Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

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Ohmygerrrrrd. Jet lag is real. I’ve been waking up at 2 or 3am every morning the past few nights, ever since I got back from France, and it’s so damn annoying. You can’t do anything at 3am when your husband is still asleep and you live in a small house. That would just be rude. So instead I just sit there, in hopes of falling back asleep. The struggle is real.

Anywho, today is a little different here on the blog because I’m bringing back the What I Ate in a Day section of my Weekly Workouts. I was very hesitant to do this and I still am, for a couple reasons:

  1. I don’t track my food so I often don’t even remember everything I ate.
  2. I am always judged that I eat too little or too much.
  3. I feel like I have to explain what I ate and why, and that seems super unhealthy to me.
  4. People play the comparison game which is silly since my diet has nothing to do with theirs.

I don’t want posts like this to ever make someone feel insecure or get them into an unhealthy state, but I do know that posts like this also give people ideas of what to make for meals at home. I’ve felt pretty torn about all of it so I’ve just decided to do posts like this one maybe once a month. But I’d like to emphasize something –

  • My diet has nothing to do with you. Because our bodies are completely different. Our needs are different, our genetics are different, and our daily activity/resting metabolic rate is different. Just because I eat a certain portion size doesn’t mean you should. YOU need to learn to listen to your body and what it is asking for. Stop comparing or worrying that your portion sizes are too small or too big. Just eat what YOUR body needs and wants. Getting to know your own body is what will lead you to longterm, healthy lifestyle and bodyweight.

I don’t count macros or calories or obsess about every snack I have along the way. I just try to listen to my body, eat until I’m satisfied but not overly full, and stay away from sugar and alcohol as much as possible. Not all of those things happen all the time, but I try my best most days! And if you ever need more meal ideas, be sure to check out these four posts –

Sunday – Rest Day/Travel to Paris

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – Workout in Burgundy – video coming to instagram soon

5 rounds of:

  • 20 Walking Lunges
  • 10 Pausing High Knees
  • 5x of 3 Glute Bridge into 3 Single Leg Glute Bridge per side
  • 10 180 Squat Jumps
  • 20 Crab Position Toe Touches

Thursday – Workout in Burgundy – see workout here

3 rounds of:

  • 200m Run Down
  • 15 Push Ups
  • 200m Run Back
  • 30 Mountain Climber Taps
  • 200m Run Down
  • 15 Burpee Pops
  • 200m Run Back
  • 20 Snap Climbers

Then 1.5 hour bike ride and an hour hike afterwards

Friday – Rest Day/Travel back to Colorado

Saturday – HIIT Tabata Workout – see workout here

6 rounds of 40 sec on 20 sec rest:

  • Floor to Shoulder KB Swings
  • 5 Step Jump into 10 Fast Feet
  • Double Kettlebell Swings
  • Forward and Back Step Down Lunges


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What I Ate in a Day:

Once I woke up, I started my day off how I always do – with coffee at 6am. I made a hot cup of nespresso with a tablespoon or so of heavy cream, some liquid stevia and a heaping tablespoon of collagen.

Before my 8:30am boxing class, I had 1/2 peanut butter Perfect Foods Bar.

After my workout, I had brunch around 10:30am – Butcherbox pork sausage then I made a cauliflower rice mixture with raisins, bell pepper, green onions, parsley, mint, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

PaleOMG What I Ate in a Day

Around 3:30pm, I had a snack which was a small bowl full of the cauliflower rice mixture and some sliced pickles.

For dinner around 6pm, I had a Pabellon arepa at Quiero Arepas – masa corn cake, beef, beans, plantains, mozzarella, and guascaca!

PaleOMG What I Ate in a Day


I may be compensated through affiliate links in this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for your support with PaleOMG!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


34 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day”

  1. I like your what I ate in a day posts! They always give me knew ideas or remind me of something that I used to make and forgot about. That cauliflower rice mixture looks so good and are flavors I wouldn’t have thought to put together. Also, I totally forgot about arepas and am definitely going to have to make some this week. Screw the haters!

  2. No criticism here…love your page. But, is it correct to say that you’re not strict paleo? If not, how much do you deviate? Just curious. I like seeing the ‘what I ate’ ….it’s just a helpful reference point. Thanks! Also, I used to live in Colorado and you might want to try New Wash shampoo (I saw your hair post)…it’s so dry out west and that really helped my itchy scalp!

    1. i’m not strict paleo and i also really have no clue how much i deviate from it. if i’m at home with my normal routine, i stay gluten free and pretty close to paleo because i’m making all my meals myself and have the normal restaurants i go to. if i’m traveling in the US, i’m a little more lenient with my eating but still stay gluten free. and when i’m traveling internationally, i eat whatever i want because they actually take care of their crops and animals far better than the US. hope that helps!

  3. I love reading your “what I ate” posts, Juli! They are actually some of my favourite posts! This holds even though I eat very different from you (though I am paleo-primal). I don’t expect my eating patterns to look like yours – we have totally different bodies and lifestyles. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your “what I eat in a day”. I look forward to that as it gives me new ideas. (Ex: why have I never thought of cauli rice tabbouli?! Yummmm!!!)
    I did have a question about when to eat. Sometimes, it’s time for breakfast or even lunch, but I’m just not hungry. Have you ever eaten, even though you weren’t necessarily hungry, just cause you knew it was an opportune time and you knew it’d help fuel yourself for your later workout? Just curious. Don’t know if that’s too personal.

    1. i do that all the time. pretty often i’m not hungry for breakfast since my appetite has been suppressed by coffee, but i still eat something because i know it’s what my body needs and i’ll feel better later on because of it. especially before an early morning workout – i know i’ll feel better throughout the workout if i have a little something in my stomach. i’m not great when it comes to fasting, it doesn’t work well with my body and mind.

  5. Arepas are amazing! Will think about adding that to my menu one of these weeks. Thanks for sharing your day of workout and food. No judgment is a requirement. Love the blog!

  6. I love reading the “what i ate in a day” posts. They give me inspiration for what I can make for my husband and I, and I’m always looking for easy new meals especially.

  7. I would always look forward to your weekly What I Ate in a Day posts! Love stealing your meal and snack ideas. I also like seeing how you tackle healthy eating while traveling. Happy to see another daily eating post. : )

  8. I feel the same as what most everyone else has expressed! I always love reading your, “What I ate in a day” posts! I just like them because it’s encouraging to see what realistic days look like for fitness and nutrition influencers. Not that I compare, but that it is reassuring that somedays look busy and messy and left overs just thrown together while other days are crafted more carefully.

  9. I also love seeing your what you ate in a day posts. You prove that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and a fit body by not having to track every morsel of food as long as you are being mindful and making good choices. These were fantastic reminders about listening to your body, eating nutritious foods and also being accountable to yourself by not overeating. You can still eat out and make good choices and also eat foods you love within these simple “bright lines” of a good relationship with food. Thanks for this! I also love the cauliflower rice recipes you post as I just love cauliflower rice so new ideas of what to do with it are awesome!

    1. for sure!! i think that’s why i don’t often share these kinds of posts, because when I know I’m going to share them, i start obsessing that day about what i’m eating and how much so i can share an accurate description of the meal. i just prefer to eat and move on instead of obsessing over how many plantain chips i had. just not my style anymore. but thanks for the support Liza!

  10. I really look forward to these posts! I find them helpful for new ideas and they inspire me to be more creative rather than just eating the same ol stuff on the daily. I’m sorry that sharing your daily meals has been a source of stress for you. You are so right, that every body/metabolism is different and depending on genetics, metabolism, daily activity, etc. we all have different needs.

    1. i’ve just received so much hate and been put on blast in the past for my eating habits and i also never want my own food choices to be a source of anxiety for someone who is trying to find their own food routine. but i know it can be helpful for food ideas so i will definitely do it from time to time!

  11. That cauliflower rice mixture is epic! I had not considered mixing sweet with savory for cauli rice! Such a good idea, I will definitely be trying this.

    Do you find that the HIIT workouts make you extra hungry? I can’t seem to tame my hunger after HIIT workouts!

    Thanks for these diaries, I love getting new ideas from what others are eating. <3

    1. not really. i find my appetite is pretty constant most days unless i’m on my period. no matter if i’m lifting, hiit, boxing, yoga, etc. it’s always pretty much the same! but that’s not true for everyone, obviously

  12. I second all of the comments above – getting a glimpse into the way someone who I know is balanced about their approach to healthy diet and exercise, and is a role model of sorts for me, is a great way to get fresh ideas and to remind myself to be balanced myself! Thanks so much for sharing! Would love a podcast on that kind of stuff too – maybe something like a more in-depth / deep dive about the ups and downs of how you eat – love it when you share about enjoying travel but then balance that with reigning it back in at home – how to do that without feeling deprived or operating without a fear of various foods is always so refreshing to hear you speak to!

    1. i’ll definitely keep those topics in mind, becky!! i’m planning to start recording less podcast episodes and explore more video like IGTV and instagram lives, where I can chat through these topics with other people involved, instead of talking through it on a podcast where I can’t interact with people much!

      1. Thank you!! I just left you a comment on the newest podcast post about the shift in direction. Love love love that you’re going to be talking more about this stuff, but I do hope there will be a way for people like me who can’t stomach the social media use / app in their daily life, to at least view, and ideally participate! Maybe things can be cross-posted on youtube and/or your blog?? I follow a couple that does vlogs on youtube but it seems like they do a lot of “live” interactive video where they are live on FB and YouTube, and maybe Insta, too at the same time??? Not sure how you’d follow all the questions coming in from 3 platforms, but it’s cool that people can pick and choose how to view.

  13. Pabellon arepas are life! When you’re back in Phoenix, you need to track down the Que Chevere food truck. SO GOOD.

    Also, I love your ‘What I Ate In A Day’ posts. It’s refreshing to see someone who has a healthy relationship with food, who eats when they’re hungry, and isn’t ruled by macros or meal timing. Maybe I’ll get there one day… 🙂

  14. Juli – I’ve been following you for many years and love that you have been so open around your relationship with food. Screw the haters. I appreciate your “what I ate in a day” posts. They give me new ideas – and encourage me to eat more veggies (even for breakfast!). But I totally understand the need for keeping a healthy relationship with food and not obsessing over what you are eating.
    Keep being your awesome self!

  15. Hey Juli! I love your posts around what you eat because you are so real about your fitness and health journey. No Fit Teas, gimmicks, or BS low cal talk. As I’m on my own journey to be more intuned with what my body really needs and wants, what helped you figure this out? Any podcast you already recorded or good books to check out to help you become more of an intuitive eater? I’m trying to get there and let go of all the diet BS to live a healthy life. I have weight to lose but feel like the obsession with food can make the situation worse at times. Thanks, in advance, for your advice and time! Also, glad you had a blast in France! My boyfriend and I just lived in Biarritz, France for 11 months. Now in Thailand for 3.5 months. ?

    1. i think the paleo solution was the best book i could have ever read to help me fully understand food and what it did to the body. but more than anything, i have just figured out my body with TIME. i listen to what it wants, i remove specific foods to test and retest, and i try to figure out what satisfied feels like compared to full. when i feel full, i recognize what foods i ate and how much and i know to not do that in the future. that doesn’t always happen but i try my best! i find that when i don’t obsess about my weight and the food i’m eating, i actually lose weight. it’s when i’m obsessing and constantly worrying that my weight that i put weight on. but that book was truly life changing for me!

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