout around 5/6pm. When I get home I might have some coconut water mixed with pomegranate juice and then eat dinner once I’m hungry around 8/8:30 pm.

  4. I’m like you. I don’t really HAVE to eat after a workout unless I’m feeling famished or like it really took a lot out of me. If I do eat, it’s usually a banana if it was hard cardio session or a protein shake of some sort if it was a hard strength session.

    I know they say you should eat within 20-30 minutes blah blah blah, but being so regimented about what I eat and when I eat just seems unnecessary to me since my overall goal is to just be healthy, not super jacked or anything.

  5. I eat my breakfast immediately after I workout, 5-6 or 6:30 workout into eggs and sweet potato hash yumminess, and it has made my recovery waaaaaaay better. I have read the science, and love stupideasypaleo’s book and blogs on the topic, but the bottom line is how I feel. And having the carb reload after helps so much, especially as I’m going hard every am and getting a few night workouts or runs in, working full time, mom duties, etc. I even got the little sweet potato baby foods for if I need it and won’t have time to cook up a feast (ie, didn’t prep it).

  6. I’m loving these workout posts! Fun to compare what your crossfit gym does compared to the one I go to. And on days I can’t make it, I’ve got a reference to look at for workouts! I have whey protein after some workouts but I’m similar to you with not feeling super hungry after a workout. Usually workout at 6 and eat around 7:30-8.

  7. I usually eat a meal right after a workout. Almost always have a lot of protein and a carb. I don’t crossfit. I lift heavy, box and do power yoga. I need real food (not liquid) after because I am usually pretty hungry.

  8. I never used to have anything Post-wod and started off okay but I soon found myself dragging so hard throughout the day. But you got me into Formulx protein! so now sometimes I’ll have a simple shake with that and some almond milk. Sometimes I’ll throw in some beets or a banana when Im feeling jazzy

  9. I ride both the a Progenex and Formulx trains, depending on the day. Can’t thank you enough for introducing me to Formulx – put a scoop of vanilla plus 8oz coconut water and a handful of frozen mixed berries in the blender… It’s incredible!

  10. I think it’s funny that you mentioned how your boobs don’t like dips. We are always laughing and making fun of how dips make our boobs go into our armpits (especially if they’re fake boobs!) I’m sure that was TMI for the men reading this (just try not to get caught or punched the next time you look at a female doing dips trying to see if her boobs go into her armpits) but it totally does happen. .

  11. I try to stay away from shakes (mostly because my stomach doesn’t agree with them) so I usually make pre- and postWOD muffins and bring with me on workout days. For preWOD I mix minced meat with a little bit of egg and spices (usually some kind of homemade taco seasoning) and for postWOD I mix egg white with shredded sweet potato and cinnamon. Omitting the egg yolks is not for fear of cholesterol, I just want to get the fluffy meringue feel to them 🙂

  12. I’m never hungry after a workout but since I wokrout on consecutive days I feel like I have to eat something.. problem is I eat a rather large snack before the gym to make sure I have enough energy, and am not hungry at all post workout (Around 9.30 pm). I try to make egg whites with spinach but then as soon as I start eating, hunger strikes and I overeat… so now I’m trying to not eat anything to stop those binges..

  13. “How does my ass not look any different? Makes no sense. ” lolz! I think the same thing everytime I am sore (which is like every other day)! It could be the cheating I do on the weekends…but oh well. I wod at 6pm (98% of the time) so I cook dinner and eat by 8 and that seems to work for me.

  14. Morning workouts I have protein right after wod, then I can delay my big breakfast a few hours later. Evening wods, I just do protein but on hot days add some coconut water.

  15. I’m a Progenex snob. If I feel like straight death after a workout, or it’s an oly lift only day (2x/week), I’ll drink strawberry Progenex Recovery. On the days I’m just tired I’ll have a FitAid

  16. I actually eat a little higher fat post workout and do a higher carb pre. But I keep it close to my regular meal schedule, so not typically right after a workout but maybe an hour or so after. All depends on how I feel!
    Fav. pre workout :
    Almond milk
    SFH chocolate whey
    Cacao powder
    A little stevia to taste

    ps. Julie – can you talk about how you got good at food pics? 🙂 Sounds really silly but I’m always curious how to do it myself and make it reflect something edible. Thanks!

    1. I partly read the book ‘from plate to pixel’ and I bought a canon, but honestly, I don’t do very much with pictures because I don’t care to learn. I use automatic on my Canon and just usually take pictures outside or near a sunlight window. That’s about it. I wish I had more advice but I just don’t care about the pictures that much haha

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