Weekly Workouts

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Here’s a little question to ponder over for a second. Why do they serve whole cans of soda but give people who want water 1 plastic cup that’s full of 2 sips? Riddle me that?!

You know what really ruffles my feathers? Other than the lack of water on airplanes. When people just think things come easy for others. Like the other day when I was in a gym, I had a guy tell me it must be nice to be in natural good shape. Natural good shape? Uh no, bro. I didn’t play sports growing up, I didn’t like to eat healthy, and I didn’t enjoy working out. I’m not naturally fit. I didn’t come from a family of fit people, I’m definitely not coordinated and it takes me a good amount of time to build muscle and shape. But what I’ve learned because of CrossFit and paleo, is patience. I’m patient and I stick with what I know works. Paleo works. Clean food is what the body wants. CrossFit works. Because you’re constantly doing something different, confusing the body, and training hard with cardio and weights. But even though I’ve had trouble with both, I’ve stuck with both of them. I’ve had to figure out what foods work best for my body and in what amount. And I’m sure I’ll have to do it again as I age and as my hormones change. Same thing with CrossFit. I fell in love with it as I saw my body change and lose weight then began competing, but at some point I wasn’t happy with the weight I had gained from training so hard, so I changed up my CrossFit routine and figured it out again. I didn’t just say, “Paleo/CrossFit didn’t work for me.” Because, well, I’m patient. That sh*t does work and if I would have given up on it when it wasn’t working in that exact moment, that one day, that one month, well…I wouldn’t be where I am today, in “natural good shape.”

Sure, some people have certain genetics that may help them in some ways. Like, lets say Michael Phelps. He’s long as f*ck which definitely helps him in the water, but he didn’t make it to the olympics but sitting on his ass and saying that others are just naturally better at swimming than him. No, he put the blood, sweat, tears and weed into those gold medals.

So why the heck am I saying all this crap? Because as human beings, we compare ourselves. We always want what we don’t have, instead of appreciating how far we’ve come or where we could be. We have no idea what the future has to hold so why aren’t we working for that future we want right now? Stop thinking that someone has it easier than you or someone is luckier, stop the bullsh*t. You were given what you were given and now you can morph that in any way you decide. Stop making excuses, stop wishing, stop hoping. Make the effort, do the work, take the steps to get where you want to be. There will be bumps along the road and there will be things in your way, but if you have the patience, the determination, and the drive to get there, you will.

Sunday – Rest Day


12 minute AMRAP:

200m run

50 double unders

15 burpees

I got 4 rounds


12 dumbbell hammer curls

12 dumbbell tricep kickbacks

12 dumbbell strict press

20 ghd sit ups



Then 5×3 back squats – I worked up to 165#


Snatch: EMOM x 8, 1 Snatch. Start at 60% and build to 85% during the 7 mins.

THEN Immediately into: 8 mins to find a new 1 Rep Max Snatch. – I got to 130#

“Haut Monkey and the  DST”

5 Rounds For Time Of: (13 min time cap)

12 Deadlift (135/95)

9 Hang Power Snatch (135/95)

6 OH Squats (135/95)

I finished in 10:00 at 85#

Wednesday – Rest Day


3 rounds of: 20 ghd sit ups and 20 reverse hypers (video here)

Deadlift: 18 mins to find a new 1 Rep Max. – I got to 225#

Then With A Partner, Total Reps / Calories in 14 mins. One person works at a time:

100 Cal Bike

100 Box Overs (24/20)

100 Cal Row

100 Hand Release Push Ups

Me and my partner got through 53 push ups


Front Squat: 18 mins to find a new 1 Rep Max.- I got to 160#

Then 10 min AMRAP Of: (video here)

20 Toes 2 Bar

20 HSPU (kipping allowed)

20 Pull Ups

20 Burpees

I got 2 rounds + 5 toes to bar RX

Saturday – Travel day to Jamaica!!


At Home or Hotel Gym Workout:


Dumbbell thrusters


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


24 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts”

  1. I love this! Your workouts look awesome. I hope you’re having a great time on your trip, congratulations!!!!

    #1, you are absolutely right about airlines and soda. I have no idea why you are given a whole can of soda, but water is rationed. I found this out the hard way as a (very thirsty) breastfeeding mom of twins on a 9 hour flight to Hawaii – I had to bother them every 8 seconds for a thimble-full of water.

    #2, you are awesome. You work so hard for your body, and I hate that someone said that to you. Like you, I have to work really hard, not naturally athletic, etc. I hate when someone minimizes the effort people put in!!!!

    1. I second Ashley’s thoughts and am showering Juli with applause! I was going to leave my own comment but this comment gave all my thoughts away 🙂

  2. Love your week of workouts! Looks solid and there are a few of them that I took a screen shot of (time to switch up my routine – I’ve turned my Crossfit into a routine as I’ve been sticking to the movements that I enjoy…instead of working on the movements that need improvement).

    LOVE the talk on Natural Good Shape! It’s just easier for people to assume than to believe others actually DO take their health SO seriously.

    Also, the airplane … ugh. It’s the worst! I started asked for Club Soda and always for a whole can + a ‘side’ of water.

  3. Thank you for the great post! And the hilarious “weed” comment. That really made me chuckle! Can you refer me to previous posts about changing your Crossfit workouts? I know I saw something about how you adapted them to slim down (these are my words, not yours) and not bulk up a long time ago.

  4. I’ve found that when I bring my Nalgene to the rear flight attendants’ cabin between beverage services, the attendants are more than happy to fill my bottle with ice and water. Congratulations, and have a fabulous time in Jamaica!

  5. I am new to it all Paleo and Cross Fit.
    I am a long time suffer, I have not liked what I see in the mirror for a very long time and I suffer internally with food in general.
    I am ready for a life change, one that will help heal me inside and out.

    The motivation, support, resources and encouragement that I have seen on this site/blog/community has been amazing and sealed the deal for my choice.

    I am a newbee to Paleo and Cross Fit, any tips from anyone would be great. I am concerned about bulking up, I really do not want to do that.
    I am going to journal my journey and hopefully look up one day……….and be happy.

    1. it’s all about the journey! if it doesn’t suck sometimes, it probably won’t be worth it. i would recommend finding yourself an AWESOME CrossFit gym that supports you and knows what they are doing. and with paleo, just get cooking. the only way you can get better at something is by doing it all the time. so start cooking for yourself and trying recipes from blog and cookbooks. before you know it, it will feel like second nature!

  6. Hi Juli! I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of supplements you use to supplement your fitness regimen – protein/vitamins/amino acids. Any insight you have would be great!



  7. I know this post is a little old, but I appreciate it so much. I sometimes forget how far I have come in my weight loss story. I start to compare myself to every girl that has a flatter stomach than me. I’ve been eating Paleo for 4 years now and appreciate the way I feel everyday. I am not a fan of working out, hence the none flat stomach. I also used to be 70 lbs over weight. This post is great, don’t expect results from doing nothing.

  8. I know I am a little late to the party, as I just recently found your page and have been going back and reading all your older posts, but I just gotta say I absolutely love this one! You said everything so perfectly. I also laughed pretty hard at the weed part you snuck in there about Phelps!

    Love your blog so much girl!

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