Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

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Sunday – Last day in Mexico which means it was time to feel back to normal after drink ALL THE DRINKS. So I got back in the gym first thing in the morning and busted out something pretty quick before hopping back in the pool!

5 rounds of:

5 push ups on dumbbells

5 front squats with dumbbells

5 push ups on dumbbells

5 front squats with dumbbells

10 burpees

Then 3 rounds as fast as you can:

20 jumping lunges

20 in and outs on the bench

Monday – CrossFit Class

16 mins to find a challenging: Double Hang Snatch. Must hold on. – I only got to 95# and my knee was killing me

Then 10 min AMRAP Of:

3 Power Cleans (185/125)

3 Front Squats (185/125)

3 Push Jerks (185/125)

I ended up modifying after 7 rounds because my knee was really bugging me. I think my hips are pretty tight after all the traveling I’ve been doing and long hours in an airplane. So I ended up changing to 9 deadlift, 3 power cleans, and 3 push jerks. I ended at 11 rounds at 75#.

Then a little butt workout dessert with 5 rounds of:

15 deficit kettlebell deadlift (see video on left side – I have no idea what they are called)

50 toe tops to bench

15 butt blast jumps (1 rep is one squat on floor and one squat on benches) (see video on right side – I have no idea what they are called)

Tuesday – CrossFit Class

5 Sets Of: (for total ring dips). (10 mins)

Max Effort Strict Ring Dips – I did my dips on paralletes with my feet raised

Once you come off rings, 14 Alternating Dumbell Step Ups – 24″/20″ Box (As heavy as possible)

REST 30 sec then back on rings.

Then 4 Rounds For Time Of:

400m Run

KB Carry (70’s / 55’s)

60 Double Unders

Wednesday – Travel day to San Diego then a book signing at Warwicks in La Jolla


Thursday – I fully thought I would workout that day, but after having a slight panic attack about my dead computer and trying to get all my posts ready to go for next week for you guys, working out took a back seat. Thankfully I got up early and got after it on Friday!

Friday -Workout at my friends house. She had a treadmill, bike, elliptical and a pair of 10# dumbbells to work with. So this is what I came up with:

30 minute AMRAP of:

400m run

20 hand release push ups

30 tuck jumps

20 bicep curls with dumbbells

50 mountain climbers

20 jumping lunges

Then a book signing at Pages Bookstore in LA!


Saturday – Rest day with a cooking demo in the morning at Surfas Culinary District in Costa Mesa then head straight to Escondido to a Mac Store to talk to the people at the Genius Bar about my computer that refuses to turn on. Or work. Or charge. Or do anything. Perfect timing with my computer breaking while traveling for the next 20 days straight and trying to make sure you guys get new recipes. BUT DON’T YOU WORRY, I’ve been blogging from my friend’s computer until I get a new computer. So I’ll make sure to make it happen no matter what!


Huge thank you to everyone who came out this past week for book tour! Don’t forget that we still have San Fran tonight, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Texas! Click here for all details!


So I’ve decided to bring back “What I ate in a day” posts to help share what I eat and how much. I’ve received a lot of questions at book signings about portion sizes and figuring out how much to eat so I wanted to share a post once in a while. And I thought it would be fun to show you what it’s like to eat while on book tour since most meals are eaten out and not home cooked.

I used to do these sort of posts because I got a lot of mean judgement from people. I notice that people usually are judgmental when they are insecure about their own eating habits. So I’m here to tell you that everyone eats differently, everyone works out differently, and everyone has a different metabolism. Just because this is what I eat doesn’t mean it would work for you. I’m not a dietician, I’m not telling you what YOU should eat, I’m just sharing what works for me and has made me feel and look my best!

Here’s a peek at what Thursday’s meal looked like! I didn’t have time to workout that day after scrambling to figure out the computer situation, so I ate less than I probably usually would since I wasn’t as hungry.

Breakfast at 9am: 1 chicken apple sausage, 2 eggs over easy, probably about 1 cup of diced fresh mango (this picture is from Friday which included parsnip fries but I wanted you to have a picture to see what Thursday looked like without the fries)


Snack around 11am: 1/2 a peanut butter cookie larabar (yes, I know peanuts aren’t paleo but it doesn’t bother me)

Lunch at 2:30pm at Rutabegorz in Orange: Huge salad with greens, chicken, candied walnuts, cranberries, mandarin oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, and blue cheese with balsamic vinaigrette on the side. Used about 1/2 of the dressing. Washed it down with unsweetened peach iced tea.


Snack around 4:30pm: 3-4 handfuls of gluten free Milton’s everything crackers (yes, I do know it’s not paleo)

Dinner at 7pm: 2 chicken thighs, parsnip fries, garlic potatoes, and steamed broccoli


Dessert at 9:30pm: 10-12 dark chocolate covered raisins

I drank A TON of iced tea and water through the day. I keep a 32 ounce water bottle with me so I keep up with my water drinking throughout the day. The more, the better!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


23 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day”

  1. Love this! Paleo is a template, man. The purists need not apply to me because i eat like you. If I can tolerate it, I have it occasionally. Thanks for sharing this again because I need new ideas for breakfast and lunch and its always helpful to see what others “throw” together! Love the new book and the Lulu leggings in the treadmill pic. – Jen

  2. Can you include what your man eats? My hubs eats a lot (but mostly breakfast/dinner), and it’d be helpful to see what other paleo guys eat.

  3. I’m so glad you did a What I Ate post, I missed those. Looks like a great day of eats. I also love your weekly workout posts too. Have a good day

  4. LOVE this, so glad you shared! Screw the haters- whatever you’re eating/doing is clearly working because you always look amazing and so healthy! I’m new to the paleo community (just found out that I have a gluten allergy, as well as an issue with lactose and some FODMAPs), so it’s nice to see someone so open and welcoming. I’ve had a hard time with the “my way or the highway” version of paleo some other people promote- what is the point of life if you can never have another gluten-free baked good??? Keep doing what you’re doing and sharing these posts! PS- I wish your book tour was coming to Nashville!

  5. Thanks for doing this! I oddly enjoy seeing what other people eat in a day! Quick question, do you ever track your food to see if you are eating enough/too much? Do you try to hit a specific number of cals or macros in a day? Or, are you more of an intuitive eater?

    1. No tracking for me! I just try to have a protein, carb and fat at every large meal. So I just eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m satisfied. That’s the best way for me since figuring out macros or counting anything leads me to a sort of disordered eating pattern.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing what you ate in a day! I’m still trying to lose weight, years after discovering paleo, and sometimes it gets me in a bad mood. I weight lift and cycle as well.

    Do you instagram your plates? I know it sounds like a ‘trendy’ thing to do, but I know a lot of us would really love it!

  7. Hi Juli!

    I just wanted to take a second to write you since I’ve been following your blog for about 5 years (about the same time I started paleo and my own blog!) and I haven’t really interacted much on the site.

    Over the years, it’s been really amazing to watch your journey with paleo, competing, dating, and ultimately learning how to enjoy your life and honor your body. I know so many people are asking you for advice on how you got your “new bod”, but I find the most inspirational part of your story is the story itself. Witnessing the effort you put into your training, how hard you’ve worked on your career, and now the embrace of moderation and mindfulness. There is a joy that seems to radiate from every picture and post. (I partially #blamejackson, dogs are the best.) That’s what’s inspiring.

    For the people who want to look like you, I would suggest that instead of trying to figure out what’s your “secret special food and training plan” they focus on how they want to FEEL. because when I read your posts explaining how you relaxed your stance on crossfit and moderated your eating, what I hear is someone who decided they wanted to feel happy, healthy, and free. Someone who wanted to enjoy life, not force it into predetermined goal or specific size.

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey, your joy, and you recipes with us!

    1. thank you so much for this amazing comment. it’s so nice to get to a point that i’m not worry about every little thing and not doing everything “perfect” because now i’m 10 times happier than i ever was before when i was trying to do things how other people did them. now i just do me. i don’t compare, i don’t watch what others are doing and try to be like them, i just try to be the best me. so thank you for noticing that. and thank you so much for supporting that journey while some have left. you absolutely rock!

  8. I hope you get your computer fixed soon! There’s nothing more irritating than having electronics not work when you need them to!

    Love the “What I Ate in a Day”! That salad looks amazing!

    When you travel, do you make it a point to hit up a grocery store? Or do you bring stuff with you? Both?

  9. So thankful for this post. I’ve been struggling so much lately and was just thinking the other day how I missed your “what I ate” posts. I feel I’m so hungry now that I’ve incorporated more weight lifting than I’m used to. (Nothing crazy but I really didn’t do much before).

    Been Paleo for 3 years and initially dropped weight and body fat – but recently I’ve been suffering with Leaky Gut so I’m trying to get my portions and habits back. Wedding next year so the pressure is on. Love seeing these posts and hope you continue to share. You look great and I’m so happy you’re happy in your own skin!

  10. What are in and outs on a bench?

    PS I’ve made sooo many of your recipes from the new cookbook (pizza, chunky monkey smoothie, pumpkin bread, hazelnut spread, parsnip fries, sesame wings, nut butter pie, chocolate cake with frosting, ranch dressing, amazing sweet potatoes and probably more that I am forgetting- but they are soo tasty!)

  11. Hi Juli!

    I just had to say thank you so much for all the helpful information on your blog! I’ve been using your recipes for weeknight dinners for my husband and I and they are all delicious, easy and have helped with meal planning tremendously!
    I have been STRUGGLING with losing the last 8-10 lbs of body fat that my body does not want to get rid of! Yourv workouts and this “what I ate” are much appreciated and keep me motivated to keep trying! You are an inspiration (not to mention funny)!!

  12. So i’ve glanced at your blog before and I never really got into it until now! Omg you’re amazing and hilarious! I love when you share your food for the day. Also portion sizes! I’m 5’7 and my goal is to have a strong toned body. I also do crossfit and I have to eat paleo , like you it makes me feel loads better!

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